J.C. Wing
The Color of Thunder
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The Color of Thunder J.C. Wing Faith Linsey comes from a highly regarded family in Jackson, Mississippi As the oldest daughter of a well liked pastor and his dutiful wife, her life is good and comfortable and she has no reason to question the things that take place around her When she witnesses something that shakes her to her very core, she realizes that the world she s always known may not be as picFaith Linsey comes from a highly regarded family in Jackson, Mississippi As the oldest daughter of a well liked pastor and his dutiful wife, her life is good and comfortable and she has no reason to question the things that take place around her When she witnesses something that shakes her to her very core, she realizes that the world she s always known may not be as picture perfect as she d always imaginedd that her father may not be the respectable hero everyone believes him to be.Faith s story begins in 1946, soon after the end of World War II, and moves straight into the heat of the Civil Rights Movement She is forced to deal with the questions she has, not only about her father, but about the unshakable convictions that he and many of his fellow southerners share about racial equality and about the very religion she s been taught to believe in Events that take place, not only in her personal life but in the world at large, and a very unsuspected and special friendship she becomes involved in will make Faith decide what it is she truly believes in, what things are important enough to fight for and what things are not.. The Color of Thunder Faith Linsey comes from a highly regarded family in Jackson Mississippi As the oldest daughter of a well liked pastor and his dutiful wife her life is good and comfortable and she has no reason to q
  • Title: The Color of Thunder
  • Author: J.C. Wing
  • ISBN: 9781479765164
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
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    • [EPUB] ↠ The Color of Thunder | By ✓ J.C. Wing
      J.C. Wing

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    1. Gloria Piper says:

      Lovingly and thoughtfully written.The title is beautiful and holds a promise of a beautifully written story Chapter One opens with a description of setting so charmingly presented, I was immediately drawn in The story follows a family s life in Mississippi from 1946 to 1965 as told in first person by Faith Linsey Her daddy is a Baptist minister with a huge following His devotees see him as almost God But Faith discovers a terrible secret that lowers him in her esteem, and she dares tell no one W [...]

    2. Andrius Tapinas says:

      This is not what I usually read, but I was interested to try new genre Color of Thunder tells us about life of pastor family in America s Deep South in 1950s After eldest daughter uncovers her father s secret story slowly unfolds throughout the years This book got me interested in two ways I don t know much about that part of America and that period of history J.C Wing obviously took a lot of effort to recreate the setting and it shows small Southern communities are described in painstaking deta [...]

    3. Lynn Hill says:

      If I could give this book 10 stars I would Talk about an rollercoaster ride of emotions I went through anger, laughter, love, and many tears It is set in a time when it is ok for the father to be the master of the house and no one to question it When women are to be submissive and you didn t dare question it Children were to be seen when convenient and not heard This story follows the trials of one such family but they all don t seem to want to follow those rules Find out how they manage to live [...]

    4. Pallavi Sharma says:

      This book was suggested in a group for the June group read But it got the least polls and was out Honestly i picked up this book only because it was downloadable in i have a fetish for free kindle bookslol I thought i will give a try The story of a family i wont say a girl , all the characters, who were given the equal importance, was just so good I was just thinking of them till i finished reading , even when i am cooking, travelling sometimes when i was watching TV.I will strongly recommend th [...]

    5. Suzanna Gould says:

      When I ve lived somewhere and left, I always like to find books that remind me of that place, that evoke the smells, sounds, ambiance of that place J.C Wing s book The Color of Thunder does that exceptionally well She really made me feel as though I were there.

    6. Patricia Hamill says:

      Beautiful and satisfying, though sometimes bogged down in the details.The Color of Thunder follows young Faith Linsey as she grows up in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s As the daughter of a prominent and respected pastor, her role in the family and the community is one of service To her father, she is an extra female useful for helping her mother with the household and for keeping her unruly sister, Hope, out of trouble Faith embraces her responsibilities and accepts the world at [...]

    7. Alison Cubitt says:

      Move over Jane Smiley J.C Wing has arrived The Color of Thunder is a beautifully written coming of age story told from the viewpoint of Faith, one of three sisters in the Lindsay family The story begins in 1946 in Jackson, in the South These folks are model citizens fine, upstanding, and pillars of the community and none is self righteous than the Lindsay family patriarch Or at least this is what Pastor Lindsay would like his family to believe but one night Faith witnesses her father s dirty li [...]

    8. G.J. Griffiths says:

      The Color of Thunder is about the life of a pastor family in the Deep South of the USA in the 1950s, seen through the eyes of Faith, the eldest daughter The author is at pains to describe the various settings and the small community is shown in assiduous detail, from unstable racial relationships to the almost claustrophobic family home around Faith There are many occasions in the book when the reader feels that things are so slow and dragging, but this is an essential part of the story and its [...]

    9. Darren Freebury-Jones says:

      The Color of Thunder is a lovely narrative detailing the experiences of Faith in the South, and transcending its beginnings in 1946 to the 1950s The author formulates some wonderfully detailed characters, and the reader gets a real sense of the gossipy neighbors and family dynamics I was very much engrossed by the religious subject matter, as it is a theme I ve tackled myself, while the dark undertones gripped me Jackson is a land of hypocrisy and darksome corners.My only negative points are int [...]

    10. James Minter says:

      Written from the heart, a moving book on America s troubles of race and religion post WWII.JC feels as she writes Her characters are real to her and she makes them real to her readers Believable, emotionally driven characters are the goal of fiction writers JC manages to create them in her debut book Written in the first person Faith, the daughter of a respected pastor is shaken by the revelation that he isn t the righteous man she d always believed him to be From that point on, Faith begins to [...]

    11. Erin says:

      Starting off with a disclaimer I know the author of this book In fact, before I started reading it, I was worried about what kind of feedback I was going to give to her if I just didn t connect with the book.Happily, that was far from being an issue Faith Linsey s story pulled me in from the first page to the last There are a great number of books out there on the Civil Rights era in the south understatement , but what makes this one stand out is the highly evocative descriptions and the sinceri [...]

    12. C.D. Loza says:

      The story, somehow, reminds me of Marilynne Robinson s Housekeeping, not because they have similar plots, but because of the way it made me feel reading the book It was very descriptive it transported you right to the place of the lives of the characters The Color of Thunder made me feel like I was right in the mid 20th century Faith s story as she grows up and witnesses things how she changed and adapted to everything that has happened in her and her family s life is both powerful and life affi [...]

    13. Liz Seach says:

      I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This book presents a series of lovely descriptions of life in Jackson, where the main character is growing up as the daughter of a preacher Landscapes, buildings, scents, and the church the father has built are all rendered in careful detail If you are interested in the South just before and during the Civil Rights Movement, and if you love to have things conjured for you in all their sensual particulars, you will love this bo [...]

    14. Jennifer says:

      So this is J.C s first novel, but I was reading this author s work when I was 13, nearly 30 years ago I was just as excited now to turn each page and thrill at the fact that there was story as I was then I was sad to see this lovely story of a young girl growing up, growing into her own, end I can t wait for the next book, just like I couldn t wait for next story 30 years ago Good work J.C.

    15. Castlerockvans says:

      Beautifully written, descriptive words I couldn t wait to turn the next page, the story line kept you in anticipation of what was going to happen I would definitely recommend reading this book I loved reading about the perspective of a little girl who knew that racism was wrong and not what God intended Towards the end of the book, it had very powerful symbolism Loved it

    16. Lctevergreen says:

      I totally enjoyed The Color of Thunder Because of the way J C Wing describes the characters and the sights and sounds of the setting it is easy to become part of the book and know the characters The story line kept me interested and anxious to continue reading to find out what happens next to Faith and Hope How could you not love Gracie

    17. Katherine says:

      Great descriptions The texture of daily life is described in beautiful detail You feel like you are there experiencing it along with Faith.

    18. Chris Meads says:

      Color of Thunder is about the life of a young woman from the end of World War II to the mid 1960s Faith comes from a religious family Her father is the minister of the church and everyone was expected to defer everything to him This was during the time when children were seen, not heard, and the strap was used when the child was disobedient When Faith was young, she found out her father s secret which posed questions in her mind about him and the religion that she believed in As she grew older, [...]

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