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The Grapes of Wrath
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The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck Alternate cover for ISBN 0140042393When The Grapes of Wrath first appeared in 1939, it electrified an America still recovering from the Great Depression Driven from their Oklahoma farm by the encroachment of large agricultural interests, the Joad family sets out, like generations before them, to the promised land of California As they travel across the country, joinedAlternate cover for ISBN 0140042393When The Grapes of Wrath first appeared in 1939, it electrified an America still recovering from the Great Depression Driven from their Oklahoma farm by the encroachment of large agricultural interests, the Joad family sets out, like generations before them, to the promised land of California As they travel across the country, joined by countless other unwilling migrants, the Joads confront the naked realities of an America divided into Haves and Have Nots.Written with passionate conviction, The Grapes of Wrath is an unforgettable panorama of an era and bold dramatization of the plight of the dispossessed everywhere.. The Grapes of Wrath Alternate cover for ISBN When The Grapes of Wrath first appeared in it electrified an America still recovering from the Great Depression Driven from their Oklahoma farm by the encroach
  • Title: The Grapes of Wrath
  • Author: John Steinbeck
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  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck

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    1. Malcolm Logan says:

      Whenever I revisit a classic I m struck by how much I get out of it now than I did when I was 24 or 19 or, God forbid, 15 Giving a book like the Grapes of Wrath to a 15 year old serves largely to put them off fine literature for the rest of their lives The depth of understanding and compassion for the human condition as communicated by a book like this is simply unfathomable to those who haven t lived much life yet, but after you ve gotten a healthy dose of living, it comes across like fine mus [...]

    2. Stephanie *Very Stable Genius* says:

      If you are an American you need to read The Grapes of Wrath It scares the poop out of me because, my fellow Americans, we are repeating history If live anywhere else read it as well as a guide for what not to do.In the Grapes of Wrath Mr Steinbeck tells the tale of the first great depression through the Joad family from Oklahoma, who has been displaced from their family farm through no fault of their own You see, there was a big bad drought which made farming impossible In those days the family [...]

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    4. Jason says:

      In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.This book really gets my goat Those poor, dirty Joads So poor and so, so dirty After being displaced from their Oklahoma farm following the Dust Bowl storms that wreck their crops and cause them to default on their loans, the Joads find themselves a family of migrants in search of work and food They join a stream of hundreds of thousands of other migrant families across the United States t [...]

    5. Luca Ambrosino says:

      ENGLISH The Grapes of Wrath ITALIANOThe Great Depression, told through the journey of one of the many families of farmers fallen on hard times in the 1930s The exhausting search for work, food and a roof over the head, put a strain on human dignity, and degrade the soul, making unexpected even genuine attitudes of solidarity by those who share the same destiny But hunger and very poor living conditions sow grains of desperation, from which gems of gall immediately sprout In the souls of the peop [...]

    6. Jennifer says:

      Review contains a partial spoiler If you read enough reviews, you ll notice that most of the people who gave this book 1 or 2 stars had to read the book for a high school class Most of the 4 and 5 star ratings came from those who read it as adults I recommend listening to those who read it as adults Many people hate the ending, but I thought it was great Creepy Yes, but there was an immense amount of beauty and generosity in that creepy little ending At one point in the story, Ma tol Rosasharn t [...]

    7. Lisa says:

      Man made environmental catastrophe and its in human cost a study in inequality and injustice Imagine having to leave your country because it is a wasteland created by a decade of dust storms Imagine having nowhere to go, but still crossing the desert in hope of finding a future after your past was wiped out by human failure, greed and environmental carelessness Imagine not being welcome when you arrive, with nothing but what your family vehicle can carry How can we live without our lives How wil [...]

    8. María says:

      Me ha encantado Ganadora del Pulitzer en 1940 no me extra a nada y terriblemente pol mica Con la industrializaci n masiva de la agricultura, sus enormes costos e inversiones, millones de agricultores quedaron en la m s absoluta ruina Un drama sobre la emigraci n, la miseria, la explotaci n humana La eterna b squeda de la felicidad no vamos todos tras ella y el para so, el ed n en este caso California Una tierra de la que supuestamente mana leche y miel Pero la familia Joad, igual de tozuda que l [...]

    9. Ahmad Sharabiani says:

      592 The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck 1977 1328 520 1346 624 1351 658 1356 1357 20 1939 1940 519

    10. Maciek says:

      How can you frighten a man whose hunger is not only in his own cramped stomach but in the wretched bellies of his children The Grapes of Wrath won John Steinbeck both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize, firmly engraving his name on the stone tablet featuring the canon of Great American Writers Published in 1939, it is arguably Steinbeck s best known work and is still widely read today Admirers praised Steinbeck for writing an epic tale of Biblical proportions, singing songs of the co [...]

    11. Henry Avila says:

      During the bleakness of the dry, dust bowl days , as the suffocating particles fall everywhere you can t breath in your nose, eyes, clothes, food, house, the darkness at noon, unable to see the Sun during a dust storm, the top soil flying away carried by the winds, never to return in the Depression, when people , farmers lost their homes and land to the banks, incapable to repay their loans , no crops no money symbolized by the Joad family of Oklahoma , in the 1930 s Seeing black and white pictu [...]

    12. Dolors says:

      Oklahoma, 1939 Tractors invade the barren plains, ruining crops, demolishing houses, stripping farmers of their livelihood, leaving only billows of dust and ransacked land behind Bewildered families choke with disbelief at the lame excuses of the landowners who blame a monster bigger than them Not the severe droughts, not the iron machines, not their useless greed, but the bank, the bank forced them to do it And so a pilgrimage of thousands of destitute families to the promised land of Californi [...]

    13. Carol says:

      OMGOSH Powerful and Tragic.with an ending NEVER to be forgotten In THE GRAPES OF WRATH, hard times plague the Joad family from beginning to end, and chronicle the Great Depression of the 1930 s No rain, dust storms and the dreaded monster bank ended a much loved and long lived way of life forcing farmers to become migrant workers traveling from one unwelcome place to another and No work No money No food, but the Joad s never give up despite being tired, beaten down, angry and sad They shared the [...]

    14. Madeline says:

      Chirst This was a tough one to read.I don t just mean it was depressing It was, obviously a book about a poor family being forced from their home during the Great Depression and having to beg for the chance to pick cotton at fifteen cents per hour can t be anything except depressing but it wasn t the most depressing book I ve ever read That honor probably goes to The Hunchback of Notre Dame, although I guess Angela s Ashes is a close second This was hard to read, not because it was a portrayal o [...]

    15. Diane says:

      This novel is amazing The Grapes of Wrath is one of those books that for years I d been embarrassed I hadn t read yet I was familiar with other works by John Steinbeck, but somehow I hadn t gotten around to this classic of American literature until now.Pardon my language, but holy shit is this book good I was blown away by the scope of the work, how it followed not just the Joad family traveling from Oklahoma to California, but it also meditated on the problems of all the displaced families of t [...]

    16. Renato Magalhães Rocha says:

      The Grapes of Wrath is a story about the pursuit of power by a few selected individuals and its domino effects on the society and the lives of thousands of people While the story itself is set on the times of the Great Depression, back in the 1930s and 1940s, we can still trace parallels with the contemporary world we re living in than 60 years later Sadly, still to this day, we can see in the news that there are people working for less than the minimal wage and under slave labor conditions.To [...]

    17. Natalie Vellacott says:

      This was a library book I didn t get on with it at all despite trying to read it twice I gave up about a third of the way through in the end It is about the life of one American family during the Great Depression There is some beautiful creative writing in places but the story itself is so very slow It just didn t hold my interest due to the lengthy dialogue between the characters who were talking about nothing in particular It was like being a fly on the wall at a really dull tea party where ev [...]

    18. Helene Jeppesen says:

      This book was incredibly scary especially because it was so realistic John Steinbeck has a way of depicting society and people in a raw and honest way that leaves you with a hollow feeling inside, and yet you devour his books because they are so amazing In The Grapes of Wrath we meet Tom, who has just been released from prison on probation, as well as his family who s about to move to the West because banks and tractors have evicted them from their own home and land It s USA in the middle of the [...]

    19. Nandakishore Varma says:

      NEW DELHI There has been an upward trend in cases of farmer suicides in Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka and Punjab recently, besides reporting of instances in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, says an Intelligence Bureau note submitted to the Modi government late last week.The December 19 report, marked to national security adviser Ajit Kumar Doval, principal secretary to the Prime Minister Nripendra Mishra, and agriculture ministry, among others, has blamed rising farmer suicides on erra [...]

    20. Jeff says:

      Now Tom said, Mom, wherever there s a cop beating a guyWherever a hungry newborn baby criesWhere there s a fight against the blood and hatred in the airLook for me, Mom, I ll be thereWherever somebody s fighting for a place to standOr a decent job or a helping handWherever somebody s struggling to be freeLook in their eyes, Ma, and you ll see me And the highway is alive tonightnobody s foolin nobody as to where it goesI m sittin down here in the campfire lightWith the Ghost of Tom Joad from the [...]

    21. James says:

      Book Review3 out of 5 stars to The Grapes of Wrath, written in 1939 by John Steinbeck I might have an unpopular opinion when it comes to this book, as it was fine but nothing fantastic for me I admit, I read this in middle school, nearly 25 years ago, and never went back to read it again I tend not to like books about awful things as the main plot I don t mind when bad things happen, or circumstances change, but when the entire book is about the pain and suffering of a family, it doesn t usually [...]

    22. Julie says:

      At 17, I bought The Grapes of Wrath, cracked it open, and, after reading a few pages, declared it BOR ING Yawn I was off to the mall with my tight abs to find some jeans that would accentuate my vacuous mind.The same copy then sat on my various book shelves ever since I ve never been able to sell it or give it away, so finally, at 42, with far looser abs and a pair of fat jeans in the closet, I decided to give it an actual try Now, the ladies at my book club will tell you I m not easily won over [...]

    23. Ahmed says:

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    24. Kim says:

      The Pulitzer Prize winning novel of 1940, this is the story of the Joad family, Oklahoma tenant farmers displaced from their land by the combined effects of ecological disaster, rampant capitalism and the Great Depression The narrative follows the family as they travel from Oklahoma to California in search of work, along with hundreds of thousands of others in the same situation Woven into the story of the Joads are chapters dealing with issues such as the attitude of Californians to the influx [...]

    25. Rae Meadows says:

      I had read The Grapes of Wrath before, and I purposefully didn t re read it while writing a novel set in the same period for fear I would somehow be influenced by it or be so intimidated I d be paralyzed So with my own book behind me I finally had the pleasure of reading The Grapes of Wrath again Does it hold up It does, though it s not perfect The story of the Joads is fantastic, and Ma Joad is a rich and surprising character Steinbeck s prose is deft and evocative, and those famous bits like t [...]

    26. Mary says:

      Absorbing and maddening and depressing Incredible that a book with so much anti migrant sentiment against fellow Americans is timely in a way Steinbeck didn t intend for 2017, I m sure.There is a crime here that goes beyond denunciation There is a sorrow here that weeping cannot symbolize There is a failure here that topples all our success.

    27. Gautam says:

      Men squatted in their dooryards in a meditative trance, scrawling on the ground the reflections of their befuddling thoughts The dust sifted up by the sweltering wind sought refuge on their dingy shoulders and hair Women stood at the door, casting a tentative glance at their men with their bewildered eyes Children stood docilely beside their Ma, showing restrained obedience they knew when to play and when not to their instinct prodded them to respect the silence pervading the air.An air of appre [...]

    28. Gary says:

      Isn t THE GRAPES OF WRATH just wonderful You ve not read it Shit You don t know what you re missing If you ve read it, then you will know exactly what I am talking about I have lived on, or close to old route 66 for over 20 years of my life I love the history of THE MOTHER ROAD However, believe it or not, it was only in the past few years that I finally read this book I had read other Steinbeck,and loved it,and for some reason, after owning a copy of the book since the 1980 s, I just never got a [...]

    29. Kinga says:

      Dear John,There is no doubt in my mind that you are an excellent writer And I am sure you know this There is the Pulitzer and there is the Nobel There are hundreds of editions worldwide and swarms of five star reviews The Grapes of Wrath is a book of great weight literally and metaphorically It s epic and as timeless as the history which repeats itself with a stubborn regularity There have always been changes and there have always been people left behind, people who found themselves outside the [...]

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