Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy Niamh Sharkey
The Gigantic Turnip
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The Gigantic Turnip Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy Niamh Sharkey A retelling of the classic Russian tale The old man and his wife tug and heave at the giant turnip, to be joined by various animals and birds, until it finally comes up.. The Gigantic Turnip A retelling of the classic Russian tale The old man and his wife tug and heave at the giant turnip to be joined by various animals and birds until it finally comes up
  • Title: The Gigantic Turnip
  • Author: Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy Niamh Sharkey
  • ISBN: 9781902283128
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Gigantic Turnip Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy Niamh Sharkey

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    1 Blog on “The Gigantic Turnip

    1. Nancy Kotkin says:

      Story 4 starsIllustrations 4 starsSmooth re telling of the Russian folktale, in picture book format Sticks close to the original but adds some extra animals Text relates this cumulative story with flair Good incorporation of colors and numbers counting Illustrations look modern but quaint, which is just the right combination to enliven this old tale and appeal to today s children The orange color of the turnip works well artistically within the book s color scheme, but isn t true to a real life [...]

    2. Jess says:

      A good, serviceable version of the familiar story And haters, it s supposed to be repetitive I like the folksy illustrations, except for the orange turnip Most kids aren t super familiar with turnips you should talk about them and root veggies before reading and can t we let it be its pretty little white with hints of purple self Good for preschool 1st, older graders if working on folktale unit

    3. Judy says:

      a lot of repetition, so good for younger children very nice illustration for children transitioning to higher level books.

    4. Sandra says:

      Ador vel

    5. Joseph says:

      The boys like the story and such I wasn t a big fan of the illustrations though They old people looked a little creepy

    6. Priscilla says:

      This book is about children growing fruit and vegetables in the school s garden and in early spring the children prepared the ground by digging and raking the soil Later on in spring, they planted the seeds and during the summer the children fed, watered the plants and pulled out the weeds When the children came back from their summer holiday they saw the turnip and could not believe their eyes It was taller than a giraffe and wider than an elephant When the teacher got over the shock of the tur [...]

    7. Kay says:

      This is a Russian folktale It is quite a funny story about an old man and his wife who, with the help of the rain and the summer weather, grow vegetables in their garden including a gigantic turnip However when the old man comes to harvest the turnip he finds he cannot pull it out of the ground The old woman comes to help him and together they cannot remove it, even with the help of all the animals on the farm they cannot harvest the turnip until finally the mouse tags on the end of the line and [...]

    8. Laura says:

      An old man and an old woman plant a garden with peas, carrots, potatoes, beans and turnips When it is time to harvest the vegetables, they realize one of the turnips has grown to gigantic proportions They pull and heave and tug and yank, but the turnip does not budge They enlist the help of one big brown cow, two pot bellied pigs, three black cats, four speckled hens, five white geese, and six yellow canaries, but the turnip does not budge The old woman asks one creature to help them pull the g [...]

    9. Mary says:

      A Russian folktale f irst recorded in the nineteenth century by Aleksei Tolstoy from the back of the dust cover , with Niamh Sharkey asserting only a moral right to be identified as the illustrator Half title page verso and what an illustrator she is I don t know if it was Molly Bang s book or the essay by Jon Scieszka from A Family of Readers, or just this course as a whole, but I am finding that I am getting out of the illustrations and design of picture books than I have in years I guess wh [...]

    10. Stephanie says:

      Alexei Tolstoy s The Enormous Turnip is a classic Russian folktale about an enormous turnip that is stuck in the ground With the help of all the family members and even some farm animals they eventually free the enormous turnip from the ground The Enormous Turnip displays several different characteristics of a traditional literature book First, this book is a folktale which is a characteristic of traditional literature Second, this book has a short plot and fast paced action Lastly, the book has [...]

    11. Emily Miller says:

      This story retold from a traditional Russian tale about a farmer whose turnip is stuck in the ground and it is impossible to pull it out I like the simplicity of this story and the repetition the author uses when all the characters come to help I love how the author uses various styles of text to enhance his words In the beginning of the story the author says that the old man and old woman live in a crooked house He makes the letters in the word crooked curve in different ways This story would b [...]

    12. Becky says:

      The little old man, and the little old woman, and the brown cow, and the pigs, and the cats, and the geese all pulled and yanked on the turnip, and the turnip still would not come up Now repeat that over and over again, until you re exhausted I hated reading this book I was so happy when it was over, and the stupid turnip finally came out Of course, my son loved it though He said it reminded him of Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman, a book his teacher read to his class last year before Halloween.

    13. Dolly says:

      We ve read this story before, but it was the version illustrated by Niamh Sharkey I think I prefer that one, but it s been awhile since we read it And so when we saw this version on the shelf at our local library, we decided to go ahead and read it again This version has a simple narrative that is good for beginning readers and vibrant illustrations that are reminiscent of C.F Payne.

    14. Erin Buhr says:

      A charming and humorous counting book about an old man and a woman and their garden Together they plant some vegetables in their garden After the months pass, they decide one morning that it is time to harvest their plants and discover a gigantic turnip They are surprised to find that they cannot move it, so they enlist their farm animals forming a comical line up of helpers Niamh Sharkey s quirky illustrations bring to life this Russian tale with flare Silly, but in a wonderfully warm way that [...]

    15. Elise Xuereb says:

      This story is a classic Russian tale that has been retold by many It is a story about a married couple who has planted their garden and now it is time to harvest their crop All goes well with most of their vegetables except the turnip Read on to find out what happens This wonderful story teaches children about planting, counting, and animals The illustrations in this book are also very vivid.Genre CulturalRussia

    16. Susan says:

      This retelling of a traditional Russian folktale employs an ever popular theme with building numbers An old man and old woman, unable to pull the gigantic turnip that has grown in their garden, enlist first their cow, then their 2 pigs, then their 3 cats, a list that goes on and on The illustrations are fanciful and appealing Young children will enjoy reading or hearing it read faster and faster.

    17. Maia Moore says:

      A great telling of the classic tale, which beautiful illustrations to match The story is told simply, with repetition and numbers I remember there being emphasis on how it s the mouse that helps get it out in he end team work and every little helps and all that but it s still pretty much the same story.

    18. Janet says:

      This folklore about the old man and woman and their turnip is one of my favorites, but not this version Basically it is the illustrations, especially the turnip which resembles a pumpkin than a turnip I ll keep looking for other versions I enjoy .

    19. Carrie Adair says:

      A farmer plants his seeds, but one turnip grows huge underground When it comes time to harvest, everyone man, woman, and animal tries to pull it out of the ground It s a counting book that was read to me years ago.

    20. Tori says:

      This is a favorite, for sure The Tim Burton esque illustrations balance the simplicity of the story The ending definitely lends a sense of balance in the universe Find this and other Barefoot Books at my website

    21. Beloved Girl says:

      I like this story But for kids who get easily bored about things, I don t recommend this Illustrations of this book were nice except the last picture I thought they were eating some turnip soup, but they didn t Just sit around the table I was a little disappointed about this.

    22. Elaine says:

      You got it a turnip so gigantic this farmer couple needed quite a lot of help to pull it out The illustration is amazing, and the prose draws on repetition to entice the little ones, and throws in a bit of education on counting for good measure.

    23. Donna-Lee says:

      You can now listen to this story via the Barefoot Books Podcast.

    24. The Brothers says:

      One of those repeating stories that add another element with each go through The farmer and his wife are trying to pull up a gigantic turnip thus the title and they keep enlisting the help of their barnyard animals.Fun illustrations.

    25. Margaret Chind says:

      Excerpts and or reprints included in Stories And Fables.

    26. Victoria says:

      cooperation groups

    27. Kimberly says:

      I read Jan Karon s version of this folk tale recently and there were quite a few differences This one has of an emphasis on counting and due to the illustration style is inherently silly.

    28. Suzanne says:

      A gigantic turnip takes the entire household to pull out of the garden.

    29. Nojood Alsudairi says:

      Another giant vegetable story but a little It teaches numbers as well.

    30. Mary says:

      We acted the story out with a few revisions for simplicity, and once emphasis on gentle tugging set in we had a great time

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