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Skinner's Festival
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Skinner's Festival Quintin Jardine Each August thousands of tourists and performers flood into Edinburgh for its infamous Festival But this year, on the very first day, an explosion rocks Princes Street and one man is killed Assistant Chief Constable Bob Skinner, head of CIC, soon learns this was no accident For, a few hours later, a threatening letter is delivered to the Secretary of State supposedlyEach August thousands of tourists and performers flood into Edinburgh for its infamous Festival But this year, on the very first day, an explosion rocks Princes Street and one man is killed Assistant Chief Constable Bob Skinner, head of CIC, soon learns this was no accident For, a few hours later, a threatening letter is delivered to the Secretary of State supposedly from a freedom group demanding political separation from England Skinner quickly assembles his team, with SAS back up, and organises a news blackout to avoid widespread panic Yet, despite a huge security check, on the following afternoon an American opera singer becomes the second victim As the atrocities escalate, Skinner realises this is no gang of bloodthirsty fanatics, but a highly professional international team with access to the most sophisticated armaments available And behind the nightmare scenario lies a hidden agenda which threatens the ancient honour of Scotland.. Skinner s Festival Each August thousands of tourists and performers flood into Edinburgh for its infamous Festival But this year on the very first day an explosion rocks Princes Street and one man is killed Assistant
  • Title: Skinner's Festival
  • Author: Quintin Jardine
  • ISBN: 9780312118921
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Skinner's Festival Quintin Jardine

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    1. Lewis Weinstein says:

      We have been in Edinburgh during the Festival so Jardine s descriptions resonated The plot was not totally believable, but the action was strongly presented Surprisingly, the tension did not seem to rise to the level it should have I think it might be because the actions and thoughts of the bad guys were never made part of the reader experience Also, Skinner did not seem as 100% involved as he might have been playing a round of golf Thus, 3 instead of 4 Entertaining, but not gripping.

    2. E says:

      Fun to read a mystery about the Edinburgh Festival while at the festival Definite junk food mystery, lots of action, and the attempts to humanize the protagonist felt particularly flat just get on with the terrorist plotting and festival scenery, I don t need to know about Skinner s home life, or inner emotional realities Not the least of which is because those came over as a cliche.

    3. Jae says:

      These are fun and quick reads with lots of classic Edinburgh locations I liked this one better than the first book, since it was a little realistic though still quite fantastic I expect the series will continue to get better and better.

    4. Meg Lynch says:

      It s a good read, but strangely unsatisfying I saw his plot surprises both of them very early on, but enjoyed the book enough to keep reading The sex scenes between Skinner and his wife and the emotional resonance made me cringe prose too purple.

    5. John says:

      2.5 stars

    6. Bsabis says:

      Didn t work for me at least the first 60 pages didn t work and that s all I read Skinner is a take charge kind of guy and that seems to be all that happened in the first bit Couldn t engage.

    7. JAN ETCHINGHAM says:

      Good storyEnjoyed this book and warming to the characters Minor reference to bedroom scene s but not really required Worth a read.

    8. Diane says:

      This had lots of elements to be a really good book but just never reached that height.

    9. Mavis Hewitt says:

      Liked the twist, which I won t give away Readable, fast pace.

    10. Linda says:

      I enjoyed the first one Skinner s Rules , and thought this was excellent too Quintin Jardine s got a wicked way with plots Only a couple of negatives, for me view spoiler 1 It s looking like the sex scenes are going to become monotonous She murmured He licked her insert body part of choice , hard nipples, and then there s the fact that the men all seem to be extremely well endowed Oh, and there s the rippling insert colour hair of the women Well, I can skip those bits so it s no problem, but I h [...]

    11. Elaine says:

      You know those chunky big books called Stories for boys which you can always find in second hand book shops and look as if they are about 1930s Well these Skinner books remind me of those a kind of adult version Terribly macho alpha male hero who always gets results , rescues the female and whilst having faint doubts about himself is generally a good sort Even the sex in the story was shown from the male perspective I did like the book as a sort of guilty junk food of reading but wouldn t want t [...]

    12. LJ says:

      SKINNER S FESTIVAL Police Proc Scotland Cont G Jardine, Quintin 2nd of seriesSt Martin s Press, 1995 HardcoverAssistant Chief Constable Robert Skinner is head of CID and security advisor to the Secretary of State He, and his team, is faced with terrorist threats that turn murderous during Edinburgh s popular August Festival, which attracts thousands of tourists But in spite of the terrorists missives saying they are demanding a free Scotland, Skinner believe they have a different goal in mind Th [...]

    13. Nick Davies says:

      Probably of a 3.5 than a 4, this was however a very strong and enjoyable read Because it was written fifteen or so years ago, it felt slightly less stylish, less witty though not completely lacking wit just less funny , and a touch big budget than I was used to and than I have read a lot of recently.That said it was a very strong, well plotted, and involving tale, with characters I came to like and care about and would like to know about hence I was pretty drawn in and involved in the story s [...]

    14. Sandra says:

      This the first of Quintin Jardine s novels that I ve read, and the first quarter or so confirmed my reluctance to do so, since it appears over full of description and the writing a little staid than seemed reasonable, even for a book written twenty years ago.But then the efficiency of the unfolding plot and the pace and place of Edinburgh took over so despite some ludicrous lapses of trust by folk who really should have known better after all, I did the story drew me in, although the obviously [...]

    15. Thejelman says:

      Truly awful Top cop Mr Perfect recently married to Mrs Perfect, with beloved daughter Miss Perfect never far away puts together a handpicked team who, because he s such a brilliant judge, all turn out to be excellent even the flaky DS Rose who only ever seems to panic as they attempt to foil a major criminal plot which is dressed up as terrorist activity An utterly predictable plot, embarrassingly cliched dialogue and the only attempt at characterisation our hero and his good lady had me hoping [...]

    16. Lbaker says:

      An early Skinner book that somehow I missed previously Set during an August Edinburgh festival season boy would I like to go to Edinburgh in August Set early in Bob and Sarah s relationship, I enjoyed the plot and the non stop action very much There are few action mysteries that I enjoy, however Quintin Jardine writes not only action, but great characters, ones you can understand and would enjoy meeting It has such a variety of characters, from wonderful Adam Arrow to Andy Martin to Sir Jimmy Pr [...]

    17. Virginia Van says:

      When terrorists, supposedly demanding political separation from Britain, bomb the Edinburgh Festival, CID Head Bob Skinner suddenly finds himself personally involved More of a thriller than a mystery, the book is fast paced and has some interesting characters, although its detailed descriptions of violence detracted from my appreciation of the story Second in the Skinner series, its age is evident in places.

    18. Susan says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this second book in the Bob Skinner series He is a white hat hero you love to cheer on as he battles the bad guys , both criminals and politicians This time around he is trying to stop terrorist attacks during Edinburgh Festival Again there is an international facet to the plot A bit of a fairy tale because the good guys win, but a pleasure to read.

    19. Mike Yeoman says:

      This was the first Quintin Jardine book that I had read and was expecting good things Very disappointing.

    20. Don Garvey says:

      the second book in the Bob Skinner series Excellent read

    21. Pauline says:

      This is the 2nd book in the series I enjoyed the first but found this one even better perhaps because I know have an idea who everyone is.Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    22. David Flett says:


    23. Barb says:

      It rated three stars because the location was Edinburg, Scotland and that brought back good memories.

    24. Judy says:

      Quite a fast paced book with a good storyline Lots of action and tension I enjoyed it

    25. Chris Logan says:

      ACC Skinner at his best Carnage at the Edinburgh Festival and only Skinner can sort it out Great read with plenty of twists and turns Really enjoyed it.

    26. Afsana says:

      I enjoyed this book and will definatly be reading So muc so I have alrerady got 1 2 dozen of his book

    27. Elizabeth says:

      Not my kind of book Skinner has power than the Prime Minister He gives and takes away jobs with the snap of his fingers Everything is just too pat, too easy.

    28. Steven Atkinson says:

      Sorry, had to chuck this one after 60 pages, full of long boring descriptions of uninteresting people and things, filler

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