The Transcriptionist
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The Transcriptionist AmyRowland This powerful debut follows a woman who sets out to challenge the absurdity of the world around her Lena, the transcriptionist, sits alone in a room far away from the hum of the newsroom that is the heart of the Record, the New York City newspaper for which she works For years, she has been the ever present link for reporters calling in stories from around the world TurThis powerful debut follows a woman who sets out to challenge the absurdity of the world around her Lena, the transcriptionist, sits alone in a room far away from the hum of the newsroom that is the heart of the Record, the New York City newspaper for which she works For years, she has been the ever present link for reporters calling in stories from around the world Turning spoken words to print, Lena is the vein that connects the organs of the paper She is loyal, she is unquestioning, yet technology is dictating that her days there are numbered When she reads a shocking piece in the paper about a Jane Doe mauled to death by a lion, she recognizes the woman in the picture They had met on a bus just a few days before Obsessed with understanding what caused the woman to deliberately climb into the lion s den, Lena begins a campaign for truth that will destroy the Record s complacency and shake the venerable institution to its very foundation An exquisite novel that asks probing questions about journalism and ethics, about the decline of the newspaper and the failure of language, it is also the story of a woman s effort to establish her place in an increasingly alien and alienating world.. The Transcriptionist This powerful debut follows a woman who sets out to challenge the absurdity of the world around her Lena the transcriptionist sits alone in a room far away from the hum of the newsroom that is the h
  • Title: The Transcriptionist
  • Author: AmyRowland
  • ISBN: 9781616202545
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Transcriptionist AmyRowland

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    1. Zoeytron says:

      In a room with walls painted the color of an old opossum, Lena Respass sits alone, headset in place, transcribing tapes for the reporters of a New York City newspaper Located on the 11th floor of the building, it is rare when anyone has occasion to come to the Recording Room in person Lena s sole company is a pigeon who inexplicably never leaves the ledge outside the dingy window Lena is losing herself in all the words Through the Dictaphone, it all comes through her, into her ears and out of he [...]

    2. Sarah says:

      What an odd one On one hand, I found it quite poignant and moving and subtle and lovely, and on the other, I found it a bit pretentious and uncommitted and than a little unsettling It s like Amy Rowland has written a whimsical short story but there s no magical realism and it s 250 pages long, and the whole thing just feels very different than most books I ve read lately I think I liked it, and I think it s a 3.5, but really I m just not all that sure There are some really beautifully written p [...]

    3. Sue says:

      Lena is a transcriptionist She sits alone in a small room on an upper floor of the Record, a newspaper in New York city, and listens to the recordings of reporters hour after hour, day after day, in a job that seemsendless and is bordering on obsolescence One day she encounters a blind woman on the bus and they form a temporary bond that will throw Lena s careful life into a crisis of sorts From that will grow this very interesting novel.The Middlemarch passage that the blind woman quoted floats [...]

    4. Joe says:

      I picked up The Transcriptionist from a pile of books heaped on a table an offering between friends The stark coloration and lack of back cover blurb seized my attention in a world of merchants and pundits, it feels good to choose one s media on a whim lightly sold So when I cracked the cover I already felt a hint of serendipity, though little did I know how deep this feeling would reach.Several years ago I conceived a story inspired by Herman Melville s short story Bartleby The Scrivener In tha [...]

    5. Erica says:

      I m not quite sure where I stand with this story.It s a short piece about identity, about the past clashing with the present and the present not having a seat at the past s table, about things dying, and about lions.Essentially, Lena, an old school transcriptionist dying job for an important New York newspaper dying forum, supposedly listens to a recorded story about a woman who committed suicide via lion she swam the moat at the zoo and walked into the lion s den in order to be eaten and become [...]

    6. John says:

      Pros I was invested in the protagonist, Lena, throughout the book.NYC setting was very well done.Satire or at least critique of the news biz was well done without being made into a huge drama or farce , and using a peripheral character here worked especially well.Cons The pacing plotting was tricky in that the book was rather slow at first, and hurried later However, it s a debut novel, so I m cutting slack a bit for that Had the book been much longer, it would ve seemed drawn out.Story required [...]

    7. Jamie says:

      This was promising in the beginning, but fizzled about halfway through Felt like the author was trying too hard to make it clever and deep, but it just didn t work.

    8. AdiTurbo says:

      Lina works as a transcriptionist in an important New York newspaper But transcripting isn t just her job it s her whole being She lives her life through the words of others She is almost invisible, hidden in far corner of the newspaper building, without anyone knowing her name The only person who calls her by name does it by the wrong one In response to events in her daily life, quotes from books she has read and from articles she has worked on keep popping into her mind She almost never has wor [...]

    9. Jane says:

      I think this book has a lot going for it It has an interesting premise newspaper transcriptionist gets obsessed with a news story about a blind woman who commits suicide by jumping into the lion cage at the zoo It s terribly Literary and has lots of Themes, like whether or not true objectivity exists, the death of printed news, etc I particularly enjoyed the characterization of Russell, who s a total douchebag with enough earnest enthusiasm for you to sometimes forget that he s a total douchebag [...]

    10. Sandra (Page by Page) says:

      I see many glowing reviews here, and I know I m going to be the awkward potato this time Because, I couldn t bring myself to finish this supposedly great book.I couldn t stand the writing style The unimportant details The slow pace The flat voice of Lena At first, I was curious about what had actually happened with the dead woman, but as the story went just as statically boring as being the transcriptionist itself, I couldn t give any damn about this book.More complete rambling on my book blog, [...]

    11. Angie Kritenbrink says:

      When reading The Transcriptionist, I felt like I was reading something extraordinary, something to carefully digest I m not even sure how to review it But I tried here lifewangie 2014 05 the

    12. Barbara says:

      This was a book I picked up recently, having read nothing about it The premise of a woman working alone, as the last transcriptionist in a New York newspaper intrigued me Lena is a lonely woman, and an eccentric soul for a young woman of the 21st century She lives in the YMCA, a very old fashioned choice for a single woman of her age Her life appears to be limited in a number of ways She interacts with few people One is a homeless woman who asks her for 50 cents everyday She used to ask for 25 c [...]

    13. Karen says:

      Once upon a time, I worked in a profession that involved transcribing depositions and legal documents so when I saw the title of this novel, I just had to read it While the 4th floor newsroom of a large New York City newspaper is abuzz with activity, our protagonist Lena takes the creaky old elevator up to her lonely space The Recording Room on the 11th floor Day after day she sits alone transcribing news stories Her only consistent companion with whom she carries on one sided conversations is a [...]

    14. Jodi Lamm says:

      Picking up The Transcriptionist was definitely a cover lust moment for me I can t say I m thrilled I gave in this time, but I m not unhappy either which kind of sums up how I felt about the novel overall 1 Was the story fun to read Not for me I think this was a classic case of misplaced expectations By the description, I thought The Transcriptionist was going to be a genre bender, a literary mystery, and I was so curious to discover why a blind woman would swim a moat in order to feed herself to [...]

    15. Jen says:

      I gave up on this book and only 3 4 chapters in which I rarely do What is the opposite of subtle Whatever it is, that is the adjective I would assign A paragraph in the first chapter is a perfect example The writer includes several metaphoric sentences to describe the newsroom something about an opossum , then ends the paragraph with, Gray I wanted to shout, Yes, we got it It s gray Why are you hitting us over the head with it She really did herself a disservice by spelling it out for us I don t [...]

    16. Ryan Dejonghe says:

      I can t quite find a good enough adjective to describe THE TRANSCRIPTIONIST Quaint Maybe That could mean charm oddly picturesque It s a shorter book just crossing 200 pages that feels simple, but it s not There are so many nuances that make it difficult to pinpoint For instance, on one hand, Lena, the protagonist, works in a soon to be extinct job in an old part of a cutting edge, top of the line news magazine She has a casual encounter with a blind lady who has a fascination with lions Yet, des [...]

    17. Reid says:

      A strange little book, this, and I mean that in only the most complementary way When one sets out to write a story that is just a bit off kilter, it seems to me that the biggest challenge the author faces is a consistency of tone that does not become tedious, but Rowland pulls it off with seeming ease This really is quite a wonderful read.As the title suggests, our heroine, Lena, is a transcriptionist She works for a major daily newspaper in New York City, transcribing tape recorded interviews a [...]

    18. Jennifer says:

      what a fantastic debut novel full disclosure i worked as a transcriptionist for our provincial police for several years, so had a strong connection to this book as it was highly relatable it was fascinating work, but also all encompassing and, at times, very dark but i loved the job a lot.having said that you don t need first hand experience to appreciate this story rowland has done a tremendous job giving us a fully realized world both the inner and outer lives and rowland also did a really goo [...]

    19. Teresa says:

      While brief, this story is so unique and unusual, you will find yourself thinking about the author s intent in her use of carefully chosen quotes and symbols High 4 stars for originality and writing.Lena is working as a transcriptionist for a large newspaper in NYC and becomes consumed by a story about a blind woman who dies in the lion cage at the zoo Lena works alone and lives alone in a city teeming with people Her love of language has her memorizing and reciting passages from poetry to coinc [...]

    20. Marisa (The Daily Dosage) says:

      This is when I dislike stars as a review measure Maybe I ll go back and change all my stars to nothing and let the reviews speak for themselves.This story read like a short story or fable with a strong message about listening, isolation and what is deemed news worthy In a time right now where George Clooney is getting airtime about his engagement than the girls kidnapped in Nigeria, I can see where people in the field of news get fed up Like Lena in this story.I gave it 3 stars because I liked [...]

    21. Stephanie Popik says:

      I was immediately struck by the clarity of Rowland s voice in this, her first novel It wasn t surprising to later learn that she has had a career at The New York Times the journalistic influences are clear and make her writing easy to devour The protagonist, Lena, is presented as a somewhat reclusive, odd, and yet extremely well educated wallflower making her equal parts identifiable and underwhelming In fact, the novel is populated with characters of this sort, and they all seem to be caught up [...]

    22. Sonya says:

      I m not sure how to explain this book other than to say it s about bigger ideas than the life of a big city paper transcriptionist who feels like a ghostly presence in her own life The afterword by the author explains that she, like her character Lena, worked at the New York Times as a transcriptionist during the morose months surrounding 9 11 The novel, she says, is not about 9 11, but it s about the losses that stemmed from it, big institutions taken down and the advent of technology and the d [...]

    23. Chris™ Magneto says:

      I think the story was boring If anything, this book makes me glad that being a transcriptionist is a dead profession I don t think the author painted anything about the job in a good light and made it seem really depressing Also it bothered me tremendously that she would give the most unimportant things the most amount of detail It was a short book to begin with but if you cut out the useless adjectives and worthless setting descriptions, you d have a 100 page short story about woman who hated h [...]

    24. Kathleen says:

      I enjoyed the darkness of this novel, and the unique perspective of what it s like to spend too much time transcribing the words of others I ve had a little experience with that task, and love how she describes the body as a conduit, with the sound coming in your ear and leaving through your fingers.Also, the character is obsessed with literary quotes, which made for fun reading My favorite, from Italo Calvino It is not the voice that commands the story it is the ear.

    25. Michael says:

      Brilliant Imagine the old hymn Amazing Grace exemplified in a clever and metaphorically rich contemporary parable Then imagine that parable as witty, engaging, and fun And there you have it a fantastic debut novel by Amy Rowland I read it in one sitting, and I don t do that with too many books any Don t miss this one.

    26. Kris says:

      I m not entirely sure why I liked this book as much as I did It got off to a somewhat slow start By the time I realized I d become invested in it, I was over halfway through, and by the last two chapters, I was in tears also, if you can read about the visit to the lion s sanctuary and not get weepy, don t even talk to me It won t grab you by the lapels, but this is worth reading.

    27. Natalie says:

      The author was a transcriptionist herself She clearly thinks being a transcriptionist is way interesting than it is I liked parts of the book, but I finished it not knowing much about the character or why she did the things she did Two and a half stars.

    28. Andrea says:

      me Lena has the unusual job of transcriptionist and I found the descriptions of her work to be very interesting, as well as Lena s intense isolation in this profession and sense of remove from all that is happening in the world The writing is lovely and the pacing fits the mood There were some great memorable details or interesting happenings, but overall, there is a slightly unsettled feeling at the conclusion, like the book kept the reader themselves at a bit of a remove, just as Lena feels th [...]

    29. Angela says:

      A thoughful and clever look at a personal existential crisis and the role of news in modern society I liked it, but it didn t quite break the boundary into excellence.

    30. Karin says:

      So this is about a transcriptionist, who records the stories from reporters, and is shook by the death of a woman she met a few days prior It held my attention, but I wish the author had either made this a lot longer and flushed it out , or had dropped some stuff to make a great short story.

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