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Warriors Dont Cry
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Warriors Dont Cry Ian Campbell None. Warriors Dont Cry None
  • Title: Warriors Dont Cry
  • Author: Ian Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781904754473
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Warriors Dont Cry Ian Campbell

    • [E-Book] Û Warriors Dont Cry | By à Ian Campbell
      Ian Campbell

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    1. Allison says:

      Warriors don t cry is a serious and eye opening novel detailing the year the little rock nine integrated central high school in little rock Arkansas It is a truly inspiring story of courage and determination and the nine students go to school each day and are relentlessly are called names and harassed both with words and actions It shows those days in detail and brings light on racism and segregation in the 1950 s.This story was both serious and spectacular It opened my eyes to the racism and se [...]

    2. Irene Perez says:

      Title Warriors Don t CryGrade 6 12Reading level 6.9Genre Non Fiction, BiographyMain Characters MelbaSetting Central High School, Little Rock, ArkansasPOV MelbaAwards Robert F Kennedy Warriors Don t Cry is a recount of the story of the little rock nine thatwere the first to attend an all white school after it was ruled thatsegregation was unconstitutional The story focuses on the experience inthe POV of Melba The story begins with Melba becoming aware with theSupreme Court case Brown V Board of E [...]

    3. Katie says:

      i really like this book because it talks about a girl named melba who inters an all white school, and it just talks about her hardships during the intergration process and the emotion toll it had threw her whole year at centol high school i would suggest reading this book

    4. Deniesha says:

      This was a very serious, sad, but at the same time a wonderful book.Racisim has done alot to this girl,but it did not stop her and her other 8 friends from being on top as African Americans.

    5. Joseph says:

      Great book Just makes you a part of this awful time in our history but dose it in such a way you just can t put the book down

    6. Christian Brown says:

      This book warriors don t cry was and nonfiction memoir book it was a about a girl and a couple of her classmates wanting to go to central high school, which was a whole bunch of white kids and they were black At the time whites and black mixed was not allowed at central high which they were integrating so they could have fair education While that was going on that was all around segregation time, so it was a lot going on people were starting up mobs just to get to the 9 students that decided to [...]

    7. Carhyne says:

      i thought this was one of the best books that I ve ever read this is the book that made me want to major in African American history in college the things that these people in this story went through makes me really appreciate the fact that i am in school actually learning things and nit being harassed by some people that don t like me just because of my skin color or because i am who i am i love how this story was written because it makes me feel like i was right there at that time feeling the [...]

    8. Stephanie Benson says:

      My heart hurt while reading this account of integration at a high school in Little Rock, Arkansas The author, Melba Beals, is one of the nine students selected for integration Her harrowing tale describes the horrors she experienced that first year The author managed to walk a fine line of showing the true horrors of daily life without becoming too graphic This is an easy read but it is definitely not easy to read because of their hardships But I think it is a MUST read and really tales the tale [...]

    9. Allison Mccandless says:

      This is an excellent book of courage, determination, faith, hope, forgiveness, selflessness, perseverance and dedication to a cause no matter what the cost It goes so much farther than racism or segregation I highly recommend this book to anyone It is very well written and has much to teach us about the beauty of the human spirit and how to fight a true fight and win well so that real change can occur.

    10. Nicole Santiago says:

      The book was very interesting I love reading books that involve segregation Reading the struggles that the African American went through and how they handled it A girl went to a white school and was harassed daily They didnt want blacks in their school They ended up kicking her out of the school and she pursued her dreams behind the white people without angrying the whites She went to college and became a journalist.

    11. Elizabeth says:

      I m reading Warriors Don t Cry by Ian Campbell and I find it very moving how this young teenager fought to have her education that she deserved and how she stood strong even when light dynomite was thrusted at her She stood up to the bullies of the world and I hope people of the world learn from her braveness, because in my eyes, she is a true Warrior.

    12. Mama says:

      Considering adding this to my 9th grade curriculum Non fiction account of the Little Rock Nine and their year of integration in the 1950 s Very interesting to see how life has changed in such a short time The story is compelling and well told, with some disturbing images and language I think this could inspire some outstanding discussion in the right forum.

    13. Saira Shah says:

      Warriors Don t Cry is a fasinating novel about the 9 teenagers that integrated Little Rock High School The book consists of the events they all experianced in such emotional detail I never knew how intense and serious the situation actually was until I read it I highly recomend it to anyone interested in learning about civil rights.

    14. Sara says:

      Wow I ll be using this with students in the fall and cannot wait to experience it alongside them it demands discussion Will pair with nonfiction, images from the time, and possibly the YAL text that just came out this past year Mentor recommended that we also consider the recent adult title exploring Elizabeth Eckford and Hazel Byran s meeting as adults.

    15. FaFa says:

      So far, I have to say that this book is the greatest History Memoir writteen in history It was a very rough time period for the Little Rock Nine It talks from Melba s one of the nine points of view as in what happenec to her eveyrday at Cental High It s a great book for anybody who s into history GREAT BOOK

    16. Kaelyn says:

      It was a very emotional and nice book I think that the part when Link talks about her marrying a white person, since she said she couldn t date a white I was kinda sad when Grandma India died Honestly, she was my favorite person in the book.

    17. Olivia Curry says:

      It was very good

    18. Hey says:

      I like it so far

    19. Sylvia says:

      A good book about the human issues in the US All US citizens need to read a book like this to understand our history and treatment of the blacks in the twentieth century.

    20. Khaliyah Johnson says:

      This Book Is Gettin Very Interesting Seems Very Eye Opening.

    21. Allison Serr says:

      This is the story of the 9 black children who first integrated into Central High in Little Rock It is written by one of the 9 I gained such an appreciation of their sacrifice.

    22. Eugene34 says:

      This is a very eye opening book Its all I have to say

    23. Rayliene says:

      This book makes it so unbeliveably hard to believe this really happened, quite an eye opener.

    24. Sodapop says:

      Not bad but I think it was scary.

    25. Nivada Kibe says:

      It s the biggest and awesome book of all I really like this book.

    26. Luke says:

      Thanks for the book, mom.If we ever do achieve real racial unity in this country, I don t think it ll happen for a very long time.

    27. Hailey says:

      This book is so boring, and makes me want to kill myself I have to read it for stupid summer reading uggghhhhhhh

    28. Tiffani R. says:

      I really liked this book as well It was a tear jerker.

    29. Spr says:

      Very interesting how adamant many people were in there determination to keep going to central even after they had suffered so much there.

    30. Christy says:

      An excellent, eye opening account of the Little Rock nine and the battle they faced each day to attend an integrated school.

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