Henrik Ibsen
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Brand Henrik Ibsen Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive Pomona Press are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.. Brand Many of the earliest books particularly those dating back to the s and before are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive Pomona Press are republishing these classic works in affordable
  • Title: Brand
  • Author: Henrik Ibsen
  • ISBN: 9781406790108
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
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      240 Henrik Ibsen
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    1. Ahmad Sharabiani says:

      Brand, Henrik IbsenBrand is a play by the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen It is a verse tragedy, written in 1865 and first performed in Stockholm, Sweden on 24 March 1867 Brand was an intellectual play that provoked much original thought Brand is a priest who wants to take consequence of his choices, and is therefore deeply bound to doing the right thing He believes primarily in the will of man, and lives by the device all or nothing 1976 1352 164 1866 .

    2. Laura says:

      From BBC Radio 3 Drama on 3 Brand, the hero of Henrik Ibsen s epic drama, is a religious zealot who refuses all compromise But faced with the possible loss of his loved ones, can he persist in his absolutism Music composed and performed by Nicolai Abrahamsen.Directed by Peter Kavanaghc programmes b015ygzz

    3. Anna Kļaviņa says:

      Brand by Maurice Dumont, 1895

    4. Mike Jensen says:

      Jesus was an all or nothing guy Christians say they want to be like him, but you can t live that way in the real world without misery This does not bother most Christians, who do not recognize their commonplace and minute by minute hypocrisies, compromises, and divided loyalties What if someone did, and put ALL others things after his devotion to god This is the miserable story of Brand, a preacher who struggles to find peace with god through his enmity with all earthly things Ibsen s vision is [...]

    5. Rhys says:

      I love Ibsen s early work, which tends to be fantastical in nature and picaresque in structure, andPeer Gynt is perhaps my favourite play by any playwright The play that Ibsen wrote immediately prior to that one, Brand, is a doomy philosophical journey full of ice and crags and stormy fjords and weird manifestations and mad people and extremely intense verse monologues.

    6. Jeff Yoak says:

      I didn t enjoy reading Brand.I was motivated to approach it first because it is covered in Ibsen The Iconoclast and then so because the first play I read because of that course was A Doll s House and it immediately became a favorite Unlike that play, I m utterly without any philosophic sympathy for the main character of Brand He s a religious zealot who s belief and mission drives him to actions that lead to the loss of his child, wife, mother and ultimately his own life and the lives of those [...]

    7. Bettie☯ says:

      As part of Radio 3 s Conviction series, Henrik Ibsen s study of a religious zealot who refuses to compromise, leading him to risk catastrophe for himself and his family Faced with possible tragedy for his loved ones, will he persist with his absolutism Brand Gerard Murphy Agnes Morven Christie Mayor Jeremy Swift Mother Voice Ann Mitchell Ejnar Carl Prekopp Gerd, Son, Woman Alex Tregear Doctor Alan Cox Provost Mark Tandy Guide, Man James Lailey Crazed Woman Susie Riddell Gipsy, Woman Elaine Claxt [...]

    8. Marta says:

      Lugas ideja izcila un p rdomas rosino a Vair kas atzi as iet saglab anas v rtas Beigas tom r nesapratu, bet ceru, ka ar laiku v rt jumu nomain u.

    9. Chris says:

      Brand, a traveling preacher in a snowy valley, has no patience for people who refuse to live all or nothing This goes for everyone his wife, his mother, himself Various events occur, tragedies or tests depending on your viewpoint, but Brand holds fast to his beliefs, possibly as a self defense mechanism or as divine inspirationA very surprising play in it s scope considering Ibsen s later work though his last plays start to open up to this size again What makes this play work for me is that Ibse [...]

    10. Cecilie says:

      Okay, lest denne boka flere ganger Har en eller annen merkverdig fasinasjon med en mann som er s til de grader beinhard og kompromissl s i sin tro at han ofrer alt At jeg som ateist finner dette direkte romantisk, er kanskje litt spr tt Samtidig gj r det historien enda mer brutal Det er s urolig tragisk at det er vakkert.N r det kommer til oversettelsen til Engelsk er jeg veldig kritisk til den Umulig oversette, det som er vakkert forsvinner Ble positivt overrasket over hvor m ysommelig oversatt [...]

    11. Steven says:

      Brand is a priest who wants to take consequence of his choices, and is deeply bound to doing the right thing He believes in the will of man, and lives by the device all or nothing To make compromises is difficult, or by his moral standards questionable His picture of God is derived from the Old Testament His beliefs render him lonely in the end, as people around him, when put to the test, cannot or will not follow his example Brand is a young idealist with a main purpose to save the world, or at [...]

    12. Mike Jensen says:

      What came through in my first reading was Brand as a destructive and self righteous git That still came through in my second reading, but I now see his self inflicted wretchedness That was indeed there before, but I failed to feel for him Now I get it.

    13. Andreea Andreea says:

      Difficult read, but I loved it.

    14. Mehmet Bozkurt says:

      Ya hep ya hi in getirdi i y k m n etkileyici anlat m Bir teorisyenin yeni bir olaya uyan bir teori bulmas nda b y k bir zarar yoktur Ancak yanl bir fikirle ba layan ve g rd her eyde bu fikri do rulayan bir yan bulmaya al an bir d n r insan akl n n en tehlikeli d man d r demi Chesterton Felsefenin nemsendi i zamanlarda yazan bsen, insan beyninin d nme kanallar n a an, sinapslar artt ran bir yazar.

    15. Ben Heller says:

      I can see why this book was hard to find Brand is a very intense character He almost seems not of this world One wonders if a person like that could ever exist I wouldn t expect happiness for Brand But I would expect annihilation.

    16. Jaka says:

      Brand, as its seeming counterpart Peer Gynt is highly relevant for acquiring intuitive insight into dillemas of a 21st century man Both Peer Gynt and Brand are idealists, but they manifest their idealism in different ways Both run away from their families to pursue a path of their own, both sense that they cannot reach that path if people, who are inclined to compromise their beliefs, obstruct them Consequently, both face various struggle and never stop feeling the abyss between following their [...]

    17. Matthew says:

      If The Pretenders was Ibsen s first breakthrough great play, then Brand is perhaps typical of the rest of Ibsen s plays that were to follow the hero preoccupied with high minded ideals and the story that sometimes strains towards the allegorical and symbolic, but is firmly based in reality.The story is about Brand, an uncompromising clergyman, whose religion is based on all or nothing principles This leads him to sacrifice his wife and child, and ultimately his own calling, as he imposes demand [...]

    18. Justin Evans says:

      I feel bad giving this only two stars For all I know, Ibsen s play is a masterpiece Hill s version here is certainly very Hill like, which I appreciate combining brutal satire, high language and a distinct aura of ambiguity But as a reading experience it s not all that hot It starts out quite symbolically, then for most of the play is fairly realistic, then ends with a rush of symbolism once These sections, in Hill s version at least, seem a little disjointed and fair enough, too It d be a toug [...]

    19. Ali says:

      How to describe this play Probably the same way I d describe most of Ibsen s plays heartbreaking.Most people will just focus on the fact that Brand was a religious fanatic and criticize the play based purely on their dislike for him However, his moral dilemmas are very real for all of us trying to figure out when we re compromising our beliefs, recognizing our double standards, learning to accept the sorrow that befalls us and letting go of the things we hold dearly.It s hard to say there are ri [...]

    20. Mike says:

      Although Brand is a priest in Ibsen s verse play, he really represents any person obsessed with achieving an impossible ideal one who risks everything for an uncertain payout and marches to his own destruction, even as he claims he is heading toward his ultimate victory In his sacrifice of everything, Brand loses those whom he loves most because he refuses to admit that he loves them as much or than his spiritual quest He assumes that one must be sacrificed to obtain the other Of course, he is [...]

    21. Rod says:

      Still RelevantIbsen deals with a lot of issues here The reader cannot avoid its 19th Century historical context Workers rights, class, authority, rebellion, idealism, cultural Christianity and the very real Christian question against apathy, complacency and pride, that critiques them Brand is the protagonist, reaching for his Kantian esk y all or nothing s idealism that ends up clouding even his own quest for authenticity as a Christian His anti idolatry idealism itself becomes an idol Although [...]

    22. Adrian Colesberry says:

      I went on a tear on 2007 and read all of Henrik Ibsen and all ofAugust Strindberg Before I could get to all of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, I had to turn back to writing, and I can t read while I write Ibsen is wonderful The thing I like most about Ibsen is that he loves and respects women at least in his writing Not all of his plays are tragedies either Many are very funny and many have mixed endings, not all are downers Though I m not a big fan of Peer Gynt Strindberg s parody of Peer Gynt, Lucky [...]

    23. Brenda says:

      A young priest treads the path of the purist righteousness in his quest for the divine He requires the utmost sacrifice from all around him and doesn t spare himself He relinquishes his own wife and child to his severe vision of the holy Only after he has lost it all does he see that the way of God may not be one of such sacrifice.I hated, hated, HATED this character and this play I realize that you are not supposed to like him as he struggles to find his way past his narrow beliefs, but I canno [...]

    24. Rachel says:

      I remember really liking this one for some reason.Enjoy life if you will,But be consistent, do it all the time,Be wholly what you are, not half and half.Everyone now is a little of everything A little solemn on Sundays, a little respectfulTowards tradition makes love to his wife afterSaturdaySupper, because his father did the same.A little gay at feasts, a little lavishIn giving promises, but niggardly in Fulfilling them a little of everything A little sin, a little virtue A little good, a littl [...]

    25. Gustl says:

      Grande condottiero questo prete Brand tramite la volont virtuosa vuole svegliare le coscienze addormentate degli abitanti di un villaggetto di montagna nel quale visse anche lui Metodi duri e severi, all insegna del tutto o niente , rinunce totali delle quali faran le spese la moglie Agnese,e il figliolo Si scontrer con la solita diplomazia arraffona dello Stato, e abbandonato dal popolo il primo capolavoro di Ibsen, ma nonostante sia un opera giovanile coglie nel centro da drammaturgo navigato. [...]

    26. Jack Hrkach says:

      This play is very difficult to read, almost impossible to play Ralphe Fiennes gave it a good shot at the Haymarket a bit earlier in the early years of this century maybe 2003 04 but as an early work by the first great modernist it should be read, and produced, than it is do so please, former students and others, and you might find something in it that others who have read it and or produced it have not.

    27. Mia says:

      Se pare ca poemul epic nu e genul meu, si cu atat mai putin in teatru imi pare chiar hazliu si nu reuseste sa ma prindaTEREDIT Totusi, fiindca Eliade il pomeneste des in Romanul adolescentului miop, poate ii voi mai acorda o sansa.

    28. Isca Silurum says:

      I do enjoy Ibsen, but a bit of a struggle That said highlights fundamentalist attitudesIn a western context That said religion is anethema to me an abhorrent manifestation of human weakness.Must get to see live, could be electric.

    29. Andre Piucci says:

      No word s been tarnished so with liesas this word love man misapplies it s used with a satanic skillto cover up defects of will

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