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If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits?
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If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits? Erma Bombeck Ever since she was a child, Erma Bombeck has been an expert worrier, and married life has only honed that skill She gets anxious about running out of ball bearings about snakes sneaking in through the pipes about making meaningful conversation on New Year s Eve Married life, she realizes, is an unpredictable saga even when you know exactly how loud your husband snoresEver since she was a child, Erma Bombeck has been an expert worrier, and married life has only honed that skill She gets anxious about running out of ball bearings about snakes sneaking in through the pipes about making meaningful conversation on New Year s Eve Married life, she realizes, is an unpredictable saga even when you know exactly how loud your husband snores every night and she wouldn t have it any other way.In this crisp collection of essays, Bombeck shows off the irresistible style that made her one of America s favorite humorists for than three decades When she sharpens her wit, no family member is sacred and no self help fad is safe.This ebook features an illustrated biography of Erma Bombeck including rare images and never before seen documents from the author s estate.. If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries What Am I Doing in the Pits Ever since she was a child Erma Bombeck has been an expert worrier and married life has only honed that skill She gets anxious about running out of ball bearings about snakes sneaking in through the
  • Title: If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits?
  • Author: Erma Bombeck
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1 Blog on “If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits?

    1. Frances says:

      I first heard of Erma Bombeck when I was 13 My mom had gone to the doctor and came home with the news she was pregnant I was the baby up until then so you can imagine her shock My dad, being funny, brought home a pillow that said, It s A Crying Shame, and a book by Erma Bombeck That book was If Life Is A Bowl Of Cherries, What Am I doing In The Pits My dad got hit by the pillow but the book cheered my mom up.When I saw this book on Net Galley I had to get it But, I admit, that I was wondering if [...]

    2. Judy says:

      It was nice to take a trip back to the seventies with Erma Bombeck I believe I enjoyed the nostalgia of it as much as Bombeck s humor Being the first book I ve read by her, I didn t realize that she could be inspirationally serious at times such as in the last chapter I liked her observations on sports reporting how no one wins a game they always hammer, outscore, bomb, run over, etc.Rather than give away all her punchlines I recommend this book to the younger generation who are curious of what [...]

    3. Elizabeth says:

      When I was a little girl staying with my grandparents, after my cousins went home and there was no playing Payday or that weird soccer game where your fingers are the players legs, I would need to read I was a very nerdy child My options were the Bible, Sidney Sheldon, or this book Obviously, I picked the Bible No I picked Erma, who I discovered to be totally humorous when I turned the light on after I was sure everyone else was in bed, and snuggled under my brown and orange swirled comfortor i [...]

    4. Miss says:

      Do you like standup comedy This book reads like one.It is a collection of humourous stories without chronological order or any order whatsoever about family life from the perspective of an overworked, overstressed mum Some stories are better than the others, but they are all really funny, I laughed out loud every few paragraphs, people on the subway must have thought I was crazy It ends on a bittersweet note that brought tears to my eyes The story titled When Did I Become the Mother and the Moth [...]

    5. Clayton says:

      Okay, I admit to being an Erma fan I inherited several of her paperbacks when a friend of mine moved over seas and left several boxes of her books with me I remembered reading this one as a teen, but it always seemed like something my mom would be interested in However, for satirical insight on the middle class female point of view on the big trends of the seventies and eighties, Bombeck is very insightful I guess it took age and the ability to reflect back on those decades to appreciate her wor [...]

    6. Meredith says:

      I read this for an initiative at work We are to read a book each month with a different angle January s assignment was to read a book published in the year you were born for me, 1978 Someone recommended Erma Bombeck, since she wrote humor based on being a mother and housewife I must say, for the most part I just didn t get it I didn t laugh or even smile once First of all, there was language to decode For example, wedgies No, not what happens when your undies get in a twist Apparently, these wer [...]

    7. Kari says:

      I remember reading this book a long time ago, probably in college Having reread the book, I m not sure I was able to full appreciate the book back then Now, reading it as a wife and mother, I loved it Even though Ms Bombeck wrote this back in the 70s, I found that about 90% of it is still relevant today Husbands still snore, kids and families still drive us crazy and the debate over working mom vs stay at home mom still goes on 30 years later I found myself laughing and nodding my head through o [...]

    8. Sarah says:

      Even though this book was written in the 70 s it is still relevant for me today From the snoring husband, the overly dependent kids, the housework never ending, and of course the totally wrong fads and fashion Pantsuit that doesn t look good on anyone unless your 2 , this book had me laughing and saying at least I m not the only one who thinks that.One of my favorite laugh out loud moments how come a child can eat yellow snow, kiss the dog on the lips, chew gum fromt he ashtry, put his mouth ove [...]

    9. Steph (loves water) says:

      Loved Erma BombeckMy mother and I to this day can quote her verbatim She s provided us hours of entertainment It was like losing a family member when she passed RIP Erma, I m sure you ve got them laughing somewhere else

    10. Linda Rowland says:

      I found this in a stack of books someone gave me for the book shop Have always enjoyed Bombeck and this was no different I may have read this before but still had a good time with it.

    11. Adrienne says:

      I loved this book Sure, a very small number of the cultural references were lost on me due to my age, but I was laughing out loud literally, not acronymically is that a word at least 80% of the time Bombeck has a gift for making us laugh at the things that would otherwise make us throw our hands up and walk away I think every mom should have at least one of her books hanging around the house for those days when we really just need to check out and have a good laugh And the bonus is that we might [...]

    12. Valerie says:

      Bombeck was the favorite humorous essayist of both my mother and my aunt Bombeck died in 1996.I wouldn t think of badmouthing the woman She was a brilliant humorist, and had the storytelling gift in full measure If I personally always preferred Jean Kerr who, like me, was definitely NOT a morning person , I m not blind to Bombeck s often wicked invective, tempered by a not quite unfailing compassion.I can see why my aunt and my mother like her their own storytelling styles are often similar.

    13. Alexa says:

      The first book that I ever finished reading.I was 12 years old then and about to start my new life in high school.My puberty years.Time when not so childish not so mature ideas clashes with parents.I begun laughing upon starting on its pages and end up cryin I love you enough to say NO even if you ll HATE me for itand that what HURTS the most From that time on,I never got hurt when mom says NO

    14. Nicole says:

      I remember reading this from my mom s bookshelves a long time ago, and when I saw it at the library, I picked it up for a fun, quick read Written in the early 80s, it s fun to see how different and how much the same life is was for mothers Some of it is universal, and other sections are very much 30 years ago But the parts that she writes on parenting and being married are so funny, I found myself laughing out loud at parts, and getting misty at others Recommended.

    15. Camille says:

      May 2017 book group selection I remember my mom had this book when I was young, and I imagine it was extremely funny in the 70s when it was written 40ish years later it seemed somewhat dated to me quite a few references to people I m not familiar with and everyday things that are seldom used any There were still some funny parts as well as a few worthwhile insights at the end, but overall not a classic that has stood the test of time least for me.

    16. SS says:

      One review said that every wife and mother should read this book I think every daughter should too, if only to get some insight on what lies ahead And, of course, to pick up little tips like green is not a happy color when it comes to food Erma Bombeck talks about everything with such wit and candor, not to mention comedy When I was little, my mom used to read the funny parts to my sister and me Once I was a little older, I read the entire book, and still couldn t stop laughing.

    17. Cheryl says:

      I found this book to be uneven Some stories I really enjoyed while others I didn t I am amazed at how some issues or themes continue to prevail even after all these years Such as children leaving their wet towels on the floor or a parent calling their child by the wrong name which was probably my favorite story in the book as well She has some great lines in the book as well such as her son staring into the refrigerator waiting for something to embrace him.

    18. Marshaferz says:

      My favorite of Bombeck s books I haven t read it in 20 years, but certain turns of phrase, passages, even whole stories are so clear in my memory Even with my familiarity with the material, it still made me laugh out loud Let s face it, motherhood is funny and insane in pretty much the same way now that it always has been.

    19. Barbara VA says:

      A re read from my favorite columnist ever, Erma spoke to me from the time I was a teenager about the age of her daughter and we bought prom dress the same week I read her books as a newlywed in the 70 s and as a new mom Remembering what life was like before cell phones, computers, and dvd s was a joy I miss this warm, kind and funny lady

    20. Bunny says:

      100th book of 2015 Erma Bombeck is hilarious in an easy way This book was written in the 70 s, and it s still hilarious, and still timely There are very few moments where you realize how times have changed Unless you re wondering why she doesn t mention her children s Twitter accounts So so great.

    21. Stephanie says:

      This is one lady I really miss I have read all of her books and probably 3 times each You don t get funnier, real, and touching then her stories It makes you feel like you are hearing the confidences and real life fiascos of your best girl friend

    22. Lynn says:

      Erma Bombeck is my hero She is funny and smart and absolutely wonderful She is funny without being mean and just a wonderful observer of people and family I love re reading her work when I need a boost In my opinion, everyone can read it but a mother gets so much out of it

    23. Gena Lott says:

      How can we have EVERYTHING as we do in America, and still be so depressed and downtrodden Although these are older books, they are still very pertinent today Besides getting a laugh, you will love her in your face style which questions just what we as women should find important.

    24. Nellie says:

      Loved it All around funny Good get away from reality reading

    25. Brenda Thayer says:

      Fun to read something older Brought back memories of back in the day

    26. Sera says:

      I thought that this book was funny when I had read it as a teen I think that I was a weird kid sometimes

    27. Rick Rapp says:

      She was a funny lady

    28. Cheryl Sinclair says:

      I know many of you have not heard of Erma, but she is not to be missed Crazy funny.

    29. Barb says:

      Read many years ago Erma is always good.

    30. Kelly Whitt says:

      Not really my kind of humor I almost quit but finished it and did appreciate the second half I can see why it was popular in the 80s It s of a certain era.

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