Pat Simmons
A Christian Christmas
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A Christian Christmas Pat Simmons Christmas will never be the same for Joy Knight if Christian Andersen has his way.Not to be confused with a secret Santa, Christian and his family are busier than Santa s elves making sure the Lord s blessings are distributed to those less fortunate by Christmas day.Joy is playing the hand that life dealt her, rearing four children in a home that is on the brink of forecloChristmas will never be the same for Joy Knight if Christian Andersen has his way.Not to be confused with a secret Santa, Christian and his family are busier than Santa s elves making sure the Lord s blessings are distributed to those less fortunate by Christmas day.Joy is playing the hand that life dealt her, rearing four children in a home that is on the brink of foreclosure She s not looking for a handout, but when Christian rescues her in the checkout line her niece thinks Christian is an angel Joy thinks he s just another man who will eventually leave, disappointing her and the children.Although Christian is a servant of the Lord, he is a flesh and blood man and all he wants for Christmas is Joy Knight Can time spent with Christian turn Joy s attention from her financial woes to the real meaning of Christmas and true love A Christian Christmas is a holiday novella to be enjoyed any time of the year.. A Christian Christmas Christmas will never be the same for Joy Knight if Christian Andersen has his way Not to be confused with a secret Santa Christian and his family are busier than Santa s elves making sure the Lord s
  • Title: A Christian Christmas
  • Author: Pat Simmons
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  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Christian Christmas Pat Simmons

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    1 Blog on “A Christian Christmas

    1. Dawn says:

      Touching StoryVery touching story A wonderful reminder of how God will supply all our need if we just trust Him and surrender to His will.

    2. Andrea Horton says:

      This story was BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN, although there were very few typos It will restore your faith in God and Love.

    3. Dona says:

      Although a quick read it is a novella , it was an enjoyable holiday story reinforcing that Jesus is the reason for the season Joyce, who prefers to be called Joy, is raising her daughter and her sister s three children after their mother dies Although Joy s brother in law is live and well, he moved on with his life after his wife s death from breast cancer His new life includes a new wife her children, but to his Joy finds that the going is getting tougher but she remains dedicated, steadfast, a [...]

    4. The Book Man says:

      I totally agree that God works in ways we cannot see I enjoyed reading Joy s and Christian s love story Even though it was a fiction, it reminded me how amazing God is there is a future for every sinner Definitely

    5. Mary says:

      A must read.

    6. Sarah says:

      The plot was cute, but the characters were rather flat.

    7. Burgundy says:

      A Christian Love StoryThis is the story of Christian Andersen and Joy Christian meets Joy in aCheck out line when She is short of money to pay for her items He pays for them and the story takes off Christian is a devout church goer and Joy not so much In the story, he opens her eyes of Jesus being the reason for the season.

    8. Tikia says:

      A blessing Christian is a true blessing anytime of the year This book made my heart smile I loved it from the beginning to the end I hope we get to hear from Christian and Joy

    9. JayBee says:

      Heartwarming yet predictable Christian romance Good for a light, rainy day read, but would not recommend for the serious reader This is of a Cinderella fairytale.

    10. Mira Evans says:

      The best book I ve read this year I can t wait to read all of the books in the sequel.

    11. Rachel says:

      I hate to be the first to give a less than stellar review, but I m not quite sure how to begin this review, but While the story is different, cute and sweet and I enjoyed that, I couldn t in all honestly give it a higher star rating There were a few things that I had trouble with Although I am a born again Christian, even I felt that it was a little preachy I don t know a single person that spouts scripture as often as Christian did in this story and my Dad and brother are ministers Although I k [...]

    12. Desiree Watson says:

      Christian meets Joy in the supermarket, where she has just fallen short on paying for some items He he s her out, and is instantly smitten with her They meet again when she is on a line where they are giving out free Turkey dinners He has the food delivered to her door and she wonders why.They eventually strike up a friendship, but Joy wonders why he would want to be with her when she has four children The kids eventually grow to love Mr Christmas as they call him, after they decide to set up a [...]

    13. Eileen Carter says:

      Definitely worth readingWhen life seems to forever be out too get you sometimes we need to put our focus on God Joy didn t have her focus on God, but instead worrying about how she would feed her for children, keep a roof over their head and continue to provide for them Standing in line at the store was the turning point in her life When a handsome stranger steps up and helps her, joy had no idea that this man, Christian would become an important part of her life.There are many scripture referen [...]

    14. Idrissa Uqdah says:

      Just wonderfulAs a spirit filled believer, I know that God will give you the desires of your heart He will give you what you need All you have to do is trust Him Living your life for JESUS is the only wayAll of these author s books are so well written Pat Simmons has a real gift for Christian fiction I just love her characters and her story lines This novella is wonderfully written

    15. Jackie Roberts says:

      Christian Christmas by Pat Simmons was an excellent holiday read It took ChrIstian Andersen and Christ to put the meaning of Christmas in the hearts of Joy Knight and her four children A real lesson in faith, blessings and the power of prayer Another great ChrIstian romance to add to your collection.

    16. Shannan Harper says:

      CILLASBOOKMANIACS.Joy Anderson is a single mother to a total of 4 children One that is hers and the other 3 are her nieces and nephew she is raising after her sister dies and their father run s off She is rescued in a grocery store by Christian Anderson and their relationship get s very interesting A wonderful short Christmas Novella.

    17. Chiquedee says:

      Very quick read The plot was believable ie Christian rescuing Joy at the checkout But I sort of found him a bit stalkerish not to mention preachy Yes, he was passionate about God but stillybe because its a novella everything happens on compact so its seems much.Loved the name the children gave Christian Mr Christmas

    18. Valarie says:

      Really good quick read about a better than true black man Oh where are the Christians the main character of this world Every woman wants a Christian, shoot every woman deserves a Christian in her life and in her corner.

    19. April says:

      A Christian Christmas was a good read I enjoyed Joy s journey to finding her faith Christ I like how Christian was a real gentlemen true man of God This was my first read by this author, but it won t be my last.

    20. Cici says:

      Very sweet Christian romance This is a very Christian romance It has a sweet premise A wealthy business has a love at first sight experience with a young single mother, raising her children s kids.

    21. Barbara Labbe says:

      A Christmas RomanceI loved the story of love charity in this book Christian shows Joy and her charges the meaning of the heart of Christmas Joy learns about God s love and provision when she needs it most A great read

    22. Rosalyn says:

      Enjoyed reading this fast paced novella A Christian Christmas Love Story Joy Christian will make you believe in love at first sight Just know you never know where you ll meet you Knight in Shining Armour aka Mr Christmas

    23. Marilyn says:

      Goodthe way this woman found the Lord and experience of the love of the Lorde and her adopted children found love.

    24. Mary Malone says:

      Great bookReally enjoyed reading this book Wish it was longer and a Part 2 The book makes u desire of God and reading his Word.

    25. Andrea Fleury says:

      Very beautifulMy heart filled with such warmth and comfort while reading this beautiful story My the Lord fill your hearts as well when you read this beautiful tale.

    26. Pamela Thomas says:

      If you are looking for a great Christian novelThis is the second book I have read by this author I can truly say what an awesome book this was

    27. Alexis says:

      A really enjoyable short storyI really enjoyed reading Joy s and Christian s love story I found it to be good for getting into the holiday spirit.

    28. ConSonia says:

      An amazing love story to see when u truly giving God all of who u r he is able to work the impossible.

    29. Andrea Mcclain says:

      Loved the story and it was very well written, but the end got a little hoaky with false doctrine

    30. CM says:

      I unwittingly picked up a holiness romance The storyline was a bit trite and not entirely scriptural, so not up to my standards Too bad.

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