Scoop: Notes from a Small Ice Cream Shop
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Scoop: Notes from a Small Ice Cream Shop JeffMiller I was not prone to drastic actions I did not rush into the unknown After fifteen years as a or less effective lawyer, I approached decisions with a certain caution I weighed not only the pros and cons, but also examined all likely consequences and reasonably foreseeable risks Looking back, I wondered what could have prompted me to take those initial steps dowI was not prone to drastic actions I did not rush into the unknown After fifteen years as a or less effective lawyer, I approached decisions with a certain caution I weighed not only the pros and cons, but also examined all likely consequences and reasonably foreseeable risks Looking back, I wondered what could have prompted me to take those initial steps down a path that would alter the course of the rest of my life armed with only an optimistic hunch and knowledge that turning back was not an option Minnesota born lawyer, Jeff, and his partner, Dean, enjoyed a successful and fashionable life in London They shopped at Harvey Nichols, walked their dogs in Kensington Gardens, and vacationed in France and Tibet Yet, they dreamed of a new life In January, Jeff was promoted to a coveted position at his bank in March, he resigned Jeff and Dean sold their house, packed the dogs, and moved to the sleepy resort town of Hayward, Wisconsin, where they acquired a nostalgic ice cream shop and rundown Victorian mansion Scoop Notes from a Small Ice Cream Shop is the chronicle of Jeff and Dean s first year in Hayward how they are welcomed by a collection of colorful characters and how they are humbled by the challenges of operating both the ice cream shop and a bed and breakfast It is also a story of Hayward and how the traditions and the stories of those who built the town helped our entrepreneurs adjust to the rhythm of life in their new home Jeff Miller was born in Browerville, Minnesota He spent years as an international lawyer in New York, Hong Kong, and London Since 2005 he has lived in Hayward, Wisconsin, where he operates West s Hayward Dairy and McCormick House Inn.. Scoop Notes from a Small Ice Cream Shop I was not prone to drastic actions I did not rush into the unknown After fifteen years as a or less effective lawyer I approached decisions with a certain caution I weighed not only the pros and cons
  • Title: Scoop: Notes from a Small Ice Cream Shop
  • Author: JeffMiller
  • ISBN: 9780873519434
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • Scoop: Notes from a Small Ice Cream Shop JeffMiller

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    1 Blog on “Scoop: Notes from a Small Ice Cream Shop

    1. Robert Strandquist says:

      What happens to a dream not deferred but seized Jeff and Dean built their dreams of independence within the constricted lives as harried lawyers working for mega CitiBank in London and Hong Kong And, Jeff Miller s memoir presents the opening of these dreams Scoop is a rare memoir because its life continues today Most are set in the past where time provides a buffer for reflection Not here In fact, yesterday morning I finished reading it, and in the afternoon I visited the author in West s Dairy [...]

    2. Anna says:

      OK, so I wouldn t have read this had my sister in law given me the scoop on this behind the scenes or should I say counter peek at our hometown and, yes, it s a little heavy on extraneous detail butcredibly charming, and what a walk down memory lane How I loved those little 25 cent bags of cranberry juice

    3. Chris Selin says:

      Entertaining book until the final pages when you become depressed, think, well, what the hell and go wallow in a pint of Ben Jerry s.

    4. Amy says:

      I was primed to love this book It wouldn t have required much to be compelling gay men who leave city life for the rural Northwoods of Wisconsin Just swap genders and, heck, I could write this book But the writing is lousy and the story is lacking much in the way of plot or tension I think the point at which they gasp have to take out a loan to finish their million dollar remodel is supposed to provide that Most significantly, the author comes across as an insensitive, privileged, white gay man [...]

    5. Val says:

      Imagine relocating from London to a small northern Wisconsin community named Hayward That s what the author and his friend did The author was native to the area of Wis After a visit to the area and in an attempt to rid themselves of the stress of the business world, the two bought an ice cream shop The book tells of learning to deliver milk, make ice cream, and eventually buy an old mansion and convert to a bed and breakfast Some of the charm of small town life permeates the book.

    6. Gayle says:

      Just a lovely read through life and business in small town wisconsin Not to be missed Sometimes I found myself alone and laughing out loud as the dog stared up at me in confusion.

    7. Stephanie A. says:

      This is a wonderful memoir about the grand adventure of moving to another country or in one s case, moving back after 25 years abroad and buying starting up not one but two business simultaneously the local iconic ice cream shop West s Dairy , and a historic mansion that has fallen into disrepair, with intent to turn it into a BB McCormick House The author takes the lead on the former, while his partner throws himself with great enthusiasm into the latter, lending support to the other when neede [...]

    8. Lisa says:

      This book was fine I liked that I knew some of the places the author talked about, that s always fun The writing itself every once in awhile felt like a high school writing assignment where the writer was told to describe a scene in detail, it was a little overdone sometimes Especially the parts that were meant to describe the changing of the seasons, at times it came off very cliched Sometimes the author came off a bit condescending as well, like ha ha, look at these hicks with their fishing an [...]

    9. Kathleen says:

      Jeff Miller walks us through the first year of his drastic career change Though born in Minnesota, Jeff has spent the last several years living in London with his partner, Dean Tired of the rat race and eager to embrace a leisurely life, Jeff Dean move to Hayward, Wisconsin, musky capitol of the world, where they purchase and renovate West s Dairy, the local ice cream shop In addition, they purchase the McCormick mansion, home of a former lumber baron, and turn it into an upscale B B Both Jeff [...]

    10. Margaret Hoff says:

      3.5 I really enjoyed this book I am certain my enjoyment was enhanced by my familiarity with Hayward I could picture every scene pretty darn vibrantly Th author developed the characters well, making me feel I was in the ice cream shop with Buck In fact, I d like to pull out the cribbage board and have a game with him The drastic move from London to Hayward is something I can t quite imagine I ve contemplated what it would be like to move there from Minneapolis and can t quite fathom it for me It [...]

    11. Julie says:

      I loved this read So neat to learn the recent history behind West Dairy in Hayward Lots of awesome memories were brought up when reading this book since I grew up spending lots of time in Hayward in the summers and some of the time in the fall and winter Missing Hayward a lot and ready to go back soon Next time I will visit the Dairy I remember a visit in May of 2009 but that have been a while I didn t give it 5 stars because the Fall and Winter chapters were a bit dull but still a great read

    12. Lynn says:

      A fun read that really gives you the flavor of life in a small town in the Midwest It s great to see these 2 men seize their dream and jump in wholeheartedly to their new lifestyle Jeff is an excellent storyteller with an easy folksy style I found it heartwarming to see them develop connections with and affection for the locals As with any life there are ups and downs, challenges and rewards but in the end you feel satisfied that their leap of faith was worth it.

    13. Deb says:

      A mid life change success story Jeff and Dean leave their life in London for the simple, quiet life in Hayward, WI Not that it was an easy change to take on an ice cream shop and a bed breakfast business The history traditions of this small town are told through the daily life stories and happenings.

    14. Sarah Smits says:

      Having spent every summer of my pre adult life in Hayward plenty of visits to West s, I was excited to read this book It did not disappoint I tend to like books with lots of characters and this was a perfect match for that need I was able to visualize every place mentioned truly enjoyed the stories, some funny, some poignant.

    15. Tracy says:

      Enjoyable because the storyline of burned out banking lawyer buying a small ice cream shop in a small town resonates with me and takes place in familiar environs Nice that the relationship between Jeff and his partner is woven naturally into the story not the focus of the story Likable characters and some laugh out loud lines.

    16. Jeff says:

      I m not sure this is worth a full five stars, but it s close I love these kinds of books that describe how someone left their career in the big city to come back to a small rural community and describe some of their experiences Miller is a gifted writer who takes a fairly tongue in cheek view of both himself and others he encounters I hope he will continue to write other books like this.

    17. Marie Zhuikov says:

      The true story of two city slickers from London who come to Hayward to open a dairy ice cream shop and a BB It offers an outsider s look at small town Wisconsin life and traditions An enjoyable read for anyone contemplating starting a life that s completely different.

    18. Amy says:

      This book was heartwarming and inspiring We often are too scared and reserved, and it s so refreshing to read about two people who throw caution to the wind and buy a dairy and BB in Hayward It was a bit long and could have been tightened up a bit, but it was a fun, lovely story.

    19. Vicki Rabanus says:

      As an annual visitor to Hayward for the past 22 years, I have enjoyed our pilgrimage to West s for ice cream Scoop is a nice little read for anyone but probably will hold meaning to the multitude of people who, like me, have called Hayward their home away from home.

    20. Stacey says:

      I live in Hayward and my daughter worked at the Dairy, from that perspective it was an okay read, but Hayward is just not that interesting I found the personal side of Jeff Dean to be interesting and some of the inner workings of the Dairy were good to know.

    21. Lyndee says:

      This was a great 4 1 2 Star book Funny and insighful, he is a great storyteller As always the problem with Nonfiction is that everything doesn t end with a happily ever after

    22. Annie says:

      Loved reading about this shop so close to my parent s cabin Took me about 50 pages before I got into it, but then is was hooked I want to go to the shop now.

    23. Kayo says:

      Loved this Would like to know what has happened since finishing the book.

    24. Joann says:

      As a resident of Hayward, Wisconsin, I really liked the history in this book, plus it was well written.

    25. Angela says:

      Such a funny, delightful read Perfect book for the cabin reminded me of a Bill Bryson book Loved it.

    26. Jessica says:

      This enjoyable memoir invited me into Hayward and the local ice cream shop Lovely details and a great narrative voice.

    27. Susan Diedrich says:

      Scoop is a fun book to read if you re from or live in Hayward Jeff and I both found it extremely entertaining.

    28. Sherri says:

      loved itough there was one thing I did NOT see coming but it worked out OK

    29. Brian Pickering says:

      Took me back to growing up in Minnesota, and visiting family in Wisconsin I would swear I ve met most of the characters.

    30. Les Reynolds says:

      An enjoyable and inspiring story of a successful couple who leave London to run an ice cream shop and BB in a small town in Wisconsin Well written, and full of interesting stories.

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