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Човекът берсеркер
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  • Title: Човекът берсеркер
  • Author: Fred Saberhagen Григор Попхристов
  • ISBN: 9548811138
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • Човекът берсеркер Fred Saberhagen Григор Попхристов

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      226 Fred Saberhagen Григор Попхристов
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    1. Daryl says:

      I bought Berserker Man on a whim, without any idea it was part of a larger series and having never heard of Saberhagen, and I came away so enamoured with the story that I hope I can pick up some others in the series.From the setup in the prologue to the arc of discovery for Michel, it s a beautiful and engaging read that introduces a world brilliantly with engaging characters, factions, and plot, so that I never felt that I needed to read previous stories to understand anything The final third i [...]

    2. Phil Kozel says:

      Berserker Man is the second full novel in the series, the first two are a collection of short stories and novellas Saberhagen centers this series not on individual heroes protagonists, but rather on the anti hero berserkers themselves Berserker Man has an intriguing plot that only resolves itself in the last few pages By far, Berserker Man is the most mind bending of the series, centered on a child hero Michel and his eventual fusion with a new weapon Lancelot 3.5 stars.

    3. James Wayne Proctor says:

      The first Berserker book is strong, followed by a couple duds this one returns to what makes the premise so compelling, human response to the threat of machine annihilation Taking a page from Slan, the author here gives us a child superman rather than the full grown version in AE van Vogt s seminal novel and throws in cosmic elements that give the story a good, high concept punch.

    4. Mark Muckerman says:

      Just did not like it at all.Tough to read and a vaporous, disjointed plot line.Pass

    5. Bill says:

      AUDIBLE BOOKA child conceived in space is pursued by both humans and Berserkers, due to his amazing machine human interface ability

    6. Mike S says:

      This is the only book of the series I ve read, I really liked it, will definitely read of the series.

    7. James says:

      At first glance, the title looks like something out of a comic book superhero magazine, but in reality this is part of the continuing series of Man versus Machine.Well before Star Trek s The Doomsday Machine a weapon left over from a millennia old war , Saberhagen wrote about the Berserkers, an armada of war machines left over from a long ago intersellar war Their mission To exerminate all life on a planet When they cleanse a planet they consider it purified of life.Some of Saberhagen s tales we [...]

    8. Robert says:

      This review is quite a bit past due I read this when I was roughly 13 I m now 42 , but I must say that it was so unforgettable that I need to do this It s not great as a standalone because Saberhagen leaves out many details about the ultimate enemy of mankind, the Berserkers He does this as it is book 4 in a long series and has explained it already I didn t know this and still enjoyed it and read it many times The fact that the hero is a young boy an orphan that by the end has almost unlimited, [...]

    9. Alex Sarll says:

      Created in 1963, a monstrous mechanical race bent on the extermination or in the short term, enslavement of all life in the galaxy And the Berserkers similarity to the Daleks doesn t end there, for they naturally find themselves in similar stories The first I read saw a tragic human think he could use the menace to his own ends one which looked dreadful saw them use time itself as their weapon And this is the story about the porous boundary between humanity and its genocidal adversary, in which [...]

    10. Daniel says:

      Where the hell did this story come from I was shocked by the direction Saberhagen took with his Berserker setting in this little gem of a novel His ideas for technology that extends humanity s reach in the cosmos are fantastic, and the questions he raises throughout the story are poignant I felt like I was reading about someone else s bizarre, spaced out dream, and I left this story feeling dazed This is a real winner of a science fiction tale.

    11. Tiffany says:

      An old book, but still quite gripping and futuristic From before the post apocalyptic novels got so popular Not loving the ending, but I can see how the rest of the series would be interesting Definitely ok to read without reading the rest of the series.

    12. John Devlin says:

      Great premise about killer space ships trying to destroy mankind.

    13. Keith says:

      Book 4

    14. Ronald says:

      read some time in 1984

    15. colleen says:

      read 04.17.85read 07.01.85

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