Robert Sheckley Робърт Шекли Мая Минкова
Десетата жертва
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  • Title: Десетата жертва
  • Author: Robert Sheckley Робърт Шекли Мая Минкова
  • ISBN: 9548811146
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
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      437 Robert Sheckley Робърт Шекли Мая Минкова
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    1 Blog on “Десетата жертва

    1. amapola says:

      Il futuro quiIl volume contiene 13 racconti scritti da Robert Sheckley tra il 1954 e il 1962.13 racconti sorprendentemente attuali, un mix di intelligenza, visionariet , arguzia e ironia reality show basati sulla caccia all uomo che prevedono lauti compensi per chi riesce a sopravvivere agenzie che forniscono belle donne appositamente condizionate per innamorarsi veramente di un cliente qualsiasi societ pacifiche in cui l omicidio legalizzato in un gioco che serve da valvola di sfogo per la viol [...]

    2. Fabio Pontiggia says:

      Futuro cinico e baroI casi sono due, a meno di non prendere in considerazione ipotesi fantascientifiche ma non vorrei mai andare fuori contesto o avevo gi letto il racconto che da il titolo a questa gustosa raccolta, oppure ne devo denunciare l eccessiva prevedibilit Fortuna che non si tratta di un giallo, e l interesse sta pi nel contesto che nello svolgimento per la cronaca, uno scorcio su un futuro ormai pacifico, in cui le guerre sono state sostituite da un volontario gioco assassino, i cui [...]

    3. Seth says:

      This book is an expansion of the Sheckley s story Seventh Victim It is also the source for the very fun Marcello Matroianni vehicle by the same name It is also part of a loose trilogy of books exploring the effects of popularizing accepting the media fascination with violence The other two are Hunter Victim and Victim Prime.The three books together tell the story of how a society embraces controlled violence as the solution to uncontrolled violence and its effects on people The books run in reve [...]

    4. Michael says:

      Das ist also Sheckleys Roman zum Film, der wiederum nach seiner Kurzgeschichte The Seventh Victim gedreht wurde Noch sehr viel absurder ist die Handlung, deren Humor stellenweise gelungen, stellenweise aber eher fragw rdig ist Insgesamt wirkt dieser Roman sehr den 60iger Jahren verhaftet gelegentlich charmant, oft angestaubt.In nicht allzu ferner Zukunft hat man Kriege abgeschafft, an ihre Stelle treten Opfer und T ter , die sich in der zivilen Gesellschaft im Sinne der Brot Spiele Ideologie ver [...]

    5. Gcoritsidis says:

      A future where the Hunt which began in 1990 pits person vs person in a battle to the death, the goal being to wean mankind away from mass war thru this officially sanctioned system of approved murder The Hunts consists of 10 rounds, where combatants alternate between Hunter and Victim hence the title Winners get fame and fortune, losers get eternity in a pine box 10th Victim is a counterintuitively a light satire killings are televised and accompanied by post kill dance numbers , with thin chara [...]

    6. Milo22 says:

      Peccato che un libro come questo, contenente racconti che sono vere perle, sia oggi quasi introvabile Gli amanti de La guida galattica per gli autostoppisti o gli estimatori dei romanzi e racconti pi ironici di Stanislaw Lem non possono lasciarsi sfuggire questa raccolta, frutto del dell incontro tra ironia e intelligenza Se poi non avete ancora visto il film un po datato non fatevi sfuggire l occasione di leggere il bellissimo racconto che d il titolo alla raccolta, degno della migliore Agata C [...]

    7. Jim says:

      I loved the short story This novelization appears to have been made for a Marcello Mastroianni Ursula Andress film, and it read like a trifle, with Sheckley jamming his elbow in my ribs repeatedly

    8. Fraser Sherman says:

      Sheckley obviously loved the idea of Most Dangerous Game as a TV show, as he used it in the short stories Seventh Victim and Prize is Peril there s a similar idea in Immortality, Inc too This expansion of Seventh Victim is fascinating when it focuses on the game, but the satire on Hollywood is a lot conventional The premise is that a woman engaging in her tenth hunt after which she retires to limitless wealth is assigned an oddly listless Italian man as her new victim Her boss in Hollywood hits [...]

    9. Julieta Steyr says:

      Este libro es absolutamente genial.La trama de una sociedad cansada de guerras que decidi hacer de las muertes un espect culo de Cazador V ctima cosa que luego ser a emulado por la japonesa Battle Royale, que a su vez ser a copiada por Hunger Games , nada tiene que ver con esas s dicas presentaciones Esta es m s humor stica, ligera, con un personaje torpe y casi suicida que se convierte en V ctima y una femme fatale como Cazador l y sus mujeres, ella intentando justificar el asesinato de su d ci [...]

    10. Tadas Talaikis says:

      Second book on associations with Hunger games Yep, this is really like predecessor for Hunger games I remember I liked Robert Sheckley when I was a kid Forgot author exists.

    11. Conal says:

      At least it was short, which seemed to be it s only redeeming quality Not much action or humor and the characters were annoying.

    12. Diane says:

      Sheckley rocks R.I.P

    13. Caroline says:

      I picked this up from a book sale at the library and it sounded like a fun romp After reading other reviews here, I feel that I m missing a large chunk of this story and Sheckley s writing My review for this book will be without the knowledge of anything that happens in the other books.This book was entertaining for the first half I really enjoyed Caroline Meredith s character, minus her co workers that tagged along for the hunt, and Marcello Poletti seemed interesting, if not depressive I like [...]

    14. Raro de Concurso says:

      Sheckley, de su cuento corto la s ptima v ctima decidi desarrollar m s el tema y hacer una novela Tampoco dir a que es realmente una novela, ya que su extensi n la har a quedarse en cuento largo Pero en cualquier caso intenta sacar partido de una original idea para una trama literaria la legalizaci n mundial del asesinato, como deporte, mediante una serie de reglas En lo que en el cuento corto se vuelve r pido desenlace, con sorpresa final, aqu , en una novela llena de humor y di logos absurdos, [...]

    15. Jack says:

      I d almost forgotten how delightful this little novelette could be I last read it some 35 years ago in the late 70 s I m not sure why I hadn t picked it up again You won t find anything surprising or edifying in this book other than some of the words Sheckley used , but it is a fun romp as long as you re not expecting anything profound Sort of like Ron Goulart s books, there is a certain amount of camp and droll humor slapped against the wall in a slightly off hand manner.Need some mind candy an [...]

    16. Joseph says:

      I enjoyed this satirical, near future novel Quick read The writing is good, and the plot moves along briskly Many of the reviews I have read say that the short story is better, and I will seek that out in the future This may be the first Robert Sheckley I have read besides the collaborative novels with Roger Zelazny, and I look forward to reading .

    17. Jacob says:

      A goofy little book based on a goofy little movie based on a decent but predictable short story This is a dystopian fiction only recommended for fans of Sheckley or fans of humor that only comes about due to repetition.

    18. Karen says:

      An entertaining short novel with an interesting premise Sheckley s style of absurdism doesn t quite meet my preferences, but this one was pretty good I don t know if I ll read the others in the series.

    19. Jimina Sabadú says:

      No ser yo quien le ponga un pero a Sheckley Un cl sico que merece ser le do y disfrutado No obstante, algunos momentos no funcionan perfectamente Lo que no es bice para perderse esta historia que parece haber sido escrita ayer mismo.

    20. Erik Graff says:

      Sheckley wrote a short story, sold the rights, a movie was made and then he produced the movie tie in novel The novel is pretty poor I d be interested in seeing the original short story.

    21. Victor says:

      Cheap fun older sci fi Reminiscent of Death Race This was Hunger Games before hunger games And without the hunger Very quick to read, not much heavy thought.

    22. Ronald says:

      read some time in 1979

    23. Tom says:

      Decent if a bit light The ending was a pleasant surprise.

    24. Zack says:

      Great premise but the ending came too quickly.

    25. Tom Loock says:

      If you like the movie, you will love the book which is much better.

    26. Deidre says:

      Dated, but still SheckleySexist and racist, so than the other 2

    27. Alan says:

      The problem arises in that it was a short story Then the movie came out The 7th victim All this led to a game when I was a freshman in college Hunters and the hunted.

    28. Kfir Luzzatto says:

      Possibly the funniest of Sheckley s books, but also at the time incredibly original I reread it after 30 years and found it as entertaining as when I read it for the first time.

    29. Voss says:

      un racconto pi bello dell altro.E tutti attualissimi.Questi s che fantascienza predittiva

    30. R. says:

      The Most Dangerous Love Connection Movie trailer youtube watch v uiJ6og

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