Bob Shaw Владимир Зарков
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  • Title: Орбитсвил
  • Author: Bob Shaw Владимир Зарков
  • ISBN: 9548811170
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • Орбитсвил Bob Shaw Владимир Зарков

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      204 Bob Shaw Владимир Зарков
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    1. Dirk Grobbelaar says:

      He was a man who had looked on many worlds in his lifetime, yet his face was the face of a man in shock.You ll be forgiven if Orbitsville reminds you a lot of Ringworld Both deal with megastructures around a star Around a star, just in case you missed that part these things are huge Where the Ringworld is, obviously, a ring, Orbitsville is in actual fact a Dyson Sphere you can go look it to up That s to say, it s completely enclosed, like one of those hollow Christmas decorations Now imagine the [...]

    2. Manny says:

      This a whale of a science fiction novel, ample in scope, awash with imagination, and chock full of ideas The hero, an intrepid space explorer, finds a Dyson Sphere around a star That means that the whole star has been enclosed in a huge spherical envelope Ringworld, eat your heart out What s its surface area Let me do the math Hm, the sphere s radius is about the same as the distance between the Earth and the Sun 4 r squared I make it about 2.7 x 10 17 km 2 Wow The rest of this review is availab [...]

    3. the gift says:

      third review no, this is not beautiful writing to read again just happened to be on the shelf while i was watching sports, not something to read seriously, just fun, socond review i read this again, not that it is better but somehow my enjoyment has changed this is of the subgenre of sf known as the Big Dumb Object, and no these ideas do not get bigger a dyson sphere, that is a sphere the diameter of earth s orbit, trapping a sun in the middle, atmosphere, gravity, night day, seasons shadow band [...]

    4. Ippino says:

      Un romanzo con delle premesse affascinanti, ma con un esecuzione zoppicante.L idea di fondo buona una sfera artificiale ricopre una stella lontana, crendo sulla sua superficie interna un ecosistema completo e, soprattutto, immenso.La scoperta di questo sistema innesca una corsa all oro analoga a quella del West.Sembrerebbe una tavola apparecchiata per un infinit di avventure, ma purtroppo Shaw si ferma prima, utilizzando questo scenario solo per nerrarci una storia di vendetta personale, e manca [...]

    5. Nazim says:

      The only son of Elizabeth the richest lady and psychopath of the Two Worlds, Earth and Terranova accidentally killed himself She accuses Captain Garamond in the accident The persons whom she accused or even disliked in anything, are known, if putting it mildly, to be absent all their life time She liked a tit for tat way of response So, afraid of his wife and his son, Captain Garamond takes em with him in his starship Bleinstiff He and his family run from Earth They were heading to unknown desti [...]

    6. Metaphorosis says:

      reviewstaphorosis 4 starsSpaceship commander Vance Garamond, fleeing from the imperious president of Starflight, follows an old map and discovers a vast empty Dyson sphere with only one entrance I was on NetFlix the other day, and noticed a movie about two worlds floating one above the other It sounded a lot like Bob Shaw s Ragged Astronauts, so I checked it out Unfortunately, the first five minutes were so awful that I gave up But perhaps that s why, when my wife asked for a recommendation, I o [...]

    7. David says:

      Vance Garamond yes, a hero named after a science fantasy legend and a font is a captain in the space fleet of a rather corrupt future earth By pure chance he commits an unforgivable crime against a deranged dictator So he takes his wife and son aboard his starship and sets off to escape injustice by heading out of the known galaxy His guide A mysterious inscription found on Sagania, planet that was once home to intelligent life What could the strange image mean The answer is remarkable, so say t [...]

    8. Andy Love says:

      Though the concept of Orbitsville a Dyson sphere, hundreds of millions of miles across, surrounding a star is a very interesting one, the novel spends far too much time on the unpleasant and somewhat unbelievable billionaire who is out for revenge against the discoverer of Orbitsville than on the sphere itself The book intentionally evokes a sense of tedium while inside the sphere because it is stultifying uniform inside, but the fact the tedium is intentional doesn t make the scenes of seemingl [...]

    9. Bill says:

      Mind expansion time, kiddies Man discovers a big sphere How big Well, pretty big Like big enough to contain an entire solar system It s the size of five billion Earths I got dizzy a couple of times reading it.

    10. Mike says:

      Not sure what to make of Orbitsville There are bits of the plot I like and the large scale engineering appeals, but some of the other parts miss the mark for me.It was written in the 70s and some of the attitudes in it are dated, especially related to child care.I like the concept of Orbitsville The Dyson sphere is a good thing, but its size isn t really explored There are worlds of stories available with something that big, but the surface is hardly scratched and it seems of a backdrop for the [...]

    11. Glenn Schmelzle says:

      Orbitsvile is a fairly small book hinged around a big idea Well, actually, a big setting A Dyson Sphere These things are such a great plot device, and I liked how Shaw s imagination played with it The scale of it certainly had a significant impact on how characters acted I don t want to impose our social standards on characters written 40 years ago, but Vance Garamond was an unapologetic boor, bad qualities for a leader who asks his crew to risk their lives carrying out his agenda His wife Ailee [...]

    12. Aaron says:

      More like 3.5 stars This book has some fascinating ideas, but as a satire of capitalism, it s worse than The Space Merchants, and as a Big Dumb Objects story, it s worse than Ringworld or Rendezvous with Rama The redeeming quality of the book is the journey across Orbitsville at the end, which gives the reader a powerful sense of scale The protagonist is a generic Captain Kirk type, and the three female characters are all offensive sexist stereotypes.

    13. Amber Scaife says:

      A starship captain finds himself in big trouble with a maniacal dictator on Earth, and so flees with his wife and child to what he assumes is the vast emptiness of space But he and his crew find something a really, really big something.The story was interesting enough, but as with most full on sci fi, I lost interest in the science y details of spaceflight and such.

    14. Ninja says:

      Super pulpy, but fun read about the discovery of a dyson sphere.

    15. sologdin says:

      Nutshell spacefarer absconds from Earth, discovers Dyson sphere, has some adventures, c.Setting is reminiscent of Jennifer Government, wherein the state has withered away and what remains is a libertarian utopia of vile corporations in control of virtually everything The ruling firms are subtle than the railroad and mining companies in the United States were when they set up private towns, regarding planetary settlement 42 Spacefarer protagonist recognizes the problem plainly, answering an unsa [...]

    16. Francis Franklin says:

      Bob Shaw s Orbitsville, published 1974, won the British Science Fiction Award for the best novel of 1975 This is the kind of novel I grew up with, science fiction with a pioneering spirit there is a story here but it s the scientific vision, the imagining of humanity s future and potential, that has place of honour.Bob Shaw certainly tells a good story, using escape and pursuit to sustain tension in the story as elements of science fiction are introduced He used this approach also in Night Walk [...]

    17. Roddy Williams says:

      When the young son of Elizabeth Lindstrom, the autocratic president of Starflight, falls to his death, Vance Garamond, a flickerwing commander, is the obvious target for Elizabeth s grief and anger She is not a forgiving employer and Garamond has no choice but to flee.But fleeing Elizabeth s wrath means leaving the Solar System behind for ever and hiding somewhere in deep space.Pursued remorselessly by earth s space fleet, the somewhere that Garamond discovers is an unimaginably vast, alien buil [...]

    18. Warwick Stubbs says:

      3 stars I mean, really, for a novel that won an award, it really should have delved deeper into the characters feelings, descriptions of the environment, and a greater sense of mystery surrounding the building of the sphere As in all great novels, you want answers to be uncovered by the protagonists, if no answers are available, a la Rendezvous with Rama, then the discoveries should only add to the mysteries and give a sense of wow for the reader This book felt like it was a grand concept shoe h [...]

    19. Shane says:

      I m reading this because I miss my friend Seth His username on the first site I met him on was Orbitsville because it s one of his all time favorite books I actually went to visit him in Toronto about 10 years ago and we used to send books to each other all the time He was on a bunch of sites but it looks like he dropped off the earth Seth if you re reading this message me It would be really good to know you re still kicking around memorizing every Dr Who book ever written.It worked.And now abou [...]

    20. Kirk Macleod says:

      Continuing through my survey of 1970s era Science Fiction, I ve just finished Bob Shaw s 1975 novel Orbitsville, which I found to be both intriguing and a little alarming but in a really good way.The novel focus on ship captain Vance Garamond, who while waiting to meet the CEO of the most powerful company on Earth makes a rather sorry for the mild forty year old spoiler of the events of the first chapter terrible mistake and through a moment of negligence allows the CEOs only child to die in an [...]

    21. Jan Kjellin says:

      First off, I never meant to read an abridged version of the novel It s obvious that 88 pages cannot make an epic story like this justice However, it was quite enough to give me the general idea of the story Other reviewers have compared it to Ringworld that I haven t read , and I myself see some similarities to Philip Jos Farmer s Riverworld series.Unfortunately, both Farmer and Shaw disappoint me in the end Or maybe I m disappointing myself in thinking these kinds of stories have a certain some [...]

    22. Nicholas Whyte says:

      nwhytevejournal 2306834ml return return It s rather of its time, which is to say that the evil ruler is all the evil because she is a woman, and the hero s wife doesn t get to do much than be his wife he bravely fends off sexual advances from one of his own crew in a moment of crisis In fairness, Shaw was good at portraying troubled marriages always from the male partner s point of view in his fiction, and this is another case in point Orbitsville itself is a Dyson sphere, totally enclosing a [...]

    23. Stephen West says:

      The natural companion to Larry Niven s Ringworld series, Bob Shaw brings his characteristic style to the massive alien artefact encounter genre The artefact in this tale is even mind boggling than Ringworld, being a complete sphere rather than just a ring The protagonist is not as flamboyant as Louis Wu, and the universe does not contain the colourful array of aliens that populate Niven s universe In fact the story is far personal and emotional, typical Bob Shaw, unlike Niven s strong focus on [...]

    24. Marc says:

      Like Larry Niven s award winning Ringworld, Orbitsville is about the discovery of a giant object in space, which provides almost infinite living space for a burgeoning earth population.I found Ringworld tedious and confusing, but Shaw is much better storyteller than Niven and doesn t get so bogged down in the hard SF details This is a fantastic story that deserves much wider recognition.There are two sequels, Orbitsville Departure, and Orbitsville Judgment which was not published in the U.S As i [...]

    25. Andrew Williamson says:

      A below par space adventure that doesn t even have the charm of 1930s and 40s pulp sci fi to overcome its literary deficiencies.One dimensional characters, under utilisation of a Dyson sphere and its alien inhabitants , and a confused approach to techmology leave an unsatisfactory taste in the mouth In addition, the main character is dull with 1950s attitudes, there s no tension, no true conflict, and characters motivations are masked.However, it s an easy read, and your own imagination will tak [...]

    26. Eija says:

      Alku l hti k yntiin kiintoisasti, kun avaruuslaivaston kapteeni vahti presidentin hemmoteltua kakaraa ja kakara putosi puusta ja kuoli Sen j lkeen tapahtumat aika pitk lti ennalta arvattavissa Kertomuksessa erityisesti rsytti kapteenin vaimon typeryys Kapu sai pressan vihan niskaansa ja pakeni avaruuteen perheens kanssa Siisp presidentti seurasi heit Orbitsvilleen ja hautoi kostoa Kyll h n tuon nyt luki, mutta ei kovinkaan mielenkiintoinen 2

    27. Rich Meyer says:

      I m a sucker for Dyson spheres and space opera, and this book had both in spades It reminded me a bit of Ringworld in scope, but the character motivations and such were obviously very different The novel was well written, with good and consistent characterization Definitely worth reading by any genre fan.

    28. Paul says:

      Another good idea from Bob Shaw that his talent fails to live up to although, his ideas are really very, very good There are similarities to Larry Niven s Ringworld , so much so, that if you liked one, I m pretty sure you would like the other Although there are follow up books, Orbitsville seems pretty self contained to me.

    29. Jocelyn says:

      absolutely one of the Best books I ve ever read The suspense is unbelievable Extremely difficult to visually fathom the size of the one planet which was frustrating and fascinating at the same time Read this book 3 times.

    30. Lindsay says:

      This was a reread for me, but the last time I read it was a long time ago, so I didn t remember anything about it.This would have gotten a higher rating except for the abrupt and really disappointing ending.

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