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Você é um animal, Viskovitz
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Você é um animal, Viskovitz Alessandro Boffa Um le o vegetariano que atua profissionalmente em document rios do tipo National Geographic e se apaixona por uma gazela Um experiente cachorro budista, ex policial de delegacia de entorpecentes, envolvido numa trama suja em Chinatown Um escorpi o cujo ferr o o mais r pido do Oeste Um rato de laborat rio altamente intelectualizado, mas de olho na ratinha do vizinho UUm le o vegetariano que atua profissionalmente em document rios do tipo National Geographic e se apaixona por uma gazela Um experiente cachorro budista, ex policial de delegacia de entorpecentes, envolvido numa trama suja em Chinatown Um escorpi o cujo ferr o o mais r pido do Oeste Um rato de laborat rio altamente intelectualizado, mas de olho na ratinha do vizinho Um camale o que busca desesperadamente a pr pria identidade Um caramujo que dispara ao encontro de seu amor, esperando chegar l antes da velhice Um escaravelho estercor rio que, ap s uma carreira de crimes, constr i um imp rio de merda literalmente.Neste livro, o ex bi logo italiano Alexandre Boffa cria um jogo de espelhos entre a animalidade humana e a humanidade animal Ao p r em cena Viskovitz o hilariante her i que se transforma em diferentes integrantes do reino animal , ele nos fala de desejo e frustra o, sexo e amor, medo e ambi o, sobreviv ncia e fantasia Logo, o leitor corre o s rio risco de se reconhecer em algum habitante deste rico e variado zool gico. Voc um animal Viskovitz Um le o vegetariano que atua profissionalmente em document rios do tipo National Geographic e se apaixona por uma gazela Um experiente cachorro budista ex policial de delegacia de entorpecentes envo
  • Title: Você é um animal, Viskovitz
  • Author: Alessandro Boffa
  • ISBN: 9788571649521
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • Você é um animal, Viskovitz Alessandro Boffa

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    1 Blog on “Você é um animal, Viskovitz

    1. Sandra says:

      Pap , voglio smettere di bere Non dire sciocchezze, Visko, sei una spugna Com era pap , chiesi a mia madre Croccante, un po salato, ricco di fibre Prima di mangiartelo, voglio dire Era un tipino insicuro, ansioso, nevrotico, un po come tutti voi maschietti, Visko Fu proprio per mettere le cose bene in chiaro che le ultime parole di mia madre prima di essere scannata furono Ricorda sempre quello che sei, figliolo un porco Cerca sempre di mangiare porcherie, fare il porcaccione e pensare porcate F [...]

    2. Tempo de Ler says:

      Certos livros, depois de pegar neles numa livraria, j n o os consigo voltar a colocar na prateleira virar costas como se nunca nos tiv ssemos cruzado Assim que peguei em s Um Animal, Viskovitz , soube que sair amos juntos da loja.Pequeno, veloz, simples, este livro vai imediatamente para a sec o onde guardo os meus livros preferidos e por motivos bem diferentes dos seus colegas de estante Mantendo se fiel s caracter sticas taxon micas de Visko em cada uma das suas exist ncias, Boffa pinta quadro [...]

    3. Heather says:

      The I think about it the I absolutely LOVE this book it has, without a doubt, become one of my favorites The best part is each story is individual so skipping around, re reading, or getting a quick wit literary fix are all possible options with this bookeat idea s great voice creative concept Fantastic book For those of you having trouble getting in to it skip to another chapter It s not a linear plot it s a book of fable esque and very separate short stories And to be honest the first real st [...]

    4. Bobby says:

      A 4.5 star effort An odd in a good way , quirky book about Viskovitz and his adventures on the ladder of evolution, or accurately, reincarnation The book is made up of very short short stories, in each of which Viskovitz is a different animal insect though always male And in each story, he mates tries to mate with the love of his life, while participating in the rat race no pun intended of daily existence Written by a biologist, there is enough science here that the whole book is quite believab [...]

    5. Thomas says:

      I read the prologue, and immediately knew that I would like this book A collection of short stories starring the protagonist Viskovitz as a different animal insect each time but always searching for admiration, for sex, for that beloved truelove, Ljuba One of my favourites was as a quixotic genocidal scorpion, another as a sponge sporting a rather disturbing sex scene The stories are usually hilarious, with an given who he is in each story absurdly astute and scheming protagonist mastering a sci [...]

    6. Trin says:

      This is a really funny clever book, written by a biologist, and what he does is use the mating habits of all these different species of animals to reflect on the ridiculousness, the tragedy, the beauty, and the futility of the human animal s mating games Viskovitz, in the various interconnected stories in this book, is at times a shark, a rat, a lion, a praying mantis, a pig, an ant, a beed his fumblings in all these forms to find love and sex, sex and love, are both hilarious and tragic It s a [...]

    7. Dimpf81 says:

      One of my favourite books, and best Prologue ever So there we were on that ice floe, just the two of us, adrift in the polar night Viskovitz turned and said I d like you to get our conversation down in black and white It s not possible, I said I m no typist I m not a writer I m a penguin As far as I m concerned, getting it down in black and white means making penguins So instead there I was a month later, standing still with an egg under my belly, rememberingI was the one who brought up the sub [...]

    8. Michelle says:

      Okay It was a fun read Basically, it takes Ovid s metamorphosis and follow a male named Viskovitz through his romantic pursuit of a mate named Ljuba in the bodies of many different species It s weirdly a little sexist in the lion section, but it s pretty funny The stories are pretty funny, and some are very short, so it makes for a quick read.

    9. Daniel Radočaj says:

      Vrlo neuobi ajena knjiga Pravo malo remek djelo Ako volite Kafkin preobra aj ova knjiga bit e vam pravo knji evno osvje enje Zanimljivo je koliko se ljudskih karaktera mo e i itati iz ivotinjskog svijeta Knjiga za sve generacije, topla preporuka

    10. Laura says:

      2,5 sterren.Het is een leuk en grappig boek, ook de invalshoek vond ik origineel Maar weinig afwisseling in schrijf en vertelstijl Vandaar dat ik het boek een minder goede score geef het werd nogal voorspelbaar.

    11. Lavinia says:

      A funny mix of fables, irony, satire, human typology and delicious language I loled a lot, which is, I think, the ultimate aim of it.

    12. Jana says:

      A superb book which was recommended to me by my friend for our book club.

    13. Elizabeth says:

      I don t read very much fiction at all these days, and what I have been reading has all been pretty straightforward, so this odd little book wins the title of Weirdest Book I ve Read Since Grad School The author is a biologist, and this is a collection of stories about a character named Viskovitz who is reincarnated well, maybe I think the last story tells us all we know about what s happening to Viskovitz, but reincarnated is as good a word as any over and over in the bodies of different animals [...]

    14. James says:

      You re an Animal, Viskovitz Alessandro BoffaRandom House, 2002This book is almost absurdly clever It is a collection of short stories featuring the protagonist Viskovitz and his antagonistic soulmate Ljuba in a diverse variety of animal forms In You ve Made a Bad Name for Yourself, Viskovitz he is a tyrannical ant king In But Don t You Ever Think of Sex, Viskovitz he is a narcissistic snail Viskovitz is both victor and victim and many shades between, but he is always ultimately beleaguered and t [...]

    15. M M says:

      A few years ago, Olivia Judson burst onto the scene with Dr Tatiana s Sex Advice To All Creation Various animals wrote to this biological agony aunt asking for tips for better sex and procreation, and she gave them very pertinent advice How to avoid being eaten by your mate after sex was one important topic, especially when you are a few hundred times smaller than her A successful television show followed.A bit later, Isabella Rossellini got into the act with her online series of videos titled G [...]

    16. Gill says:

      I picked this up in a charity shop purely because the cover looked pretty and it had an odd title I flicked it open and read the Prologue Viskovitz turned and said, I d like you to get our conversation down in black and white It s not possible , I answered I m not a typist I m not a writer I m a penguin As far as I m concerned, getting it down in black and white means making penguins It was so strange I couldn t leave it there When I started it I thought it was great, very clever and totally or [...]

    17. Ola says:

      I picked the book rather randomly from the local library and I was surprised by this little gem It s a collection of charming short stories and even though after reading couple of them you or less know what to expect of the next one, it was quite interesting for me to follow the adventures of unlucky Viskovitz as different species of animals I first read the book not really knowing English very well and can say that the vocabulary is rather complex here Only now, some years later, I can trully [...]

    18. sisterimapoet says:

      When I started this I thought it was great I was genuinely excited about it, thinking it clever and funny and touching I was eager to move through each little chapter, encountering new animals on the way But, about a third of the way through it started to grow a little dull Because essentially you know what s coming each time It started to feel like Boffia had found a winning formula, but overused it just substituting in a new animal and its specific details each time I think the charm might not [...]

    19. Punk says:

      Short Stories Viskovitz is an animal, literally He s an elk He s a pig He s a rat He s a self lovin snail Each chapter features Viskovitz as a different animal, searching for love, or, when that fails, sex This is a funny, absurd, weird little book and the satire reminded me of Vonnegut off hand, yet over the top If I had read Animal Farm I could compare it to that in some way, but I haven t so I won t Instead I ll say that if you want to read about the courtship problems inherit in being a spon [...]

    20. Jim says:

      It took me a little while to get into this collection of short stories I had to start read it a couple of times, but when I got familiar with the peculiar jargon I really liked it It is at times ridiculously funny and bizarre The author takes us into the animal kingdom and let us meet squirrels, snails and lions, to mention a few of the creatures represented, and partake in their daily problems and life decisions Boffa has a background as a biologist, and uses this to full extent as he hurls bio [...]

    21. Boy Blue says:

      This is an excellent collection of short stories which reveal about the human condition through animals than most literature can achieve with thousands of words about human characters It s also hilarious, and has a good book s rare ability to make you laugh out loud From the drug dog addicted to the drugs he s trained to find, to the lion in love with the antelope he should eat, and a sponge that ends up mating with itself and every family member it has in an incestuous flurry, this book has it [...]

    22. Taylor says:

      I had a very difficult time getting into this I read the first several stories over a period of weeks and months Later, I read the rest in a day I m not sure if they were better or if it was just my frame of mind Some were interesting, even poignant at times, and a certain story sticks with me, but I m fairly sure my initial reluctance to enjoy it was a better summary for the collection than a stronger reaction to a few pieces of it.

    23. sara says:

      This is a supremely odd book that takes a look at animal behaviors over a bunch of different species, and in the subtext compares them to human behaviors All of the vignettes are about an animal, Viskovitz, in pursuit of the love of his many lives, Ljuba, and the strange and familiar ways different species pursue love, sex, family, and survival I think my favorite was the sponges Or the scorpions.

    24. Sydney says:

      I picked this book up at my local Goodwill because of the cover I thought it was a children s book until I read the synopsis and thought it would be a strange read for a certain mood The first few stories were hilarious and I found myself laughing at quite a few parts Of course with a collection of stories, even if they are from the same author with the same style, there were a few I didn t like very much.

    25. Bonnie Jeanne says:

      Oh, this is very funny The terminology is extremely scientific so you have to kind of stumble over the various words for animal reproductive organs and just imagine where they are located However, that adds to the fun This is erotica in code, sort of return return The one where Viskovitz becomes a praying mantis is my one of favorite I won t give away the punchline, but it had me giggling in the cafe at work which prompted questions that made me blush when I had to answer.

    26. Maisie says:

      You re an Animal, Viskovitz is a strange book a compendium of short stories from the view of various creatures depicting everyday activites life, sex and death Boffa manages to introduce complex human emotion to otherwise simple characters including a sociopathic scorpion, a narcissistic snail and an existential amoeba A winding collection taking in all aspects of living whilst maintaining a cynical humour before ending with an unexpectedly philosophical and emotive final chapter.

    27. Sam says:

      Ein Buch, an das ich mich auch nach Jahren immer wieder erinnere Einfach unglaublich lustig, mit den verr cktesten Ideen Am besten entsinne ich mich an eine der sp teren Geschichten, in dem der Protagonist ein Schwamm ist Ich musste praktisch nach jedem Satz pausieren, weil ich erst mal Luft holen musste Die Familienverh ltnisse unter Schw mmen sind wirklich sehr kompliziert.Uneingeschr nkt empfehlenswert, aber nicht ganz jugendfrei.

    28. Kris says:

      What a surprise This book was excellent, with the hero Viskovitz and his lovely girl, his ugly fallback girl, and his inept friends appearing and reappearing in different situations in each chapter as different animals Viskovitz and company inhabit the lives of mice, snails, sponges, dogs, parrots, sharks, and even amoebas in these well written mini chapters that never fail to amuse It s also easily readable in one sitting.

    29. Ivona says:

      witty and so much fun Viskovitz is a different animal in each story and always falls in love with a female called Liuba And is always deceived by her The best story is probably the one in which he is a snail and sets out on a long trip towards the Liuba that he sees in the far off distance when he gets to her after alomst half of his life he discovers but I cannot tell you THAT you ll have to find out on your own

    30. Jessica says:

      One of my favorite books A collection of short stories in which each chapter the protagonist, Viskovitz, is a different animal Written by a russian biologist, the book captures Viskovitz natural urges as he searches for sex, food, status, and love as succumbed to his animal instincts For example, as a lion he falls in love with a deer, and although he wants to marry her, he also wants to eat her As a chameleon, he doesn t know who his love is as she changes shape An easy and fast read.

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