Peter Bently David Roberts
Those Magnificent Sheep in Their Flying Machine
April 18, 2020 Comments.. 971
Those Magnificent Sheep in Their Flying Machine Peter Bently David Roberts The sheep on the hillside were munching away, much as they always did, day after day, when suddenly something went ZOOM overhead Let s go and see what it is they all said And so begins a ripping, round the world adventure as the magnificent sheep take to skies in their spiffing, yellow flying machine. Those Magnificent Sheep in Their Flying Machine The sheep on the hillside were munching away much as they always did day after day when suddenly something went ZOOM overhead Let s go and see what it is they all said And so begins a ripping roun
  • Title: Those Magnificent Sheep in Their Flying Machine
  • Author: Peter Bently David Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781467749350
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Those Magnificent Sheep in Their Flying Machine Peter Bently David Roberts

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    1 Blog on “Those Magnificent Sheep in Their Flying Machine

    1. Matt says:

      In this wonderful rhyming story, a herd of sheep notice something flying overhead that they ve never noticed before After ambling through the field, they come upon a number of snazzy aeroplanes, as well as numerous hoity toity folks admiring these flying machines Wanting a closer look, the sheep cram into one of the aeroplanes and admire the view, until they start the engines and end up in the air Travels from one side of the globe to the other prove exciting, but all the sheep realise how nice [...]

    2. Daphne says:

      I love the rhyming text, the detailed illustrations, and the worldwide adventures of this book These sheep are truly magnificent, and this book is too I d love to read it aloud with all the accents of the characters and examine the details of each page in a one on one reading with a child If I d had this book when I was a child, I would have read it repeatedly Fantastic book

    3. Wilde Sky says:

      A group of sheep accidently steal a plane and go on a trip around the world.This was a really sweet illustrated short story for young children it had good graphics and a good simple plot.

    4. David says:

      In the great, fun tradition of Duck on a Bike, except this travels to Egypt, Tibet and a few other places in rhyme fun Our 5 year old grand daughter read this aloud to us.

    5. Christina says:


    6. Hope Edwards says:

      A fun book useful for young children when discussing different countries around the world in an amusing story for around 5 year olds.

    7. Katie Fitzgerald says:

      I stumbled upon the transportation section of the picture books at one our of libraries and snagged a bunch, including this quirky British story about curious sheep who inadvertently steal an airplane I like the rhyme and the pictures, and enjoyed the quick mentions of various countries and landmarks the sheep visit I also loved their names Uncle Ramsbottom, Lambert, Ben, Babs, etc I think it s a bit much for Miss Muffet at age 3, but I think slightly older kids, maybe ages 5 to 7, would find it [...]

    8. Jane says:

      This ridiculous picture book about a group of sheep who go on a joyride in an airplane is a joyous adventure with a distinctly British flavour The title, setting and style of the illustrations are a cheeky take on the 1965 British comedy film Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines Or, How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 Hours 11 Minutes The motley collection of sheep embark on an adventure around the world in their purloined plane, escaping all sorts of dangers, like hungry crocodiles [...]

    9. Rebecca says:

      I didn t think I d like this book because I wasn t crazy about the illustration style and because the objects and people were from the 1930s which I m not certain will resonate with little ones But it all grew on me, even though I know I will need to explain aeroplane and maharajah to my niece but that s how you learn, right The story is thus a small herd of sheep are so enamoured and curious about a yellow aeroplane that they all climb aboard and accidently start that puppy up And the adventure [...]

    10. Gretyl says:

      I quite enjoyed this silly book about a group of bored sheep who stumble upon an aeroplane race, steal an aeroplane and have a worldwide adventure The rhyming scheme is quite funny particularly if done with a British accent The book was originally published in England and features some distinct British terms and flair, but will be entertaining to American audiences as well No real point to the story, except to wonder why sheep make such great universal characters for entertaining picture books.

    11. Ranjini says:

      Winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize and fully deserved I say Cried a gent with a silver topped cane Some thieves in white sweaters are taking my plane A hilarious story of a bunch of sheep who accidentally take off on an aeroplane and so begins a ripping, round the world adventure as they take to the skies and exploring the world in their yellow flying machine.They managed to touch Delhi too in their quest

    12. Kristy Ware says:

      This is seriously one of the most clever, well written and well illustrated children s books I have yet to read My son is 2.5 and loves books We read at least 50 100 books each week some repeats of course but this one by far is our new favourite Keep up the amazing work Peter Bently K Ware BC, Can.

    13. Emily's Storytime Books says:

      I like the rhyming in this and how they go to so many different places, but I wasn t a fan of this for Storytime I also think this would work better for an older group because there are a few things that will need explaining certain words and concepts that are presented here It was cute, though, so definitely worth keeping.

    14. Katie says:

      Wonderful story about a flock of sheep that accidently steal an areoplane and go for an adventure.Quite a lot of words, but a pre school sat and listened quite happily throughout.Rhyme keeps going and pictures clearly support the text.Loved it

    15. Mary says:

      This story is a lot of fun with its rhymes and traveling sheep Good for a longer ECE story or for early elementary school students The pictures are great, but not large enough for a read aloud setting.

    16. Char Hight says:

      Those sheep What a funny little book Lots of rhyming words I got a little tongue tied at times The illustrations were lovely I loved how the text was printed in different lines and shapes Tier 2 words such as nudge, budge, gasp,trundle,swerved, furious, etc Grades K 2.

    17. Amanda says:

      If you want to see sheep doing the can can in their underwear, this is the book for you If you love ridiculous things and preposterous set ups told in rhyme then this is the bookf for you Madam and I loved it.

    18. Marcia says:

      Meh Sheep take off in a plane to see the world in a rhyming picture book Young children may enjoy the story, with it s rhyming sheep names but it felt too sweet to me Set in the early 1900s felt like an odd choice Something was just off with this one.

    19. Peninnah says:

      Highly recommended

    20. Heather says:

      This is a silly rhyming story where a group of sheep accidentally take an airplane and visit many countries before returning the plane Worth a read.

    21. Jenn says:

      I like it when a book lives up to its fun title.

    22. Melissa says:

      Possible ST themes sheep, airplanes vehicles, silly, friends

    23. Laura says:

      silly long

    24. Paula says:

      Tired of standing still on their old hill, several sheep board an airplane for a round the world adventure.

    25. Beth says:

      It s been a few months since I read this and when I finally got around to writing the review The only thing that I wrote on my notes is this 3 stars Horribly British So there you go.

    26. Karen says:

      I like the title a lot And knowing where the title came from, I expected humor in this book Sadly, that was not to be This book felt like a good idea that wasn t fully executed.

    27. Elizabeth Beverley says:

      Rhyming text is fun reads aloud well Sheep are brilliant they do go on a magnificent adventure in there flying machine Nice bedtime story.

    28. Brittany says:

      Super cute Will get again

    29. Jessica says:

      This was a big hit among the grown ups in the house Hopefully we can come back to it when Henry s sense of humor is refined enough to find these sheep s hairdos hilarious.

    30. Gaby says:

      I read this with my nephew aged 3 and a half this holiday and it s a delightful book, and good to read with children Worth picking up.

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