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Sky Masters
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Sky Masters Dale Brown When Lieutenant Colonel Patrick McLanahan is offered the chance to test fly a new B 2 bomber in strategic warfare training sorties, he jumps at the chance This is McLanahan s chance to reconfirm his flying skills By the author of Flight of the Old Dog and Hammerheads.. Sky Masters When Lieutenant Colonel Patrick McLanahan is offered the chance to test fly a new B bomber in strategic warfare training sorties he jumps at the chance This is McLanahan s chance to reconfirm his f
  • Title: Sky Masters
  • Author: Dale Brown
  • ISBN: 9780586208205
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sky Masters Dale Brown

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      Dale Brown

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    1. Bob Conner says:

      When I read Dale Brown, I m often awed at his technical knowledge, but even intriguing is his almost clairvoyant ability to write stories that connect with the future A perfect example of his clairvoyance is this book written about a Chines US Philippine conflict over the Spratly Islands an eery parallel with what s happening with China and Japan over the Senkaku Diaoyou Islands in the East China Sea and the pullout of US military in the Philippines.

    2. Rick says:

      Dale Brown writes a great story, usually high tech and futuristic He tends to get bogged down with all the finite technical details He describes defines everything in his glossary and again several times within the book I find myself skipping entire paragraphs of details that have no bearing on the story line whatsoever I can t figure out if he just using the details as filler or if he thinks we can t find the glossary to refresh our memories.

    3. Brad says:

      Good fast paced book.

    4. Jim Jackson says:

      A good read, but not his best I enjoyed it was a little let down compared to Old Dog and Night of the Hawk.

    5. Nigel says:

      The third of the Patrick McClanahan novel is set on a far wider canvas than the previous two In Flight of the old Dog and The Day of the Cheetah we were treated to action packed storylines that were based largely on a lone wolf scenario In Sky Masters we are treated to a wider conflict that pits the USA against China The USA has removed all its forces from their bases in the Philippines after which local dispute over the heavily disputed Spratly Islands takes place between Chinese and Filipino n [...]

    6. Justin says:

      When it comes to describing USAF tactics and not classified SOP and jargon, Brown get right But when it comes to dialogue between civilians, it seems to drag on What I do like is the fact that the political situations, if not necessarily the politicians who handle it, are spot on In this book, the island chains are resource rich and contested by five nations One wrong move could lead to a conflict The setting for this book is 1994 and may or may not have been plausible then Fast forward to 2014, [...]

    7. Peter says:

      Before people played with their smartphones, they read stuff like this on the subway or planes, and pretended they were on the cutting edge of technology Lots of electronic stuff here that s just now reaching consumers.Decent techno thriller that s also an interesting period piece from right after the Berlin Wall fell and the Cold war was winding down Also, military planes and jets and rockets, missiles, satellites, and radarsd naval battles, and wellyou get the idea

    8. Ed says:

      3 in the Patrick McLanahan series.Patrick McLanahan series The pullout of US forces from the Philippines in 1994 sparks Chinese plans to occupy the Spratly Islands and Mindanao with the connivance of a Filipino Communist vice president who declares a coup McLanahan and the heavy bombers of the US Air Battle Force lead the American counterattack over Davao City The novel also has a small cameo appearance by Day of the Cheetah antagonist Kenneth Francis James.

    9. Paul Rees says:

      As an ex RAF Aircraft Engineer, I am re living Dale s words as they fly off the page and surround your world with the reality of the action I used to read a lot of Tom Clancy, but as I explain to friends about this Author He is a true Aviation enthusiast, where Tom Clancy I feel tried to go too deep with technical detail This book especially rings true with the current climate a bit too close home A fantasic read, highly recommended.

    10. Ultan says:

      Storyline Dispute between China and Phillipines over Sprattly IslandsChina invades Sprattly Islands and Patrick McLanahan and the heavy bombers of the U.S Air Battle Force leads the American counterattack against a Chinese invasion of the Philippines.CharactersGeneral Brad Elliott Commander of DreamlandLieutenant Colonel Pat McLanahan Project director EB 2 project upgrade to B 2 bomber Master inventor

    11. Aaron says:

      Great book Awesome story lines that jumped away from one just at the perfect time to keep you interested in the story as a whole Absolutely loved it and just so glad there s another book from Dale Brown that I can pick up and read tomorrow

    12. John Boettcher says:

      I was expecting the same kind of page turning adventure with this one as I did with Flight of the Old Dog, etc, but this one just didn t do it for me Don t get me wrong, it is still a decent read, just not up to snuff with that great book

    13. George says:

      An abridged version that lasted barely two hours It was so tactical that it would have made a good CONOPS vignette for a new weapon system 25 years ago LtCol McLanahan fights a B2 with fantastic capabilities than a 50 plane gorilla strike in a SE Pacific scenario.

    14. Lee says:

      Dale Brown serves up another what if techno thriller This time China and the Philippines go to war, dragging the US into the action As Usual, it s up to Patrick McLanahan to develop a plan to stop the aggression Another excellent thriller by Brown

    15. Doug says:

      Solid, if a little light on McLanahan China and the Philippines are on the brink of war.

    16. Jane Fenn says:

      Cross between Boys Own and Jane s Recognition Guide to military aircraft ships weapons heldtogether with a very minimal story line Dull.

    17. Jamie says:

      My first Dale Brown read and I was hooked The incredible detail never obscured the action only added to it Read his first and follow thru the series is the way to go.

    18. Hp Arronnax says:

      First novel book I read about Flying tech fiction Amazing

    19. Greg Snyder says:

      Good book but I like this type of reading.

    20. John Wojcik says:

      very entertaining

    21. Clyn says:

      Very well written for the lay person Kept me interested throughout Thoroughly enjoyable read, This is my second book by this author and I will certainly continue to read his work.

    22. Roy says:

      Too much tech stuff but lots of action.

    23. Stefan Vucak says:

      With Sky Masters , Dale Brown continues with his cast of characters, demonstrating his skill writing about aerial warfare.

    24. Dennis says:

      I sometimes got lost in the details but this was still a great read I always enjoy Dale Brown s books Recommend.

    25. Rudolph Alama says:

      the book s climax, Davao City under hostage from a nuclear armed Chinese destroyer.

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