Jordan Silver
Talon's Heart
September 02, 2019 Comments.. 315
Talon's Heart Jordan Silver Talon Avery took one look at the new girl on campus and lost his shit The renowned lady s man is completely out of his element as he feels the strong pull from just that one look All his life he s heard the fantastical story of what he likes to call the family s curse The legend the men call the lightning zap Supposedly the Avery men have some sort of enlightening exTalon Avery took one look at the new girl on campus and lost his shit The renowned lady s man is completely out of his element as he feels the strong pull from just that one look All his life he s heard the fantastical story of what he likes to call the family s curse The legend the men call the lightning zap Supposedly the Avery men have some sort of enlightening experience when they meet THE ONE But Talon s always known that wasn t for him, and would never be He had too much love to give and there were too many damn women in the world to share it with Women adore him and he s had the conquests to prove it Now the hot shot star athlete finds himself in the precarious position of the one doing the chasing Not that he plans on letting that shit go on for too long He s smooth and charismatic and saw no problem getting what he wants, as he always does There was just one problem No one remembered to tell him that finding THE ONE would turn him into a caveman who d forget all basic common sense Or the fact that modern day women didn t really go for the me man you woman brand of dating It s a fun bumpy ride as the over possessive Talon stakes his claim and tries to deal with the new jealous, obsessive man he s become.. Talon s Heart Talon Avery took one look at the new girl on campus and lost his shit The renowned lady s man is completely out of his element as he feels the strong pull from just that one look All his life he s hea
  • Title: Talon's Heart
  • Author: Jordan Silver
  • ISBN: 00
  • Page: 342
  • Format: ebook
  • Talon's Heart Jordan Silver

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    1. Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads says:

      3 Smut Scale StarsWow Okay What to say.Well, the writing waswell, it s different Not gonna lie, this thing needs some editing Preferably from someone who knows when to use the word worse and when to use the word worst, for example And commas This thing needs some commasd basic sentence structured periodsd just punctuation in general, quite frankly Lots of it.But I suppose it could have been worseOops Aside from that, this story was all over the fucking place, the chapters were choppy, and the pl [...]

    2. Chantal ❤️ says:

      Buddy reread with Carvanz, my girl Still one of the best if not the best books Boyfriend ever Talon is the most alpha of all When he see his Sky he is completely about her Consumed by her Everything he does and is is for her I cant recommend this book enough It s completely OTT Everything he does and his every reaction is OVER THE TOP INSANE But HOT Re read Oct 6th,2016 Still LOVED this crazy Over the top hero who is so bloody honest, it s crazy Imagine telling Skylar the heroine, the love of hi [...]

    3. Christie«SHBBblogger» says:

      WARNING Gif rant review ahead.When I saw this book, I thought I may possibly have found an undiscovered guilty pleasure author to explore Reading the blurb, it sounds extremely similar to Aurora Rose Reynolds Until series with the whole Boom scenario You know, insta love at it s finest Boom Zap Same difference The alpha hero who acts like a caveman at first sight of his woman is totally cheesy and unrealistic, but hey, sometimes you just want a predictable fun read that you can escape with I did [...]

    4. Janie says:

      Reread 5 4 2017 This is by far my favorite JS book I ve read this one probably 4 or 5 times Not only is Talon the possessive type of H I love but there s some moments that make me lol throughout the story Nonna is hysterical Talon Avery is one of my favorite heroes in books Will this book win literary awards No, but I don t care This man s brand of crazy, possessive, OTT alphaness it s a word, i swear is perfect to me Once he sees Skyler, ow are not even on his radar unless he s pissed at them f [...]

    5. Deborah says:

      Loved it.I loved this book from the first words to the last, literally everything about it The blurb helped, it described perfectly exactly what kind of book it was from the family curse and the lightening zap to the caveman we knew we were in for a love story would be far fetched and silly in places, we knew Talon would go all out me man, you woman and it was wonderful.Talon is the rich, good looking star football player who has a love em n leave em system going on, he knows about the enlighten [...]

    6. Barbara➰ says:

      May 2017 Another reread.Reread 8 7 2016I upped my rating I enjoyed it a lot second go round and while the ow still annoyed me, I was a little forgiving this time because he is so into her and loves her so much Original review 11 2015 3.25 Stars I loved Talon He was definitely an OTT alpha male I loved being in his head and he made me laugh out loud several times with his crazy, possessive thoughts Skye was okay for me I liked her but didn t love her I did like the fact she seemed to handle Tal [...]

    7. Carmen Rae says:

      Check out my reviews here

    8. Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ says:

      2.5 s Talon s the college hottie who s always with a different woman that is until he sees Skylar and then everything changes I just want to preface this by saying that lately I ve really been drawn to stories from the male s POV and this definitely drew me in However, it just didn t keep me in I really felt like I was reading a teenage boy s porn fanfiction Talon is all about enjoying himself He s rich and hot and can pretty much get whatever and whomever he wants He s grown up hearing about hi [...]

    9. Jamie says:

      Smokin Alpha HOT I ve always been a big fan of Jordan Silver s writing style her alpha s are as over the top as they come oooober possessive to the point of crazy but I love them Her guys are just crazy but when they love they love HARD and Talon Avery was no different Even though I think he s her youngest alpha yet around 21 22ish that didn t change a thing Once he set his sites on Skylar he went total caveman and this poor girl didn t stand a chance and I certainly cannot forget Talon s extra [...]

    10. Renégade ♥ says:

      2 1 2 to 3 starsShe s turned me into a f cking lunatic is what she s done in the last few weeks My once peaceful existence is anything but since I met the little pain in the ass TalonHow did I end up with the only caveman on campus Just when I had decided to grow a backbone and stop being a doormat, he comes along and sets me back a couple centuries SkylarAs soon as I got this show on the road as part of a reading challenge view spoiler i.e the category was Not my usual taste Pick a book you mig [...]

    11. Emily says:

      After a betrayal left Skylar needing a new beginning, Skylar begins school at a new college ready to break out of the timid mold she protected herself in Talon Avery has a reputation as a one and done man, one night no repeats and you play by his rules When Talon sees Skylar he knows she is his one, his only and he will do everything to protect her Skylar though is not sure what to do with Talon, she has no problem trying to put her foot down with Talon, it doesn t work usually but when her life [...]

    12. Deserie williams says:

      3.25 stars this book was hilarious Talon is one crazy OTT man I loved it I was annoyed that we had to keep reading about him being with than half the girls from school he even tells h which ones they were so no drama is caused if one of them tries to tell her crap other than that this is safe The epilogue had me laughing the grammar was really bad but if you just take this as a light, funny crazy book its enjoyable

    13. Valentina says:

      I haven t laugh so hard in a while Talon s batshit craziness was hilarious.

    14. Maya says:

      I saw many reviews that say how bad the grammar is but I didn t expect it to be so bad Honestly, I ve never seen a line being overwritten by another line, that s just insane But, OK, I could overlook that What I couldn t get pass was the unrealistic aspect of the story It just didn t do it for me and I got bored.So DNF at 34% Reviewed also on.

    15. Laurie says:

      Sometimes you just need a smutastic guilty pleasure so a reread of Talon s OTT craziness fit the bill.

    16. Jennifer says:

      re read whenever I need a good hot ott alpha

    17. ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews says:

      Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole s Sizzling ReviewsSizzling Pages Facebook Twitter Sizzlingpages I will say it again and again, Jordan Silver is my Guilty Reading Pleasure She checks my kink romance boxes every time Caveman Alpha 100% true and loyal Hot kinky love scenes Loads of Suspense That s right give me a Caveman any day of the weak I say what, I say when, I say howYou are freaking MINE That is Jordan s Hero s MO Every Single Time Talon didn t disappoint So many times I was like oh ye [...]

    18. Lit Reader says:

      So over the top, insta love caveman style reminded me heavily of the Caveman Instinct series by Hazel Gower The plot made not much sense, and yet it had a cute and fun undercurrent to it that got the third star dragged into this rating.Both main characters acted like high school children, turns out they are supposed to be college aged, also there was a lot of money thrown in there ridiculous expensive gifts for ex for no reason other than to paint the picture of how perfect and desirable the sto [...]

    19. Victoria says:

      1.5 2.0 RATING I m just not sure what to say about this book Outside of any problem s I had with the actual story, the author s writing had me wondering if she just didn t believe in using commas and that was her writing style or she just didn t know proper punctuation The sentence structures were reallyunusual I initially checked out this book after the author s name came up in a discussion about writers that wrote stories featuring completely over the top alpha male characters Not your run of [...]

    20. Linda Sims says:

      DELICIOUSLY OTTThis is one of those books that s like Marmite you ll either love it or hate it I loved it It s so OTT in every way and lol funny Without giving too much away Talon is the star quarterback on the football team, and a complete manwhore That is until the day he first sees Skylar who has recently transferred to his college.What happens next is really far fetched He s turns into a possessive caveman He steamrolls Skylar into doing exactly what he wants In fact he even thinks he s losi [...]

    21. Candice (Dance Mom) Bailey says:

      I have read all of Jordan s books and I have to say this is one of my favorites Not only did I like the storyline , the romantic aspect was super sweet and the characters were hilarious I do not give examples if the plot in my reviews for fear of going Into too much detail and giving the premise away but know that this is worth a shot 4.5 stars

    22. Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends) says:

      This bookI can t even But damn if I didn t enjoy every minute of it lol

    23. CC says:

      I freakin loved Talon I LMFAO This is thoroughly entertaining Don t get caught up in the grammar or editing It is just too much fun

    24. B.E.Love says:

      I m torn between a 3 1 2 or 4 stars for this one This book was really fun and kept my attention throughout the whole book Talon wasn t possessive he was POSSESSIVE and I mean crazy possessive which I loved and when I say he was devoted to Skylar that is putting it mildly, she is it for him no other girl is even on his status sphere after he say Skylar and he would gladly do anything and everything to protect her This book was a really light fun read but the writing didn t always flow very well A [...]

    25. ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ says:

      Solid 3.5 StarsNow if it weren t for the Epilogue, then this would have just been an alright 3 star read for me What I mean is, I ll give the plot a solid 2 stars Only because the plot was very blah There was nothing really major about the plot to pull you in It was just kind of, for lack of a better word or three, boring Lackluster Simple, if you will Buuuut what held my interest kept me entertained were the characters their reactions actions in regards to this lackluster plot Plus this one was [...]

    26. Eyvette Abreu says:

      LMAO The family ZapI don t know if this book was meant to make somebody laugh but the OTT everything of Talon was hilarious I am thinking in real life there would be arrests and restraining orders , but it was so over the top it was ridiculous.Talon, football star, and manho, until he feels the zap that has taken down all the men in his family He does not believe this would ever affect him because he is perfectly happy with his one off s or the once and done situation.Skye, I don t even know LOL [...]

    27. Raine says:

      I really liked it Kinda like Kristen Ashley s alpha males on steroids Talon, the hero, is hilarious I know many readers may turn down their noses at this book because this is not the cr me de la cr me of literature like Jane Austin or even Nicholas Sparks, but I like my books entertaining, and often than not smutty and raunchy Re read for 3rd time Last read 4 21 2015I still really like this I guess I m just a sucker for the OTT alphas and insta love stories.

    28. Amir at NotSoLiterary says:

      I think this literally made me stupider but I suspected that will happen 30% in so I have no one to blame but myself Dismal plot and characters aside, for 5, this unedited book is so overly overpriced but it is just one of those books that even though it s SO BAD, you just can t stop reading it.If you like reading anything possessive alpha male despite poor to no editing, then this book is definitely for you.

    29. Vashti says:

      Super possessive male to his one and only.Enjoyed the story.

    30. Melanie♥ says:

      2.5 So this was just too over the top It had it s funny moments, but I m not sure they were supposed to be funny.

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