Catherine Ryan Hyde
The Language of Hoofbeats
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The Language of Hoofbeats Catherine Ryan Hyde From the bestselling author of Pay It Forward comes a story of the heartbreak and healing power of family New to a small town, Jackie and Paula envision a quiet life for their kids a young adopted son and two teenage foster children, including the troubled Star However, they quickly butt heads with their neighbor, Clementine, who disapproves of their lifestyle and is inFrom the bestselling author of Pay It Forward comes a story of the heartbreak and healing power of family New to a small town, Jackie and Paula envision a quiet life for their kids a young adopted son and two teenage foster children, including the troubled Star However, they quickly butt heads with their neighbor, Clementine, who disapproves of their lifestyle and is incensed when Star befriends her spirited horse, Comet Haunted by past tragedy and unable to properly care for Comet, Clem nevertheless resents the bond Star soon shares with the horse When Star disappears with Comet, the neighbors are thrown together far too close together But as the search for the pair wears on, both families must learn to put aside their animosity and confront the choices they ve made and the scars they carry Plumbing the depths of regret and forgiveness, The Language of Hoofbeats explores the strange alchemy that transforms a group of people into a family.. The Language of Hoofbeats From the bestselling author of Pay It Forward comes a story of the heartbreak and healing power of family New to a small town Jackie and Paula envision a quiet life for their kids a young adopted son
  • Title: The Language of Hoofbeats
  • Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde
  • ISBN: 9781477824689
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Language of Hoofbeats Catherine Ryan Hyde

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    1. Diane S ☔ says:

      Catherine Ryan Hyde has the recipe down pat for writing heartwarming books, combing a group of disparate characters and forming one unit.Clementine, an embittered woman after the death of her daughter, seems to hate everything and everything Her husband can no longer live with her nasty disposition and moves out She is now left alone with only her late daughter s horse, Comet A horse that is not being well looked after.Across the road, a very atypical family moves in, a new woman veterinarian an [...]

    2. Cheyenne Blue says:

      I went to bed at 8.30 last night, meaning to read for 30 minutes or so before sleep I picked this book which had been on my kindle since forever, unread Nearly 4 hours later, at past midnight, having to be up at 4.30am, I finished it.So, it has a lesbian couple tick living in a small town tick and there s a horse multiple ticks The couple foster kids so it s a family story uh no, I m not a fan of family stories I love it when my preconceptions shatter I thought this would be a cutesy foster kid [...]

    3. Angela M says:

      3.5 stars if I could.Before I was halfway through this book , I thought that this was maybe a predictable light weight feel good story I was willing to go with it anyway because well why not feel good is good I m glad I stuck with it because there really is to this story It s about grief and healing and about how the goodness of two women who help ease the pain of loss , abuse and loneliness of their adopted eight year old son and their two teenage foster children Throw in an elderly neighbor w [...]

    4. The Geekery Book Review says:

      I was stuck without WiFi when I finished The Language of Hoofbeats, and I have NEVER been frustrated that I couldn t write my review ASAP A couple of my favorite books, not just by this author, but in general, are Becoming Chloe and Don t Let Me Go, but The Language of Hoofbeats drew me in, tied me up, devoured me Making this my new number one favorite I had been in a car, driving for 18 hours, and picked this up at 3 am to help me ease into sleep The next thing I knew, it was 7 and I was compl [...]

    5. Elaine says:

      Catherine Ryan Hyde has produced another solid family based drama that is a darn good read Jackie and Paula have just moved to town with their adopted son Quinn and two fostered teenagers Mando and Star As soon as they meet neighbour Clem, they begin to shake their heads and wonder if they have made the right decision Clem is embittered when challenged by husband Clem to name one thing that she likes, she cannot Indeed, she has a reputation around town as being the mean lady But it wasn t always [...]

    6. ReadAlong With Sue says:

      I am happy to be a regular reader and reviewer for Catherine Ryan Hydes books in the UK and the publishers always send me a copy when each book is released This one was of no exception and I eagerly wanted to get stuck in and read it.Its never hard with this authors books to jump right into the story Its like diving into a sea and exploring your surroundings One by one you start to unfold what is what We have a nice little Town, everyone seems to know each other, we have a Sheriff, AND we have C [...]

    7. Richard says:

      I really enjoyed this book about a vet and her wife, their adopted son, two foster kids and the cranky lady across the street I think one of the author s repeated themes in her novels is that it takes a village to raise a child Sometimes things don t turn out the way you expect you just have to love as best you can and hang on for the ride This is a good novel for horse lovers, parents and cranky people of all ages.

    8. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin says:

      Let me just say this is another wonderful tear jerker and feel good books by an amazing author I don t even know where to start Jackie and Paula are a married couple that take in foster kids They have adopted the youngest, Quinn and fostering Mando until his mom gets out of jail for something she didn t do Then there is Star, whom they have had for a short period and is chaos on legs She comes from a bad home so that is no surprise There are a few SPOILERS coming up Paula uproots this little fam [...]

    9. Carole says:

      4.5 stars From the first chapter I was hooked Catherine Ryan Hyde is one of my favorite authors She writes stories that are rich in characters who are flawed, but ones you come to deeply care for Her stories usually center on a child who is needy, but not pathetic This is no different as it is about a same sex couple, Paula and Jackie who are foster parents for 3 children They have recently moved in next door to Clementine, a cranky older woman who has a huge chip on her shoulder, and her husban [...]

    10. Lady Avalon says:

      3,5 rounded up

    11. Joan says:

      The Language of Hoofbeats is a wonderfully involving story about the riches and sorrows of family life Jackie and her wife Paula move to a quiet location near the small town of Easley with their young adopted son Quinn and two teenage foster children, Armando and Star Across the yard from them are their nearest and only neighbours, elderly Clementine and her husband Vernon They have a beautiful horse called Comet, kept in a small enclosure just across the yard from their front door Star, their t [...]

    12. Judy Collins says:

      A special thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Catherine Ryan Hyde delivers THE LANGUAGE OF HOOFBEATS, an emotional story of regret, forgiveness and love As always, Hyde explores non traditional families, with flawed characters offering a strong heartwarming message and takeaway of triumph over tragedy Paula and Jackie Archer Cummings are a legally married lesbian couple who have adopted one child, Quinn, and fostering Starr and Mando, plus [...]

    13. Holly Weiss says:

      Twenty minutes into a Catherine Ryan Hyde book and I am engaged and relaxed Her talent for bringing disparate groups of people together and forming a bond between them is well established Her characters are flawed, but grow through their relationships with others willing to walk outside of their own backyards She creates un conventional, intricate families Her prose is clean Her stories ramp up quickly coalescing into touching and emotional situations.The Language of Hoofbeats brims with warmth [...]

    14. Vannetta Chapman says:

      CRH is quickly becoming one of my fav Authors Her books are quick reads, engrossing, and leave me thinking about the characters long after I reached the last page.This book is first and foremost about foster kids and foster parents.Secondly it is about those sandpaper people in our lives that we avoid.It bears to mention that this book is also about same sex marriage, but it is gently and authentically woven through the story with the result that you are first and foremost reading about people a [...]

    15. Leah says:

      Catherine Ryan Hyde has been one of my favourite writers since I read When I Found You back in 2009 Since then I ve read all of her subsequent novels, bar one and she s an author whose books I look forward to she writes such compelling novels about families you love to get to know, and situations that should be dire but somehow end up working out for the best, and I think it takes quite an author to manage that, and she nails it each and every time.The Language of Hoofbeats is one of the most co [...]

    16. Tara - Running 'n' Reading says:

      Let me first say that if you are looking for an exciting page turner, this is not the book for you If you are looking for a story that highlights the complexity of human relationships, told through some intensely flawed yet relatable characters, then look no further In addition, the story includes some powerful and challenging topics two of the main characters are a legally married lesbian couple who foster children there are instances of mental illness and suicide, as well as judgement and forg [...]

    17. Marcee Feddersen says:

      anurseandabook 20I had previously read Don t Let Me Go by Catherine Ryan Hyde and I loved it So when I was offered a copy of her new book, The Language of Hoofbeats by Net Galley in exchange for an honest review, I was pretty happy about it.I read it in under four hours as I flew across the country Her books always deal with the most vulnerable population children In this book, a same sex couple has three foster children, one of whom they have adopted.They move into a small town with across the [...]

    18. Nenette says:

      There are books over which Netflix won my time not any of Catherine Ryan Hyde s though, not once Such good books are quick reads, no matter how much effort I make in taking my sweet time to read, ever so slowly This story is not so much about the horse, but him as an instrument to bridge gaps between people, neighbors Some ties are just too broken to mend, but most can still be put back together, with openness, communication, an honest self assessment and acceptance, the willingness to change,lo [...]

    19. Connie says:

      A horse, foster parents, neighbors, troubled teenPut them all together and you have an interesting plot driven by obvious conflict The writing is pretty straightforward the author spells everything out for the reader so you can t miss a character trait or symbolism There was an interesting plot twist at the end, but it still felt all too tidy and tied up With that said, I still liked the story, and would give it 3 stars.

    20. Cathie says:

      Good story about a foster family moving across the road from a crotchety lady and the bond the teenage girl makes with the lady s horse The story line is predictable but it was a quick nice read Hallmarkish feel good type of read.

    21. Teddie says:

      This book will make the time go by much faster while on the treadmill Maybe it s just a matter of reading the right book at the right time, but I loved this book It s a heartwarming story about a nontraditional family dealing with the challenges of foster children, and the curmudgeon who lives across the road.Not everyone is going to like this book I read the 1 and 2 star reviews In most of them, the reviewers were offended that two of the main characters were a lesbian married couple To be clea [...]

    22. Melinda says:

      The story is told by two very different women, Jackie and Clementine and their individual perspectives Characterization of these two women is outstanding as well as the development of other significant characters Hyde allows the characters to slowly unfold, their thoughts, emotions and feelings on full display You understand their flaws and qualities, fears and confidence, scars and strengths Well sketched driving the story along with multiple themes Hyde touches on attitudes and consequences ba [...]

    23. ♥ Sandi ❣ says:

      This is an author that massages you, relaxes you, and lowers your blood pressure Her method of writing is to the reader what a warm bath is to an aching body.A very good story about a same sex married couple who fosters children usually with very good luck until they come across Star As they try working on Stars problems they move across country and settle in Wyoming on a ranch Their closest neighbor is not neighborly She is going through her own personal problems and has never had to work on he [...]

    24. Rebecca McNutt says:

      Jackie and Paula, a married lesbian couple with dreams of a quiet ranch life in a small town community with their family, move into a rural place and are treated well by pretty much everyone except Clementine Clementine is a busybody who disapproves of the unconventional but caring and supportive family, mainly Jackie and Paula s obnoxious, emotionally troubled foster daughter, Star When Star becomes attached to a neglected horse that had belonged to Clementine s deceased daughter, Clementine is [...]

    25. Tucker says:

      A couple prickly women, one three times the age of the other, bonding around their mutual interest in a horse More touchy feely than I usually go for Some hard edges give good texture to the characters lives.I like this Bunch of grown ups all sitting around discussing what s best for the horse But nobody asks the horse Less so when another character asks, Think that was a metaphor and then the horse is beaten to death Like the way a poor foster kid must feel just about every day of her life I di [...]

    26. Kelly says:

      I received an advance copy of The Language of Hoofbeats by Catherine Ryan Hyde from NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion I would give this book 3.5 5 stars This is the first book I have read by this author I would call this book a comfortable read, enjoyable but nothing truly exciting or exceptional The story centers around a family of two moms, two foster children and one adopted child They move next door to Clementine, a woman who is alone and angry, having lost a daughter and now a hus [...]

    27. Nancy Silk says:

      A Very Engaging Story This is a very worthy story to read It s another very moving story of doing good works even when it can be difficult Author Catherine Ryan Hyde is the writter of Pay It Forward which was made into a wonderful, popular movie by the same name In this story two women have adopted one 8 year old boy and are fostering to teenagers, one of which is Star, a girl with an attitude and is strong willed This is a very revealing story of how those who live in a small town hold no secre [...]

    28. D. Leigh says:

      Downloaded this from audible and enjoyed it The narrator was very good and the story captivating and often angst filled Although the couple in the story were lesbians, their relationship seemed pretty sterile to me they seemed to operate like good friends than lovers, each doing their own thing most of the time It makes me wonder if heterosexual marriages are like that But the story wasn t really about them The relationships with the neighbor and the the kids were well developed and interesting [...]

    29. Lee says:

      This is a very enjoyable read I really like the author s conversational writing style and the tempo of her books, which move along at a good, steady pace She quickly developed her characters and it is easy to identify with their feelings and behaviors That said, there is a consistent underlying theme throughout all three of her books that I ve read thus far It is one of broken, isolated people who encounter someone who is also damaged together they crack through their brittle exterior defenses F [...]

    30. Tara says:

      This is a beautifully written book I was surprised that I was hooked in the first chapter It is a touching, heartfelt read The author tackles than one tough topic I had tears running down my face than once I m not an overly emotional person, so that should say a lot Books don t often make me cry Maybe tear up, but this one is so moving I smiled I giggled I felt deep for each main character As they all seemed to be main characters The author weaved everything together, everyone s story perfectl [...]

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