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Watch Me Alaska Angelini From the moment I saw Anne, I knew she would be mine The intensity behind her stare as she looked into my eyes stirred the one thing I d spent years pushing away I knew I had to have her And fate stepped in, granting my wish From the beginning, we were a perfect couple Hot, insatiable She was my other half The masochist to my sadist Then she left, ripping my heartFrom the moment I saw Anne, I knew she would be mine The intensity behind her stare as she looked into my eyes stirred the one thing I d spent years pushing away I knew I had to have her And fate stepped in, granting my wish From the beginning, we were a perfect couple Hot, insatiable She was my other half The masochist to my sadist Then she left, ripping my heart out Destroying everything we d worked so hard to build But she didn t stay hidden for long I tracked her down Found her and decided to make her come back to me No matter how far I had to go to convince her Michael stole my heart from the moment we met, tempting me with his darkness Opening my mind to things I d only dreamed of But even as perfect as we were, it still wasn t enough Doubt managed to seep through the cracks of our foundation, sinking its claws in deep Michael had tested what I was made out of since we d met Now, as I came to terms with who I was, I had some testing to do of my own He watches, and I tempt, pushing the limits on how much we can take Although I pretend I don t want him and that we re over, there are things I have to see How far is Michael willing to go to prove what he says is true I ll stop at nothing to find out Warning This book contains disturbing situations, dubious consent, twisted psyches, and very strong language If you re not comfortable with breath or knife play, this book is NOT for you All Stalked books are STANDALONES except for Special Editions which are focused on favorite secondary characters They all have a HEA.. Watch Me From the moment I saw Anne I knew she would be mine The intensity behind her stare as she looked into my eyes stirred the one thing I d spent years pushing away I knew I had to have her And fate step
  • Title: Watch Me
  • Author: Alaska Angelini
  • ISBN: 9781938076350
  • Page: 457
  • Format: ebook
  • Watch Me Alaska Angelini

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    1. Kirsten says:

      3 3.5 Hurt Me stars This is a story about deep and dangerous desires, and finding someone to reciprocate Pessimistic about love, Anne is the maid of honor at her sisters wedding As the ceremony comes to a close, she locks eyes with a very attractive man During the reception, she find him staring at her, and can t help the rush that it brings Michael is captivated by the beautiful woman He is absolutely smitten and can sense her dark sexual needs She is what he s been looking for Someone to take [...]

    2. Chitra *CJ* says:

      A wonderful dark tale Watch me is the story of Anne and Michael, who meet at her sister s wedding and embark on an SM journey.Anne has unfulfilled desires and since their eyes meet, Michael knows he ll be able to fulfill them.An utterly obsessed stalkery hero, a sweet but strong submissive heroine, some blood play and a loads of hot sex.One or two grammatical errors here and there, but overall I enjoyed this.Safe4 5

    3. Fei ~ BookLover~ says:

      You re all mine, Anne, whether you want to face that fact or not I ve teased the thought of not allowing you to leave, maybe keeping to myself, he smiled, a malicious tint edging his voice, but if I do allow you to go, you can bet whenever I want you, I will find you, and I ll take what belongs to me That, you won t escape.

    4. J luvs books says:

      I just happened to come across this book and since I love a good dark romance, I thought I would check it out This is the first book I have read by this Author, Alaska Angelini and I was pleasantly surprised The writing style was great and the story was hot I loved the BDSM parts, but I would have liked just a little I really fell for Michael And, I loved how he never gave up on Anne, no matter how annoying she could be at times This book is definitely not for those who don t like dark erotica [...]

    5. Shay says:

      I just finished Watch Me and I just loved it This just proves it Alaska is one of my top authors and I will read anything that she puts out there and Im sure to love it She is the queen of Dom Sub BDSM scenes of that I have no doubt Anne is at an impasse After breaking up with her boyfriend and having been the brides maid so many times, marriage for her is out of the question What she doesn t want people to know of her darkest desires Not to mention that she has trust issues with the opposite se [...]

    6. Expresso-Girls Just Wanna Have Books; A Mafia Romance says:

      From the cover to the Epilogue this story is amazing Anne is afraid of her sexuality, her cravings, her need for pain Uber rich sexy billionaire Michael has been told he s a weirdo for needing to administer those dark cravings to be happy So what happens when two sexually repressed consenting adults literally run into each other Friggin NIRVANA So yeah the sex is very dark BDSM but Michael is in control Anne still harbors doubts but nothing the two soul mates can t handle Throw in a boyfriend wh [...]

    7. 100sweet says:

      I loved how much the H wanted the h He was dominant, possessive, and protective My biggest problem was the violence and how much the h enjoyed being abused She liked to have bruises on her body and enjoyed looking at the marks This was a real issue for me I found this incredibly disturbing.

    8. beth myrick says:

      Absolutelyread this book so good I actually whimpered when it ended do not hesitate do not over think the purchase or the reading time enjoy this beautiful story because you will not regret it I am just so glad that after a week of reading probably 15 books I found one that made me want scream with happiness that there are still good writers who get it thank you Alaska I m ready to dive into another one of your stories with anticipation for the sheer pleasure of reading your words.

    9. Clarice says:

      So, Alaska Angelini, is now one of my go to authors This is the third book I have read by her, and so far my favorite I loved it Great story with a dark edge A sadist who finds his masochist And how they have to accept and trust each other to be who they are While the book is dark, it is also sexy and hot I loved our main couple and the games they played I am on to read Gaige now Keep them coming Alaska.

    10. Texas says:

      Michael Barnett is swoon worthy and DARKhes a sadist, owns his own company,has come up from the dregs of the earth to make a name for himself.Anne, has raised her sister like Michael raised his brother.They meet at a wedding and fall into their DARKNESS togetherort quick fast read romance 2nd half of the book

    11. Jennifer says:

      I ve liked all of her books so far, but this one is the best yet Loved both Anne Michael Loved that Michael was both a sadist but truly wanted to give Anne what she needed at all times Loved their journey Hot, hot sex scenes It s short but I thought well developed Can t wait for the next in the series

    12. Thea™ says:

      Heerlijk boek Anne Michael Pijn fijn en Anne weet dat en geeft er ook aan toe Geen verbaasde maagd die er toevallig achterkomt En Michael is rijk, succesvol en uber alpha, dus altijd goed.

    13. Tonya Hooten says:

      I really enjoyed this book But I do love everything that Alaska writes LOL

    14. Jennifer Finn says:

      I loved this book Michael Anne were so hot Michael was so sweet patient with everything he did to make her feel better about herself come back to him

    15. SansaReads says:

      Well this was just about the most perfect dark read on a weekend night Anne and Michael are certainly a couple that feed off of each other s darker reads He wanted her pain and she wanted him to give it IT may not be a read for everyone because clearly of the stalker super dominant man He stalks her for and for all of the 130 pages in it you realize just how obsessed JUDGE ME I CONSIDER IT A SEXY OBSESSION Michael is To give you some ideas You want to hurt me, she whispered Even as she said it, [...]

    16. Lashuri Chan says:

      I don t feel bad being the only one rating this any lower than a five I was so excited to get an gift card and finally get this book because I was hooked after reading the prologue and first chapter but then it started to suck For starters I couldn t stand Anne calling him sir It made no sense for her to do that and I don t remember reading in their first encounter or anywhere after that where she was told by him to call him that It felt weird and made them lack chemistry This chick is nearly th [...]

    17. sammie says:

      Oh Anne Michael and their rough stalkers delicious creepy kinda love definitely had me going I loved the darker aspect of the book and it was very well done.

    18. zoegrl says:

      It s good to really look inside to find out who we are It can be even better when there s someone who is our match going through it with us Michael is a bit intense, well quite a bit, he brings out the best in Anne Their journey is a great read Not to mention Ms Angelini writes some thought provoking S m Enjoy

    19. Christon says:

      Anne and Michael s relationship was intense The dynamics and desires between these two was nothing like anything I d read before I enjoyed the Watch Me This was a quick page turner that left me smiling at the end The BDSM involved in this story may be a little extreme for some, but this was a great short summer read Looking forward to the rest of the series.

    20. Michelle says:

      I loved Michael I honestly would have given this five stars but there was very little drama I don t mind books that leave no questions to how the MCs feel but that means you need to bring in someone to shake it up There was no shaking This is a BDSM book and on the SM part.

    21. DemetraP says:

      The hero and heroine both like things rough She has trouble accepting this idea since she thinks there s something wrong with her It had some very steamy scenes with a dark edge to them No sharing, no other people, just the hero and heroine being together.

    22. Alaska Angelini says:

    23. Cécile Smits says:

      Follow 2 people on their journey to find the light in their darkness,fighting to accept who and what they are meant to be Accepting the pain,that s needed to be happyn they get there Alaska shared this beautiful story, Watch Me,with us and if you like them dark,this is a must read for you.

    24. Lexi Cubbins says:

      I love my alphas dominant, but honestly, I m not really into full on, hardcore BDSM books But this one was so well written, definitely an exception Really enjoyed it, though the storyline could have been a little interesting Still really liked it, Michael was yummy, great read

    25. Becca says:

      Loved this book I was worried it was going to be one of those books that starts off dark then turns soppy, while it was romantic and they did fall in love it still stayed with the dark elements Loved Michael, he can lock me in his house anytime

    26. Adrien says:

      This was a little different from my normal reads It was interesting I may give this author another try.

    27. Ratula says:

      3.5 stars

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