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Bingo Summer
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Bingo Summer Dawn Malone On her thirteenth birthday, Summer Haas scratches the lottery ticket her mom tucked into her birthday card and the down on their luck family become instant millionaires Then the attention gets crazy in their small Illinois town, and the family moves north to disappear in the Chicago suburbs Summer s new home might as well be on the Moon, it s so different from where shOn her thirteenth birthday, Summer Haas scratches the lottery ticket her mom tucked into her birthday card and the down on their luck family become instant millionaires Then the attention gets crazy in their small Illinois town, and the family moves north to disappear in the Chicago suburbs Summer s new home might as well be on the Moon, it s so different from where she used to live.Suddenly, Summer is a candidate for student council, trades her t shirt and jeans for mall brand clothes, and throws a party for her entire grade even though she didn t invite a single guest Everyone wants Summer to be someone other than herself, including the super popular Suri who Summer hopes will be her new best friend There s Mara who wants Summer to forget about competing with her for third base when softball season comes And Summer just wants to avoid Dink and Anna even though she has in common with them than she wants to admit.But when Mara discovers how Summer s family made their millions, and threatens to tell the whole school, Summer needs a friend than ever Can Summer fit in AND stay true to herself. Bingo Summer On her thirteenth birthday Summer Haas scratches the lottery ticket her mom tucked into her birthday card and the down on their luck family become instant millionaires Then the attention gets crazy i
  • Title: Bingo Summer
  • Author: Dawn Malone
  • ISBN: 9780990324201
  • Page: 147
  • Format: ebook
  • Bingo Summer Dawn Malone

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    1 Blog on “Bingo Summer

    1. Shelley Sly says:

      This was such a great book It was equal parts fun and realistic, and the characters felt real enough that they could be kids I ve actually met.I liked Summer She was surrounded by pretentious people, but was refreshingly down to earth However, in realistic teen fashion, she did experiment with new clothes and hanging out with the popular crowd, even if it wasn t right for her I feel like most teens tweens go through stages of figuring out, Do I belong here And Summer s experience was spot on.I a [...]

    2. Jane Ritz says:

      Bingo Summer is about the happenings of a Mom and her two girls once they hit the lottery on a Bingo scratch off card It tells the problems that the mother runs into with the publicity and then moves to another town to escape it The story picks up with the hardships of adjusting to a new school for Summer, the older of the sisters No matter how hard she tries, Summer just doesn t fit in until she returns to the person she really is Meeting Anna and Dink changes her world in her new surroundings. [...]

    3. Cyndi Flores says:

      Great book with a great story and a good moral, it shows how all teens, weather poor or rich still strugle with friends, and things they want to do versus what a friends wants to do, I think most girls and boys will enjoy this story in middle school The cover looks to be targeted to girls, but if a boy picks it up I do think he will like it as what tween would not dream of hitting the loto I really enjoyed this book and recommend it for book clubs or any tween.

    4. Aurora Dimitre says:

      3.5 Stars This book was won from a giveaway This book was very entertaining, rarely boring, had a pleasant writing style, and had characters different enough from each other that you could tell them apart Overall, it was a good book So why only 3.5 stars The only problem with this book that I really had was the fact that it seemed sort of generic This is a children s middle grade book, so I do expect some simplicity I keep in mind what age range a book is for when I m rating it But there s a dif [...]

    5. Amy Miller says:

      This story was filled with many lessons for a young teen to learn A mother with her two young daughters are in the throes of poverty, are celebrating Summer s birthday the oldest child as they usually do at 10 lotto ticket As Summer finishes scratching the ticket she is hoping to at least win the 10 back so they can buy milk, instead she wins the big time prize 10 million dollars In that instant everything changes Friends and members come calling for handouts To much for mom to handle they move [...]

    6. Monique Bucheger says:

      Bingo Summer was a very nice read It started out strong and stayed good throughout Dawn Malone introduced a varied cast of entertaining characters She did a nice job adding a few unexpected twists to the junior high classmates the mean girls had redeeming qualities, the weirdo stepdad wasn t a total jerk, her flighty mom really loved her daughters Summer won 10 million dollars on her 13th birthday After getting over the initial shock of winning, the family is overwhelmed with attention they d ra [...]

    7. Sylvia says:

      When I first saw the concept for Bingo Summer, my immediate thought was that it sounded cute but would probably be on the cheesy side of entertaining A lottery winning kid just screams of simple lighthearted fun, right Oh goodness gracious was I ever wrong I can not put into words how delighted I was with Bingo Summer in comparison to what I expected.Without offering up any spoilers, I will say that Bingo Summer is so much The writer visits many issues that kids deal with parents, siblings, ste [...]

    8. Mia Wenjen says:

      A lucky lottery ticket for Summer Haas s 13th birthday suddenly makes her family instant millionaires but the change in lifestyle is unsettling While it s nice to live in a big house in a new town where no one knows them that her mother impulsively buys in the Chicago suburbs, Summer still has to adjust to making new friends and starting a new school It s not that she s ashamed of why she no longer has to shop at thrift stores for clothes, but she s not sure if she wants her new friends to know [...]

    9. Dawn Briscoe says:

      I would never have thought to read a book recommended for a 9 12 year old age range, but I am so glad I did I am much older than this age range by 35 years or so and enjoyed this book from beginning to end I found I couldn t put the book down all weekend until I knew how it ended I am adding this author to my must read list

    10. Margo Dill says:

      I love the idea for Bingo Summer and it caught hold of me from the first page The voice is terrific, and the storyline includes middle grade issues as well as dealing with family and siblings I think girls especially would really get into this book It just goes to show that all problems are not solved just because we win the lottery

    11. Darlene says:

      I won this book as a first reads giveaway I recommend it for readers of all ages it was a page turner from start to finish with its theme of remaining true to yourself the characters come to life in this bookI cant say enough about this book.It will keep you entertained and bring home the what if this happened to me what would I do

    12. Emily Elliff says:

      When Summer wins the lottery, she doesn t know who her true friends are I was drawn into Summers journey from the first page Just as I thought I had the ending figured out, the author pulls a surprise punch I didn t put the book down until I finished it Very enjoyable

    13. Loreen says:

      Bingo summer was a real fun read It explores the effects of bullying and self concept I highly recommend it to any middle grade reader

    14. Katie says:

      Enjoyable Middle Grade read I liked the main character and the problems seemed fairly real for any child who has to move as a teenager Just a hint of romance for this 13 year old girl, which seemed realistic.

    15. Michelle Isenhoff says:

      First time author Dawn Malone has crafted a winner in Bingo Summer Charming, sweet, and artfully written, it takes top honors in my summer reading list It s just a superb example of middle grade lit I loved it Okay, the initial catalyst for the plot is pretty unlikely Summer wins ten million dollars with a lottery ticket But the emotions the story conjures up once it gets rolling are absolutely universal Forced to move across the state by her impetuous mother, Summer starts eighth grade in a new [...]

    16. Brittany Cuenin says:

      When I was between the ages of 8 and 13 years old, I would spend quiet hours roaming the aisles of our local library I would gather many hardcover books, which crinkled when they were opened, that they would stack perilously in my arms I had many favorites that I found just by browsing, and, when I began reading Bingo Summer, I was transported to those moments where I would discover a wonderful new book From the first chapter, Malone has the reader hooked Her casual tone describing the moment wh [...]

    17. Carrie Ardoin says:

      This was a cute if somewhat formulaic middle grade read Summer s life changes instantly when she wins 10 million on a scratch off ticket on her birthday So much so that her mom packs up Summer and her sister and moves them to the town of Dorrance Summer has trouble fitting in with the ritzy lifestyle the girls in the town seem to lead, and as a result has trouble making friends She s about to learn that having money doesn t solve all your problems, but can she convince her family of that The big [...]

    18. Kim Propp says:

      HoaP would like to thank the author for providing Heart of a Philanthropist with an e copy of Bingo Summer to review This review was first seen on Heart of a Philanthropist s Blog.It s Summer s birthday in the sweltering heat of the south Her mom is making her a birthday cake with what little food they do have in the house while they wait for someone to bring them groceries from a church pantry Summer is scratching off her annual birthday lottery ticket She wins Instantly the family is bombarded [...]

    19. Stacie says:

      Bingo Summer is a coming of age story of self discovery and acceptance as well as one that reminds readers the importance of being true to yourself.Summer s family has fallen on hard times so when she receives a lottery ticket for her thirteenth birthday she hopes to win back the 10 her mom spent on the ticket As Summer checks the ways to winner she realizes she is holding a ticket worth 10 million A dream come true Or is it News travels fast in a small town and soon everyone wants something Sum [...]

    20. Trisha Perry says:

      When I first saw this advertised I thought I have to review this for my niece going into middle school this year she will love it She will, but this book is so much than what I thought it would be, it is a great book The characters are so believable, at times I felt like I was there and wanted to pull Summer aside to give her some of the advice she seemed to so desperately want I felt so bad for her, the story starts out on her 13th birthday and it is Summer, her sister J.C and their mother Mag [...]

    21. LAWonder10 says:

      This is an entertainingly light from rags to riches story As was Summer s family tradition, she was enjoying her thirteenth birthday, scratching off the chosen numbers on a lottery card This had been a very unusual tradition for as long as she could remember On each birthday, the person receives a lottery ticket in a birthday card to try to win a lottery prize Of course, nobody ever won They certainly couldn t afford the 10 it took to buy the ticket However, this year Summer actually won somethi [...]

    22. Dawn says:

      I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.When Summer s family wins the lottery, everything and everyone in her hometown of Scranton goes crazy The solution Summer s mom tells her and her sister, JC, that they re moving They end up in a small town with a lot of wealthy people.You can t help but feel sorry for Summer It s hard enough to move when you re in junior high or high school Everyone has their own friends who they ve grown up with and it can be difficult for a newcomer to [...]

    23. Tonja Drecker says:

      This is a cute, heart warming story about a girl who goes from rags to riches and learns about herself and life in the process.The characters are well done, making it easy to slip into their skins Their problems are easy to sympathize with well, maybe not the getting rich part, but the struggles for acceptance, fitting in and self esteem are very fitting for this age group The dialogue is believable, and the setting nicely described I loved the character s reactions to the changes that she was [...]

    24. Nikki Bennett says:

      Winning the lottery is one thing everyone dreams about, but how would your life change if it actually came true Summer finds out in this enjoyable novel.The characters in this book, especially Summer s quirky, eccentric mother, are well written and relatable, and the book moves at a good pace There s good conflicts and lessons learned dealing with mean girls , overcoming the shame of coming from a poor background, the scary thought of losing old friends and a nice hint at romance.I d consider th [...]

    25. Colleen B says:

      I found myself really relating to Summer although I ve never won millions on a scratch off Her struggle with learning the difference between working to fit in with the popular kids impressing people to make friends and being real and true to yourself just finding the place you fit to find friends was just so REAL So true to life I think it s something most kids in junior school and high school go through Heck it s something people continue to go through as adults.Like Summer, I ve had times of t [...]

    26. Rebecca says:

      A fun and thoughtful read about the changes Summer faces when she and her family win 10 million dollars in a lottery scratch off When Summer s mother moves the family to avoid the publicity, Summer isn t sure that the lottery winnings were worth the changes They may have a bigger house, enough food, and clothes bought new instead of second hand, but losing her best friend and the town where she grew up takes a lot of the joy out of the new belongings.I thought Summer s character was developed we [...]

    27. Paulline Flores says:

      I m an almost 30 year old momm to a 1 year old toddler and my book list is 70% young adult fiction Bingo Summer started slow for me and I felt I would not be able to finish reading it at all But after a couple of chapters, I started enjoying Summer and her struggle with abrupt changes happening around her and within herself It s a fun reading how crazy weird her mom is How different she is from her sister How instant money can change anyone How to recover from a bad introduction that turned into [...]

    28. Julia says:

      This is a sweet book, the author introduces us to the life of Summer, a girl who started on the path to adolescence, suffering through having to adapt to a new town and school, and trying to make friends and the difficulties that leads to that age All this in a context of adaptation from rags to riches The best of the book is the relationship with her mother and sister, is so full of moral values, I would not be surprised to see an adaptation on the Hallmark Channel It is a book for the whole fa [...]

    29. Amanda Vinson says:

      Bingo Summer is a rags to riches tale of a girl who gets a lottery ticket for her 13th birthday and becomes an instant millionaire I don t want to give you spoilers, but you can follow Summer and her family through the highs and lows including having to move to a new town away from all you know to making new friends I think everyone has dreamed of hitting it big at least once in their life, and this is one side of the fantasy If you are looking for a great tween tale or book club read, this is a [...]

    30. Arlene Mullen says:

      Summer scratches a lottery card that she received on her 13th birthday and her family becomes millionaires Then her family up roots her from their small town to a Chicago suburb Summer doesn t want things to change, but her life keeps moving without her even doing anything Then her secret threatens to get revealed and she must figure out what to do.This a very good book for pre teen and teenagers It talks about how to stay true to yourself despite everything life throws at you I received a copy [...]

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