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A Gazillion Little Bits
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A Gazillion Little Bits Claudia Brevis New York City 2256 Isolated by shifting lands, fire and beasts, fewer than thirteen thousand people live in the ruins and rubble of Manhattan without technology, government or any connection to the world from which they ve descended Until the mysterious whispers arrive, followed by a stranger who holds what may be the key to the city s ultimate survival.. A Gazillion Little Bits New York City Isolated by shifting lands fire and beasts fewer than thirteen thousand people live in the ruins and rubble of Manhattan without technology government or any connection to the wo
  • Title: A Gazillion Little Bits
  • Author: Claudia Brevis
  • ISBN: 9781496160188
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Gazillion Little Bits Claudia Brevis

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      231 Claudia Brevis
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    1. Rob Slaven says:

      As usual I received this book free in exchange for a review Also as usual I will give my absolutely candid opinions about it below.The story summary is fairly standard The year is 2256 and the world has fallen into ruin Enough said, I think I don t believe in spoilers.On the positive side, the story really does try very hard to be gritty and real and the book has a unique feel in a lot of ways This isn t your sunshine apocalypse but rather a really dark and ominous one with lots of varying viewp [...]

    2. Chrissy (The Every Free Chance Reader) says:

      Did I enjoy this book I was impressed Ms Brevis s research alone knocks this book well outside the first novel fence, and though I think she spent a bit too much time language decorating early on, her story was well organized and enjoyable I was especially pleased with what is increasingly rare well executed dialect As an EFC reviewer, I rarely have the luxury of reading books slowly, but for A Gazillion Little Bits I found the time I haven t read anything quite like it.Would I recommend it Yes [...]

    3. Sheri says:

      A Gazillion Little Bits Kindle Edition by Claudia BrevisSet it New York city in the future 2256 People are struggling to survive the apocalypse There are not many people or resources left, it is a day to day survival Then they start to hear whispers and no one is quite sure what that means Soon a stranger arrives in Manhattan, who just may have the answers they need to survive A fast paced futuristic sci fi Many characters are in this story each having their own chapter, which makes the story ea [...]

    4. Corinne says:

      A million little bitswaiting in the nightA billion little bits, a gazillion little bitswill make things rightforever saved, forever savedHoly Moo.I have a feeling that this book is going to polarize readers, much like Ready Player One they are either going to hate it or love it Why This book, much like Ready Player One, is unique in scope, style, subject and execution It combines several aspects that may have many readers wondering what they just read while sending other readers into euphoric wo [...]

    5. J. Hamlet says:

      Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review A Gazillion Little Bits is a rewarding and intriguing book, but it is not an easy read Following two main characters and scads of minor characters, it weaves a detailed tapestry of post apocalyptic New York that can often seem too much like a difficult puzzle Primarily, it follows a conflict between a group of people who survived the implied apocalyptic events sealed away in a Vault and the descendants of everyone wh [...]

    6. Don Sloan says:

      In A Gazillion Little Bits, author Claudia Brevis has delivered a tour de force wrapped as a fantastic, dystopian masterpiece and set in the apocalyptic world that is New York City in 2256 A.D.The story is gritty, filled with the strange descendants of the deadly catastrophe that ripped the metropolis to bits hundreds of years earlier Lahara, a major character, is afflicted with a form of the Whispers that forces her to relive the harrowing last moments of the day New Yorkers found themselves tr [...]

    7. Daniel says:

      I was really excited when I found out that I had won this book in a First Reads giveaway I love science fiction and dystopian stories, so this sounded like it would be right up my alley Sadly, the story is truly flawed The story itself isn t bad at all, although it s certainly not original Much of humanity has been destroyed in a global catastrophe, and the survivors live in smallish groups in the middle of ruins Sound familiar It s a good concept and it can lend itself to good entertainment, es [...]

    8. A.B. Shepherd says:

      Three and a half stars rounded up to four.A Gazillioan Little Bits is a post apocalyptic novel set in the remnants of a destroyed Manhattan a few hundred years in our future I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.I ll admit I had a little trouble getting into this book Partly because there are so many characters that the author focuses on and I had trouble keeping them straight at first.Partly because of the speech cadence syntax the author us [...]

    9. Peter Stone says:

      A Gazillion Little Bits by Claudia Brevis is a post apocalyptic novel unlike any other I have read For starters, it contained a staggeringly amount of detail, from the large group of characters, each varied and possessing their own unique background and mannerisms, to the primitive version of the English language which most of the cast spoke, to the incredible world details, and finally, to the amazing plot A Gazillion Little Bits is not a book you can skim read, for every paragraph, every sente [...]

    10. JK says:

      Manhattan has fallen to ruin, and the people are trying to make a life as best they can in this dystopian future This is a very dark novel, and frightening to consider as a possibility The story is very raw, and almost depressing, showing life in this world as far from ideal Although the people make the most of things, and have a real community atmosphere, the cons seem to outweigh the pros, and for the majority of the novel I just felt sorry for them.I really liked the culture nods Brevis made [...]

    11. M.M. Strawberry Reviews says:

      I love post apocalyptic stories, so this story was right up my alley.I absolutely loved the feel of this book The author has set up a very good world, with realistic details She does well to illustrate this new world, and her research is solid I really enjoyed the various characters, and the different ways that they have managed to cope, and even try to rebuild in this world after it was destroyed.Gazillion Little Bits is a clever title, and at first I thought it was a metaphor, but it has a lit [...]

    12. KeithBlodgett says:

      It s over, it s finally over I struggled mightily with this book and nearly gave up a dozen, , times I kept reading because it pulled me in I HAD to know what happened and so why things were the way they were and I left disappointed I think the most apt description I can use for this book is that it was like watching a movie with your eyes closed I have honestly NO idea what anything looked like in this story I just couldn t see what the author wanted me to see When people went places, I couldn [...]

    13. melydia says:

      Ever heard of Chekhov s gun I found myself thinking about it a lot while reading this Our tale takes place in post apocalyptic New York City, roughly 250 years in the future, and mankind has gone largely primitive Some of the locals hear whispers a term that is, distractingly, always italicized sounds, pictures, memories, and overall knowledge of events and people from long ago Some of them are able to use this information to help others, like the woman with medical whispers Others go insane Som [...]

    14. Catherine says:

      In a post apocalyptic Manhattan, a small group struggles to survive A stranger arrives, and the citizens have to deal with new problems, at the same time discovering new hope for the future.The story builds up very slowly But as we meet the various characters, each of them unique, the whole gets really thrilling Near the end, it became a real page turner for me I liked the way Claudia Brevis describes how a small community deals with the unknown, sets priorities and fights together to survive, n [...]

    15. Anne-Rae Vasquez says:

      Finally a story that really looks at what the world could be after the apocalypse What was most refreshing is that there were no cliches as I ve read in so many other books of the same theme Brevis takes her time to weave the stories using language and multiple points of view to let the reader become a participant rather than just the audience.It felt as if I were part of the story, learning bits and pieces of what happened prior to the catastrophic events and what was happening after The disori [...]

    16. Cheryl says:

      Whispers in the darkWhat an unusual, exciting post apocalyptic tale Author Brevis takes us to New York City starting in the year 2256 a city we wouldn t recognize Fewer than 13,000 people live on Manhattan, trying farming, scavenging, bartering And then the whispers come, leaving the Newly Touched and Touched, and a new form of Touched that totally lose their identities.Disease is decimating the population, especially the youngest and oldest People are disappearing without a trace.Each chapter i [...]

    17. Kristen Cansler says:

      This is not your normal young adult dystopian story There are no rose tinted glasses for the world that this story is set in It s absolutely gritty and raw and real A Gazillion Little Bits is a quickly paced, edge of your seat read and I loved it There are plenty of characters to experience this story through At times, it does get confusing But I was able to stay invested and engaged without any struggle The author gives rich details of the wasteland that is now Manhattan I ve visited many times [...]

    18. Jesena says:

      I have received a copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review.I loved this book I loved the concept of this apocalyptic world It isn t the first book exploring this idea that I ve read but it captured me with storytelling and characters Chapters are from different points of view which is effective both in moving the story along and to get reader closer to different characters Each person seamed real to me Through the course of the book we have the opportunity to see which of the human v [...]

    19. Randy says:

      In looking over other reviews, find myself agreeing with some, disagreeing with others To me, it was neither as bad as some painted it or as good as others I received a copy for an unbiased review.So here goes.I love post apocalyptic fiction and found this weighty at times, swiftly moving at others A bunch of good ideas here with takes on technology known today and thus couldn t have been written by writers that have tackled this sub genre of SF in the past.What bothered me was the many points o [...]

    20. Fred says:

      A complex, intriguing post apocalyptic novel set in a future Manhattan This is not the New York of Times Square and the theater district, it is the Manhattan of tunnels, strange characters, unknown dangers, wild beasts, hairless humans, and people who are touched by whispers It may take you a little time to grasp the language used by the survivors, but once you do, you are in for a great read If you like sci fi, dystopian novels, fantasy, or anything similar, you will enjoy this book.

    21. Pamella says:

      I really enjoyed Claudia book and could feel each character and how they were feeling and see their world through the described way Claudia wrote this book At time I could even smell the things around them by how well she describes places and people plus the Whispers where an additional delight to the book and I am not even a fan of sci fi It was fun thinking about what the mysteries of the Whisper meant Enjoy this book very much and it takes you to another world.

    22. LittlePinkBookOwl15 says:

      Amazing Love the whole book, never a dull moment 3 the art is stunning Sam Tsui did an awesome job like always I would definitely recommend this book to all my friends.

    23. Terra Whiteman says:

      Review to come.

    24. Claudia says:

      Rate my own book Of course I think you should read it xoxo

    25. Mr Bill says:

      A Gazillion Little Bits by Claudia Brevis sounded like it might be a good read but it was so dreary, it just kept putting me to sleep I hated to do it, but I couldn t make it through this one.

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