Kim Lehman
First, Last, and Always
September 02, 2019 Comments.. 560
First, Last, and Always Kim Lehman CHARLOTTE Hubbard dreams about falling in love on a daily basis, but she s long rejected the idea that someone would ever be interested in an overweight, unappealing girl like her an opinion that is shared by her way popular and attractive sister who seems to enjoy pointing out Charlotte s flaws as much as possible AND Then there s MILES Fiester, who thinks thCHARLOTTE Hubbard dreams about falling in love on a daily basis, but she s long rejected the idea that someone would ever be interested in an overweight, unappealing girl like her an opinion that is shared by her way popular and attractive sister who seems to enjoy pointing out Charlotte s flaws as much as possible AND Then there s MILES Fiester, who thinks that making the basketball team is as impossible as getting the girl he s liked since grade school to notice him He d have luck getting his deadbeat dad to visit him for a day But, in the first few weeks of high school, Charlotte and Miles come to discover that life is unpredictable, love happens when you least expect it, and there s always a first for everything.. First Last and Always CHARLOTTE Hubbard dreams about falling in love on a daily basis but she s long rejected the idea that someone would ever be interested in an overweight unappealing girl like her an opinion that is s
  • Title: First, Last, and Always
  • Author: Kim Lehman
  • ISBN: 9780989563772
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 Blog on “First, Last, and Always

    1. Sarah says:

      First last always Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Kim Lehman, Lucky Stars Publishing, and NetGalley I, Miles Fiester, am in love with Charlotte Hubbard This was quite a young YA contemporary romance, about best friends who fall in love eventually.I felt quite sorry for Charlotte, it s awful to be bullied, especially because you are fat, and when even your own mother isn t happy about your size it s not much fun These are my present reali [...]

    2. Sophia Sardothien says:

      Official Rating 3.5Thank you netgalley for sending me this book in exchange of an honest reviewIt s not the first love that counts, it s the last one that matters.I d really enjoy this book, is fun, unique and a bit emotional The story follows two protagonist Charlotte and Miles Charlotte is an oversize girl, who is dying to be in love Miles, Charlotte s best friend, who is dying to let Charlotte knows he is in love with her.Love is ageless and timeless and colorless and shapeless and it happens [...]

    3. Abbie says:

      I received a copy from Netgalley, In exchange for an honest review I felt quite sorry for Charlotte at points It s horrible to be bullied at school for your weight, and it s even worse when your family doesn t seem to understand Miles was an okay character too, but her other best friend Lani annoyed me quite often This wasn t a bad read, but I didn t enjoy it all that much There wasn t much going on, and the romance build up was really slow, so I found it to be pretty dull at times Overall, Slow [...]

    4. Elizabeth says:

      link to reviewCharlotte Hubbard is overweight and shy, living in the shadow of her pretty and popular sister, Alexa Charlotte dreams of falling in love, and wonders out loud to her best friends, Lani and Miles, who could ever love her Miles Fiester has loved Charlotte since the third grade, but has never found a good time to tell her When she thinks the new boy, Grayson, may like her, he panics He might have lost his chance.As they start their first year of high school, is now finally the right [...]

    5. Melinda says:

      I received this book on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review First, Last, and Always is a novel I admit I m a tad disappointed with I thought it was going to be so good when I read the summary but while reading it just didn t live up to my expectations Why 1 I don t ship Charlotte and Miles Throughout the story In fact I thought that Lani and Miles had chemistry to be perfectly honest 2 I liked the story at the very beginning but it just went downhill for me after that because I just coul [...]

    6. Louise says:

      this book was quite boring the romance was okay, but it took a long time to get going it was bad the way charlotte was bullied it wasn t her fault she was fat.

    7. Tahlia says:

      From my blog themadt party 2 I received this book from Net galley in exchange for my honest review I hand on heart loved this book The characters were so believable that I fell in love with them instantly and the ones that the author wanted us to dislike, I heavily disliked It may sound odd to say that I was invested in the characters with this being a standalone but I seriously was I was so frustrated when Charlotte and Miles in particular were mistreated and elated when they had a bit of luck [...]

    8. Gaele says:

      A lovely story about friendship, finding yourself, confidence and first love, this title from Kim Lehman manages to present a story that feels real, possible and hopeful Charlotte is a freshman in high school, a bit of a romantic dreamer, with an annoying and not so likable sister A bit on the chunky side, Charlotte deals with schoolmates unkind remarks daily not quite in the popular crowd, she s a bit reserved What hit me harder, for Charlotte, was her family s dismissive and often demeaning at [...]

    9. Ramie says:

      Charlotte is bullied She takes it well considering even her own family members get their digs in While I don t think I have a great idea of how big she was, Charlotte was, at one point, described as a ten size ten It s hard to imagine her as the target of bullying for her weight Charlotte does have two close friends Lani and Miles Miles has had a crush on Charlotte since the third grade, the same year that Charlotte swore off boys after having her heart broken for the first time As the trio star [...]

    10. Manda says:

      This story was so cute Kim Lehman s writing and the plot line reminds me of something Sarah Dessen would write It was a typical angsty teen girl story with a cute romance tossed in It is just one of those books you can t help loving Charlotte was a great lead character and her internal voice reminded me so much of myself in high school I really enjoyed reading this book and got through it pretty quickly.I also liked that this book is written in two voices One of Charlotte and the other of her be [...]

    11. Jenna says:

      I received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review.Charlotte Hubbard a sweet curvy girl a little overweight with people always telling her she to fat Even her sister is embarrassed by her.Then we have Miles Fiester her best friend who has been in love with her for years but he s to shy to tell her This book is about growing up, friendship, family and finding your spot in this world and off course falling in love.I loved Charlotte and Miles they are very believable characters.I read the author [...]

    12. Emma says:

      I received a free copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I struggled a little with this book at the start, I could not work out where it was going and it felt a little bland to me But as I got into it I fell in love I fell in love the characters, especially Miles, he was so sweet and obviously cared deeply for his friends.I am not really that big on romance but I enjoyed this one It helped that there was other stuff to keep me interested I loved that the story was told [...]

    13. Tracy says:

      From the very first page, high school freshman Charlotte s wish for love is an experience shared by everybody at some point in those confusing, oft changing, formative years Ms Lehman has perfectly captured the atmosphere of adolescence The writing and story brought back my own memories of summer days at the pool with friends and sitting tongue tied next to that cute boy in class From her 2 best friends, the mean girl nemesis, and, most especially, to the relationship with her older, prettier, [...]

    14. Perks Of Being A Fangirl says:

      To be honest, I am quite disappointed by this novel When I first read the blurb I was so excited, it was gushing with things that I love and after reading all those positive reviews, I expected myself to love this.My overall reaction to this novel is like the gif below and I realised that didn t really care for any of the characters or the plot This book had masses of potential but it failed to draw me in and become part of the story I m sorry.

    15. Amberlynn Kelch says:

      This is the second book by Kim Lehman, this book is taking a lot out of life You fall in love or you like someone and you are heartbroken when you re faced with they may not like you back Charlotte is not my favorite character but I love the two sides of the coin with her best friend miles Kim Lehman is amazing at flashing out her characters The real feeling are throw this book Miles letter will be added to my mind Please pick up First, Last and always, I m sure you will love this book.

    16. Secretly Adorkable Readers says:

      Charlotte, her two best friends are off to a sweet adventure of their first day of high school, which is full of emotions, teen presssures, bullying, and first everything This was a quick YA romance read with a few funny quirks along the way I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    17. Cheryl says:

      This was a sweet book The back and forth chapters between Miles and Charlotte keep the story moving at a quick pace and keep the reader vested in both characters This is a light, affirming book appropriate for middle school readers as well as high school since it is clean and sweet This is the second book I ve read by the author, and I ve loved them both You won t be disappointed.

    18. Kristy says:

      I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I loved this book The author wrote a beautiful love story with just the right mix of teenage angst, plus a dash of mystery I thought for sure I figured out what was going to happen and I was pleasantly surprised I would highly recommend this book.

    19. Janine says:

      4.5 stars I was do lucky to win a signed copy of this incredibly sweet book oh how it angered me at times mean girl Vanessa and made me happy and full of smiles I love writing I loved the characters heck I loved this book

    20. Barbara M. says:

      I really enjoyed the story It started slow but that wasn t for long This is a YA story I share them with nieces and children of friends of mine Both girls who read the book enjoyed the story and they said they could see the characters.

    21. Alba says:

      Review to come

    22. Pat Anne says:


    23. Jenaveve Moreno says:

      Amazing This book was beautiful and always left me wanting and The characters were well thought of and funny I really do love this book.

    24. Karen says:

      Omg cutest story ever I loved how it transitioned from Charlotte to Miles I wanted to shake some sense into Charlotte I was so sad for her aunt A must read

    25. Rachel Lawrence says:

      Really cute story Very relatable for teens Readers will fall in love with Lehman s characters.

    26. Jennifer says:

      Any book that writes from two different points of view already get bonus points This book was amazing From the beginning to the end, you were rooting for the happy ever after.

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