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Perfect Chaos
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Perfect Chaos Nashoda Rose GeorgieI lie to survive Have since I was sixteen and my world fell into chaos But I found a way to endure, or rather it found me Now I m a prisoner of my own doing, hiding behind a false mask so no one sees the truth Not even the man I want but can t have Deck But I messed up and the lies are spilling over, out of control Deck is unrelenting and will settle for nothiGeorgieI lie to survive Have since I was sixteen and my world fell into chaos But I found a way to endure, or rather it found me Now I m a prisoner of my own doing, hiding behind a false mask so no one sees the truth Not even the man I want but can t have Deck But I messed up and the lies are spilling over, out of control Deck is unrelenting and will settle for nothing less than the truth He demands everything from me EVERYTHING even if it rips me apartCKI kill for a living.Unyielding It s how I survive in my line of work I bend people to my will except Georgie.But that ends now.I ve played her game for far too long Now I think it s time we play mine.. Perfect Chaos GeorgieI lie to survive Have since I was sixteen and my world fell into chaos But I found a way to endure or rather it found me Now I m a prisoner of my own doing hiding behind a false mask so no on
  • Title: Perfect Chaos
  • Author: Nashoda Rose
  • ISBN: 9780993702358
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • Perfect Chaos Nashoda Rose

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    1. Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads says:

      2.5 to Low 3 What the FUCK Stars Disclaimer One Despite what is about to follow, this is NOT a negative review This is a WTF review With that saidIf you are one of those If you don t have something nice to say, don t say anything kind of unicorns and rainbows people Because homie s about to offload the car Disclaimer Two Huge, massive, don t read this review if you plan on ever reading the book spoilers There, you ve been warned So don t read this and then send me nasty grams Because no one s fo [...]

    2. Loyda says:

      Genre Erotica RomanceMy Rating 5 Sweetpea Rainbow StarsPOV DUALThe minute a book starts with a warning I immediately know I will like And this was no exception.This story was a fantastic, emotional, suspenseful roller coaster ride When you think you figured something out the author goes and twist things around and leaves you with your mind blowned away The opening of this book had me in tears I mean seriously I was a complete mess, my chest hurt so much I couldn t stop the tears from falling off [...]

    3. Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾ says:

      5 Deck was worth the wait StarsAnother year gone Another year filled with lies.This was who I needed to be.The perfect chaos.My perfect world had just been thrown into destructive chaos.It s official Nashoda Rose is incapable of writing a book that I won t obsessively devour in a sitting and love the absolute fuck out of I have been practically salivating for Deck s book since finishing Overwhelmed by You, but Georgie was a wildcard As much as I knew I would love Deck in all his brooding glory, [...]

    4. Nashoda Rose says:

      IT S LIVE Woohoo so excited to finally release Deck and Georgie s story US dp B00Q0SZ8W6 r UK Perfect Chaos AU Perfect Chao CA Perfect Chaos Unibooks itunesle ca book perfBN barnesandnoble w perfeKobo store.kobobooks en CA eboo

    5. Christy says:

      4 4.5 stars When I read some of Nashoda Rose s Tear Asunder books, I was curious about Deck and Georgie and their relationship I was excited to get their book Let me throw this out here Georgie was nothing like I expected her to be The twists and turns this author took us on were crazy I mean, I didn t know what was going to happen from chapter to chapter What is she hiding What s going on With each revelation made I was just blown away Deck has been keeping an eye on Georgie for the last 10 yea [...]

    6. J *deep in the heart of Texas* says:

      4.5 Not What I Was Expecting Stars I have been literally DYING for Deck s story There was just something about him that was so what s the word I m looking for Hmmm IDK.HOT Deck was so dark and dangerous and intriguing This story went in a direction I wasn t expecting at all But I LOVED it It sucked me in from the get go and I absolutely cannot wait for the rest of the books in the series I loved that there was no relationship drama just an engaging, enthralling storyline full of hot, sexy men wh [...]

    7. Beverly says:

      5 Chaotic StarsI was excited to start this one after seeing Deck in Tear Asunder, then throw in a brother s best friend book and I was anxiously awaiting this one I can honestly say I was blown away, with every page I turned the book just kept getting better and better Georgie s perfect life pretty much fell apart when she was sixteen My perfect world had just been thrown into destructive chaos She is still haunted by the day her brother s best friend, Deck, came to tell her and her family that [...]

    8. S.M. West says:

      4.5 Deck and Chaos STARSI was totally sucked in and could have easily consumed this in one sitting RL got in the way This was my first book by Nashoda Rose and I can tell you now, it sure as hell won t be my last This girl is now a fan This story was about Georgie and Deck who have a long history together Deck was Georgie s older brother s best friend and JTF2 army buddy Both of them were drawn to each other from the onset but age, time and circumstance kept Georgie off limits to Deck You were s [...]

    9. Stacey is Sassy says:

      I needed a little Perfect in my lifeWoW I mean seriously WOW Perfect Chaos was bloody good I practically read it in one sitting Hubby knew I was feeling a little under the weather and told me he d get our little one to school the next day so I could sleep in I m not the greatest sleeperinerer, so it generally means that he s giving me free time to read I don t sleep in too well because once my eyes are open, my first thought is what book am I reading Then, I m looking at the clock to work out if [...]

    10. Pam says:

      4.5 perfectly chaotic stars We d always been meant for one another Our paths had been running parallel for so long, trying to cross, yet the ghost us apart Georgia was broken at the age of sixteen, she has some serious demons that follow her around, causing her to live her life full of bullshit and fantasy The only one constant is Deck, he was there the day she first broke, but disappeared when she shattered and now he s back in her life with no chance of getting rid of him He s there whether sh [...]

    11. Brandi says:

      You re my rainbow The brilliant colors of you make me whole Without your colors, I m just a man living in the dark I ve always found Deck an intriguing character and was looking forward to finally learning about this dark and mysterious man.Perfect Chaos has a promising start, I felt invested in the story and was anxious to discover the secrets Georgie was hiding But it started to lose me around 40% One of my main issues is one of Georgie s revelations, view spoiler At 26 she is still holding he [...]

    12. Astrid - ☆Vanilla & Spice Books☆ says:

      Prettier Review Vanilla Spice Books 4.75 Rainbow StarsHoly crapwhat did I just read I have been asking myself over the last couple of days why I haven t read this series sooner No idea, something always came in between I tell you what though This author WICKED talent Nashoda Rose s Perfect Chaos reminds me a bit of the time when Kristen Ashley was still new to me, only with a lot suspense.This story packs a one two punch right at the beginning Georgie is 16 when she receives a message nobody wa [...]

    13. Sandy ღCoffee Addict Booksღ says:

      3.5 Chaotic stars Georgie was sweet, innocent girl growing up but her world was shattered after her brother s death when she was sixteen Losing her brother Conner made her emotionally damaged, she s broken down, lost in her own misery turning into something she would never thought of becoming reckless, drinking, partying and flirting around trying to hide her never ending pain, A PERFECT CHAOS There is one person who swore to keep her safe to protect her and that s Deck, Conner best friend an ex [...]

    14. Michelle says:

      Georgie was just sixteen when Deck delivered the news that her brother, Conner was killed in action In that moment Georgie was lost to the darkness When Deck arrives back in her life ten years later she still harbors the feelings for him that she felt all those years ago, but a promise to her brother has kept Deck from giving into his own desires Deck promised to protect her and to keep his hands to himself But Georgie is making both those promises hard to keep As Deck continues to rescue her fr [...]

    15. Elizabeth says:

      5 Smokin Stars You re my rainbow The brilliant colors of you make me whole Without your colors, I m just a man living in the dark What a ride I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved this book I now know I need to read the Tear Asunder Series I found Perfect Chaos to be refreshing, healing, and sexy Deck is an alpha military man His best friend and compadre Connor died while serving his country Before he died, Connor made Deck promise to always take care of his little sister Georgie He also p [...]

    16. Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen says:

      Book Perfect Chaos Unyielding 1 Author Nashoda RosePublication Date November 24, 2014Genre Romance Semi DarkType Character Series Cliffhanger NoRating 4.25 out of 5 StarsComplimentary Copy generously provided for Release Blitz in exchange for an honest review.My Thoughts Story After reading Ms Rose s Tear Asunder series, she had a fan in me So anything she releases my hands are all over it We met Georgie and Deck in the Tear Asunder series and their story was set up for us After reading the back [...]

    17. ♥Sharon♥ says:

      4 Stars Nashoda Rose can write some pretty wonderful stuff Her Tear Asunder Series is amazing and Perfect Chaos Unyeilding 1 is a spinoff of that series Though you can read this book as a standalone I m going to suggest reading Tear Asunder Series first Within that series you meet Deck and Georgie and get a sense of who they are By the end of Overwhelmed by You, you know there is something between them and you can t help but want .Perfect Chaos gave you that It was within the Prologue that I wa [...]

    18. Christie«SHBBblogger» says:

      4.5 stars Title Perfect ChaosSeries Unyielding 1Author Nashoda RoseRelease date November 24, 2014Rating 4.5 starsCliffhanger Yes sort of HEA view spoiler HFN hide spoiler My perfect world had just been thrown into destructive chaos.This is my first Nashoda Rose read and it left me wondering, Where has she been all my life I enjoyed the hell out of this book, I really can t believe that I never picked up anything by this author before but I m certainly going to correct that in the future This boo [...]

    19. Auntee says:

      If the book lives up to the coveroh my Update Well, it took me 7 days which is a long time to finish this book, so question answered unfortunately for me, the book didn t live up to the cover DeckWhy not For one, this book is a spin off of another series And I hadn t read that series So, there were times where I wondered who the heck the author was talking about although to be fair, she did explain who these people were when she mentioned the heroine s Georgie friends and past escapades I didn t [...]

    20. Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️ says:

      4.5 Sassy meets Badass Stars Ever since I read about the infamous badass Deck in the Tear Asunder series, I knew I d eat up his story He s a brooding hunk of man, ex Special Forces, now heading up Unyielding Riot His group are undercover men who not always do the lawful, ethical things in life They find the filth, take it out of the world but he professes he s not a good man There is one woman in this world for Deck but he can t have her A promise made to his best friend, Connor, never fuck his [...]

    21. NiCoLeTa E. says:

      5 Painfull stars from me Wow Tear Asunder s spin off was incredible It was intense and adventurous as hell Full with many lies, many secrets and much sexual frustration hunging in the airYeah, the thing between Deck and Georgie was very obvious from the other books and it was so friggin interesting to finally dive into that bookNow i understand much better many things about those two even though while i was reading their story i was confused as hellHow turned out like this the things I reached t [...]

    22. Mariℓina says:

      4,5 Stars What an amazing story Gripping, compeling, sexy, dark and twisted.And absolutely thrilling I wanted to read this book since the first time i sensed the sexual tension between Deck and Georgie in Tear Asunder series And i was right They share a kind of chemistry that is unique And not only that but their story is also filled with lies, secrets, contradictions, veil organizations and gloriously interesting characters.Oh and let s not forget, people coming back from the dead Deck and Geor [...]

    23. Wendy'sThoughts says:

      4.5 I Don t Know Where To Start Stars 1 2Really I don t know how to explain this book, author and my relationship with them I have a gravitational pull to read these books knowing that they are darker than what I usually read I am not a wuss I am strong and able to handle anything which is put in front of me but when I read these books I am made to see people with serious pain and all the things they do to overcome them These books have intrigue, romance and multiple relationships between charac [...]

    24. Jen says:

      So s the thingI am really confused as to what I want to write for my review I am actually very confused on my feelings and on the whole storyline that I just read My buddy Val wrote an awesome review that makes a ton of sense but I just don t have the lovely way of words as she does, nor do I have the brain capacity to figure it outLOL The bottom line is this was a book that I just couldn t get into feeling intense emotions for the characters in the story I kept scratching my head trying to figu [...]

    25. Arabella ~♡AB♡~ says:

      3 Stars A spin off from the Tear Asunder series, the Unyielding series will follow Deck and his team on an exciting mission In Perfect Chaos, we have Georgie and Deck Georgie is the little sister of Deck s best friend who was killed in combat Deck is ex military and feels like he owes it to Connor to look out for Georgie, but never to take if further even though he wants to and the sexual chemistry is obvious to everyone.Georgie is hiding something, Deck knows this and vows to help her but she s [...]

    26. Melissa ***BITCH, I'M READING!*** says:

      So this is a spin off to the Tear Asunder series and will include books for Deck,Georgie,Kai,Raven and a mystery man can t wait Love Deck

    27. Michelle says:

      Wow why do I wait to read amazing books this was so good George is pretty wild at the min she is partyin drinkin and this is driving Deck crazy Deck is Georgie s brother Connor s best friend but her life as been goin down a shit road Connor was in a accident while on duty an died this turned her world upside down she alway had everything perfect but she can t live like that now cause nothing is perfect it s a total mess Deck was Connor s team leader and have been close for yrs an they would of d [...]

    28. Jess-i-ca ~Sometimes a Gif Witch~ says:

      Soooooo I quit this one GTFU 64%Georgie has to be the sluttiest virgin I have ever read about in a bookAnd man when she gives it up the first time she gives it upI m pretty sure Deck is bipolar I know he has to be secretive because of his job and has this whole other side to him but.And all these guys are watching over Georgie who reminds me of a spoiled bratYeah I mainly just didn t like herI don t knowI just couldn t buy into their whole relationship at that point I didn t even care about the [...]

    29. Cristina•●♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥●• says:

      5 ravishing stars Deck had that intimidating factor Confident Unyielding And the guy hid his emotions like they were in a vault Not knowing how to read him made him unpredictable Georgie We were all broken in some way It was how we lived with our broken pieces, which made us who we were And I just had broken pieces than most Georgie Fuck, I loved her Always had I d do anything for her and maybe it was crazy loving someone as much as I did her, but Georgie was the good in me Without her, I was s [...]

    30. Joëlle says:

      Update Dec 8 2015 If you haven t read this one yet, it s really worth it and on SALE on at the moment A few days ago I received an ARC for Perfect Ruin Kai London but I hadn t read Perfect Chaos yet so I immediately bought it and started reading I liked it even than the Tear Asunder series The Unyielding series is darker and has even suspense Deck is a hot, intimidating, possessive, honest, protective alpha just how I like them D And Georgie is so strong, sassy, smart and loveable From the boo [...]

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