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Mr. Tucker & Me: A Short Story
September 27, 2019 Comments.. 574
Mr. Tucker & Me: A Short Story Gregor Xane Mr Tucker lives in the woods out back He spends his nights in an abandoned recliner, watching a TV encased in a weatherproof enclosure Hundreds of eyes flicker in the darkness around him his followers hypnotized by the flickering screen They watch and they learn.. Mr Tucker Me A Short Story Mr Tucker lives in the woods out back He spends his nights in an abandoned recliner watching a TV encased in a weatherproof enclosure Hundreds of eyes flicker in the darkness around him his followers
  • Title: Mr. Tucker & Me: A Short Story
  • Author: Gregor Xane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mr. Tucker & Me: A Short Story Gregor Xane

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    1 Blog on “Mr. Tucker & Me: A Short Story

    1. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* says:

      Ever wake up from a weird dream thinking it was real That s this book It s pure fun, with just a touch of gruesome It s a short little bit so I m not going to tell you much Just read it Mr Tucker for the win We need some of him.

    2. Carol says:

      What to say except, I loved this little ditty and ok, when I saw the book cover, I thought Mr Tucker was a catgo ahead, laugh it up Anyway, I like squirrels too and love cats but the gang of brave witty little creatures in this super short story brought a smile to my face and added just a bit icky creepy to my October Fun read with a touch of sadness.

    3. Zoeytron says:

      What if our backyard squirrels are not the simple minded creatures we deem them to be Ponder the possibility that their incessant chittering and chattering means something than we think Take a little trip with an old timer, his Rambler, and his squirrelly buddy, Mr Tucker Their typical Sunday afternoon drive is about to go off course in a big way.Thanks for the entertaining freebie

    4. Edward Lorn says:

      I hate this part I know Gregor Xane He s a good friend of mine He s also the best writer I personally know Will you agree How the hell should I know What I do know is that Gregor s imagination is currently unrivaled, at least in my opinion This is him proving he can write about anything, even a lonely man with squirrel pals, and make it entertaining In summation This unexpected little gem is free right now It s a damn fun read, and should appease any fan of good writing Feel free to share this r [...]

    5. Bill says:

      A Sunday drive gone sideways Hydroponic gyro meat, pickled rope baloney, three eyed slug people and a squirrel named Mr Tucker Yep A very strange and very damn good short from Gregor Xane.

    6. Char says:

      I loved this short story That said I have few words to describe it and no words to categorize it.It was fun, it made me smile and chuckle, but it also made me a little sad for the main character who had been married for many years and then lost his wife I have to respect and admire an imagination that is so full of the weird and entertaining.Thanks, Gregor for this free story It was wonderful

    7. Janie C. says:

      If your local filling station has an Interdimensional Gas sign, just keep going.

    8. Sarah (Presto agitato) says:

      It is an isolated existence out in the woods, but not a lonely one Sure, too much solitude and television can Um, where was I Anyway, this story is weird, quirky, and fun Maybe a little squirrelly.

    9. Lyn says:

      Weird, weird little short story More PhilDickian than Lovecraftian.There has been some kind of calamity, there are vague references to tragedies in the past, there are also occurrences in the present with some unusual observations and SquirrelsLots of squirrels.Entertaining, thought provoking and maybe could have used just a little development No doubt part of the charm of this sci fi horror story is its short length, but I needed some to help me realize what I d just driven past.

    10. 11811 (Eleven) says:

      A brief jaunt through the mad mind of Gregor Xane always makes me feel better for some reason Embrace the weird 3.5 stars.I sorta kinda know the author through but honest review nonetheless.

    11. Becky says:

      In the spirit of full disclosure, Gregor Xane is my friend here on , and I picked up this short story when he offered it for free a few days ago All that has nothing to do with my opinion of the story though just being up front So, what DID I think of the story Well, I liked it This is my first experience with Gregor s writing, so I have no idea how it measures up to his other stories, but I thought that this story was well written and quirky and interesting, but I found myself just wanting a bi [...]

    12. ᴥ Irena ᴥ says:

      Despite the warning, it has a bit of a horror in it after all.The main character is an old man who has a strange little friend and every Sunday they have a day out driving in the old man s car He has a special place in the forest near his house where he used to come all the time before his wife died He stopped spending time there since then I kind of feel sorry for the old man because of his implied loneliness But when my old lady died, I just couldn t go back there any It was a place where she [...]

    13. Adam Light says:

      Full disclosure Gregor is a friend, and some would say that biases my review I can understand those views, but they couldn t be wrong Read this man s work, you ll see He certainly needs no inflated ratings from any sector He continues to churn out quality writing and imaginitive stories that captivate and confound This story is no exception Gregor once again took my expectations, turned them inside out and left me yearning for This one is sci fi, fantasy and humor all rolled up into a kick ass [...]

    14. Kaisersoze says:

      This short story starts oddly enough with a man having befriended an intelligent squirrel, who developed his smarts through watching a TV the man never bothered to shut off for years and goes straight to Weirdsville from there It s all written very matter of factly, and it s all over with very quickly, so much so that a day later, I m still wondering how to categorise Mr Tucker Me A Short Story by genre.Ahh, screw it I ll just go with the category of I liked it 3.5 Law Enforcement Approved Crime [...]

    15. The Behrg says:

      For purveyors of weird fiction and Douglas Adams esque jaunts into hyper reality, this short story hits all the right moments Interdimensional Gas Station Check.Squirrels that watch TV and laugh when they re supposed to laugh not mimicking the laugh tracks on sitcoms, either Check.Alien slugs and wicked babies in jars with sharp teeth Check.Just a lonely widower out for a Sunday cruise with his pet squirrel Check.Highly enjoyable and, if under duress, I would even admit I laughed out loud a time [...]

    16. Steve says:

      Quirky short story about a man and his squirrel.

    17. ✟Roxanne✟(Death by Book Avalanche) ☠ says:

      3 and a half Star Rating Downloaded for FREE from with many thanks to the authorWhat a great little story and how bizarre So so weird Very well written and will appeal to sci fi and fantasy fansd don t forget all squirrel lovers.Go team squirrel

    18. Kate says:

      3.5 An entertainingly weird and wonderful tale of a man and his squirrel.

    19. Richard says:

      Really cute and made me smile Not long either, so you can have it as a snack.

    20. Scot says:

      The squirrels made me do it.Gregory Xane is a master of imagery Each title of I ve read proves this time and time again Mr Tucker Me is no slouch In 16 pages, Gregor is able to give me a character I care about, plant him in a very interesting situation, and let that situation develop into something odd I loved it As I read this short story, it created a scene in my mind like the beginning of that Tarantino movie with George Clooney and the vampires The scene in the convenience store Yep, just li [...]

    21. Gregor Xane says:

      Click the cover image to read a sample US UK CA AU

    22. Reanna says:

      Is it good or bad that I wanted I ll go with good because this little gem is really good This being the first Xane work that I ve read, I can t wait to get my eyeballs on some soon, very soon

    23. P.J. O'Brien says:

      I hadn t meant to start this, much less read it in one sitting But I made the mistake of browsing through the first page or two and before I could adjust my reading glasses, I d fallen in with the narrator and Mr Tucker and the squirrels Other than my soft hearted dismay at the solution to the interdimensional dilemma For crying out loud, I shouted to them, I understand the need for self defense, but what about a containment field or something , I smiled all the way through.

    24. Eat.Sleep.Lift.Read. says:

      Weird Short Fun Squirrel.

    25. (shan) Littlebookcove says:

      A wonderful whimsical tale about the adventure of a man and his little squirrel Epic

    26. Addy says:

      an entertaining storyThis little short was pretty good I liked mr tucker, the weirdness, and creativity Sure wouldn t mind from mr tucker and his faithful companion.

    27. Cphe says:

      I loved this and thought that the relationship between the narrator and Mr Tucker reminded me of the movie Driving Miss Daisy That sense of acceptance and friendship Mr Tucker is a good friend to have in your corner when events go pear shaped.For such a short story the world building and atmosphere is detailed and the characters themselves have a strong presence It s quirky, fantasy, light hearted but also poignant A strong imagination at work I enjoyed it, it was different.

    28. Creekbird says:

      Great story Read it with a kitten on my shoulder.

    29. Courtnie says:

      I read this while watching Total Recall during a rare moment when my kids were otherwise occupied my husband and I commandeered the television, switching off Mickey s Once Upon a Christmas that has been playing on repeat for a week.Oddly, watching the first 40 minutes of Total Recall while reading this worked I think it s because they re both weird.A good weird.In between quoting lines together I ve got five kids to feed , I took a romp to a place somewhere east of bizarro land I m not going to [...]

    30. Donald Armfield says:

      A pet squirrel with a mind of his own His owner traditional Sunday Drive takes a different turn of events in this wild humor of a tale of a best friend and what can happen on a Sunday Afternoon.The grocery store section is a must read.You ll never guess what s in the jars.

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