Paul Fraser Collard
The Devil's Assassin
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The Devil's Assassin Paul Fraser Collard Jack Lark s past is discovered by the Devil Ballard, the army s intelligence officer who forces Jack to become his spy hunter in Persia The Shah, with the Russians whispering in his ear, is moving against British territory, and the Empire s strength is under threat As the army marches to war, Jack finds crucial secrets are leaking into the enemies hands But who is theJack Lark s past is discovered by the Devil Ballard, the army s intelligence officer who forces Jack to become his spy hunter in Persia The Shah, with the Russians whispering in his ear, is moving against British territory, and the Empire s strength is under threat As the army marches to war, Jack finds crucial secrets are leaking into the enemies hands But who is the spy. The Devil s Assassin Jack Lark s past is discovered by the Devil Ballard the army s intelligence officer who forces Jack to become his spy hunter in Persia The Shah with the Russians whispering in his ear is moving aga
  • Title: The Devil's Assassin
  • Author: Paul Fraser Collard
  • ISBN: 9781472222718
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Devil's Assassin Paul Fraser Collard

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    1. Jean Poulos says:

      This is book three in the Jack Lark series I did not read the first two books in the series I just plunged into book three Paul Fraser Collard is a new author to me.The story takes place in the year 1857 in Bombay, India The story begins with Lark masquerading as a British Officer He is discovered by Major Ballard, who is the Intelligence Officer Lark is coerced into becoming an undercover spy They are looking for a traitor who is selling military secrets to the Persian Army The Persian Shah is [...]

    2. Ian Langham says:

      First of all, I brought this as an audio book rather than a traditional book.In this volume of the continuing mis adventures of Jack Lark While living on his wits in the city of Bombay he gets seconded to a rather shady individual in the shape of a Major Ballard AKA The Devil from the title This sets off a sequence of events that entails counter espionage, two brilliantly staged pitched battles that Jack gets involved in despite orders to the contrary This is set around a British campaign into w [...]

    3. Simon Howard says:

      The Devil s Assassin finds us once again following the exploits of Jack Lark a man seeking to better himself and fight his way clear of his mean start in life.The theme running through this series is nobody ever really knowing Jack Lark, indeed even the front covers of the books bare this out with us never seeing Jack s face He is a man of many roles, this time being forced into the role of spy hunter he is faced with an enemy subtle than his normal adversaries Not to say this book is any less [...]

    4. John Walker says:

      This third installment of Paul Fraser Collard s Jack Lark series finds Lark in Bombay in 1857 getting involved in the little known and mostly forgotten Britain s war with the Shah of Persia premutiny Now going under the name of Arthur Fenris Jack is picked up by Major Ballard who turns out is head of intelligence for this mission Worse he knows Jack for who he really is and cons him into finding a spy in the ranks of the British force heading towards the Shah s army The other thing it s a Russia [...]

    5. Trish Hodnett says:

      I received my copy of The Devils Assassin in a Giveaway.I love historical fiction, and this book played right into my hands I loved the character of Jack, I found him complex but simple at the same time, the book revolves around his deceptions and fraud, but also his greatness as a leader of men He becomes a spy for The Devil the head of the intelligence service in the army.I enjoyed the book very much and am going to read the others by the same author.

    6. Kate says:

      The Jack Lark series just goes from strength to strength and The Devil s Assassin is fabulous Darker than the previous novel and brutally violent in places, this is a no punches pulled portrayal of one of the lesser known wars of the mid 19th century Hugely thrilling and eye opening The hardback is also an absolute stunner.

    7. Christian says:

      For the full review and , visit my blogAfter impersonating two British officers in the previous books, Jack Lark s third charade is discovered quickly first chapter by the British intelligence officer Ballard Instead of exposing Jack as a criminal and thus a sure death, Ballard presses Jack into his service as a spy hunter The British are attacking Persia, whose Shah encouraged by the Russians, is threatening their territory in India Jack s task proves extremely vital as the Persians seem to kno [...]

    8. Speesh says:

      For those dreaming of new days of Empire in times of Brexit, this series would seem to be the perfect place to escape For those of us who aren t, but are ex pats also.At the start of this book, Jack Lark seem already much of a rogue His eye for the ladies clearly doesn t see wedding rings, or husbands standing right next to them It was a little incongruous compared to how I remember him from the previous book But never mind, his heart is still in the right place and his sense of duty too Even w [...]

    9. S.J.A. Turney says:

      Jack Lark is one of my favourite literary creations of the modern swathe of historical fiction Paul Fraser Collard s debut work was one of my top ten reads of the year and was certainly in the top half of those The second book in the series I was a little worried about, since the premise of the first book was new and interesting but really didn t lend itself to the possibility of a sequel Somehow, Paul pulled it out of the bag The second book was amazingly not a carbon copy of the first, and yet [...]

    10. Robin Carter says:

      The book starts out with a splendid and evocative title, I have been speculating for some time as to the plot of this next Jack Lark book Fortunately due to the vagaries of ordering some copies from the publisher im luck and they arrived so nice and early, my wait was finally over Paul Collard has rapidly become mush read material, since the first book burst onto the market in 2013 it seems so long ago Scarlet Thief ReviewSince that first book I have seen Paul Collards work get better and better [...]

    11. Pablo Desandi says:

      I really liked this book for its intense action and entertainment The story reminded me a lot of a Mission Impossible movie and the fight scenes are very cool especially to describe which specific move is made Epic battles and epic storyline with an epic main character Definitely cannot wait to read the sequel, I highly recommend this book if you are an action seeking, battle thirsty reader like me

    12. Samantha Kilford says:

      I love when I m surprised by a book Going into The Devil s Assassin, I wasn t too sure what to expect.I hadn t read the two previous novels in the Jack Lark series I know Shame on me I m adding them to my to read pile as I type and I was initially quite worried about not being able to follow the plot However, I had no trouble keeping up with story With some series that I have read in the past it is absolutely fundamental to read the predecessors But with The Devil Assassin, I personally feel lik [...]

    13. Badger68 says:

      Let me put my cards on the table I love the Jack Lark series of novels and novellas and for me Collard has secured his place alongside Cornwell as one of the Greats Lark picks up where Sharpe left off, taking the narrative to grittier and visceral depths and placing front and centre the social injustice only hinted at in the Sharpe stories So it was with considerable anticipation that I opened The Devil s Assassin And it is a great book great, but not fantastic All the parts are there the histo [...]

    14. Elizabeth Law says:

      In this 3rd Jack Lark instalment we begin with our hero once again hiding under a stolen identity, penniless and desperately alone But Jack is never without his wit and intelligence More so in this 3rd book Our hero may not know exactly who he is but he knows what he is and what he is capable of Early in the book Jack s fake identity is discovered which leads to his next military assignment This next adventure in the world of war and spies is raw and much darker than his last two Jack forges re [...]

    15. Paul Bennett says:

      I ve read some books that are slow out of the gate but build momentum as the pages turnis is not one of thoseis one starts fast and never lets up The action is relentless, whether it s Jack one on one or 2 or 3 with an adversary or whether it s a full blown battle scene, the author keeps you riveted Now, that s not to say that this the only reason for reading this bookt at all Mr Collard incorporates some nifty plot twists and surprises to keep the reader guessing Briefly, Jack, through circumst [...]

    16. Fitz Busher says:

      I was worried that I may ended up with series fatigue having just read the first and second Jack Lark books I needn t have.This was the best yet, slow starting but gradually built up to an epic tale.As in the previous books the history is what sets this book apart Not used heavy handedly but interesting facts and situations woven into the story line Paul Fraser Collard seems to be a master of picking out interesting, obscure events within his character s timeline and using them as a foundation t [...]

    17. Andrew says:

      The charlatan Jack Lark is back, assuming the identity of Arthur Fenris, and is in Bombay with the British Expeditionary Force for their campaign against the Shah of Persia When his true identity is uncovered by Major Ballard AKA The Devil, Jack must go on the hunt for a spy in the British camp and is caught up in the Battle of Khoosh Ab and other skirmishes including at Ahvaz at the same time.Fraser Collard s writing gets better with every outing Jack Lark makes, and I can t wait to read .

    18. Anietta says:

      A total pleasure to read These five stars don t reflect the leaps in improvement, but it would feel disingenuous to the quality of the previous books to reduce their star rating So, I ll add a bonus sixth star here I appreciate how the author treats his readers with intelligence, as they are given the freedom to draw their own conclusions without losing sight of the vivid tapestry of Jack Lark s world.

    19. Steven M Mondschein says:

      A good follow up to his 2nd book.Again in this book,the battle scenes are terrific They are almost comparable to Cornwell s Sharpe a Series There is a lot of exposition in between battle scenes in the first half of the book and then really picked up The spy plot was rather obvious, with the only suspense was why.

    20. David Slater says:

      Another great read from Paul Fraser Collard.

    21. Ed Curtis says:

      I couldn t put this book down Thoroughly enjoyed The series is a must read for anyone who enjoys Sharpe, Flashman or similar.

    22. Bruce says:

      Awesome This was a great read I appreciate the significance of the Persia in history now Jack is a superb character and there were some good plot twists Will read this series.

    23. Robert says:

      In this novel Collard favourite word, phlegm , is featured even prominently than in the previous books Where other authors simply state he spat on the ground and the like, Collard revels in describing wads of phlegm.What bothers me to no end, like in many many books, is how someone who has absolutely no training as a swordsman unless I slept through the part where Lark went to gentleman school and got some lessons in fencing is suddenly the best sword fighter this side of Paris.Anyone who ever [...]

    24. David says:

      The third full length Jack Lark novel, this sees the eponymous hero after his impersonation is uncovered, in the first quarter of the story becoming involved in the murky world of counter intelligence Spy Hunting when the Persians move against the British territory in Persia.For some reason, I found Jack to be less of a likable character than before, meaning I never really rooted for him as much as in the previous two The Scarlet Thief andThe Maharajah s General , with the identity of the spy al [...]

    25. Hamish Mack says:

      Good book Much improved on the first in the series The Spymaster guy Ballard should stay in the series.

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