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Favorite Norse Myths
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Favorite Norse Myths Mary Pope Osborne Troy Howell From the creation of the universe, to its heroic battles for order, the fourteen intriguing myths in this collection come together to tell one powerful story Young readers will be fascinated by characters like Odin, the greatest of gods, and the mighty Thor, who is able to take down vicious monsters much larger than himself The powerful, beautifully written stories are gFrom the creation of the universe, to its heroic battles for order, the fourteen intriguing myths in this collection come together to tell one powerful story Young readers will be fascinated by characters like Odin, the greatest of gods, and the mighty Thor, who is able to take down vicious monsters much larger than himself The powerful, beautifully written stories are graced by Troy Howell s arresting, dramatic paintings.. Favorite Norse Myths From the creation of the universe to its heroic battles for order the fourteen intriguing myths in this collection come together to tell one powerful story Young readers will be fascinated by charac
  • Title: Favorite Norse Myths
  • Author: Mary Pope Osborne Troy Howell
  • ISBN: 9780590480475
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
  • Favorite Norse Myths Mary Pope Osborne Troy Howell

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      171 Mary Pope Osborne Troy Howell
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    1. Bandit says:

      Thor the movie has sparked my interest in Norse mythology and as it turns out the books on that are not very easy to find I was reluctant to read a kids book, but this one is written so that anyone can enjoy it The myths are told in a very plain accessible style and the art is great Comes complete with an informative foreword and glossary I d definitely recommend this one to mythology fans of all ages.

    2. Angela Newton says:

      I got interested in Norse myths because of the Marvel films and Vikings on the History Channel This was a great book because it was an informative over view of the main players and their stories, but also had great art I like M.P Osborne anyway I have read a few other books by her and she s a lot of fun I wish she would do books like this about myths and faerie tales, etc Anyway, this book was designed for kids, but I enjoyed it immensely I m 43 And, like all good books, it made me want to read [...]

    3. Samantha says:

      I have a large text on Vikings that I am looking to get into, and I really like having context, so I checked this out of the library to gain some understanding of the mythology This was a great introduction to Norse Myths, highlighting some of the most popular ones hence the book s title It is child appropriate, which makes it a quick and easy read I read this in less than an hour The illustrations are wonderful as well I kind of want it for my collection, but I ll probably invest in something a [...]

    4. Joanne says:

      Can t say I really enjoyed the stories themselves, but glad I read them and saw how different their myths are from Greek and Roman and the giants and gods and that darn Loki always up to no good

    5. sam says:

      Why I read this book Here

    6. Monica Jung says:

      MYTH THE MAGIC STALLIONMotif gods and powerPope Osborne, Mary Favorite Norse Myths New York , 1996.Target Audience Grades 1st through 12thThe God Loki was fierce and confident but had a habit of leading other s into danger He took chances in life, but fortunately was able to get out of bad situations with his charm and sly magic One day a giant comes to the city of Asgad and offers to rebuild a wall that was destroyed in the war In return he wants the sun, the moon, and the Goddess, Freya The Go [...]

    7. Jeffrey says:

      Adapting stories from The Poetic Edda, Mary Pope Osborne retells classic Norse myths for a young audience.Osborne chooses her stories carefully, structuring them so they will build off of each other, and her illustrator Troy Howell, first creates a basic Viking wood carving style line work over which he draws colorful and imaginative pictures It s a clever tool and it brings the spirit of the original art work to life.Osborne is targeting younger readers here, elementary and the like For exampl [...]

    8. Cathy says:

      A nice, simple refresher in Norse mythology for me, it would be a very good introduction for kids I would be interested to see how kids would react to these sometimes funny, usually dark, and always violent stories It highlights how different a world the Vikings lived in compared to the relatively gentle weather and nature the Greeks and Romans faced, yet that both looked for answers to many of the same questions.The art in this book is really fantastic Original paintings by Troy Howell are base [...]

    9. Becca says:

      We love Mary Pope Osborne s magic Tree House books, so I was hoping her myth retellings would be as fun and accessible for my third grader Oddly, they re a little bloodless impressive considering the amount of shape shifting, kidnapping, cross dressing, and skull crushing that goes on I m finding myself reading the stories for me and then retelling them in exciting ways to my kids It seems she opted for fidelity to the stories rather than risking interesting reimaginings.The illustrations are a [...]

    10. Kristi says:

      Found this one in all my stuff at mom dad s Reaffirms that I was a mythology nut even as a kid Here I thought I might have been imagining it all I must have gotten this one from a scholastic book fair or perhaps one of the flyers they sent home selling books Seems like I always had a list a mile long of the books I wanted This is a great book for children or really for whoever It s an easy way to lean about the norse myths about Odin and Thor and Loki and all the gods and goddesses My favorite s [...]

    11. Savanna says:

      Summary This book is about Norse Myths It contains translated, slightly revamped old tales about Norse gods and goddesses and how the world came to be Originally these tales were believed to be true stories.I liked this book because it was interesting to see how people of old viewed the world hundreds, if not thousands of years ago.Myth and Legend Short StoriesWARNING Some of these tales are gruesome or disturbing body parts are lost, the sky is made of brain, and one of the male gods somehow gi [...]

    12. Ken says:

      Very nice overview of the Norse myths Just as we now know that the Egyptian gods were actual people once, I bet that Odin, Tyr, Thor, and the rest probably lived at one point As Michael Crichton speculated in his Beowulf retelling Eaters of the Dead , I suspect the frost giants may have been Neanderthals who co existed with these ancient humans and lived in or near the glaciers which covered most of northern Europe at the time, and the mountain giants probably other Neanderthals who lived in non [...]

    13. Jay says:

      The tales were told well short, but sufficient detail What I liked even better was the background information about how we know about these stories today My son is really into Norse stories and this was a great refresher for me, since it was years ago that I last read about the Norse gods and giants.

    14. LuAnn says:

      Shorter than D Aulaires retelling for kids, therefore not as detailed, though mostly includes the same myths and is well done Nice touch to base the illustrations on actual Viking images and to have quotes from the original 10th century source, Poetic Edda, for each story I prefer D Aulaires colorful, both literally and figuratively, though is also very good.

    15. Eva says:

      Short chapters with a separate story each This book made it easy for us to follow who was who by gently reminding us in each chapter the background of the God characters there are so many It was a great introduction to Norse Myths.

    16. John says:

      I think this book was intended for the teenage reader as in intro to Norse Mythology If so, it was right down my alley Stories are kept short and entertaining It s easy to follow and has nice big pictures Way to go Mary

    17. Ashleigh Cartmill says:

      This book was so beautiful The artwork was amazing, the stories were gorgeous This is the first time I have read any Norse Mythology and this was an absolutely stunning introduction I definitely want a copy of this to read to my children.

    18. Mdelcano says:

      Helps with Runemarks.

    19. Theresa says:

      Favorite Norse Mythsby Mary Pope Osborne, Troy Howella good break down of tales

    20. Hyrum says:

      An interesting look into Norse culture but if these stories of the Norse gods were supposed to have some deeper meaning or teach a lesson I am a little worried for the vikings.

    21. Mrs. O' Leary says:

      Easy to understand Norse myths I didn t like the art, but that s of a personal preference than anything else.

    22. Kristen Gurri says:

      The author really loves the myths and really knows how to convey them to the kids Fun to read to Colin Can t wait for Kate to be ready.

    23. Dan says:

      Those crazy Norse Also the illustrations are great.

    24. Jeff says:

      Nice retelling of Norse legends and myths Would be great for introducing these stories to younger students.

    25. Eric Olson says:

      I love reading how the Scandinavian culture crafted their religion There is a great similarity to the Greeks here.

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