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Brooklyn & Beale Olivia Evans The life of a session musician is rarely easy After consecutive tour cancellations and a stack of unpaid bills, Chloe Bennett fears her dream has come to an end.Then everything changes.Indie rocker Reid Ryder needs a replacement violinist for his tour For Chloe, it s the opportunity of a lifetime For Reid, it s a checkmark off his list Already battling addiction, guiltThe life of a session musician is rarely easy After consecutive tour cancellations and a stack of unpaid bills, Chloe Bennett fears her dream has come to an end.Then everything changes.Indie rocker Reid Ryder needs a replacement violinist for his tour For Chloe, it s the opportunity of a lifetime For Reid, it s a checkmark off his list Already battling addiction, guilt, and his inability to write new music, Reid s hopeful that things are finally falling into place But life is never predictable.When the tour begins, he finds himself drawn to Chloe She challenges and inspires him Their onstage chemistry is electric To the outside world, they re the perfect match To those involved, however, it s not so simple When Reid s no longer sure that the future he planned is the one he wants, a choice must be made Loveor loyalty.. Brooklyn Beale The life of a session musician is rarely easy After consecutive tour cancellations and a stack of unpaid bills Chloe Bennett fears her dream has come to an end Then everything changes Indie rocker Re
  • Title: Brooklyn & Beale
  • Author: Olivia Evans
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  • Page: 446
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  • Brooklyn & Beale Olivia Evans

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    1. Ellen at Book Bellas says:

      4.5 STARS More readers NEED to know about Olivia Evans Good lord, this woman can WRITE The Prologue alone was fantastic If you love a slow burn romance, with well written characters that have depth, real emotion and absolutely no cliches, then you must read Brooklyn Beale.This is one of the best rock star books I have read Olivia Evans paints a detailed picture of the life of a touring musician, with all of the temptations, pressures and pure joy of performing live on stage I could almost feel t [...]

    2. Reanell Tisdale says:

      5 stars I just stayed up all night and read Brooklyn and Beale in one sitting It s 6 08 am, i started reading around 11 pm last night I couldn t put it down I need sleep Full review to come.Let me start by saying Olivia Evans can write like no other Her stories are unique and totally catch my attention I stayed up all night to finish BB so that should tell you how much it caught my attention It s been awhile since I ve read a book that made my heart race with anticipation And with Brooklyn Beale [...]

    3. D says:

      Not since Kellan Kyle have I read a rock music book that gave me the feels Now don t go getting your panties in a twist I m not comparing Thoughtless and Brooklyn Beale there isn t one We re talking two completely different stories What I am saying is one hot rock boy who has to find who he is made me swoon and fangirl and not put down the book just like KK did Reid Ryder is all kinds of delicious but he s got a vulnerable side that makes readers melt I loved how author Olivia Evans gave readers [...]

    4. Christine (Shh Moms Reading) says:

      7 5 16 Olivia Evans has a new cover for BB and we need your help in spreading the word Readers Bloggers please sign up below if you would like to participatedocs.google forms d 1S8wcI have loved Olivia Evans since a good friend recommend that I read Hollywood Vine What she brings to the book world is a fresh voice, unique stories, and characters to fall in love with.Brooklyn Beale solidifies her place on my must read author list.What I loved most about BB was the journey the love that built from [...]

    5. Jaya says:

      65% to the book and the Hero is still conflicted between his girlfriend and the other girl Sorry that is not something I want in my romance Only good part was the writing and the musical set up.Thats the only reason why I effortlessly kept reading despite of feelingmurderous annoyed at the guy.Flipped through almost 86%, it takes the Hero that much time to make a decision Ugghh.Definitely not my kind of romance Though one might like to read this book going by the high ratings it has.This was a t [...]

    6. Tracie Payne says:

      I really liked this book a lot I loved the build up and the tension Although I have to admit for me, my own preferences as a reader, it was almost too much I like to see my characters be a couple for longer than I got here I felt like he was with Jess just way too long At one point towards the end I had to put it down cause I was so frustrated Luckily it was just a misunderstanding so he was forgiven I do like this writing and I can t wait for from this author.

    7. Three Chicks says:

      Review by Lisa KaneBeale Street s where my story starts, Brooklyn s where I found my heart Chloe Bennett is just looking for her big break She looks like anything but a gifted violinist with her purple hair, piercings, and tattoos She was classically trained, and in spite of her mother pushing her to play with an orchestra, she is a true rock and roll chick Well she is about to get her chance She gets a call to audition for Reid Ryder and his band for their Secret Visions Tour Reid s had a tough [...]

    8. Virginia says:

      Olivia, I love this book LOVE it You sucked me in with your fabulous story and amazing writing You have written a book I LOVE I literally couldn t put it down.Brooklyn Beale is the story of Reid and Chloe I don t need to tell you their story You can read it in the synopsis and in the book But I will tell you this Their story is amazing It is so well developed and perfectly paced with a build up that will have you cheering for them to make it and never wanting the book to end.Brooklyn Beale is no [...]

    9. Kandace says:

      Brooklyn Beale is a slow burn love story that I thoroughly enjoyed This is not an overly steamy story It is a story packed full of sexual tension The banter between the main characters had me smiling ear to ear What I enjoyed most about the story is the slow burn of two complete strangers falling in love Neither character wanted to fall in love, after all, Reid had a girlfriend Reid also had some demons he needed to overcome Being a rockstar lead Reid to make some bad choices Reid s life changes [...]

    10. Talltree says:

      H already has a GF, love triangle.

    11. Natalie says:

      Brooklyn Beale was a great read I liked it better than Hollywood Vine but I also think it had a little less drama than H V so maybe that was it The UST was crazy high, and I spent the whole book wondering will they or won t they give in to their feelings and even whether some of the side characters would do something different It was really funny, sexy, and a little sad in places The writing was excellent I d say it was Liv s best work yet Well done PS Anders stole the show every time he rocked [...]

    12. Mari says:

      The weight Damn that was so good From the cover alone I wanted this book so bad I m glad to have gotten an ARC This kind rockstar romance books aren t that many, the ones that ll give you the emotions, the highs and lows, the music and a great love story This is one I truly liked start to end That s something else since I was in slump.Personally I m a huge fan of rock classical accompaniment That s a killer combo a band that can do it is amazing Here the whole band chemistry is worked like clock [...]

    13. Alexandra says:

      4,5 Stars I m so glad I took a chance at reading this book Olivia Evans was unknown to me and I bought this book without reading any reviews, just because of the blurb and I m not disappointed al all A beautifully written slow burning love story between a rock star and a violinist that joins his band four a tour When the book started and a love triangle peaked I was a little worried but the author managed it quite well and the story unfolded in such a perfect way that it didn t bothered me at al [...]

    14. Packy Pie says:

      Beale Street s where my story starts, Brooklyn s where I found my heart I remember very clearly the first time I heard about the idea of this book Olivia was so happy about it, she almost puked Starbursts I remember her asking me if I think people will be interested in following up with two complete new characters after having read Hollywood Vine I had no idea at the time You never really know what people would be into But I encouraged her to go for it I told her to write her heart out and tell [...]

    15. Courtney says:

      I have to say it Olivia Evans is a diamond in the rough This woman is a phenomenal writer and amazing story teller.I am always hesitant to read a book from an author that I have not heard much about And even after reading the blurb, even though it enticed me, I was still a little leery but I went with my gut and believed I wouldn t be let down.Let me just say that when a prologue is able to give me chills, that sets the stage for me as to how well this book is going go And Olivia blew me away Br [...]

    16. Kelly Smith says:

      Wow This book is justWOW I didn t think that Olivia could out do herself after reading Hollywood Vine, but she did And she did it so brilliantly that I cannot wait to find out what else she has coming in the future It pulled me in from the beginning and didn t let me go until the end.It was angsty, heartfelt, and all around fantastic The main characters are lovable, with witty banter and undeniably intense chemistry Reid is a recently sober rockstar that seems to have it all and Chloe is a violi [...]

    17. Ladynikiw says:

      Let me be, can t you seeDon t point your damn arrow at me.Let me be, can t you seeHe and I aren t meant to be This book is definitely going into my top rockstar books that I ve read file and there aren t many Usually the rocker is so much of a dick I can never understand why the MC sticks around for him to be so called redeemed Don t get me wrong Reid was a dick, he absolutely drove me crazy with his attitude sometimes, his treatment of Jess and Chloe But he fixes his shit, so in the end I can b [...]

    18. Tenisha Brown says:

      Given for a honest review We meet Chloe a talented violinist struggling to make ends meet Meet Ryder a struggling musician trying to find his way Ryder s original violinist broke her hand so he need a replacement Ryder meet Chloe Chloe meet Ryder also meet Drew, Greer, Inky, Tom, and Jess Jess is Ryder s girlfriend She was there when Ryder was going through a dark time I liked Chloe she was strong and funny Ryder was living in his dark past We follow them on their year long tour of sexual tensio [...]

    19. Christina Szczepan-santos says:

      I received an Arc of this book for an honest review Starting it now, Review to come soon.Well I finished and I have to say I loved loved this story Chloe Reid wow just wow Reid is a Rocker who is recently sober He meets Chloe who is a violinist She starts performing with the band He does have a girlfriend Jess but she s all wrong for him The chemistry between the Reid and Clhoe is hot I can t say enough good things about this story I fell in love with Reid and Clhoe, she s so funny Go one click [...]

    20. Lauren R. says:

      I loved this book Was such a great story I m a sucker for musicians looking for love.Main characters Reid Chloe had me from the beginning Tension, drama of course and romance that had me swooning and sighing like crazy Also they are super funny I was cracking up while reading this on the train back and forth to work You will be smiling a lot while reading this story The plot and development of their love was written well This series by Olivia Evans has me hooked Go get this book Fall in love wit [...]

    21. Heather says:

      Loved this second book from Olivia Evans It was enjoyable right from the start with witty banter, humorous situations, a ton of UST, romance, and just the right amount of angst The two lead characters Chloe and Reid have some serious chemistry between them and some of the scenes, especially on stage, were described so brilliantly it felt like I was there Loved every word of this book and it gets an extra thumbs up for bringing Anders back

    22. Sadie says:

      Almost 3 stars for me I m glad I read this one I really appreciated author s patience and the slow build I miss this in NA and I m a sucker for a story with rock stars, music and songwriting spoilers The resolution of the addiction storyline felt rushed is he just fine now , Chloe was so sweet it made my teeth hurt at times this is probably my preference for flawed characters though and it ended abruptly once they got together.

    23. Jessica says:

      I loved everything about this book I m a total angstwhore and this book scratched my itch in the most delicious way The best part Unlike so many other angst filled books, I never had the urge to choke either of the main characters There is no insta love, the banter is witty and watching the relationship grow, while they both fight it, is just beautiful.

    24. Becca says:

      I could not put this book down I got absolutely nothing done yesterday because I would put the book down for 5 minutes and then pick it back up.Full review to come with Tour.

    25. Klaudija Krznar says:

      That was a sweet read, but not my cup of tea is not my genre really, so only 2,5 3 stars

    26. Olivia Evans says:

      Brooklyn Beale has a new cover and is on sale for.99 today through the 22nd

    27. Franci Neill says:

      This was my first book by Olivia Evans and what a great introduction to her writing I immediately connected with Chloe and her determination to live her life the way she wanted to and not what her mother wanted to her be and do When we meet Chloe she s trying to figure out how she s going to pay her bills when she gets a call for the gig of a lifetime She had no idea when she raced down for the meeting that it would be with rock star Reid Ryder who has his own demons And demons they were Far bey [...]

    28. BethNeeper says:

      4.5 STARS Holy cow This book was so damn good Olivia Evans killed it And she killed me with all the angst I was not expecting that, but I ate it up like a true angst junkie She also gives readers a kickass, likeable heroine and a flawed, moody hero that I could not help falling for Ms Evans impressive writing style made me want to be on that Reid Ryder tour bus with a cast of characters that I want to be my best friends.In the back of his mind, Reid knew the way he was beginning to feel was a da [...]

    29. Rhiannon St. Clair says:

      I received an ebook copy from the author in exchange for an honest review I don t know where to start, other than saying how completely in love I am with this story and these two characters.Chloe is a struggling session musician living on her last dime Reid is a well known music superstar who needs a violinist in a pinch Chloe fits the bill, joins his tour, and quickly becomes close to Reid But as time goes on and the nature of their relationship starts to evolve, both of them are left with choi [...]

    30. Kim says:

      Reid Ryder is a musical superstar who has lost some of his inspiration and enthusiasm But he is still a perfectionist and serious about his tour After an unexpected audition, Chloe Bennett becomes his new fill in violinist She is a breath of fresh air both musically and personally She has that wide eyed enthusiasm and motivation, and is thrilled with her new career break.Reid is fighting demons and previous unhealthy coping mechanisms He is vulnerable and grasping onto pieces of his previous lif [...]

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