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The Abbey: A Story of Discovery
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The Abbey: A Story of Discovery James Martin A divorced single mom, Anne can sometimes barely cope with life and struggles to make sense of the death of her young son.A former architect who had a promising career, Mark works as a handyman and wonders how his life got off track.The abbot of the Abbey of Saints Philip and James, Father Paul sometimes questions how to best live a life that secludes him so thoroughly froA divorced single mom, Anne can sometimes barely cope with life and struggles to make sense of the death of her young son.A former architect who had a promising career, Mark works as a handyman and wonders how his life got off track.The abbot of the Abbey of Saints Philip and James, Father Paul sometimes questions how to best live a life that secludes him so thoroughly from the world.At a Pennsylvania abbey, this unlikely trio will discover the answers they seek a miracle of hope and understanding that bears witness to the surprising power of God to bring healing and wholeness to our lives.In his debut novel, James Martin, SJ, provides a window into the spiritual journeys of three people seeking direction As he did in his previous bestsellers Jesus A Pilgrimage, Between Heaven and Mirth, and The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything Martin once again crafts a book that incarnates deep spiritual wisdom while being accessible and full of humor and grace Through the characters struggles, we see firsthand how God uses our worries, questions, and even anger to help us become whole.. The Abbey A Story of Discovery A divorced single mom Anne can sometimes barely cope with life and struggles to make sense of the death of her young son A former architect who had a promising career Mark works as a handyman and wo
  • Title: The Abbey: A Story of Discovery
  • Author: James Martin
  • ISBN: 9780062401861
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Abbey: A Story of Discovery James Martin

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    1 Blog on “The Abbey: A Story of Discovery

    1. Julie Davis says:

      This earnest, well meaning tale shows how difficult it is for authors to switch gracefully between nonfiction and fiction Author James Martin is a talented nonfiction writer but one wishes he weren t so well known that The Abbey was given the green light without someone wondering where an actual story was Handyman Mark and divorced mom Ann are both struggling to find meaning in their lives until various encounters at a nearby abbey provoke thought and spiritual awareness All the action is intern [...]

    2. Grace says:

      I admit it I m a fiction snob Though Father James Martin is my favorite Catholic spiritual author, I dreaded reading his first attempt at fiction The Abbey wasn t bad, actually, and I enjoyed it because I love Father Martin so much However, if you re not already a Martin fan and are easily irritated by less than stellar fiction, spend your time and money on Martin s beautiful, thought provoking, and spiritually enriching nonfiction, like My Life with the Saints, The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everyt [...]

    3. Fonch says:

      I like really much this choral story, whose center are three characters an accountency, an architect, and the father Paul I cheer up to the father James Martin S.J who continue with the adventures of the father Paul It is a character plenty of life In my opinion would be very interesting he spread his horizons I loved very much the author settled this story in Philadelphia Pensylvania in this state lives my friend Val Bianco, whom i send a fond hug This novel is self help, besides this novel all [...]

    4. Kathy says:

      I have long admired James Martin for his intelligent and clear manner of interpreting the Gospel I was not prepared to love this book like I did The Abbey is the centerpiece of this story and the characters Anne, Mark, Father Paul, and Father Edward are fully fleshed out characters with interesting back stories The reader follows along as the characters unfold and strive to find answers and to live their best lives Have to admit that my favorite parts were Anne s conversations with Father Paul I [...]

    5. writer... says:

      Contemporary stories of the main characters journeys of faith in real life situations of loss of relationships, family, and career Gently and capably guided by The Abbey s Abbott Paul, I gained insights into monastic life routine, self support through their abbey s jam production, and interrelational skills required for community life As a fellow spiritual director, I felt a solidarity as Abbott Paul guided the mc s to recognition of God in the details of their life His explanation of prayer was [...]

    6. Megan Uy says:

      I started to give this book four stars and then realized I was just being kind since I m such a fan of Fr Martin I wanted this book to be better than it was It was a quick, easy read and I enjoyed it and found some comforting and inspiring lines in it But I never got lost in the story there really isn t a story, per se, to get lost in There really wasn t a reason that this book had to be fiction at all Fr Martin could just as easily have made it a series of case studies for spiritual direction a [...]

    7. Lee Harmon says:

      Author James Martin aims for a story of spiritual awakening and falls short A divorced mother grieves the loss of her son, when circumstances contrive to bring her to an old Abbey, housing monks There she finds solace and inspiration in an image of Mary, mother of Jesus.Martin writes with humor and believability, but lost me when the plotline turned flat He teases us with the potential for romance, and again with the mysterious image of Mary, but both tangents lead nowhere Instead, about halfway [...]

    8. Ann-Marie says:

      A good story of how you find God or how God finds you.

    9. Charles says:

      An enjoyable novel and good introduction to Jesuit spiritualityThe Abbey is a short, but touching story that provides a good introduction to Jesuit spirituality Fr Martin takes the reader through several sessions of spiritual direction with the characters of Anne, Paul, and Mark For those intimidated by Fr Martin s book The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything, his first novel provides some of the same insights in a smaller and intimate setting A very good novel for those fans of Fr Martin, Jesuit [...]

    10. Barb says:

      A single mother mourning the loss of her teenage son and her tenant, an underemployed architect turned handyman, find a common bond in an unlikely place the local monastery.It was OK Nothing to shout about, and shorter than it needed to be, I think Character transformations take time to set up There were some comforting things about prayer, and some interesting insights about monastery life, but as a novel, this really didn t carry off all that well This type of storyline needs to be character d [...]

    11. Thom says:

      Odd that I did not find the story particularly compelling, but I kept wanting to read it in all my spare moments In part I think it is because I have enjoyed experiences at a monastery myself and the story evoked some of these It was a bit too predictable, but I was content for that to be so It is life as I wish it to be not easy necessarily but not so overwhelming that life in a community cannot help me through it This is an easy uplifting read.

    12. Linda says:

      This book is definitely Christian Catholic fiction As much as I wanted to like and love it just because it was written by Father Martin, I can t.The story is nice about a woman who lost her faith after a divorce and the death of her teenaged son The story was just okay, but the book could have used a lot fleshing out I guess for a first attempt at fiction, it s not too bad.

    13. Laura says:

      I absolutely loved this book A good discussion about God s interaction with people in lifen help to explain some people s whys in their lives I really enjoyed the characters and each of their faults and their search for God in their lives The story is simply told with no super deep meaningful passages.I loved this book so much I finished it in one day

    14. Anita Johnson says:

      I loved this short, lovely novel There was a feeling of familiarity for me since I had lived near the locations Also, I had a wonderful family friend who was also a Jesuit, so I found this story relateable and comforting The story could have been a parable on loss and finding one s way to peace If you enjoyed Fr Joseph Girzone s Joshua series, you will probably like this.

    15. Mary says:

      The Abbey is the story of God reaching out to people in various ways Abbott Paul seems too good to be true He always has good advice and knows what to say The book deals with grief and finding one s way in life A quick read but enjoyable.

    16. Jane says:

      Great read over Thanksgiving break It recalled my reading about Ignatian spirituality and finding God in all things in grad school, but like a case study Fun since I know Fr Jim a bit too Thanks, Tun

    17. Susie says:

      Catholic fiction I would like of this The writing is only mediocre, honestly, but perfect for my current attention span and religious leanings

    18. Joseph says:

      The book possesses a wonderful detail in the description of the world the author creates, but it is not always properly modulated For instance, in the exposition of the main characters, the detail into their pasts and emotional states is fascinating but when the same process is applied to the repair of a window pane, it is not as compelling The writing has a good balance of a secular and religious point of view The preachiness is subtle and blends well with the mundane action in the story line [...]

    19. Anna Björklund says:

      Bla bla bla gud, bla bla bla Jesus, bla bla bla s rjande mor, bla bla bla och bla bla bla ointressant ber ttelse r man inte gudstroende eller kristen, vilket jag inte r, s r den i det n rmaste outh rdlig F rfattaren verkar ha velat f fram att man kan n rma sig gud fr n vilket h ll som helst, att det r okej att st lla fr gor och ifr gas tta Bara det att karakt rerna r s otroligt platta och intets gande att det inte blir n gon intressant ber ttelse Jag hade n gon id om att det skulle vara en under [...]

    20. Trish says:

      Fr Jim s first novel, naturally centred on spiritual development, so it could have turned out very preachy and full of sickeningly pious people who could put you off religious folk for ever Not with Fr Jim, of course I took a wee while to get into the story, but then was engaged by the lives of the main protagonists The outcome is hopeful but not fairy tale and they all lived happily ever after The author is far too wise and experienced for that Lighter listening than his non fiction works.

    21. Emily says:

      I wasn t sure what to expect when I saw that Father James Martin had written a fiction book I can t really say I m one for Christian fiction However, this was just so pleasant and delightful I d recommend it to fans of his Also, why have I been on a kick of reading books about parents grieving their young sons death I was really worried about that going into this, but Father Martin s approach was comforting and inspirational than exploitative So I d also recommend this to anyone who is grieving [...]

    22. Villivonkansbooks says:

      Anne som f rlorat sitt barn i en olycka, Mark en fd arkitekt som nu r vaktm stare allt i allo och Abboten Paul har alla fr gor om hur de ska leva sitt liv Deras den v vs samman via Klostret i byn Det r en fin tankev ckande bok om hur man vill leva sitt liv, hur man kan sl ppa taget med det f rflutna och leva nu Den r l ttl st och har ett fint flyt i spr ket Den beskrivs som en sj lav rdsroman och det st mmer v ldigt bra tycker jag Den hade g rna kunnat f g nnu mer p djupet i deras tankar och hur [...]

    23. Jen says:

      I thought it was going to read like just a romance novel based on the way it started out and it was a romance indeed, but with God instead of between two people Having read a bunch of Fr Jim s other books, I could see some of those in the story but it definitely did not disappoint.Highly recommended.

    24. Kim says:

      A lovely, simple story with an uplifting message The only drawback was that it was jarring that the two main characters used curse words and, listening to the audio version, they just kind of got surprisingly flung into your ears I was surprised because this is written by a priest but I guess he was going for authenticity.

    25. Uota says:

      What I really do not like about all this is that Martin tries to write for everybody Or it seems so He puts many quotes and many sweet words about religious life but that just doesn t touch the heart So why on earth you should read such a thing and why there is a need to write it

    26. Mary Brown says:

      A simple yet enlightening story of three people who come to connect with God through everyday events and relationships It is a beautiful and moving novel James Martin somehow can share the understanding of faith and love in the same, simple way as Christ s parables.

    27. CHEYENNE says:

      Great visual of a monestary The spiritual challenges on this earth God s redeeming love after great tragedy Hope.

    28. Dre McDermott says:

      The coolest part of this book is that it was written by a priest, even though its fiction, it gives quite a bit of real perspective.

    29. Laurie Mcclary says:

      This is a nice easy read that is predictable.

    30. Cathy says:

      A thoughtful storyI enjoyed this simple, thoughtful story I like stories that bring me into the minds and hearts of peopleat help me understand a variety of people.

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