Megan McDonald Peter H. Reynolds
Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days
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Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days Megan McDonald Peter H. Reynolds A brand new friend and a big class project put Judy in an international mood in this comical new adventure.Judy Moody cannot believe her ears There at the lunch table, a girl called Amy Namey is interviewing Judy s best friends, Rocky and Frank Even worse, Amy is dressed like Nellie Bly, daredevil woman reporter, much like Judy s emulation of a certain woman doctor Is tA brand new friend and a big class project put Judy in an international mood in this comical new adventure.Judy Moody cannot believe her ears There at the lunch table, a girl called Amy Namey is interviewing Judy s best friends, Rocky and Frank Even worse, Amy is dressed like Nellie Bly, daredevil woman reporter, much like Judy s emulation of a certain woman doctor Is this clipboard carrying girl destined to be Judy s new best enemy Or new best friend Judy Moody finds some unexpected potholes on the path to friendship as Class 3T takes a whirlwind tour of the globe, investigating everything from tooth brushing sticks in Yemen to an Italian spider dance along the way Fans will cheer as Judy finally masters the challenge of making new friends and keeping the old for sure and absolute positive. Judy Moody Around the World in Days A brand new friend and a big class project put Judy in an international mood in this comical new adventure Judy Moody cannot believe her ears There at the lunch table a girl called Amy Namey is inter
  • Title: Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days
  • Author: Megan McDonald Peter H. Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9780763628321
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days Megan McDonald Peter H. Reynolds

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      385 Megan McDonald Peter H. Reynolds
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    1. Elizabeth says:

      So, Judy Moody is in the classroom and this girl appeared when she was sitting next to her best friends and she was a reporter and she said, What would you like for lunch And two of Judy Moody s best friends chose pizza, but SHE chose French Toast And so, she said, Check And Judy Moody said to her friends, You can t have pizza every day of the week, because they said they wanted pizza every day of the week And the reporter said, Why not My mom knows the lunch ladies And so she said, If you were [...]

    2. Michaela says:

      Dnes rob m poriadky a pozer m, e o to m Evka str en v zo ite matematiky A no, dnes sme robili lohy Som matka roka, vydr ala som to skoro a do konca pr zdnin, aj ke mal si ich chcela robi u na tedr de Inak, ak pr hodn Doma m me al iu Dadu N ladu T moja sa vol Eva N lada, lebo u za na sk a pubert lne od vanie sa Tak e, i to nem z tejto knihy Dnes si ju pre tam aj ja Heh.Nad en z nej vraj a tak nebola, ale tvrd , e to nebolo najhor ie, len stra ne kr tke 17 riadkov na stranu Bo e, ona to aj po tala [...]

    3. Ahmad Sharabiani says:

      Judy Moody Around the World in 8 1 2 Days Judy Moody 7 , Megan McDonald 1390 163 6 12 9789643696344

    4. MiaBakhthiar says:

      I was re organizing my shelf when I came across this old gem from my childhood I decided to give it a re read and was not the least bit let down I remember now how big an influence it had on me when I was younger.

    5. Sara says:

      Judy Moody mets her enemy nemisis turned best friend, Amy Namey She joins the My name is a poem club, with a membership card and all Amy Namey is a girl reporter, and comes to their class to tell them about Nellie Bly, a female reporter who went around the world in 72 days Their two third grade classes go around the world in 8 days, each group having a different country to present Judy s team has Italy, but her teammates get angry at her after she doesn t show up to the Italian dance practice Sh [...]

    6. Steven R. McEvoy says:

      Jody Moody is awesome I love her character, and her interactions with her friends and her family The books in this series will make you laugh and look at the world a little differently This book is a little different from most in the series, as it really focuses closely on just Judy There is a little less interaction with her family and her friends than in the other 6 books I have read in this series Read the whole review on my blog Book Reviews and More.

    7. Randall says:

      I liked this book.I think that Megan McDonald is a really good author.She knows how to talk in Kid Language.In the book the main character named Judy Moody meets a girl named Amy Namey,and they become friends.At first Judy s friends like her but then they feel that she stole her.I recommend this book to people who like childish or and playful books.This book also has a series.

    8. Luke says:

      Title Judy Moody Around the World in 8 DaysAuthor Megan McDonaldIllustrator Peter H ReynoldsGenre Transitional Chapter Theme s Friendship Brief Book Summary Judy Moody meets Amy Namey, and at first they don t seem to get along too well Gradually, Judy realizes that she has much in common with Amy, and starts hitting it off with her, even choosing to go to her club over her friends club This leaves some of her older friends feeling left out, and they decide to stop talking to Judy completely Judy [...]

    9. Meghan says:

      There is a new girl in Judy s life, Amy Namey She is just like Judy, and at first Judy is jealous about all the attention she is getting Once they become friends, Judy can t be separated from Amy and this makes her friends upset that they have been forgotten This leaves Judy to do her project on Italy all by herself This novel shows the meaning of friends, and just because you meet new people, doesn t mean you forget about the old The plot was done well, as it teaches kids how to have friends Th [...]

    10. Gracelyn says:

      It was a great book It was a chapter book and it also had pictures The around the world in 8 days project was due and they were not working together as a team They were fighting, not working together, and making music go faster during their dance routine Mr Todd had a talk with them and they understood They decided to go around the world in 8 1 2 days They made a huge pizza with the symbols of Italy It was the biggest pizza ever Amy even got a pic for her newspaper.

    11. Allie Pitcher says:

      I liked this book because it was funny and very interesting to learn about other places in the world I liked how Judy Moody tried to do the final project by herself and her friends forgave her for taking the spotlight I would recommend this book for 3rd graders and could be used as a whole class reading book.

    12. J says:

      A little out of order but a good stand alone story Fun for the little one and Judy is an interesting character.

    13. Parth Purohit says:

      Very good

    14. Indah Threez Lestari says:

      206 2017

    15. Rachel says:

      I love judy moody

    16. Elizabeth says:

      This is a story on how the Judy Moody went around the world in 8 and 1 2 days with her whole 3rd grade class and all the messes her group made on the way.

    17. Nyla says:

      7 year old review I loved this book because they do an around the world project of Italy And I like when she says ROAR ROAR

    18. Mehsi says:

      4.5 stars All aboard for the trip around the world in 8 1 2 days Really, I am so jealous of these kids and their school projects I wish I could participate in them The teachers at Judy s school really make sure kids are having fun with their school things This time the school project is about a certain lady who went around the world in 72 I believe days They are going past all the countries she went by, eating, learning, doing all kinds of things Even having group projects and showing what is so [...]

    19. Jennifer Fannon says:

      Judy Moody is not happy when a girl called Amy Namey is interviewing Rocky and Frank at lunch time Rocky and Franky are Judy s best friends and they are happy to oblige with Amy s interview on school improvements At first Judy does not like Amy Namey However it turns out that they have a few things in common Rocky and Frank point out to Judy that Amy is just like Judy For instance both Judy and Amy have names that rhyme.Amy invites Judy to join the My name Is A Poem club This is a club in which [...]

    20. Aitali63 says:

      In the first part the teacher tells the class that they have to do a report on one of the places Nellie Bly went.Judy Moody gets Italy with her friends Frank, Rocky, and Jessica Finch.Judy soon finds out that her class is doing the project with another tird grade class.One day when she was eating lunch and a girl came to the table to ask her friends on the opinion of pizza.She didn t like the girls because the girl just ignored her.So she decided not to be friends with her.But that night when we [...]

    21. Juan-Diego says:

      I thought that this book was funny because when Judy was doing the tarantella dance Judy was making funny faces, she made funny faces because she was dizzy from doing the tarantella dance The dance is a spider dance Judy had to do 8 movements at the same time Why did Stink, Rocky, Frank, and Jessica play the tarantella music fast How did Judy make the worlds biggest pizza Who put put JM made of gum on the alley wall Why does Amy say wierd stuff like check all the time Who made Amy s club officia [...]

    22. Ashley Laguer says:

      This book is about a girl name Judy moody she is a third grader and her name rhymes everything about her is that everything rhymes when she met the new girl she couldn t stand her because she does the same thing that Judy moody does It took place at a school were all her real got mad when at first she didn t like Amy namey and the reason why frank and rocky and the other kids couldn t it was because their names didn t rhyme and they just did other things without Judy moody and she has felt sorry [...]

    23. Emily says:

      I chose to read this book because although I have read Judy Moody books in the past, I have never read this one before The story takes the reader through trials Judy faces being a third grade student The book is great for early readers, containing small words, rhyming words, context clues, and Judy and her classmates are giving projects to the class about different countries around the world The project must be complete within eight days, but something happens to push the plan back to eight and [...]

    24. babyhippoface says:

      The spunky title character faces friendship problems when buddies Rocky Frank become frustrated with Judy s over the top admiration for new girl Amy Namey Tension builds when Judy neglects her duties in a classroom project on nations of the world in order to spend time with Amy With humor and energy, McDonald has once again zeroed in on typical third grade emotions and reasoning, ensuring the popularity of this entertaining 7th book in the series Characters involvement with the My Name Is a Poe [...]

    25. Tanja says:

      Judy Moody meets her match in Amy Namey, a new girl who not only has a rhyming name like she does but also many other things like her Is she just copying her Does Judy have a new enemy or the chance to find a wonderful new friend with whom to share all of her passions Things get even complicated when Judy s old friends suddenly feel neglected Will this affect their class work for the Around the World project Life is never boring when you are around Judy Moody and her brother Stink and this is a [...]

    26. Michelle. D. says:

      I loved the all Judy Moody books when I was kid They were always so adventurous and interesting Megan really knows hot to write books for kids withour making them too complicated or too easy The illustrations are really good to When I was a kid, I would always try to draw and recreate the pictures I really love Judy s cat, Mouse , It s just that he s always there randomly.Stink was amazing character too Smart and funny I find it hilarious that a parent would name there kid Stink I love his serie [...]

    27. Madi J says:

      I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars It is a very easy read, but it is also entertaining If you just want a quick book, this one if for you It is definitely a low reading level, but sometimes that is just what you want to read The book has fun characters and a cute story The pictures make each page visually attracting and interesting to look at I would recommend this book to young kids or slightly older kids who was a quick read Also, if you like this book, there is a whole Judy Moody series [...]

    28. librarian4Him02 says:

      Plot Judy makes a new friend has a brief falling out with her old friend, and then has to work with them on a school project Will they finish their project on time, or will they disappoint their classmates who are counting on them.Why I picked it up I needed a short book to reach my goal of 50 books in a year Plus, I ve been wanting to try them for awhile.Why I kept reading It boosted me on my way to 50 books.In the end As with the previous Judy Moody book I reviewed, I m glad I decided to give [...]

    29. Jj says:

      Judy Moody around the world crazy lol She always adds a spin to anything that s meant to be serious or important lol I enjoyed reading this book It was very funny, and different I hate it s one book in te series But I wanted to read Judy Moody brother series And I pray it s as interesting as this book was.Judy Moody is a very funny, entertaing and exciting But I would compare her book to the Lemony Snicket series So if you enjoy Lemony Snickett your defintaly enjoy Judy Moody and her buddies.

    30. Nancy says:

      My first Judy Moody Very cute character with lots of pizazz Fun book to read I can see why third graders and younger would love this series Judy s best friends are Rocky and Frank In this story she meets Amy Namey, a girl in the other third grade who is so much like her it s almost scary But, her old friends are threatened by her new friendship Fun and learning happens when they all try to team up to go around the world in 8 and 1 2 days for a school social studies project.

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