Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
The Boys Start the War
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The Boys Start the War Phyllis Reynolds Naylor The first book in the hilarious trilogy featuring the feuding Hatford and Malloy families When a new family with three daughters moves into the neighborhood, the Hatford brothers decide to make Caroline and her sisters so miserable that they ll want to go back to Ohio.. The Boys Start the War The first book in the hilarious trilogy featuring the feuding Hatford and Malloy families When a new family with three daughters moves into the neighborhood the Hatford brothers decide to make Caroli
  • Title: The Boys Start the War
  • Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
  • ISBN: 9780440418412
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Boys Start the War Phyllis Reynolds Naylor The Boys TV series The Boys is an American superhero web television series based on the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson Developed by Eric Kripke for , it follows the titular team of vigilantes as they fight back against superpowered people who abuse their abilities The series premiered on July , . The Boys Start the War The Boys Start the War is the first of many novels in a series of children s books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor The series is centered on two families, the Hatfords, who have four sons, Jake, Josh, Wally, and Peter, and the Malloys, who have three daughters, Eddie, Beth, and Caroline. The Boys Start the War Boy Girl Battle Book Kindle Feb , The Boys Start the War Boy Girl Battle Book Kindle edition by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Boys Start the War Boy Girl Battle Book . The Boys Start the War by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Mar , The Boys Start the War is the first of many books in this series, which is about the Hatford boys and the Malloy girls, who do everything from faking a death to stealing Mr Hatford s underwear to make each other miserable I really liked it because it is funny, and it is easy enough for a nd or rd grader to read. The Boys on When does it start How many episodes Jul , The Boys is a new superhero drama comedy show released on Prime The series is created by Eric Kripke, Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen and stars a The Boys TV Series Jul , The Boys is set in a universe where superpowered people are recognized as heroes by the general public and owned by powerful corporation Vought International, which ensures that they are aggressively marketed and monetized Outside of their heroic personas, most are arrogant and corrupt. The Boys comics The first six issues of The Boys were published by Wildstorm, starting in .On January , , the series was abruptly canceled with issue Ennis later explained that this was because DC Comics of which Wildstorm was an imprint before it was disbanded were uneasy with the anti superhero tone of the work The planned collection of said issues was also canceled. Baby Boy Names That Start With A TheBump Baby Boy Names That Start With A BABY NAMES The first letter of the alphabet, the letter A in a name symbolizes ambition, courage, and natural leadership. Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian mockumentary television series created and directed by Mike Clattenburg The show focuses on the misadventures of a group of trailer park residents, some of whom are ex convicts , living in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

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    1. Anna says:

      recommended for E410 Maybe I have a juvenile sense of humor, but I found this book really funny As the title indicates, it s basically about boys vs girls It doesn t get much deeper than that, but the antics between the Malloy girls and the Hartford boys are a hoot I know that s such an old lady way of saying things, but I can t think of a apt expression To quote a letter written by one of the Hartford boys So far here is what these girls have done 1 Outpitched the boys at recess even Jake.2 Pr [...]

    2. Zack K. says:

      I really liked the book It was funny it had rivalry and the setting was perfect for the idea of the book The part i like most was when the boys dad caught caroline taking his boxer briefs It was hilarious the book was about when the boys friends move out and girls move in When the boys find out they try to chase them off to get their friends to come back.The parents of the two rival families think each of the other families kids are nice and try to get them to be friends The boys mom makes them [...]

    3. Sarah says:


    4. Taylor Moore says:

      I really enjoyed this book I originally read this series in the 4th grade and still enjoyed it than ten years later Naylor s series are all so very different, so it was fun to try to make connections between this series and the Shiloh trilogy and Alice series This book, which focuses on a neighbor, boy vs girl rivalry in which sibling alliances take turns playing pranks one another, is not only extremely funny and entertaining, but it has undertones of consequentialism This book, like Shiloh, s [...]

    5. Rebecca says:

      The Boys Start the War is the first of many books in this series, which is about the Hatford boys and the Malloy girls, who do everything from faking a death to stealing Mr Hatford s underwear to make each other miserable I really liked it because it is funny, and it is easy enough for a 2nd or 3rd grader to read Great book

    6. Bernini and Juliet says:

      It was one of my favorite books as a kid.

    7. Rider says:

      I LOVED IT

    8. Cindy Birge says:

      A fun read aloud for my 3rd grade classes.

    9. Chelsey says:

      My teacher read this to me in 5th or 6th grade and it s always been a favorite Such a fun kids book with exciting things happening all the time Can t wait to read it to my kids

    10. Denya says:

      Loved these as a kid

    11. Diane says:

      When their best friends, the Bensens, move to Georgia for a year, the Hatford boys anxiously await news of who is moving into the Bensen house When they find out they are girls, the Hatford boys are appalled And war is declared If they can get the Malloy girls to move away, the Bensens can return This first book includes a chocolate cake floating down the river, the Malloys howling on the roof and Caroline trapped in a shed and acting like a rabid dog with the help of marshmallow foam.

    12. Bella says:

      Very cute book On suggestion from Elyse, I decided to start this series, having always been a fan of Naylor s other stuff The plot was fun, but I wished I had learned a bit about the characters, but I guess that s what the other books are for

    13. Christa says:

      This was a good, funny book that any kid would like

    14. Michaela says:

      This book was hilarious I can t wait to read the next one.

    15. Carter Gray says:

      There are a couple of things that happen in this book First Eddie, Beth, and Caroline move into the Benson s house The Benson boys were friends with the Hatford boys Second the hatford boys and the Malloy sisters play pranks on each other.There are some problems in this book But the main problem is that the Malloy sisters moved into the Benson s house So the Hatford boys don t like that because they were friends with the Bensons So they play pranks on each other One way they can solve this is wo [...]

    16. Stacey says:

      Jake, Josh, Wally and Peter Hartford are horrified when their best friends, the Bensons move away The Benson s house is up for rent and the Hartford boys are worried that someone without any children is going move into it That means that they won t have enough people for a baseball team, no one to go trick or treating with and no one to play with But they never realized that wasn t the worst thing that could happen When three girls move in next door the Hartfords realize that they need to get th [...]

    17. Suebee says:

      A fun introduction to a series One of my 3rd grade classes liked this last year.Written in 1993, the four Hatford brothers are upset that their best friends, the five Benson boys, moved away from their home across the creek in their small WV town Three Malloy girls with their family move in, and a war begins when the boys dump stinky dead fish, etc in the creek by their house, and the girls see it and get even, pretending to mourn and dump their dead sister Caroline into the creek, all for show [...]

    18. Jackie says:

      The Harford boys, Jack, Josh, Peter, and Wally are sad when the Benton family and their best friends move to Georgia They re hopeful that kids will move into their housed their wish is granted when the Malloy family with three kids all about their ages move in Just one problemey are all girls Well, when the boys plan a welcome to the neighborhood prank on the girls, they don t know what they are in for, or what they ve started All summer long and well into the start of school, it is a back and [...]

    19. Meagan says:

      I used this book as a read aloud with my students It is about a family with 3 boys that lives close to a family with 5 boys The 5 boys move away, and the other 3 are eager to see who is going to move into the house They heard that it was a family with 3 kids, and they thought that it was going to be all boys Much to their surprise and dismay, it was 3 girls that moved in The girls catch the boys spying on them one day, and decide to give them a real show This is the beginning of an elaborate pra [...]

    20. Nicole says:

      This book was a mother daughter bonding experience My 8 year old daughter recommended it to me, and we ve had a great time talking about the characters and the things they did to get the others to leave Lots of opportunities to talk about what could they have done or what was a consequence of that decision With the story s feuding main characters, the Hatfords and Malloys, who lived on opposite sides of a small river, the author was clearly alluding to the famous feud between the Hatfields and t [...]

    21. Katie says:

      The four Hartford brothers thought that having some new boys move into the neighbor s house might make them feel a little better about the fact that their best friends had recently moved away When the new family shows up, however, it is discovered that the Malloys have three GIRLS Within less than a week the Malloys and the Hartfords have declared war What follows is an unceasing series of sinking cakes, floating heads, stolen underwear, and elaborate hoaxes This riotous book begins an excellent [...]

    22. Jennifer says:

      Hilarious Funny for children of all elementary school ages Even my teen was laughing as she over heard me reading Short chapters with something funny in each one Perfect for a little evening reading with young children As a parent, I love that these children spend their free time climbing trees, staging theatrics, playing outdoor games, and studying bugs It s true that things do get a little heated between the boys and the girls at times, but ultimately, each side loves the excitement of the bat [...]

    23. Benjamin Elliott says:

      The titles for this series give all of the preview you need to know that this tells the story of a prank war between the two genders Other than the fact that it is simply the boys and girls of two families instead of two larger groups summer camps, scouts or something , it plays out much the way you would expect I m not sure how they get 8 books out of this premise, but I m willing to check out at least a couple .

    24. Krista says:

      This book is about a group of brothers who are upset when their friends move away and a group of 3 sisters moves into the house nearest theirs They decide to pull pranks and tricks to get the girls to move away so their friends who were renting out the house to the girls family will move back The book is fairly humorous and deals with the war of the sexes An okay book, which kids will likely enjoy No real depth, but very funny.

    25. Kimberly says:

      Thoroughly and completely enjoyed this series, which I read to my daughters through Nov Dec at bedtime Love, love, love Phyllis Reynolds Naylor for elementary aged readers Love, love, love this series for the Brady bunch era of hijinx between children Love, love, love that neither the boys nor the girls are clear case winners of the war , though, my daughters do believe there was a winner Whole heartedly recommend as a family read and to all elementary aged readers.

    26. Shabnam says:

      i kinda liked the book i liked the last part where Caroline pretends to be ill and then Jake calls Beth and begs her to come and take Caroline and then when their mum and dad came and made them peel the apples i read this in an hour and a half i think mostly because it was kinda childish and didn t have that many pages and another reason was that i wanted to see what they were gonna do to each other I might start reading the next book tonight

    27. Caroline says:

      The Hatford brothers friends moved away, and now a new family is moving in It s three girls, and they all have nicknames Eddie is The Whomper because she can whomp a baseball really hard and really far, which is one of the twins true title I forget which Beth is The Weirdo because she reads mystery books 24 7, even when she s brushing her teeth And Caroline is The Crazy because she s always ready to involve everyone in her dramatic scemes.

    28. Megan says:

      The Hatford brothers are devestated when the family who moves in next door the Malloys have girls instead of boys Determined to get the girls to move away, the brothers begin a series of pranks that are quickly reciprocated by the Malloy sisters A reference to the Hatfield McCoy feud that young readers probably won t get.

    29. Nicole says:

      Despite being an old series, the trouble the boys and girls cause are relate able while being outrageously hilarious Most cause effort stories get repetitive but the plot and revenges made by Naylor keeps this series interesting and suspenseful Best Part The entire series will make you laugh regardless of what team you re rooting for.

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