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Get A Clue
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Get A Clue Jill Shalvis When she gets left at the altar, city girl Breanne decides to go on her honeymoon alone She ends up snowed in at a Sierra mountains lodge, then discovers that her rooom has been double booked, and she ends up sharing with burned out cop Cooper Scott Things go from bad to worse when Breanne finds a dead body.. Get A Clue When she gets left at the altar city girl Breanne decides to go on her honeymoon alone She ends up snowed in at a Sierra mountains lodge then discovers that her rooom has been double booked and she
  • Title: Get A Clue
  • Author: Jill Shalvis
  • ISBN: 9780758211385
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Get A Clue Jill Shalvis

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    1. Alp says:

      DNF at 40%I hated the hero, big time He came across as a bully who took advantage of the situation and got flirty with the heroine over and over again He enjoyed embarrassing and making fun of her What a jerk I want to punch his arrogant face I ve had enough of this Sorry, I can t finish it I know I m a picky reader, but in this case, it s totally the book, not me

    2. Emily says:

      Breanne Mooreland has had it with her run of bad luck when it comes to men, jilted at the alter she decides to go ahead and use the honeymoon retreat they had planned She should have realized that the groom not showing up was the first sign that her life was about to go completely awry, now facing a naked man in her honeymoon suite has her running for the door.Vice cop Cooper Scott just wanted a week to get his head in order Having had his life in shambles over the past couple of months, he just [...]

    3. Lisa Kay says:

      Tied for my favorite of JS s work For a murder mystery with romance and humor I liked this story The heroine decides to go on her honeymoon alone after she is left at the altar.Some people said her accidently picking up the complimentary honeymoon suite lighted vibrator instead of the flashlight when the lights go out of course the lights go out This is a secluded lodge in the woods kinda mystery was not funny, but I was FOFLMAO Plus, the hero is a sexy cop o What book does it tie with as my fav [...]

    4. Jennifer says:

      If Aussie Rules mystery was backburner quality, this books mystery quotient was practically non existent I just couldn t get into it at all I don t have trouble with love at first sight books, but I just wasn t buying it in this case Maybe because the characters seemed unrealistic If I am supposed to believe Breanne is tough and independent, then make her act tough and independent Don t make her cry at the drop of a hat and jump into some random guys arms every chance she gets Being scared of th [...]

    5. D.G. says:

      2.5 stars What a dud This was one of the silliest, funny romantic suspense books The plot was totally crazy those people in that house should have been kept to their rooms instead of roaming around, with a supposed murderer on the loose The heroine was one of those people who sabotages her whole life she was left at the altar once so she proceeds to pick losers that keep living her at the altar which proves that men are not trustworthy Snort.The only good part of the book were the chapter header [...]

    6. Jae says:

      A crazy cute story, as to be expected from Jill Shalvis The chapter headers were very hilarious I am a sucker for a comedic romance and can always count on JS for that.Truly an enjoyable read And the sex was very hot and wicked That s cool copper Cooper for you.

    7. Emma says:

      3.5 4 stars

    8. Saly says:

      Get a Clue by Jill Shalvis is a crazy book, with a haunted house, weird help, people disappearing, lights going off Crazy in one word.Breanne our heroine has just been dumped at the altar for the 3rd time Yup, she chooses the worst men ever She is the baby of the family and has her father and four brothers wrapped around her finger, she changes jobs frequently So, after being dumped, braving a bumpy flight, loosing her luggage, she arrives in the middle of the night to the place she was supposed [...]

    9. Susan says:

      Fun book Breanne has had a really bad day She got left at the altar for the third time and decided her only option was to escape by going on her pre paid honeymoon alone A turbulent flight with unpleasant seatmates and lost luggage just adds to the stress She arrives at her destination in the midst of the blizzard of the century to discover that there is a sexy man taking a shower in her room and claiming that it s his room.Cooper is a vice cop who has reached the end of his rope His plan for th [...]

    10. Jennifer Wardrip says:

      Take the heat and sizzle from an episode of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, mix it in with the mystery from MURDER, SHE WROTE, then stir it together with a dash of the exotic from SIX FEET UNDER and what you have is Jill Shalvis s romantic mystery comedy, GET A CLUE The current installment in the Wicked Women Whodunit series, this book is sure to make you laugh, pant, and cheer all at the same time Breanne Mooreland is having a really bad day Left standing at the altar, she decides there s only one way to [...]

    11. Hayley says:

      What a great story this is A little on the steamy side and a little bit of suspense wrapped up into a wonderful read that I thoroughly enjoyed This story is about a woman named Breanne who all her life has always makes the wrong choices Being left at the altar THREE TIMES she decides this final time she is giving up men, NO MORE MEN So she uses her honeymoon to get away for a bit, ALONE in the Sierra mountains in a fully staffed lodge That is until she stumbles upon a hottie in her shower in HER [...]

    12. Jasja says:

      Oh myI just started reading this one and it s making me laugh so bad that I am afraid I will be losing some sleep again So much for my trying to have an early night in Edit I finished reading it and I really enjoyed it Having said that, I have to admit that I do not think it s the best book I read by Jill Shalvis, but somehow it took me on a trip down memory lane and reminded me of my own little quirks and things I enjoy ed doing such as falling in love or lust for the very first time, reading a [...]

    13. Rachel says:

      This is one murder mystery where I really wished the killer would off the heroine She was infuriating IN FUR I A TING.

    14. Melanie says:

      Ostensibly a locked room mystery, but in reality just an excuse for a bunch of sex scenes Fluffy and silly and at times exasperating, but ultimately it was fun and exactly what it set out to be, and great for vacation.

    15. Linda says:

      Seriously, if you are in the mood for a steamy and extremely funny who done it romance, pick up this book No groom No electricity Stuck in a house with a naked guy ScrewedT A CLUE by Jill Shalvis was freakin hilarious I d read it again in a heartbeat and it s positively in the running for my top ten reads for 2016 It had a snowy setting, a cast that reminded me of the Addams family, creepy shenanigans, a heroine jilted three times at the altar, a burned out cop desiring a serene vacation, suspen [...]

    16. Jennifer says:

      Review can be seen here at Books and Swoons.I was not prepared for Get a Clue I thought I was getting some of Jill Shalvis hero who knows when to be sweet and charming and when to be demanding what I say goes alpha male I was expecting a relatable, slightly awkward, strong, girl next door type heroines, with some loveable side characters, some hot sexy times and an interesting plot Instead, what I got was neurotic heroine whom I wanted to give a chill pill to, some kooky side characters, an all [...]

    17. Liese says:

      To tell the truth, I m not sure how this book got such reviews Personally, I hated it.This book sigh was disastrous The characters were annoying, the plot was boring as hell, and it wasn t worth the money at all.I downloaded this book with such high hopes It had good reviews, it had an catching summary and the plot, which is a spin off of Clue, sounded perfect I downloaded the sample on my kindle, read it, and went, Wow, this is Jill Shalvis I bought the book anyways, and continued to read it I [...]

    18. Shelly says:

      I decided to read this book after hearing the heroine used a glow in the dark vibrator as a flashlight How could I resist Plus, I ve heard good things aboutand somehow had not read any of her books yet So I decided to remedy that straight away This was a fun and flirty book, very quick and easy, and delightful to read Everything happened a little fast, but hey, with 233 pages, you have to know that going in Immediately I like Breanne and grew to love her by the end, even though she did have THRE [...]

    19. Lauren says:

      Get a Clue3.5 StarsBreanne Mooreland has had the worst day of her life Her fianc left her at the alter, the airline lost her luggage and there is a strange yet sexy naked man in her honeymoon suite To top it all off, Breanne stumbles on a dead body and the sexy stranger is a cop The quirky characters, steamy romance and modest mystery make this a surprisingly entertaining read Breanne and Cooper have amazing chemistry and their scenes together are hot and spicy Nevertheless, their instalove roma [...]

    20. Connie N. says:

      This was a very quick read I d categorize it as romantic suspense since there s a mystery along with the typical romance, but it s lighter and less stressful than most The setting is generically spooky, a large home in the mountains which Breanne has booked for her honeymoon, although she shows up alone because she was jilted Also booked there, by mistake apparently, is a burnt out vice cop who needs a vacation When the snowstorm of the century hits, the power goes out, and a dead body is found [...]

    21. LaFleurBleue says:

      It s probably better to be prepared to avoid any strong deceptions This is definitely not a romantic suspense, of a romantic comedy Yes, there s an investigation regarding a murder, but it looks like a Cluedo game And even the way the investigation was solved had a strong redolence of the game view spoiler with a vase, or next to a broken vase, in the main room, with the mysterious inhabitant that was not supposed to be in the house hide spoiler.The whole story takes place over a period of 3 d [...]

    22. Heather andrews says:

      First meetings are always awesome, Cooper Scott stood butt a naked, freezing cold and dripping wet in the bathroom doorway, holding the vibrator his mystery guest had just dropped Cooper is easily whipped where his woman is concerned, sleep was a personal thing, something one did alone Like jacking off But he didn t feel like sleeping by himself Truthfully, he didn t feel like sleeping at all He just wanted to hold her and look at her Christ, he d turned into such a sap Cooper is just one fine m [...]

    23. Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim) says:

      A light quick fun read A farce in two acts basically Our heroine, Breanne Moreland is dumped at the alter for the third time and decides to go on the honeymoon by herself Due to a highly unlikely series of events, she ends up trapped in a mountain lodge in a snowstorm in a room with a cop on hiatus, no clothes to wear, cut off from the world, and a dead body in the basement Light and fun Being a Jill Shalvis book, there is still a fair chunk of hot sex and funny lines to be had Don t try to take [...]

    24. Dee says:

      Two haiku review She s left at altarGoes on honeymoon aloneHot guy, dead bodyCute and amusingMystery a bit obviousPlenty of hot sex

    25. Mancho283 says:


    26. Abra says:

      This is a workman like effort from Jill Shalvis It is well written and sometimes funny, but I didn t connect to any of the characters enough to care about them Breanne was jilted at the alter for the third time and has decided to go on the honeymoon her ex paid for When she gets there a terrible storm is blowing and she barely makes it inside before freezing The electricity is off and no one is around except a guy who looks like a biker and says he s the butler Breanne makes it to the honeymoon [...]

    27. Tracy says:

      And You Thought YOU Were Having a Bad DayShe was left at the alter again , and is now on her honeymoon with no groom She s wet, freezing cold, stuck in a strange place, caught in a storm the likes of which hasn t been seen in centuries, with no electricity she s afraid of the dark , no luggage got lost in transit , a naked man in her shower okay, so that s not exactly a bad thing , and all she s got as a flashlight is a glow in the dark vibrator that was part of the honeymoon package the exclusi [...]

    28. Rachel- Goodbye Borders says:

      Breanne just got dumped at the alter So, she decides to go on her honeymoon alone, since it s all paid for She has bad taste in men and this was the 3rd time she s been dumped Cooper, on leave, happened to be booked for the same weekend Oops, double booked I wonder what is going to happen Breanne had so many moments I wanted to slap some sense into her First, her declaration on no men Really, could have fooled me Secondly, her packing for the week in the mountains didn t she think to check the [...]

    29. paperysoul says:

      I think I m addicted to Jill Shalvis s books I really love her writing and the flow of each story she created So amazing Here I am, have devoured one of her novels Get A ClueI totally enjoyed the premise The humour was cracking like hell Definite hilarious I laughed out loud The romance was awesome, cute, lovely and sweet The chemistry between Breanne and Copper was so powerful So powerful that the sexual tension was absolute madness it s killing me I quite liked the mystery Not really that inte [...]

    30. Amanda says:

      This book was a heavy double edged sword to me, there were many moments of laugh out loud hilarity, melt your heart sweetness, and rev your engine hotness Then there were many moments of knock your head against the wall frustration, was that really needed irritation and worst of all, the why was that even mentioned confusion I had questions about like why did Breanne it have to happen 3 times when once was bad enough it actually made it a little harder for me to like her and then why did her bro [...]

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