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Keeper of the Bride
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Keeper of the Bride Tess Gerritsen Had she survived because of fate, coincidence or just luck If Nina Cormier s wedding had taken place, she would be dead But after the bride was left at the altar, the church stood empty when the bomb went off It wasn t until a stranger tried to run her car off the road, however, that she realized someone wanted her I dead But who That s what Detective Sam Navarro needsHad she survived because of fate, coincidence or just luck If Nina Cormier s wedding had taken place, she would be dead But after the bride was left at the altar, the church stood empty when the bomb went off It wasn t until a stranger tried to run her car off the road, however, that she realized someone wanted her I dead But who That s what Detective Sam Navarro needs to find outfast As a cop, he knows better than to become attached to the woman he s trying to protect But as a manWith a nightmare unfolding around them, Sam and Nina decipher the stunning truth Now they re at the mercy of a brilliant madman who plays for keeps. Keeper of the Bride Had she survived because of fate coincidence or just luck If Nina Cormier s wedding had taken place she would be dead But after the bride was left at the altar the church stood empty when the bomb
  • Title: Keeper of the Bride
  • Author: Tess Gerritsen
  • ISBN: 9781551669359
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • Keeper of the Bride Tess Gerritsen

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    1. Jane says:

      You know what bugged me the most about this book Spectre What kind of idiot bomber would fake his own death to avoid prosecution, have plastic surgery to conceal his identity, but continue to use the exact same signature on his devices right down to the color of the electrical tape I m supposed to think this guy is smart Had he, say, switched to red tape, the police might never have guessed he was still around, and he might never have needed to kill the nurse who knew he was missing a finger Uh [...]

    2. Susan says:

      Well, I ve read a lot of Tess Gerritsen s books and have really enjoyed them for their strong characters and they way she weaves a mystery That said, I was NOT prepared for a Harlequin Romance That s right, you heard me This was actually a Harlequin Romance Novel, one of several she appears to have written earlier in her career.It was one of those books you pick up when you re in the mood to read but not in the mood to get too involved or to think too much It was okay, and it was a quick read Pi [...]

    3. Meep says:

      First off Gerritsen writes great thrillers this is an earlier book and regardless of the covers suggestion is a romance story Mira are Harlequin releases.I read to the end But the plot soon gets rather silly with obvious flaws to the logic of both the protagonist and our heroes The bride must be protected at all costs, I think because she s beautiful, but when most at risk is allowed to go unguarded view spoiler Also if a bomber is after you and a you re under police watch there s a selfishness [...]

    4. Nazl─▒can says:

      O kadar ak c yd ki ayn g n i inde ba lay p bitiriverdim Tabii bunun olumsuz taraf da hikayeye tam olarak al amadan bitivermesi oldu Tess ne yazsa okurum, bu y zden bu kitab da hi teredd ts z elime al p okumaya ba lad m Bu Tess Gerritsen n epey eski romanlar ndan biri Yazar n daha sonraki eserlerinin aksine hikaye ok dallan p budaklanm yor, okuru z lmesi gereken daha az ve basit gizemle ba ba a b rak yor Bu y zden Tess in di er kitaplar yla kar la t r nca olduk a soluk kald n s yleyebilirim.Yine [...]

    5. Siobhan says:

      I adore Tess Gerritsen s work, and I m trying my hardest to get my hand onto everything she has written I accept, however, that not everyone shares this view I ll gladly admit that her recent work is her best, but her older stuff is also fun However, when it comes to her older stuff you need to enter with an open mind There is no question that her recent work falls into the mystery and thriller category, whereas her older work falls into the romance Romantic suspense, even Due to this, I know a [...]

    6. Carla Hostetter says:

      The book gets off to a good start with Nina Cormier being left at the altar by her surgeon groom and then having the church blow up behind her Why would anyone want to kill this lovely, caring nurse Bomb squad expert, Sam Navarro, pits himself against a deranged bomber who seems to go to great lengths to dispose of people who have no idea who he is Plenty of action but a sort of cheesy, predictable romantic ending, which is fine by me.

    7. Aditi says:

      An exciting and thrilling tale about a left at the alter bride, Nina and an introvert Detective, Sam Nina is on the hit list of a mad guy, who wants Nina dead The sizzling chemistry between Nina and Sam is very enthralling Well this was the first novel of Tess Gerritsen that I read, I liked it a lot The mystery keeps you hooked on to its pages, truly a gripping tale The author s writing was also very flawless and easily understandable, makes you feel like everything happening in front of your fa [...]

    8. Godzilla says:

      I should preface this review by stating that I was given this book by my mother, who thoroughly enjoyed it.I am in no way a book snob anything that encourages people to read and enjoy reading is a massive plus in my book.However, this was simply terrible writing, and I appreciate it was one of Tess Gerritsen s earlier works, but it is simply substandard.The dialogue was stilted and just didn t scan as being real, the characters weren t even two dimensional, the plot wafer thin and the repetition [...]

    9. D.B. Reynolds says:

      I m a fan of Tess Gerritsen s Jane Rizzoli books not the TV show, but the books and also a reader of Romantic Suspense, so when I saw this book, it was a no brainer for me I m amazed by the people complaining on that the book is a Harlequin romance the publisher is identified right in the book details It s generally a good idea to read the details before clicking the buy button Fewer surprises that way But for me, while I m not certain police investigations, and especially the bomb squad, work t [...]

    10. Miz says:

      I feel like it missed a whole chapter or something at the end

    11. Ilse says:

      Super spannend, vlot lezend en doordrongen van een vleugje romantiek

    12. Linda Walters says:

      This was an enjoyable romantic thriller Well, thriller in the sense of trying to stop the the villain of the piece A very clever, methodical opponent I suppose it could have been a bit deeper but I enjoyed it as a quick read There is a slow developing romance between Nina and Sam, which is fine because the main focus is on the danger and the mystery of the bomber What is the bomber s target or targets, how do they connect, do they connect, why was Nina s wedding bombed What does Nina and her ex [...]

    13. Mike says:

      Heading towards the Gerritsen novels I started with A good read, once started I barely stopped.

    14. Anne Martin says:

      you are quickly drawn into the book by the usual Tess Gerritsen style Jilted at the hotel by her no good fiance, she dos not know what to do When it appears the church exploded from a bomb planted in a gift for the newlyweds, and when a car tries to push her of the road, and when her fiance is killed, the police is called, of course and Nina cannot believe it someone wants to kill her Why she is just an E.R nurse, with a rich father The detective she contacted t first is full of pity and other f [...]

    15. Em Chainey (Bookowski) says:

      Tess Gerritsen in tek kitaplar n n i erisinde Kemik Bah esi, Hasat, Y r nge ve Gece N betini bir yana koyarsam bu geriye kalanlar i inde en iyisi idi Bu seferki polisiye anlam nda ger ekten iyi bir kitapt Konudan da anla laca zere d n g n ortada b rak lan bir gelin ve onu koruyan bir polis memuru aras nda ge en a k ve onlar birle tiren macera dolu kovalamacal olaylar anlat yor kitap Dedektif Sam Navarro ile Nina Cormier, iki karakter olarak olduk a ba ar l yans t lm S cak bir ili ki, ba tan sona [...]

    16. Robin says:

      A bomb goes off in a church Luckily, everyone had gone home when the groom failed to show up for the planned wedding Detective Sam Navarro is trying to figure out who the target was, when the bride, Nina Cormier, is forced off the road by a black pick up After taking Nina into protective custody, Nina and Sam work together to find a madman.I found this book to be an interesting read Though it wasn t very suspenseful, I enjoyed trying to figure out who wanted Nina dead My only big problem with th [...]

    17. Sanaa Iona says:

      A fantastic, gripping read Enjoyable A woman is jilted at the alter and as she sits outside the empty church thinking how she will deal with being jilted and encompassed with confusion the church behind her blows up Then shortly someone tries to run her off the road as she drives home, then the one who jilted her a few days later after being AWOL turns up but his presence is short lived Buildings are being blown up including the jilted one s new apartment and the whole time buildings are being b [...]

    18. Candice says:

      This was a good book overall It kept me interested through most all of it However, I think some of it was a little redundant and or predictable with the love story aspect of it This was the first book of Tess Gerritsen s ive read that hasn t had a lot of medical aspects to it, of course one of the main characters was a nurse, but that was such a small part of it This book focuses mainly on the detective side of it, which in this case is a Bomb Squad detective Of course, true to Gerritsen s style [...]

    19. Kjean Lara says:

      Mis dos estrellas no es porque sea un libro malo o no tan bueno Mi calificaci n a cada libro tiene que ver con lo que me haga sentir.Esta historia es entretenida, linda Me gust mucho y la disfrut Es una historia que me dej un buen sabor de boca,spu s del amargo sabor de boca que me hab a dejado Mud Vein de Tarryn Fisher A pesar de que a Mud vein le.di tres estrellas y a este s lo dos, debo decir que me gust m s este libro Un libro que me hace sonre r me gusta m s Tal vez es il gica mi puntuaci n [...]

    20. PaigeBookdragon says:

      Meh.This feels like of a Linda Howard book than a Tess Gerritsen Usually I love Miss Howard s book but I m expecting something gory and gritty than this.The ending also feels a bit flat than I liked.I mean, what the hell I was expecting something personal because trying to blow the heroine into pieces in the church where her wedding is supposed to take is PERSONAL Summary Not impressed.

    21. Liesbeth says:

      I actually really enjoyed it Just recently I haven t been able to concentrate on books much, but this held my attention, and it is a decent read.Gerritsen always writes well, writing style wise this book is no exception.Not as gruesome as her later work, and much romance, but she carries it off perfectly.

    22. Janet says:

      This is one of her earlier works and it s a love story as well as a mystery Definitely worth reading.

    23. Kay says:

      Good story of a bride left at the altar, bombings, murder, and mayhem Quick reading and holds your interest.

    24. Kristine says:

      I finished it because it was the only thing on my Nook at the time

    25. Connie Lewis says:

      I had forgotten how much I love Tess Gerritsen Another book that I couldn t easily put down If you like a good dramatic mystery with a good romance mingled in, this is for sure a good choice.

    26. Gail says:

      I can not say enough about this author All her books are great This one kept me reading until wee hours of the morning

    27. Sussie Hansen says:

      It started with a bang, every girls worst nightmare.Fast pace and very good.

    28. Leslie says:

      I couldn t really like this book because of the reason that Nina and her fiance come to find themselves in the cross hairs of a mad bomber Are we really expected to believe that someone who is already presumed dead would go so out of his way to kill off two people who only MIGHT be able to recall him IF the police happen to come asking There is no reason for him to believe that his true identity would be found out, yet he somehow makes note of their names when they treat him in the hospital, tra [...]

    29. Colette Hinton says:

      Tess Gerritsen pegs this as one of her romance thrillers I personally believe she should stick to one or the other genre Were I a teacher assigning marks for the two different genres combined in this story I would certainly give the thriller section of the story much higher marks than the romance The thriller was tense from the start and moved through many twists and turns, keeping one eager to turn the page and delve further into the plot The romance side of the story was, in my opinion, diffic [...]

    30. Sarah says:

      I ve listened to a couple of Tess Gerritsen books and have greatly enjoyed them But this one bleh It wasn t even super shitty and stupid or anything It was just so mediocre and boring Nina was a terribly bland, generic protagonist Sam was slightly less boring, but still super generic Naturally, their budding romance was about as interesting as watching paint dry And then the mystery plot was also pretty lame Honestly, considering how kindly I tend to star books of equally questionable quality, i [...]

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