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Mail Order Outlaw
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Mail Order Outlaw Cynthia Woolf Ed Talbot isn t husband material He s an outlaw, was forced into his father s gang at the age of thirteen, and is wanted Dead or Alive in than one territory But now his father is dead, he hates the life, the blood, and his brother s rages When a stagecoach robbery goes awry, Ed ends up with a satchel full of charming letters from an enticing young miss UnfortunateEd Talbot isn t husband material He s an outlaw, was forced into his father s gang at the age of thirteen, and is wanted Dead or Alive in than one territory But now his father is dead, he hates the life, the blood, and his brother s rages When a stagecoach robbery goes awry, Ed ends up with a satchel full of charming letters from an enticing young miss Unfortunately for Miss Lizzie Cobb, her betrothed is now dead, and Ed Talbot sees a way out Impersonating a fine, upstanding young man shouldn t be too difficult Despite the risks, falling in love with her proves to be all too easy Isolated on her mother s ranch just outside of Tombstone, Miss Lizzie Cobb doesn t have the time or the means to find a respectable husband As a half Apache woman in the Arizona Territory, being a mail order bride seems like the only solution to her problem until she realizes that San Francisco is too far away, and she ll have to leave her vulnerable mother and baby brother behind Her solution Call off the wedding When her groom shows up on her doorstep, she s shocked He s handsome, strong, and has traveled hundreds of miles to claim her His kisses inflame her body and his presence soothes her soul Falling for the rugged man is beyond her control But the past has a way of catching up to outlaws, and facing the truth is going to be hard for both of them.. Mail Order Outlaw Ed Talbot isn t husband material He s an outlaw was forced into his father s gang at the age of thirteen and is wanted Dead or Alive in than one territory But now his father is dead he hates the li
  • Title: Mail Order Outlaw
  • Author: Cynthia Woolf
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  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mail Order Outlaw Cynthia Woolf

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      379 Cynthia Woolf
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    1. Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession says:

      3.5 Feel good Stars This book was just what I needed after the last book I read made me so sad I love that about Cynthia Woolf, her books are always sweet lighter reads I loved the plot Loved the characters I really enjoyed this book, although it isn t my favorite from Cynthia Woolf it was still a good one This one is still free on right now if anyone would like to read it I will put the link belowazon Mail Order Outl.icasoverthetopbookobsessio

    2. Anuradha says:

      For a woman who shares her surname with perhaps one of the most prolific writers in the world has ever seen, who also happened to be a feminist, I m sure this Ms Woolf is making Virginia Woolf roll in her grave With underdeveloped, shitty characters, terrible, almost juvenile writing, and a story line thinner than my hostel room walls, this book definitely makes my burn this shit list The script is painfully repetitive like she loves her brother, she s horny as fuck, his brother is an asshole, h [...]

    3. Jen says:

      Another fast and light read for me I enjoyed this one but it was just a very low angst story It is what I am looking for right now in my reads, so I was satisfied I have always been a sucker for the mail order bride theme, and this one was set in the Western genre.A great read when you are looking for something light

    4. Ðawn says:

      Spoilers I really didn t care for this, seeing how I actually finished, I supposed it could have been worse.The story is told at a very fast pace Lots of time jumping, and filled with mostly dialogue and having little detail to thoughts, expressions and atmosphere.Right off the bat I didn t care for the fact the hero was in love before, and had been with so many whores Amazingly, he didn t have VD or bastards, or at least it wasn t mentioned He also didn t seem to care that his first love was ra [...]

    5. Coco.V says:

      FREE on today 2 3 2018

    6. Jenn Green says:

      Oy This one sounded SO interesting, and I wanted to like it so much It was in desperate need of both a copy editor and a content editor, because there were a lot of typos, dropped words, plot holes, plot mistakes, and missed cues for example, one page talks about the hero having been at the ranch for two monthsd two pages later it says he s been there for one.I m confused as to how the hero is described as being half Mexican at one point even though his mom is named Becky, which doesn t sound Me [...]

    7. Vikki Vaught says:

      4.5 StarsVikki s MusingsI have read several books by Cynthia Woolf and have enjoyed them a great deal Mail Order Outlaw may well be my favorite so far Her writing is smooth and even though the plot of a mail order bride has been used many times, she puts a fresh spin on this one I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful book I am not going to do a synopsis because Ms Woolf has accurately given a detailed one Mail Order Outlaw is an entertaining read and captured my attention from the first page and h [...]

    8. Jenn says:

      DNF 17%The writing was a little cheesy for me Bret aka Malcolm, acts as if he s been with Lizzie for ages on the first day of meeting each other especially with her brother, Jamie He promised to send him to college with his own money, even if he and Lizzie don t work out Really You don t even know the kid The whole bank scene with Mr Peterson was silly to me, and well cheesy too.To me, the hero was weak and the heroine was like the male to me The bad brother, of the hero s Bret Malcolm, seemed [...]

    9. Marci says:

      Quick readd a pretty good story Liked Mal and Lizzietually liked most of the characters Some typos in the book but not too many.

    10. ♥ WishfulMiss ♥ says:

      The blurb sounded pretty good but this one just never panned out for me The characters were one dimensional and the dialogue was stilted and sounded like a really badly rehearsed play.It almost read like a first draft of someone s very first book, but thats not the case here No, this author has written a handful of books so I guess this is just her style Lizzie is supposed to be a half indian woman of twenty four in the Arizona Territory in 1882, but she acts and talks like a really naive 20th c [...]

    11. Anameeka says:

      This book is very 1990s romance This book needed character development I also think that events happened too quickly I, as the reader didn t get a sense of time passing I think that the audience is supposed to have a sense that not every event or day is being covered, but I didn t get that feel In spite of the occasional time stamp The book seemed to take place in a matter of a week or two, rather than a month or two.

    12. Akina says:

      The story started off a bit shaky for me The hero was a borderline bad guy and definitely not an alpha male Mail order brides are also out of my comfort level But I gradually warmed to the characters The hero had a big heart which compensated for a lot of the shortcomings in the story I didn t really feel love in the air as much as drive and dedication More merger than match Some typos and grammatical issues but not enough to hinder my interest.

    13. darlene.wilson says:

      Rancher and Ex Outlaw Find LoveI love books that are set in the Old West This story contains a mail order bride, criminals and escaping them, family, ranching and learning to love and trust Mal and Lizzie worked through many things to find trust and love This was a good read.

    14. Anna (Curiosity comes before Kay) says:

      So cheeseball, naive, and just sugary that I think my teeth are rotting out The love scenes were corny beyond belief and the general plot is so paint by numbers it hurts to think about I got to the end though and mostly liked the main characters, so it gets two stars.

    15. Amanda says:

      I can t do it, I just can t do it any I tried to read it I really did I even told myself it s short i should be able to get thru it but when I looked down and saw I was only half way thru I threw in the towel Nope, just not going to happen.

    16. Jennifer Miller says:

      A sweet romance This was Great read Easy to follow and a constant page turner This was very sweet and emotional A man who wanted to be than what he was And the woman who helped him do it.

    17. Shawn Hamdorf says:

      Great readAnother great book by Cynthia Woolf Seeing the determination of both Lizzie and Ed Mal to make a better life while doing it together was perfect.

    18. Jitendra says:

      This is a nice and light story with an happy ending I liked authors writing style it s simple,pacy and easy to read.I rate this book 4 5.

    19. wonderfullyweird88 says:

      DNF 37% I had to stop reading it just wasn t worth my time There was no chemistry between the two main characters The relationship just wasn t believable.

    20. Dee Doyle says:

      Mal and LizzieChanging one s lifestyle often times is very difficult Being an outlaw and a wanted man makes it difficult to become a law biding citizen After being part of a stagecoach robbery gone bad, Ed Talbot grabbed the best thing that ever happened to him since his mother s death 15 years previously Malcom Brandon died because of one outlaw s anger and violence Ed saw his chance to leave the gang and eventually took it In the process he met Lizzie Cobb, Malcolm s former girlfriend The roa [...]

    21. Becky Hemphill says:

      Poor writingI had a lot of hope for this story and it could have been really great except the writing is very poor Information that goes no where No descriptions, no feelings Just dialog in a s he said manner There was no love to be felt no angst or any emotion at all Just telling, and a lot of it He walked to the door and opened it He stepped inside and closed the door Useless I kept imagining a high school senior writing it in their spare time I m being very critical but I think it all well de [...]

    22. Karen says:

      Ed Talbot hates what his brother Harvey and their father do for a living As the Talbot gang, they rob and murder for profit When Ed finds money and mail order bride letters in the satchel of one of his brother s victims, he decides to try to become the intended Little does he know that the bride, Lizzie Cobb had called the whole thing off When he arrives in Tombstone and makes a decent impression on her and the townsfolk, he thinks this will work Unfortunately, his brother finds him and wants to [...]

    23. Tracy Sylvester says:

      Ed Talbot was an unwilling participant in his Father and brothers gang He was initiated at the age of 13 after losing his Mom Ed wanted out and was looking for a way to do just that When Harvey killed another stagecoach driver and innocent traveler, Ed took that as his way out He meets Lizzie Cobb through her mail order bride letters to Malcom Reading Lizzies letters had Ed falling for her Lizzie is a hardworking woman who is trying to do right by her family Ed wants a new life and a fresh start [...]

    24. Jackie says:

      Okay so we start out with strife in the outlaw camp, an opportunity for change falling into main male characters lap, violent deaths and deceiving an unsuspecting woman.Not the recipe for your normal Mail Order Bride story but once got into it the pairing of Lizzie and Mal Ed worked fine as did the way in which their HEA worked out in the end.Not the best, or the worst, Western Historical Romance but an okay fast read that went fairly smoothly for the most part for me.

    25. Nancy Turney says:

      New life,new nameI enjoyed this book The storyline was different from other mail order bride The young man finding the way to change his life to be better that it was,is the storyline Weaving the mail order bride into the storyline makes it a hit in my reading.Bless you for writing this book

    26. Paula says:

      Really good bookI enjoyed this book for a change from the mail order bride books Ed is an outlaw who wants out of the family business of robbing and killing After the last stagecoach robbery Ed looked though a suitcase and found letters and a new way to start a new life with a different name.

    27. Joyce Terra says:

      FunEven though you know how it is going to end it was fun to see all the twists and turns How he gets out of the outlaw business to how he gets the girl Had to see how it turned out Loved how she ended it, telling what happens after he get the girl and what happens to all the characters Have fun reading it to whomever picks up the book.

    28. Daryl says:

      I thought this book was gonna be good But damn if it wasn t stupid and ridiculous at the end I mean how many times does Harvey have to slap Lizzie before ed does something He s just keeps saying one time and I ll kill you When s one time For goodness sakes let the hero be a f kin hero

    29. Sharon Rudolph says:

      Good bookThis was good book The characters were fun and very interesting I have always enjoyed the mail order bride books Cynthia did a great job of keeping the book fresh and entertaining.

    30. elaine m. suda says:

      Converted OutlawThank you for this exciting love story about Lizzie and Mal I enjoyed the fast moving storyline and the different characters I look forward to reading of your work.

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