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Captive Natasha Thomas Max Reaper Andrews is torn held captive by the demons of his past, but desperately wanting to break free from the chains that tie him As the SAA for Devil s Spawn MC he s been fighting himself and others for years, retribution and pain his middle names Weighed down by the actions he s carried out for his club over the last almost three decades, Max is also burdened byMax Reaper Andrews is torn held captive by the demons of his past, but desperately wanting to break free from the chains that tie him As the SAA for Devil s Spawn MC he s been fighting himself and others for years, retribution and pain his middle names Weighed down by the actions he s carried out for his club over the last almost three decades, Max is also burdened by something darker and sinister Something that has the potential to derail his plans of remaining detached and unapproachable to all but his son Something he had worked hard to forget All his efforts come to a screeching halt when a petite blonde, dreadlock wearing tattoo artist arrives in Blackwater, Colorado to work at his shop, Skin Fusion , knocking his world firmly off its axis Adelyn Pippa London is captive no Seventeen years ago she ran away from a cruel prison where she was held hostage by her foster brother suffering unimaginably before she found the strength and conviction to escape, running straight into the arms of the only woman to ever show her an ounce of kindness, Emily Embraced by Vengeance MC, which Emily s son Diesel is a member of, Adelyn changed the course of her life and hasn t looked back, or so she thought Adelyn believed relocating to Denver, Colorado to help her friend Amy establish her budding tattoo shop would be a great opportunity for her Little did she know that the one friend, other than the MC that had become her family, she had would sell her out in the worst possible way causing her to leave Denver for the much smaller town of Blackwater, Colorado thrust into the care of the resident MC, Devil s Spawn More aptly the care of one Max Reaper Andrews When she begins to receive disturbing letters and gifts Adelyn is left with the choice to approach Max for help, or go it alone Believing it s safer to brave the unknown by herself Adelyn hides her fears until one day when everything changes, and she s left with no option but to go to the one man that threatens her well being above all others Put in an unforgiving position, Max has to find it in himself to change everything he knows, everything he s worked for, and everything he s spent the last twenty eight years pretending to be, or lose the one woman that would make his life worthwhile In the end did he ever really have a choice Or did his heart decide for him long before his head caught up. Captive Max Reaper Andrews is torn held captive by the demons of his past but desperately wanting to break free from the chains that tie him As the SAA for Devil s Spawn MC he s been fighting himself and oth
  • Title: Captive
  • Author: Natasha Thomas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Captive Natasha Thomas The Captive Directed by Atom Egoyan With Ryan Reynolds, Scott Speedman, Rosario Dawson, Mireille Enos Eight years after the disappearance of Cassandra, some disturbing incidents seem to indicate that she s still alive Police, parents and Cassandra herself, will try to unravel the mystery of her disappearance. CAPTIVE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary captive definition a person or animal whose ability to move or act freely is limited by being kept in a space a Learn . Captives definition of Captives by The Free Dictionary At this moment the captive came up, having been until now otherwise engaged, and seeing that they all stood round his companion and that she made no reply to what they addressed to her, he said, Ladies, this damsel hardly understands my language and can speak none but that of her own country, for which reason she does not and cannot answer what has been asked of her. Captive Rotten Tomatoes Captive Critics Consensus Captive undermines committed performances from Kate Mara and David Oyelowo and the real life story they re dramatizing with a thin script doubling as an ad for a captive A single mother struggling with drug addiction is taken hostage in her own apartment by a man on the run who has broken out of jail and murdered the judge assigned to his case. Captive film Captive is a American crime drama thriller film directed by Jerry Jameson and written by Brian Bird and Reinhard Denke, based on the non fiction book Unlikely Angel by Ashley Smith. A true story about Brian Nichols, who escapes from the Fulton County courthouse in Atlanta on March , and holds Ashley Smith as a hostage, the film stars David Oyelowo as Nichols and Kate Mara as Smith. The Captive film The Captive, formerly Queen of the Night and Captives, is a Canadian thriller film directed by Atom Egoyan with a script he co wrote with David Fraser The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Scott Speedman, Rosario Dawson, Mireille Enos, Kevin Durand, and Alexia Fast.It was selected to compete for the Palme d Or in the main competition section at the Cannes Film Festival. Adobe Captivate release Design awesome courses in Introducing the biggest ever free update for Adobe Captivate release users Create beautiful, mobile ready courses in minutes with the all new Quick Start Projects, ready to go slides and out of the box interactions Speed up course creation using automated branching and by copying appearance What Is Captive Insurance Captive A captive insurer is generally defined as an insurance company that is wholly owned and controlled by its insureds its primary purpose is to insure the risks of its owners, and its insureds benefit from the captive insurer s underwriting profits. Captive Minecraft I The Farlanders Captive Minecraft I was designed to be played using Minecraft It will not run properly on . because Achievements have been replaced by Advancements The map may be fixed in a future update It will be broken with any version of Minecraft earlier that What Is A Captive Oxford Risk Management Group What Is A Captive A Captive Insurance Company captive or CIC is a property and casualty insurance company established to provide coverage primarily for a parent company. The Captive Rotten Tomatoes The Captive Critics Consensus Wan and lugubrious, The Captive represents another atmospheric, beautifully filmed misfire from director Atom Egoyan. Captive Synonyms, Captive Antonyms Merriam Webster synonyms of captive from the Merriam Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms Find another word for captive. Captive insurance and risk management PwC Businesses have been using captives for decades as a risk management tool A captive insurance company is a subsidiary established by one or commonly owned businesses to insure the risks of the controlling entity and or its affiliates or its individual owners There are in excess of ,

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    1. JudyB says:

      4.5 Stars I hated Max He was a self centered prick who continuously ran away from his problems The only time he stuck like glue was for his son, raising him as a single parent I felt like Adelyn was weak at the beginning and took too much guilt and responsibility on herself She was too forgiving This book made me angry, made me sad, made me cry and made me want to kick Max s butt and shake Adelyn Why then did I give it almost 5 stars Because when an author can make me feel so many emotions even [...]

    2. Megan Fall says:

      This book was a really hard read, and I cried a lot I was almost disappointed with this one Reaper was an ass, and I really hated him After everything poor Adelyn had been though, I was appalled at how she accepted his verbal abuse For a while I really wanted her to end up with Trigd oh my god, Trig Still a great book, I m just not sure about it On to the next one

    3. Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" says:

      A lot going on h has abusive background, H abusive to her and so is his family and club Lots of drama, angst and heartbreak.

    4. Xariah Gaitch says:

      Natasha Thomas is fast becoming one of my top five favourite author s.Never before have I read an MC story that is so heart breaking, full of loss and harrowing tragedy and betrayal from loved ones.Natasha created one strong motherf er of a character terms when she created Adelyn Her characters are created with such a profound background there s nothing left unanswered All curiosity is sated before the end of the book And Adelyn s background is an emotional tale of adversity and the worse luck e [...]

    5. Deb B says:

      This one was exceptionally difficult to read because I was so disappointed in the Devil s Spawn family, particularly the women exception of course for Trig and I was also a bit disillusioned with Ade herself I found no redeeming qualities in Reaper even with his background and really grew a hate on him from the start right through to the end the Vengeance crew, however, were the best of the best and their stories are greatly anticipated.It is a heart breaking story and confronts some truly despi [...]

    6. Hot Reading Mom says:

      Reaper is an asshole Really The cruelty that he deals out to the woman he claims he loves is totally beyond belief for me And the women that were suppose to be her friend Wow Even though the relationships really pissed me off it was wonderful story I laughed and I cried Okay now I have gone back and read Savior the previous book and I am even pissed Adelyn was the one that went to get Priscilla to talk to her during her funk over Tank Now in this book she just abandons Adelyn I really am disapp [...]

    7. Catherine says:

      While the writing was ok it was in dire need of spell checker and or editor I found myself interested in the characters, but holy crap, how much do the leading heroines have to go through Did the author get up every morning thinking, what tragedy can I write today, to gain sympathy for the heroine How can I make the Hero do something truly awful especially to h to make him seem flawed, yet still worthy of love No matter how many times the author writes that a truly strong woman constantly puts u [...]

    8. Georgia Mourikis says:

      Do not read this book in publicI was ugly crying I was flabbergasted how some of my old friends treated Adelyn in this book Yes, I said friends by the time you are on book 4 you will think of these characters as friends This is a must read series for any MC genre fan Loved all 4 books and YAY are coming.

    9. Amy says:

      Couldn t get past the typo s I can handle a few here and there, but every paragraph was too much There were some times that I had to stop because I couldn t even figure out what the sentence was supposed to say I made it to just past 50%, where I gave up By that point, the story line was pissing me off as well Between the two, I had to quit.

    10. Lu Bielefeld ** says:

      N o achei legal as mulheres do clube virarem as costas para a hero na e n o mostrarem nenhuma solidariedade ou respeito por ela O her i se comporta como um adolescente, apesar de ter filhos adultos e netos

    11. Danielle says:

      I ve had this on my kindle ready to read for over a month and just couldn t get past the first couple pages, I decided that I just should get on with it and wished I had earlier, rollercoaster doesn t cover this book adequately it was fanfuckingtastic.

    12. Sekena Price says:

      awesome series love itis one made me wanna b % slap a few characters lolbut awesome story lineI am a fan

    13. Nancy Tamez says:

      Frustrating As much as I love the characters and the storyline each book in this series gets frustrating do to the fact of jumping timelines And each character has become the narrator for what has happened in the time that was lost to us Reaper really got on my nerves the way he treated Adelyn and she just kept letting him mentally abuse her I can t really say there s a HEA in this book the author doesn t really clarify before jumping in to the next characters for the next book A lot of typos i [...]

    14. Georgina says:

      I really hated this book and the abuse that Reaper and his club and family caused poor Adelyn after everythink she had gone thruWhat made me madder was Adelyn took him back after he treated her like shit I hate weak women in books

    15. Margaret Reichert lesniak says:

      The only way to describe this book is a complete closter fuck Their was nothing good or possitive in it at one point why not just kill everyone off, everyone was unrecognizable the women how they acted.I did not feel like I was reading a MC book no love no family

    16. Dmd says:

      Best book in the series Talk about crying Tears streamed down my face than once reading this story Ade was strong and Max was an ass I loved Ade She had fire and such a strong heart Brave is not a strong enough word to describe her Max was so hateful to her and yet, she handled it I don t know many women who could be as strong and handle everything that life and Max threw at her She forever will be my heroine You must read this but be prepared for all the tears you will cry.

    17. Angela says:

      I have read all 4 books now and I have to say they got better with each one This one was my favorite but I did enjoy them all This one had a lot of ups downs, caused lots of varied emotions from hatred to loving and everything in between , the story line was so different which is what made it so great, the characters were well developed and complex, even though I am not really a fan of the POV type books I like to have the interaction between characters it really worked for this book, the twists [...]

    18. Kristina says:

      Is this for real The H character written is so VILE, so HEINOUS and this scum of the earth is what we think deserves the girl Are you kidding me I am disgusted by this story, by what it represents the way the man gets away with EVERY horrible action and word And the woman takes everything he dishes out and accepts it Are you kidding me This STD infected scum pond deserves to have the absolute shit beaten out of him No, a strong woman does NOT put up with being constantly treated like crap by the [...]

    19. Kelly Yekel says:

      Heady Loved the promise of love and conflicting emotions of Ade and Max Because it finally led them to the happily ever after However, the sadness of Ade s past and her losses broke my heart It just goes to prove that the strength of a person s soul can lead to the development of spirit so strong nothing can break it Max was damn lucky to get the forgiveness Ade bestowed upon him I doubt I would have been able to find it in my heart I think that s why I admired Ade s character so much Great exam [...]

    20. Danena Freeman says:

      This is a great series This book is a very emotional read and some of the content maybe hard for some readers to read but the author does a great job with it There is a long road the characters must travel and this HEA isn t easy to come by I am still on the fence whither or not I like Max He was such a jerk and I think he should of had to work a lot harder to win her back but it was still a great story to read There are some surprises that come to light and twist you don t see coming I loved it [...]

    21. Cassie Caskey says:

      and the award for the biggest a goes toREAPER Poor Adelyn, that s all I can say is poor, poor Adelyn Reaper is such an unbelievable jerk to her for a long, long time and she manages to ignore most of his behavior In the other books in this series he is portrayed as an a hole to her but once you read this book and grasp the inner workings of his mindReaper becomes the poster child for a If you are wanting some angst with the ultimate jerk, you will definitely find it in this book VERY well writte [...]

    22. Debra says:

      CaptiveCaptive is correct, the H if you can call him that was horrific and at his age47 was just down right disgusting I went back and forth about the h, granted she went through hell but the way she meekly allowed to be treated that way was just as bad, pitifulis was not a good read s not about the writingI like her way of writing, I like the angst and the story telling, but Max was not someone you could think of as a hero a romantic lead this was not a favorite for me

    23. Candice Tadlock says:

      Wow I love this series I can t wait to read the rest With that being said I am a obsessive reader I read multiple books a week And I usually rate the books but never write a review This book really touched me I laughed, I cried and cried and I felt so many emotions Thank you Natasha Thomas for sharing your story, your struggles and your pain You truly touched me I will forever be a fan.

    24. Denise Koopman says:

      Well, this booked pissed me off He was so mean to Adelyn Max was a pure jerk Regardless of him being a broken hearted biker guy He had no business being so mean Then how her so called friends turned on her Adelyn went through hell and they acted like she was a piece of trash and she left them treat her like that But it did get good and he did get his butt out of his hinny but to late cause of the attack Bring book 5

    25. Janet Fishman says:

      Great Again, I really enjoyed this book The author is a great storyteller I really felt for Ade and Reaper But like the first three books, there were a lot of typos and missing commas and possessives I wish she had a better editor If you can read around those mistakes you will enjoy this series.

    26. Tracey Lambert says:

      Wasn t sure if I thought this series should be 3 or 4 starsying that I couldn t put this fourth book down so settled for 4 stars There s quite a lot of introspection which I don t think was needed More about the relationship rather than MC life Need a breather before I go onto book 5 box set 1 3 is free when purchased togethereven better

    27. lauren says:

      Holy crapThis book was the hardest to read, I ve read them all, but for some reason I choose to read this one last out the series Man this book did a fucking number on my heart, totally ripped it to shreds I cried my ass off to the shit that went down It really was a great book, just totally fucked up an devastating Note I definitely would read this book last

    28. Stephanie Beasley says:

      Good bookOh my goodness, such heart ache for this book I cried so much for her Such heart break Pain I didn t think would ever come to end I wish for happiness for them I recommend this series and the Author I can t wait to read the next book.

    29. Penny Tindel says:

      Powerful or painful This book was hard to read, especially thru the tears Yes I enjoyed itry much actually Without giving away spoilers, I will say life if often sweeter when you survive the pain of your past.

    30. Michele says:

      Dark, suspenseful and captivating Loved it

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