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My Life with the Liars
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My Life with the Liars Caela Carter Perfect for fans of Mockingbird and Counting by 7s, Caela Carter s middle grade debut is a story of one girl s strength and courage as she decides who she is and what she will believe in.Behind the white washed walls of the compound, life was simple Follow the rules, live in the Light, and all would be well Zylynn was excited to turn thirteen and begin the work of brinPerfect for fans of Mockingbird and Counting by 7s, Caela Carter s middle grade debut is a story of one girl s strength and courage as she decides who she is and what she will believe in.Behind the white washed walls of the compound, life was simple Follow the rules, live in the Light, and all would be well Zylynn was excited to turn thirteen and begin the work of bringing others into the light, to save them from the liars and the darkness of the outside world But when she is taken away by a man who claims to be her father, Zylynn is confused and desperate to return to her home.Zylynn resists her new life until she finds small comforts like shampoo, the color pink, and strawberries But as her thirteenth birthday approaches, Zylynn must make a difficult decision to stay with the enemy or find her way back to the light And neither may be what it seems.. My Life with the Liars Perfect for fans of Mockingbird and Counting by s Caela Carter s middle grade debut is a story of one girl s strength and courage as she decides who she is and what she will believe in Behind the wh
  • Title: My Life with the Liars
  • Author: Caela Carter
  • ISBN: 9780062385710
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
  • My Life with the Liars Caela Carter

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    1 Blog on “My Life with the Liars

    1. La La says:

      First and foremost this story, the way it is written, will not hold the interest of a Middle Grade reader There was too much extraneous matter and redundancy of thoughts in the MC s head that just wanted to make me scream, OKAY I GOT THAT ALREADY Plus there were inconsistencies like the baby being almost two years old and two days later it says he is almost four years old The MC uses the names of items she would not know like flip flops and sequins She has vivid memories of adult conversations s [...]

    2. Wendi Lee says:

      4.5 starsZylynn was born into a cult All she knows is Father Prophet, his teachings about Mother God, and the strict rules of her compounds She endures periods of starvation and pinging standing against a fence while the other kids throw rocks at her backs and legs for the glorious day she turns 13 A week from her 13th birthday, Zylynn is taken away from the cult by a man who calls himself her father She moves in with his wife and three kids, and is overwhelmed by the soft bed, the colorful clot [...]

    3. Katie says:

      Interesting I wish I knew about cults, so I could judge the book s treatment of them, but I ended up buying Zylynn s reactions than I thought I would When you grew up with such a firm set of rules and behaviors, it takes time to change them and this book doesn t cover that much time But I thought it struck a good balance there I liked that view spoiler therapy and the possibility that it ll be a lifelong thing hide spoiler was mentioned.

    4. Mehsi says:

      When I heard about this book, and saw what it was about, I just knew I would read it I have been interested in reading about cults, especially from the inside, or at least for the perspective of a character that is in one, or just got out one The character from this book, named Zylynn, has been in a cult since she was born So you can imagine that when, at age 12 almost 13, she is suddenly put outside of it, and dumped in the hands of her father, she is totally terrified, and fears that she will [...]

    5. Jenni Frencham says:

      Carter, Caela My Life with the Liars Harper Collins, 2016.Zylynn has always lived with the Children Inside the Light She s eagerly anticipating her 13th birthday, less than two weeks away, when she is taken Outside and forced to live with her father and stepmother She knows she can t trust a word they say she s been told they are Liars and she is determined to return to the compound before her very important 13th birthday, when she will go through the Ceremony and become an adult But her father [...]

    6. Amy says:

      My 5 star rating is less for literary merit and because it s hard to find a book that scratches that simple, short, fast paced and yet creeptacular itch for upper middle grade literature Think of MY LIFE WITH THE LIARS as a cross between immersive world building dystopian books like The Giver and The City of Ember and the story of somebody adjusting to a new family like in One for the Murphys.Zylynn has grown up in a religious cult on a collective compound As the story begins, through some conf [...]

    7. Tamara says:

      Never dreamed of reading a kid s book about a religious cultd I really liked it The author did a great job of keeping up the intensity and suspense Sad due to all the lies she s been told And even sadder all the trust issues Zylynn experiences because of the lies Super sweet story of love, lies and truth.

    8. Andrea says:

      This review was originally posted on my book review blog, The Overstuffed Bookcase.My Life With the Liars was like a breath of fresh air I had just read a few books that I really didn t love, but within the first few pages, I could tell My Life With the Liars was going to be different Immediately I was captivated This voice was unique, different not only because it s a Middle Grade novel but also because of the subject matter and just because of this compelling character of Zylynn.I m not religi [...]

    9. Scott Fillner says:

      This book had me mesmerized and curious from the beginning I caught myself on numerous occasions starting questions to myself like what just, how did, what is, why aren t they It was maddeningly not sure that is a word but anyway frustrating and exciting at the same time Then I came to the realization that Caela Carter had done it She had immersed my in such a unique story and had my curiosity in overdrive.This book will generate SO many discussions and questions, will definitely lead readers to [...]

    10. Julie says:

      This is a book for middle grade readers, but the first few chapters of My Life with the Liars were very confusing even for this adult who DVR s Dateline and 48 Hours It is a story about a girl who is rescued from a cult, but as she sees it, she has been kidnapped and exposed to a dangerous outside world The author does a good job of writing in this young victim s voice, and the reader can almost see how this kind of brainwashing works This book should be classified as a thriller , IMHO Spooky.

    11. Jessie says:

      Very eye opening, interesting read To understand how a cult works and sucks people in is intriguing Zylynn was a likable protagonist that you rooted for from the beginning hoping she would realize the lies and deception coming from the Inside Her thoughts and coping mechanisms were so sad I m sure the author portrayed these thoughts accurately to those that have survived an experience such as Zylynn s This book piques my interest about cults Hoping to find books like this one.

    12. Jeff Raymond says:

      A truly heartbreaking piece of fiction about a girl stuck in a cult compound and her attempt to escape I don t know what it is about cult books that get me, but this one is pretty well done on a whole and provides some real page turning moments throughout I really enjoyed this read, and I think it probably has a lot of appeal for kids and adults both.

    13. Maggie says:

      I was captivated from the very first page and the end made me cry which I know surprises exactly no one SO GOOD

    14. Eva says:

      Obviously incredibly written but also incredibly disturbing and sortof making me feel paranoid hours after I finished it Part of me is horrified it s shelved in the children s section even though there s nothing actually age inappropriate.

    15. Sandy says:

      Curiosity is the greatest evil Citizens were given a set of rules to follow so choices would not have to be made Reading was not an option, for reading promoted inquiry, an opportunity to expand their minds and Father Prophet Rules prohibited this Stay within the Light and your rewards will be great Zylynn finds herself in the Darkness with Louis and knows she has only 10 days to return to the Light She has heard stories of this Darkness and it chills her to out alone amongst it It becomes her m [...]

    16. Kate Puleo Unger says:

      My Life with the Liars is a wonderful middle grade novel I don t usually review middle grade books on this blog reserving those for my other blog, Mom s Radius , but since I read this book out of my own interest and not as a mom, I thought I d share it here I loved this book Zylynn was raised in a cult Right before her 13th birthday her father breaks her out, but Zylynn doesn t know he s her father She doesn t know much of anything about the normal world She s desperate to get back to the Childr [...]

    17. Chelsea Couillard-Smith says:

      An engrossing read that will have middle graders hooked from page 1 Zylynn is days away from turning 13 and the ceremony that will test whether she is worthy of Mother God s love when her biological father appears to take her into the Darkness and away from the Children of the Light Life outside the compound is confusing with lots of choices and few rules, and all Zylynn can think about is making it back to the compound in time for her ceremony But as days pass and her new family begins to worm [...]

    18. Tracy says:

      I loved this one I was worried that it would be too controversial for the age group, but the other did a great job of just sticking to issues that would be of concern to middle graders, and at the same time, showing just how much Zylnn missed of everyday life by being sequestered from general society I was riveted.

    19. Chris says:

      This was a WOW book for me, at the end As an adult I m not sure how kids will relate to it But I sure would like to find out

    20. Xander ForeverBookish says:

      My heart I ve been thinking about this book all day.

    21. Helena Taylor says:

      Cults are fascinating to me This book was a page turner as I read to learn about Zylynn and the Movement.

    22. Kerrie says:

      Interesting topic that you don t see in middle grade fiction cults I wanted to love this book but it was too repetitive at times I get why the repetition is there, but it wore on me after a bit.

    23. Amalie says:

      this was really interesting and I thought the characters were all really well written

    24. Elizabeth says:

      Catherine loved this and compared it to The Giver I can see why she said that I enjoyed reading it.

    25. Amiah Corp says:

      It was a really weird book, not really what I was expecting.

    26. Kelly Thielen says:

      Zylynn lives inside the Children Inside the Light Compound She is just 10 days away from her 13th birthday, the day when she will become a Woman of the Light Now she is with the Liars A man she s never met before came and took her away from the light He said to call him Dad or Louis if she preferred He whisked her away in his car, taking her from Father Prophet and Mother God, as well as the only life she s never known The lights are not always on here It makes her nervous She s used to being hu [...]

    27. Liz says:

      Unusual subject matter for middle readers, but it was a compelling read I couldn t put down and finished in less than 24 hours The main character, Zylynn, struggles to find her place in Darkness after her father rescues her from the Children Inside the Light cult Just ten days from her thirteenth birthday, Zylynn must return to the cult and Father Prophet before sunset on her birthday or she will be banished to the Darkness the outside world forever Even though the subject matter is rather dark, [...]

    28. Charlotte says:

      The main character is an almost 13 year old girl named Zylynn She was born and raised in a cult She was brainwashed to believed she had no mother, only Mother God No father, only the Prophet She was starved and physically abused by having stones thrown at her legs for punishments Punishments are as ridiculous as eating to much oatmeal Her real mom lives in the cult to and abides by its rules Her father does not I really don t know much about cults, but this sounds twisted enough to pass I m not [...]

    29. Angie says:

      Interesting view of the inside of a religious cult from the perspective of a young woman who s fully convinced she belongs there When she s removed against her will by an outsider trying to save her from the organization s control, she feels she s being abused The book reveals the progression of her psychological state as she slowly regains perspective and control of her life Not perfect, but kept me engaged to find out how she ultimately fared Helps the reader understand how different the world [...]

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