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Ascension Terry Schott In a world similar to our own 17th century, one man s kindness lifts a poor, homeless boy from the dirt and sets him on an unlikely path of adventure An average man would use a silver coin to buy food for a week An extraordinary boy can use that same coin to build an empire.. Ascension In a world similar to our own th century one man s kindness lifts a poor homeless boy from the dirt and sets him on an unlikely path of adventure An average man would use a silver coin to buy food
  • Title: Ascension
  • Author: Terry Schott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ascension Terry Schott

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      370 Terry Schott
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    1. Nat7AI says:

      I thought that the book was alright yet also difficult to read at points Since there is no time frame between chapters meaning that anything ranging from a few weeks to 2 years can pass without you knowing There isn t really any explanation as to how he earns most of his wealth after the first quarter of the book since it just says random things as to what he is doing Meaning that it gives you the impression that he earns money, goodwill, power and loyalty too easily and is too well liked for be [...]

    2. gavin says:

      This book has no contextToo much of the story is missing, vital worldbuilding is left out and too Too Much time passes at various points without indication And answering a bunch of questions at the end only works in detective novels and that only works because the answers come with an explanation too.Also the weird spaces around every exclusion mark what s up with that

    3. Wolf says:

      It has all the elements required to make an amazing story Yet, somehow, it misses that final spark.

    4. Endoria says:

      I am not sure if I am doing this book justice by rating it at 2 stars, but simply avoiding the pitfalls of other indie author s is not enough for a 3 star rating in my opinon.The book is not bad really, it is just simple.The writing style is simple, the characters are simple, the story is simple and the world building is so simple, I still have no idea what the world looks like or how the government system of the city the story plays in actually works.It is a pleasent read still, but there are n [...]

    5. jared says:

      Great bookFor the most part I really liked this book The first 3 4 of the book were about Leo building his empire and I couldn t stop reading Then something changes and the last quarter of the book is completely different than the rest the book and I honestly kind of struggled through the rest If the last quarter of the book had been similar to the rest of the book then this would probably be one of my all time favorite books One other although much smaller issue for me was there were large jump [...]

    6. Steeve says:

      Mystery gameAn interesting read Mostly well done, but I felt some of the plot elements were forced, especially towards the end A lot of mystery throughout, but at some point, one tires of this game of hide and seek with what s driving this story, and wants to know the rules of play the reader is left in the dark throughout, although we have enough clues to venture some guesses at what s really going on Unfortunately my curiosity waned Others might enjoy this mystery game .

    7. Robert Mccain says:

      AddictingI lead hooked from the beginning I read it as it came out through Terry s fan emails, and I read each section he sent out the day I got the emails I liked how Terry takes creates a story that gives you just enough information to keep you wanting and this is another example of Terry doing just that Terry is a great writer and you will not be disappointed with this tale, until it ends

    8. Chris says:

      While I enjoyed this book a lot, it seemed familiar already in many ways I m interested to see how it differentiates from the Game Is Life series and how well it does in doing so It seems to have much the same writing style and secrets hidden behind things as those books did Certainly worth the.99 either way

    9. Neil Glaser says:

      Loved it I think Terry is thinking about the life game a totally different way this time I m afraid to say anything else except that this is a big world he s built with great characters Thinking about a back to back read to see what I missed.

    10. Andrew says:

      Great book, i got the chills at the end, i had such a great time reading it, it is short, but that makes it lack annoying and useless fill up pages Great read, lots of fun, recommend it to everyone.

    11. Xavier Robb says:

      Sci fiIt was good up to the end when it started to decline and that ruined it for me I was disappointed

    12. Ptdog says:


    13. Chelsea says:

      A promising beginning for the series, though it got a little weird and hard to follow in the last 25%.

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