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First Man: Reimagining Matthew Henson
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First Man: Reimagining Matthew Henson Simon Schwartz In this graphic novel, Simon Schwartz weaves biography and fiction together to explore the life of Arctic adventurer Matthew Henson Moving between different time periods and incorporating Inuit mythology, Schwartz offers a fresh perspective on the many challenges Henson confronted during his life As a Member of early missions to the North Pole, Henson braved subzero tempIn this graphic novel, Simon Schwartz weaves biography and fiction together to explore the life of Arctic adventurer Matthew Henson Moving between different time periods and incorporating Inuit mythology, Schwartz offers a fresh perspective on the many challenges Henson confronted during his life As a Member of early missions to the North Pole, Henson braved subzero temperatures and shifting sea ice As an African American at the turn of the twentieth century, he also faced harassment and prejudice Henson won a place on Arctic expeditions through skill and determination though he didn t receive the same credit as his teammates He also won the respect of the native peoples he met during his journeys though he couldn t prevent the harm the expeditions caused them More than a biography, First Man Reimagining Matthew Henson is an artistic homage to Henson s accomplishments and the complicated realities of being a trailblazer in a society that didn t recognize black men as equals.. First Man Reimagining Matthew Henson In this graphic novel Simon Schwartz weaves biography and fiction together to explore the life of Arctic adventurer Matthew Henson Moving between different time periods and incorporating Inuit mythol
  • Title: First Man: Reimagining Matthew Henson
  • Author: Simon Schwartz
  • ISBN: 9781467758420
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Hardcover
  • First Man: Reimagining Matthew Henson Simon Schwartz

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    1. Dov Zeller says:

      If you go to the last couple pages of this book you will arrive at the afterward And though this book is a heart breaker, there is a note of victory upon witnessing its final contents First, the map The site of Matthew Henson and Robert Peary s journeys toward the North Pole Matthew s name listed first Then, the chronology First Man Reimagining Matthew Henson is a literary retelling of Matthew Henson s life Not all aspects of the graphic account are historically accurate The list below presents [...]

    2. Becky says:

      Matthew Henson was one of the first men to reach the North Pole He was a member of nearly all of Robert Peary s expeditions and, because he was a black man, received little recognition for his work until late in his life In the introduction of this book the author states that when he wrote this book he made no attempt at nonfiction It s clear when comparing the novel just to the supplemental materials included in the back that he was uninterested in the facts of Henson s life, and overall the im [...]

    3. Jennifer Haight says:

      If I had an endless supply of money, I would buy a copy of this book for every school library in the United States The book succeeds on countless levels and leaves the reader with the desire to dig through it numerous times to revisit the nuances of the numerous story telling paths It works as a personal introspection of an aging man who is haunted by his agile days It works as a tale of the courageous and humble path of a hard working African American who was not respected as he should ve been [...]

    4. Christiane says:

      I liked a great deal about this book, including the art and the incorporation of Inuit myths However, I found it hard to tell what was actually biographical and what was fiction and that bothered me I don t think the life of Matthew Henson is that well known, so trying to figure out what he really experienced and what the author made up was challenging There is a helpful chronology at the end that includes pictures, but that is not enough to make me recommend this.

    5. Anne says:

      Excellent illustrations in shades of black, gray, blue, and white fully complement the text story of Matthew Henson, the first black man to reach the north pole If you were to research who was the first man to reach the north pole, you would find that there are two white men who both claim that distinction Robert Peary and Frederick Cook Matthew Henson accompanied Peary on that trip It can be argued that perhaps Henson was indeed the first man, white or black, to reach the north pole Author Schw [...]

    6. MaggyGray says:

      Ein Zufallsfund in der B cherei machte mich mit Matt Henson bekannt, dem ersten Mensch am Nordpol Warum er heute so gut wie vergessen ist Er war ein Schwarzer ber Robert Peary, der die Nordpolentdeckung f r sich beanspruchte, hatten wir im Museum schon einige interessante Gespr che, da er sechs Inuit nach Amerika verschleppte, von denen einer als Skelett in diversen Ausstellungen sein trauriges Ende gefunden hat Die Suche nach einer Biografie von Henson ist schwierig, aber ohne Zweifel ist er ei [...]

    7. Kirsten says:

      This is a really good depiction of Henson s life Peary is kind of the bad guy here Amazing how Henson was not recognized for his accomplishments in his day I liked the layer of Inuit mythology too Well done.

    8. Andy says:

      Really, really liked this Not sure why Schwartz chose to fictionalize Henson s story and not tell it as straight non fiction

    9. K De says:

      Simon Schwartz gives a measured reading of the first black man to explore the Arctic and, probably, the first man to reach the North Pole The man, Matthew Henson, is a reticent figure He encountered incredible hardships from nature during his explorations with Cmdr Peary He saved Peary s life on one expedition and was not repaid in kind The relationship between the two men is incredibly one sided and shows the inhumanity of Cmdr Peary towards his companions The native people thought that Matthew [...]

    10. Tara Mccarty-hunsberger says:

      Good book Many things accurate, but I like my biographies to be accurate, and there are many flaws with the storyline in the book and the accurate timeline Still gripping and entertaining read though.

    11. Marge Shaffer says:

      The author used alternative facts to tell the story, while this makes it readable, most people will not read the front or back matter to get the correct story I can t believe this is classified as nonfiction.

    12. Julie Rylie says:

      I think I am in love with Simon Schwartz That was such a beautiful book about this man that for being black is not really in the history books as the true founder of the south pole the illustrations are beautiful, the black and white with blue works amazingly.I love that there are pictures of the people involved in this graphic novel at the end of the book with a history line this was a work of art

    13. Ang says:

      This graphic novel biography is not what I thought it would be.I finished this book feeling deflated, and sad for Matthew Henson Throughout the book the author illustrator primarily focused on the racial injustices he faced, however, Matthew doesn t stand up for himself He s merely just a passive character in the story of his own life.Peary is such an asshole He s no better than slave traders, after all he did ship some of the native Inuits to NY, and it s even alluded to the fact that one of th [...]

    14. Barbara says:

      Biography and fiction combine in this graphic novel version of the story of Matthew Henson, who traveled to the North Pole with Richard Peary and got little acclaim for his accomplishments Not only did Peary shut him out of any mention in the publicity garnered by the feat, but later, when he sought financial assistance, none was provided The format allows the author to take liberties with the truth whatever that might have been and Henson is presented as larger than life, heroic, and later, str [...]

    15. Maggie Gordon says:

      I am very torn on this book On one hand, it helps to publicize a lesser known historical figure, and is filled with beautiful art On the other hand, I feel that it tries to support one group of marginalised people at the expense of another Matthew Henson was a Black man who was the first or one of the first men to reach the North Pole, though he only received proper recognition for this later in his life Schwartz, the author, admits that this book is not historical truth, per se He was inspired [...]

    16. LouLou says:

      Read review in its entirety at compassbookratings revIn a thought provoking look at African American explorer Matthew Henson s life, graphic novelist Simon Schwartz forges fact and fiction in Firstman Reimagining Matthew Henson Schwartz elicits the arduous journey which Henson faced not only in his exploration of the North Pole, but also as a black man in a prejudiced society.Told through third person, the author portrays the story by entwining different stages of Henson s life through a series [...]

    17. Mareike says:

      Themen Rassismus, Wettlauf zum NordpolPackeis ist ein wunderbarer Bilderroman von Simon Schwartz Er erz hlt in seinem Buch die Lebensgeschichte Matthew Hensons Und obwohl er der erste Mann am Nordpol war, ist wohl kaum jemandem sein Name ein Begriff Wie das kommt Er war schwarz.Matthew Henson begann bereits im Alter von 12 Jahren auf See anzuheuern, lernt dabei ein gutes Handwerk und ist zudem sehr intelligent und hilfsbereit T glich ist er mit Rassismus und Ignoranz konfrontiert.Mehrfach geht e [...]

    18. Deborah says:

      Matthew Henson journeyed and assisted Perry on several major explorations, yet because he was African American, his accomplishments were overlooked at the time Even now, there are not enough references to his amazing deeds This fictionalized biography takes an Impressionistic view of Henson, seeing him through the prism of the Inuit mythology, the racist worldview of the era, and implications of potential lost in a rueful old age There are many things to love about this book The illustrations ar [...]

    19. Golden Secondary School says:

      This graphic novel dramatizes the life and achievements of Matthew Henson, the black American who accompanied Robert Peary, considered to be the first man to reach the North Pole We find from the book the struggles against bigotry that Henson faced he himself was the first man to reach the Pole, but for years, Peary got the credit The author does a compelling job of weaving Henson s life into Inuit mythology, and uses flashbacks and flashforwards effectively.The story is a bit loose with the act [...]

    20. Annie says:

      This comic takes an important and little known story from history and turns it into gripping fiction with a mythic superhero leitmotif I had no idea that an African American man was the first explorer to reach the North Pole, and the fact that he has been incorporated into Inuit myth is fascinating I was really impressed by the way the author bookended the comic with texts that addressed the divergence of his work from the events of Matthew Henson s life I was a little frustrated at the end by a [...]

    21. Glen Farrelly says:

      There were elements of this book that I really enjoyed and thought were strong The artwork particularly of the settings and Inuit aspects were amazing The subject matter a biography of an incredible man s accomplishments despite racial injustice is a fascinating and emotional story I also like how Schwartz blended Inuit mythology into the story What I hated and I really mean HATE is that the author changed fundamental aspects of Matthew Henson s life and elements that weren t really necessary fo [...]

    22. Erin says:

      The cover drew me in and pow the first page was not what I expected, but it drew me in further The round realism mixed with folk style art creates a rich visual experience The story itself bounces back and forth in time and place, but there is a rhythm to the motion that makes it relatively easy to figure out where you are in the story I enjoyed the drama of the race to the North Pole and I shared the frustrating impotence when Henson was dismissed or shamed for his color I thought that Henson c [...]

    23. Nicola Mansfield says:

      A fictionalized biography of African American Matthew Henson considered to be the first person to set foot at the North Pole even besting Perry, his Commander While being a story of Arctic Exploration and of a forgotten black hero it is also a tale of the Inuit Matthew Henson became a legend to the Inuit people of the area and they have art and stories depicting him A fascinating piece of little known history illustrated with exceptional art in shades of blues and browns Especially delightful is [...]

    24. Joyce says:

      Interesting story especially the timeline at the back with the factual account hadn t heard of Matthew Henson The author does a great job of showing the racial discrimination and lots of other accepted forms of discrimination, like gender, religion, economic status so ubiquitous at the time The story also raises valid questions about how true the history we ve learned really is As to the artwork Personally, I didn t like it, not crazy about the drawing style I also thought that although some of [...]

    25. Jamie says:

      Fan of Simon Schwartz over here, and I m also a newly awakened fan of fictionalized histories I love how Schwartz shares his fascination with Henson s story and admits that he knew any attempt he would make with a nonfiction telling of it would fall short The result, my friends, is genre blending, and it is a beautiful example of an author learning enough about a man to give a timeline and include some artifacts of his life an appendix but finding themes in his life to fictionalize and enhance t [...]

    26. Eli Poteet says:

      I appreciate this work because it s content is focused on a mixture of historical occurrence and cultural significance I found its blue hues a unique distinction from the comic world of black and white majority I really liked the the history content in the back with awesome original photographs depicting the inspiration for the protagonist of the story unfortunately I had a difficult time balancing the plot, I m not sure if this is due to my inability to follow through provided timeline or if I [...]

    27. Lara says:

      I m not a huge fan of the artwork in this one, but how could I resist a graphic novel about Matthew Henson I like the way Schwartz tells the story, juxtaposing Henson s youth with his old age, and Inuit ideas of heroism vs those of white Victorian Edwardian society It s told with feeling and depth and sensitivity, but at the same time, Schwartz definitely doesn t always stick closely to facts although to be fair, in the case of Cook vs Peary it seems there are very few actual facts to be had In [...]

    28. Devi says:

      Ich liebe solche Art von B chern Also B cher, in denen es Lebensgeschichten von tats chlich existierten Pers nlichkeiten gibt, die tats chlich etwas zu erz hlen haben In dem Falle ist es ber den Mann, der als erster den Nordpol erreicht hatte, aber der in der popul rwissenschaftlichen Welt nicht auftaucht, weil er einen Fehler hatte er war schwarzer Hautfarbe Die Form der Graphic Novel ist hierbei zu alledem auch noch u erst gelungen Das war schon mal ein sch ner Lesestart in den Mai und das Buc [...]

    29. Sarah says:

      A really interesting and beautiful graphic novel I liked the art and looked up additional info about Matthew Henson after reading the book I do wish this book had direct imput from actual Inuit people since I dont think the author is indigenous The native art motifs are striking but I dont know if they are actually based off of real depictions of Arctic explorers and Inuit mythology or just based off of it.

    30. Sardonyx says:

      I really loved this graphic novel about Matthew Henson, who travelled with Asshole Peary on multiple expeditions north in pursuit of finding the North Pole It is really shitty to see someone not get their deserved credit just because their skin colour or gender, or whatever is not the accepted one Really, really shitty I wanted to punch Peary in the face so many times This is a really fantastic recounting of Henson s life and it is complemented so nicely by the artwork

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