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'Bedtime Story' and 'Black Tulip'
September 13, 2019 Comments.. 317
'Bedtime Story' and 'Black Tulip' Kiran Nagarkar Screen plays. Bedtime Story and Black Tulip Screen plays
  • Title: 'Bedtime Story' and 'Black Tulip'
  • Author: Kiran Nagarkar
  • ISBN: 9789351369998
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 'Bedtime Story' and 'Black Tulip' Kiran Nagarkar

    • [AZW] ☆ 'Bedtime Story' and 'Black Tulip' | BY ☆ Kiran Nagarkar
      487 Kiran Nagarkar
    • thumbnail Title: [AZW] ☆ 'Bedtime Story' and 'Black Tulip' | BY ☆ Kiran Nagarkar
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    1 Blog on “'Bedtime Story' and 'Black Tulip'

    1. Sadiq Kazi says:

      I am biased towards anything from Kiran Nagarkar And here it cannot be any different Bedtime Story is what can raise the hackles of the rabid rightwingers, and raises questions that somebody had to ask about the myths that we have grown up with, about the stereotypes that are ingrained to the extent of revulsion Black Tulip wellease, please, filmmakers, adopt this asap One who I feel can do full justice to this screenplay is Neeraj Pandey Waiting

    2. Vivek Tejuja says:

      From the time I have started reading Kiran Nagarkar s books, I have wanted to read the banned play, Bedtime Story The play was banned when it first released in 1978 by the Shiv Sena and other fundamentalist parties It has now been republished by Harper Collins India For me the motive behind reading this book was only Bedtime Story The screenplay Black Tulip did not hold much interest and yet when I started on that one as well, I was completely taken in by both the difference in both is of anothe [...]

    3. SaroopKishan says:

      I found myself with a smugness that was hard to shake off as I finished Bedtime Story Somehow inexplicably, I read Kiran Nagarkar s introduction of the play after reading the actual text of the play, thereby further underscoring the powerful effect of this dramatic piece on my mind.By reworking and moulding some episodes of the often shamelessly jaded interpretations of The Mahabharata and combining contemporary and agelong phenomenons some includes references to climate change, nuclear weapons, [...]

    4. Manny says:

      This is a book which features a radical interpretation of the Mahabharata and also an average Bollywood screenplay.Bedtime story takes in certain key events from the Mahabharata with very strong voices of Draupadi, Eklavya and shows across how the Pandavas were not too different from the Kauravas The play was banned in the 70s and had limited shows in the 90s It would have been quite a sight to sit through the play and certain portions also involve the audience Overall quite radical and portrays [...]

    5. Sandeep says:

      Bedtime story was written during the emergency but was staged for the first time in 85 A play that is as relevant today as it was than three decades back Not a big fan of Mr.Nagarkar but this book play has won me over Apathy is not an option

    6. Devina says:

      Dramatic screen play a new era s Mahabharata

    7. Raju Anbhorkar says:

      Luckily have met Kiran Nagarkar I am in loss of words I am poor in writing reviews.

    8. Neeraj Katoch says:

      Read a first screenplay and a play by Karan Nagarkar Bedtime Story and Black Tulip literally back to back pic says it all Quite refreshing and different

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