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A Story of Summers
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A Story of Summers Sophia Scarlet An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.The moment I met him I started wanting things that I hadn t wanted before It crept up on me slowly I remember a curious look, an electric touch, the polite kiss the first night we met I remember wondering if he wanted me He did This is the story of those summers when we were young, a story about friendship, sex, forgiAn alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.The moment I met him I started wanting things that I hadn t wanted before It crept up on me slowly I remember a curious look, an electric touch, the polite kiss the first night we met I remember wondering if he wanted me He did This is the story of those summers when we were young, a story about friendship, sex, forgiveness, and in the end, a story about love Be advised that due to explicit sexual content and adult language This novel is recommend for readers 18 and older.. A Story of Summers An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here The moment I met him I started wanting things that I hadn t wanted before It crept up on me slowly I remember a curious look an electric touch the
  • Title: A Story of Summers
  • Author: Sophia Scarlet
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Story of Summers Sophia Scarlet

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    1. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:

      A Story of Summers stand alone Finn Georgia s tumultuous love story spanning the summer and beyond I wanted her love, but would settle for her obedience A Story of Summers is the romance of emergency doctor, Dr Phineas Hayden, Finn and graduate student Georgiana Phillips, Georgie aka Gigi It follows their tempestuous relationship from first meeting, through everyday ups a downs intense connection, sexual tension, sweet tender moments and raw sex with a commanding Finn Story covers everything tha [...]

    2. Sasha elle a.k.a. Mrs. Liam Callahan! says:

      3 put the Nutella in the fridge jars A story of summers was given to me awhile back when this chica wasn t feeling well and it took me forever to start reading again but nonetheless I must warn you that this book isn t about the season of summer feck a duck but rather about ,I m sorry I have nothing poetic to add here so whateves Georgiana Philips at age 24 has gotten some memories under her belt including men With a I don t give damn attitude Georgiana was content with were she was but with her [...]

    3. Mspraise50 says:

      A reading buddy of mine recommended this story to me and I decided to read it This is my first book by this author.This is Georgiana and Finn s story Both Georgiana and Finn have issues but Georgiana s in my opinion is the one with the serious issues She lost her all her family in one devastating incident From this one gruelling loss comes all Georgiana s relational issues.I struggled to like Georgiana and in Finn s own words God, you are fucking cold hearted sometimes I don t know about sometim [...]

    4. Gisèle Altagracia says:

      To start off this story was well written Sophia Scarlet especially excelled in three things to my opinion 1 She does descriptions well, with clever use of symbolisms She painted pictures with words I love how she described sceneries and objects My favorite one the way she described the bag of one the secondary characters, a caring and sweet friend who was there for the female lead in her hour of need She had a bag of comforting distractions filled with stuff to aid her in taking care of her frie [...]

    5. Paulien says:

      I loved this book, I really did I have to be honest this review is the second one I m writing because the last time my computer thought it was funny to not save this review I could cry I liked that we got to know Georgie at the beginnning of the book And we didn t really know from the beginning what would happen in the story, with whom would she connect, and we also got to know some other love interests that didn t really work out.4.8 5 I think the writing style was really light but there was st [...]

    6. Monica **can't read fast enough** says:

      I have to admit that when I began reading A STORY OF SUMMERS I got a little nervous It s hard for me to enjoy a book when I don t like the heroine and in the beginning I didn t like Georgiana very much However, as the story continues her past unfolds and as her relationship with Finn becomes complicated I began to warm to her There is a reason for Georgiana s behavior, attitude, and poor decisions which helps to explain why she reacts the way that she does She is also fairly young and it often [...]

    7. Kim BookJunkie says:

      2 2.5 starsI received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review I wish I could say that I loved this book but unfortunately, I struggled with it While reading the very first chapter, I began to dislike the female main character Georgiana In that first chapter alone, Georgiana made than 1 horrible decision Throughout the book she continued to make asinine, nonsensical choices and did ridiculous things that negatively impacted her and the people around her For exam [...]

    8. Marilyn says:

      This story is about a young girl, Georgina, ultimately finding herself Georgina sufferred a terrible lost at such a young age which pretty much made her grow up too fast without proper guidance Not understanding love, she went through life not only hurting herself but others who loved her, untilFinn Finn is a tough character to analyze In the beginning, he came across almost shy like, but then once he got her, he was anything but He knew what he wanted and he knew he wanted her Although, his obs [...]

    9. Laz the Sailor says:

      This is really an erotic psychological thriller for the first 80%, and I really felt the various neuroses of the 2 MCs and a few secondary characters as well No one is going to get killed, but happiness is at stake The descriptions are quite vivid, with lots of details involving clothing and food though somehow everyone is a vegan or vegetarian no animals were harmed in the writing of this book.A couple of passages are awkward, and a few threads are unresolved, but overall this is a tight intens [...]

    10. Shari Kay says:

      Not into view spoiler promiscuous stupid h s hide spoiler If the H acted this way I d be pissed review show review show

    11. Book'd says:

      First ImpressionsGeorgiana Phillips lead character in this book She has an ability to frustrate you by her melodramatic behavior and her inclination towards short lived and quick physical relationships over the real love.These were my first impressions and feeling as I started with and progressed further with A Story of Summers.The StoryThis is a story of charming girl Georgiana and her journey of finding a meaning of her life Devastated from her broken engagement and fearful of losing a preciou [...]

    12. Mhairi Mhairi says:

      This book was hard for me to rate because I had issues with both the main characters I ll start with the positives I think the author did a great job at creating characters with real life problems without making the storyline cheesy She made their emotions feel real I also thought it was really clever that she created this alpha male and immediately brought him down to earth by creating the fall In the very first scene he s running through the forest towards Georgiana, trips up and lands flat on [...]

    13. Terry says:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Wooooooow This book was very conflicting for me I loved it, then hated it, then loved it again I love complex characters, and this book has plenty of that I loved the way Georgie and Finn met, and the whole scene was charming and cute Finn was automatically in my good books, and Georgie seemed so innocent and cute Then as the book progressed I saw and learned about Georgie s darker side and secrets, and she wasn t so innocent A lot [...]

    14. Natalie Clem says:

      I give 3.5 stars, because for once it was the woman that had commitment issues, and not the man.I received a free copy for an honest review I had such mixed feelings after I read Sophia Scarlet s story, that I needed a moment to collect my thoughts What I really liked about this story, is that the main character, Georgie, had the commitment issues instead of the male lead, Finn Generally, it s the other way around In addition, I found it interesting that Georgie was somewhat promiscuous when she [...]

    15. Amanda says:

      A copy of this novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.First, I would like to say that I was looking for something different, out of the box and unconventional I found it with this one It was exactly what I needed to pull me out of the rut I was in I read the blurb and was completely enad it didn t lie Sophia Scarlet s writing style is simply something special She dives deep in the complexity of the characters and you truly aren t disappointed with the words on the page [...]

    16. Holly Stone says:

      ARC in exchange for an honest review Things I loved The cover Beautiful The writing fluid and professional I would read the author again.Characters The side characters in the story were lovely Dex, the female main characters ex was great, Emma Luke Astrid were all fab Even Jasper, who was a bit of a cad was okay My main issue with the story was not being able to like the main characters Georgiana had experienced a lot of sadness but I didnt feel that in her she seemed very superior and calculati [...]

    17. 100sweet says:

      DNF 30%.The h gets upset at the H at a party She bumps into a man and the first thing she says to the stranger is, Do you have a condom She takes this stranger to a secluded area and has sex with him Of course, the H finds out when she is leaving the area after the deed and the stranger ends up being his coworker The coworker can t stop gloating to the H at work about banging the h I was super disgusted by the h Sex with a complete stranger EWWWW

    18. Ren says:

      I ve never hated a hero and heroine from the same novel as much as these two.

    19. Barb says:

      I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review Thank you Sophia Scarlet for giving me the opportunity to read this 4 book.Georgiana is a young women that has lived a life of loss At a young age she lost her parents and sister, then the passing of her grandmother a few years later, to be left in the care of her aunt and uncle that really didn t want her So she was out on her own at the age of 17 Through that time she developed a relationship with Dex Then he decided to go away to col [...]

    20. Linda says:

      Arc copy generously provided by author for an honest review I liked this book and instantaneously fell in love with the main male character Phineas Finn Hayden and it took me a little bit to develop any feelings for the main female Character Georgiana Gigi Gigi has had a tough life, everyone she loves eventually leaves her , mostly by death but as a result she is very guarded with the exception of one person her best freind Dex , she has known him since she was a kid and it is through Dex that s [...]

    21. Connie says:

      I was given a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review The book a Story of Summers is a story of a woman named Georgiana who has a man, her best friend Dex that she has loved fiercely for many years and a new man, Finn who has driven and pushed her to be than she felt she was capable of being Georgiana was a complex soul with many issues but the biggest one being abandonment Her family all died in an accident when she was young so as she grows up, she has attachment issues which she [...]

    22. Julia Simone says:

      A great love story.Just as simple as this A love story where I felt for both of them, and also for some of the side characters, all through the book and ended up with a sweet smile on my face But before I continue with my review I need the satisfaction to say this finally Finally a story where it s not the lead female character that stupidly falls tripping over its own stupid feet He does And not stupidly at all actually, but in a very believable and natural way This story is for all romance rea [...]

    23. CoCoFierce says:

      3.5 Stars This was my first read by this author and before I was asked to review ironically a friend of mine was telling me about this story So I thought it had to be faith that I read this book Georgiana Georgie is a mess of emotion and destruction at times We first meet her and she is kissing one guy and then in the next scene snuggling up to his really good friend Finn the guy who she really likes it Can you say a bit young That s not even the half of it Georgie is very complex she has learn [...]

    24. E.P. says:

      A great romance between a woman Georgiana who both needs and fears a real relationship, and a man Finn who is so in love with her he almost ruins everything between them The plot is in part a reworking of Pride and Prejudice, as SPOILER ALERT our handsome and basically decent hero tries to pressure the woman of his dreams into a relationship that she really does need to be in, but she isn t ready for at first, almost causing the whole thing to fall apart A fun twist is the inclusion of some ligh [...]

    25. Brittany says:

      I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the New Adult Book Club We begin this book with a young woman named Georgiana, who has had a tragic past wrought with loss and grief Georgiana doesn t want a serious relationship because the last time she was in one it had less than ideal consequences She seems to be floating from one guy to another In my opinion, she is using herself She doesn t feel like she is worthy of true affection When she has a run in with a startl [...]

    26. Edelmira says:

      Okay this book rendered me speechless To be honest, I never read a book like it before It was complicated and confusing I m definitely not pointing out the plot of the story, mainly the relationship of the main characters They both wanted different things Georgina had bad experiences when it comes to love and most of the times she never really knew the meaning through it all She meets a guy name Finn and he makes her feel things she never ever felt before It s different and sadly, it scares her [...]

    27. Faelan says:

      I received a copy for an honest reviewThe moment I met him I started wanting things that I hadn t wanted before It crept up on me slowly I remember a curious look, an electric touch, the polite kiss the first night we met I remember wondering if he wanted me He did This is the story of those summers when we were young, a story about friendship, sex, forgiveness, and in the end, a story about love This was the story of Finn and Georgie.Dr Phineas Hayden, aka Finn, is a doctor, a kind, caring and [...]

    28. Ella Ward says:

      Ten pages into the story I was ready to give up on it I couldn t understand why the author would make her MC so unlikeable Georgina comes across, and I m am being very generous here, as a childish and selfish brat I was ready to give up on the book, but I kept reading I m glad I did The author provides a look into Georgina s past that explains why she behaves the way she does After learning about Georgina s tragedy, I started to feel sympathy for her but I also felt very frustrated As tragic as [...]

    29. Noreen Joseph says:

      WOW What can I say about this story This is my first time reading this author, I was given an ARC for a honest review Georgie and Finn the main characters was surrounded by a host of individuals that adds to the story Georgie is dealing with survival guilt due to the loss of her entire family when she was a child Georgie has a hard time telling men in her life how she feels due to her fear of abandonment She silently endures the situations that she places her self into Her way of being in contro [...]

    30. Rose Gluck says:

      I REALY enjoyed A Story of Summers It s one of those books that is so well written and compelling from the first page that I was drawn right in and stayed glued to the pages The main characters were well developed The transformation of Georgie grew throughout the novel, as did the character Finn I loved the setting too, a group of friends in their late twenties, they were all compelling and real Think Sex in the City, set in the laid back Annapolis, Maryland The story begins with flirtation, fu [...]

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