M.D. Grimm Heike Reifgens
Unter Dem Wolfsmond
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Unter Dem Wolfsmond M.D. Grimm Heike Reifgens Buch 1 in der Serie Die GestaltwandlerSeit zwei Jahren schon, seit Brian O Donogue als Tierarzt im Tierschutzzentrum angefangen hat, spielt Veterinarbeamter Derek Wiliams mit dem Gedanken, ihn um eine Verabredung zu bitten Warum also hat er ihn immer noch nicht gefragt Es ist kompliziert hat aber etwas damit zu tun, dass Derek gelegentlich lieber auf vier Beinen herBuch 1 in der Serie Die GestaltwandlerSeit zwei Jahren schon, seit Brian O Donogue als Tierarzt im Tierschutzzentrum angefangen hat, spielt Veterinarbeamter Derek Wiliams mit dem Gedanken, ihn um eine Verabredung zu bitten Warum also hat er ihn immer noch nicht gefragt Es ist kompliziert hat aber etwas damit zu tun, dass Derek gelegentlich lieber auf vier Beinen herumlauft statt auf zwei.Brian, der nach einer desastrosen Beziehung wieder auf die Beine kommt und seine eigenen ubernaturlichen Fahigkeiten verbirgt, geht das Risiko ein und nimmt Dereks Einladung an Die Beziehung, die sich daraus entwickelt, ist schoner, als sie beide jemals fur moglich gehalten hatten bis ein bosartiger Wolfswandler Brian angreift, wahrend er seine Hunde spazieren fuhrt Der unerwartete Angriff zwingt Derek dazu, seinen Gefuhlen ins Auge zu sehen, aber die Gefahr ist noch nicht voruber Der bosartige Gestaltwandler ist irgendwo da draussen, und er macht. Unter Dem Wolfsmond Buch in der Serie Die GestaltwandlerSeit zwei Jahren schon seit Brian O Donogue als Tierarzt im Tierschutzzentrum angefangen hat spielt Veterinarbeamter Derek Wiliams mit dem Gedanken ihn um eine
  • Title: Unter Dem Wolfsmond
  • Author: M.D. Grimm Heike Reifgens
  • ISBN: 9781634767774
  • Page: 436
  • Format: ebook
  • Unter Dem Wolfsmond M.D. Grimm Heike Reifgens

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    1 Blog on “Unter Dem Wolfsmond

    1. Kelly H. (Maybedog) says:

      I had a LOT of problems with this book While I liked the main characters fine, and it was a pet rescue organization, it was located in Seattle, and there were gobs of wonderful and fun dogs, everything else was a let down.There was no point in setting it in Seattle, especially since the person knows nothing about Seattle For example, police officers end up with 8 dogs and cats Seattle and King County only allow 3 companion animals It makes no sense that police officers would have no problem with [...]

    2. Ami says:

      3.5 starsIf I can sum up this story, I will go with nice Both characters are nice the wolf shifter, Derek, who feels strongly for animals and sometimes have a hard time to control his anger when it comes to human that neglects their pets and the shy vet, Brian, who can actually talk to animals The build up to their relationship is sweet, considering it involves many scenes with animals I m a sucker when it comes to animals in story, so throw me cats or dogs, and I m a goner It s definitely cutel [...]

    3. Nikyta *Miss Forgetful* says:

      This was an extremely cute story that left me with a goofy smile in the end.I loved that these characters felt like real people The details surrounding them was great in the way that you understand who and what the characters look like without going into this long monologue of how they came to be but important these characters felt like individuals and had their own personalities Derek is so violent He s filled with rage at humans and ultimately hates them He wants to avenge every abused animal [...]

    4. BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions says:

      I liked this book a lot The beginning was a little slow for me, I appreciate how well the author reflected how much some people suck in regards to owning animals I was a little bored and depressed by all of that and wondering where the story was going The story was a lot interesting once the guys started dating and stuff started happening I really liked the guys together they were sweet and cute Overall this is a very enjoyable light read

    5. Beck says:

      This book was a tad too formulaic predictable to be classed as good The characters were nice enough The set up was pretty predictable too was the angst You get insta mate insta love, which is always difficult to write well a psychic paranormal police force There were tantalising hints of a back story Derek s pack Brian s ex but they aren t elaborated on enough Overall this was an okay read Takes about 20 minutes to read you will have a nice time but don t expect too much out of this book.

    6. Phaney says:

      Somewhat spoilerish Meh I wonder if this is a first or very early book, since it has that feel to it and that circumstance would mitigate my complaints somewhat.The book s just lacking all around characters, plot, pacing, style.Then there are some logical blips too Case in point He was fit, and the long white coat didn t detract much from his rather impressive figure Derek also couldn t help noticing how perky his butt looked in those blue jeans.You mean the butt hidden by the long coat Also not [...]

    7. Valérie says:

      Une norme d ceptionUne romance compl tement g ch e par la m diocrit de la traduction o de la relecture et c est tr s dommage.J avais not une nette am lioration avec un r el effort de la part de l diteur pour offrir un texte de qualit exempt de coquilles et de fautes de fran ais flagrantes mais je dois dire que celui ci n est pas une r ussite Le style est trop familier avec beaucoup d abr viations j te, y a, s blairer des phrases enti res laissent d sirer d un point de vue grammatical, des absenc [...]

    8. Don Bradshaw says:

      This was a pretty good read with yet another spin on shifters It lacked that wow factor that many shifter books have but I feel like it had to do with Ms Grimm s writing style than the story itself Derek is a werewolf who works for a local animal rescue center His love for animals and his wolf often throw him into fits of anger over how badly some animals are treated It seems that only the hot veterinarian, Brian, can calm him down Brian is an animal empath of sorts and is able to communicate w [...]

    9. Mandy*reads obsessively* says:

      Derek is a wolf shifter and has some anger issues, IMO, and Brian is a Vet who has some special abilities that help him in his job and with Derek I found it interesting that they knew each other two years before going out , so I guess the fast moving relationship after that point was ok, the twist with the rogue felt sort of strange, but I would like to know about the Agency and Poe.It w a light quick read.

    10. Lissa says:

      Mmm, yeah, this didn t work for me on many levels.The entire novella feels choppy it honestly reads like a rough draft that the author sometimes was in a super hurry on I feel like a good story could have been here, had it been developed properly, but it wasn t Uncommon words were often repeated in the same paragraph, which is always a bit jarring to me when reading I usually have a problem with most romance novellas, because it almost always feels like the love story is rushed and yes, I know [...]

    11. Carole Ann says:

      3.25 Stars

    12. Christy says:

      3.5 Stars As most of you know, I am entranced by all things paranormal, but mostly by shifters Any type of shifter tends to hold my attention, and whether the story is serious or silly, I love them all When I discovered The Shifters series by M.D Grimm, I was over the moon Each book sounded like it was right up my alley, so I couldn t wait to jump into book one.Derek is a wolf shifter, and a humane officer who works for Pet Rescue He hates what humans do to so many of their pets, and some days t [...]

    13. Lexi Ander says:

      Derek is a wolf who has lived outside his pack since he was 18 and it has not been as easy as he thought it would be He works in Seattle as a humane officer, a job he loves because it is his passion to help and rescue abused pet but it is also torture for him to see such neglect and abuse It ignites a rage in him and a need to protect these trusting creatures from careless human.Brian is a vet extraordinaire and the one human that Derek would do anything for Joining Pet Rescue two years ago, Bri [...]

    14. Ije the Devourer of Books says:

      3.5 stars

    15. Amarilli Settantatre says:

      da sognipensieriparoleSebbene i romanzi sui mutaforma comincino ad essere numerosi, anche in ambito M M, la serie di M.D Grimm presenta comunque notevoli elementi di originalit , a cominciare dal fatto che non si concentra solo sui soliti lupi mannari, per abbracciare parecchie forme di animale perlomeno quelli che sia in forma bestiale che a due zampe possono risultare parecchio sexy.In secondo luogo, se i mutaforma sono sotto costante minaccia da parte degli esseri umani che li ritengono dei d [...]

    16. Tam says:

      Derek is an animal control worker who is also a wolf shifter He takes his job very seriously and often falls into rages at the cruelty people inflict on the animals he has to rescue He s been working with Brian, a vet at the shelter the animals go to for a couple of years He likes that Brian is always cool and he always seems able to calm the animals but he doesn t ask him out because he wants to keep his secret However Brian has a secret as well, he can communicate with animals and that s show [...]

    17. Buttercup says:

      Immature writing style, lack of understanding by Grimm in how to build sexual tension All the sex scenes build explicitly and then climax practically offstage with euphemisms This kind of disconnect kept me from investing heavily in either the characters or the relationship The best characterization was of Fenrir the pug Really, if you re gonna read this, read it for the pug The rogue shifter plot was lame, there was enough going on that it just muddied the waters And it was basically another in [...]

    18. Karen K says:

      I think this book had potential than a 3 but there were just parts of the story that weren t really flushed out and I thought the ending was a little sporadically tied up I liked the characters, especially Brian because he was so gentle and his power was amazingly interesting I enjoyed Derek too but I think should have been said about his temper and the reason for it I think it was because he hadn t shifted for a while Anyhow, I did like the writing and will definitely try this author again.

    19. Lia says:

      una via di mezzo tra un racconto e un libro bello e coinvolegente, ma sono di parte del resto adoro gli uomini incazzosi.Certo Brian ha reagito meglio di quello che Derek pensava Ma non c da stupirsi unomo dall animo gentile e poi ama quello zuccone di Derek quindi lo ha accettato ma anche Derek a modo suo lo ha accettato visto che Brian parla con gli animali Diciamo che si sono trovati e sono anche una bella coppia

    20. Meggie says:

      The story was enjoyable and writing a bit to ordinary I liked the characters, or course, and the plotted idea about rescuing pet animals was good, too But I have to admit, that feelings and emotions were not felt in this story Everything was blank, like you couldn t feel them at all Even sex scenesblank, nothing This part was disturbing, and I do advice the author, to work on this problem

    21. Jacq says:

      Nice description on the MC s The things that ruffled my feathers The insta love was over two years Thus the I love you endearment, was a dry I did not care for the mating process, it didn t have the joining as one effect fact it just skipped over that part I really liked Poe all 5 feet of him He brought charm to this storyline.

    22. Brandilyn says:

      Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance The Shifters is a series by MD Grimm Each story loosely ties together in the smae world by the inclusion of two opposing groups, The Agency and The Knights One for good and one not It depends who you ask which is which.For Full review please see prismbookalliance pos

    23. TayaJay says:

      This story was just meh The MCs known each other for two years before they finally decided that they like each other and go out on a date There is no character development There were quick I love you s after on date.

    24. Calila says:

      Nice quick read w barely any angst MC s romance was cute I found the introduction of a certain character towards the end a little weird and unnecessary but, I will definitely check out the rest of the series.

    25. Feliz says:

      Dr Dolittle meets Werewolf Nice and smooth, a pleasant read, broke off somewhat suddenly and left me with several unanswered questions As is proper for the start of a series i suppose I d like to read of this series too.

    26. V says:

      In my humble opinion , this is a sweet cute read, for those animal lovers it s just perfect, you will have plenty animals here to get all mushy about it I m not an animal lover myself but this was just too nice not to enjoyed I m already hooked with this interesting characterPoe.

    27. blub says:

      I found the story a bit lacking and that some aspects that were introduced were underdeveloped Neither MC s made an impact, the only thing that really made an impact was the fact that author brought up a real life issue i.e animal abuse.

    28. Elyxyz says:

      Stregati il primo volume di una serie fantasy sui mutaforma, uscito in Italia qualche anno fa e giunto finora al quarto volume La cosa interessante di questa saga che, oltre al classico lupo, abbiamo delle trasformazioni alternative, in animali che francamente non avevo ancora mai trovato in altri libri di questo genere.Le storie sono autoconclusive, bench ci siano alcuni personaggi ricorrenti e una minaccia spalmata per tutta la serie.In questo primo volume, incontriamo il veterinario Brian e l [...]

    29. Jarrod Scarbrough says:

      This was a really cute love story about a werewolf finding the love of his life with a vet he works with And we get some really steamy sex scenes thrown in amongst the cuteness, plus a bit of intrigue I quite enjoyed this book, and look forward to reading in this series

    30. Ed Davis says:

      Very sweet and enjoyable novella It was nice afternoon read.

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