Yasmina Khadra Maria Carvalho
A Última Noite de um Tirano
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A Última Noite de um Tirano Yasmina Khadra Maria Carvalho Uma personalidade como Khadafi n o poderia deixar indiferente Yasmina Khadra Com este mergulho vertiginoso na mente de um tirano sanguin rio e megal mano, Yasminha Khadra tra a o retrato universal de todos os ditadores depostos.. A ltima Noite de um Tirano Uma personalidade como Khadafi n o poderia deixar indiferente Yasmina Khadra Com este mergulho vertiginoso na mente de um tirano sanguin rio e megal mano Yasminha Khadra tra a o retrato universal de
  • Title: A Última Noite de um Tirano
  • Author: Yasmina Khadra Maria Carvalho
  • ISBN: 9789725305638
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Última Noite de um Tirano Yasmina Khadra Maria Carvalho

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      173 Yasmina Khadra Maria Carvalho
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    1. Susan says:

      This novel takes as its subject matter the controversial figure of Muammar Gaddafi, seen through the last night of his life Gaddafi has retreated to Sirte after the fall of Tripoli in the Libyan Civil War where the former dictator is holed up in a disused school, waiting for the arrival of his son, Mutassim, and hoping to break out and find refuge in another part of the country While he waits, Gaddafi reflects on the Arab Spring, his life and those around him.It is difficult to create a moving a [...]

    2. Manchester Military History Society (MMHS) says:

      Tense and gripping imagining of Muammar Gaddafi s last hours.No one can know what went through the head of Gaddafi in his last hours but Yasmina Khadra ably aided by Julian Evans translation creates a plausible and scary insight into what the Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution of Libya might have been thinking.The book begins with Gaddafi hiding in Sirte waiting for the arrival of his son, who is going to help him break out and find refuge in another part of the country During the wait [...]

    3. Myriam says:

      Le dernier roman de Yasmina Khadra, consacr aux derni res heures de la vie de Khadafi, est un petit chef d oeuvre Narr la premi re personne, du point de vue de l ancien chef libyen, il nous plonge dans la t te de ce personnage atypique Alors que son temps est compt , le Guide se rem ses origines pauvres, son parcours dans l arm e, son coup d tat ayant mis un terme la royaut en Libye Il regrette galement ses heures de gloire, o il imposait sa loi aux plus grandes nations mondiales, o il faisait [...]

    4. Rihab Sebaaly says:


    5. Maria Beltrami says:

      Most of us remember Gaddafi as a bloody dictator, implicated in stories still unclear as the Ustica massacre and the various attacks around the world, as well as the clown that established himself in European capitals with his tent and his court, sure to be honored in a servile way by Western leaders because he was holding the cocks of some natural resources so essential for us.Then came the Arab spring with everything that followed, and we still don t know whether it was good or not Maybe not j [...]

    6. Waleed Al-dawood says:


    7. Hassan Salem says:


    8. Dawnie says:

      This was a very interesting read showing a very clearly disturbed person I think this is a wonderful view into a horrible person that clearly saw himself as something so much better than anyone else Now before i get really into this review, i have too say that i don t know a huge amount about Muammar gaddafi I know he was a very brutal dictator But thats about it So i don t know if this book is as good of a few into this person as i felt it was, because i don t really know anything about him, so [...]

    9. Wafaa Ali Darwish says:

      Erich Fromm .

    10. Célia says:

      Yasmina Khadra surpreendeu me pela positiva com o seu O Que o Dia Deve Noite ficou me dessa leitura a impress o de um escritor bastante dotado a n vel de escrita e que me deveria merecer mais aten o no futuro Felizmente, e Editorial Biz ncio continua a apostar nos seus livros e disponibilizou me um exemplar deste A ltima Noite de um Tirano, onde o autor argelino se prop e, numa narrativa na primeira pessoa, a mostrar ao leitor como foi a ltima noite de Muammar Kadhafi, chefe de estado l bio dura [...]

    11. Zeb Kantrowitz says:

      The Dictator s Last Night by Yasmina Khadra NOTE this was a free book from NetGalleyThis book by the marvelous Algerian writer, who writes under the pseudonym of Yasmina Khara, has written this story of the last day in the life of Muamar Gaddaffi This short book or novella , is written in the first person with Gaddaffi as the narrator What does a man who knows he will not see another day think of in his last hours.What does a man think of His accomplishment His missed opportunities His mistakes [...]

    12. Susana P. says:

      Relativement d ue par ce roman car je n ai pas saisi le point de vue recherch par l auteur travers ce portrait d un personnage politique si complexe Ce texte me semble un peu trop l ger pour un tel sujet Je n ai pas retrouv la force des textes pr c dents de Khadra comme l Attentat, l quation africaine ou tant d autres C est ma premi re d ception avec cet auteur.

    13. Arch.hala Adil says:

    14. راضي النماصي says:

      192 .youtube watch v SMkq_

    15. عبد القادري says:


    16. Kate Vane says:

      I had such hopes for this novel I read the news but there s so much I don t know about Libya and its former leader, Muammar Gaddafi I thought this first person account of the last few hours of his life would give me insights into the politics, economics and culture of the country which he ruled, and the factors that led to his downfall And Gaddafi, with his vanity and guile and bizarre behavior, would make the ultimate unreliable narrator.The novel begins with Gaddafi in hiding in a disused buil [...]

    17. Kimbofo says:

      The Dictator s Last Night by Yasmina Khadra puts us in the shoes of Colonel Gaddafi at the height of the Libyan civil war in 2011 shortly before his capture and execution by the NATO backed rebel forces of the time It s a fictionalised account, of course, but it has a ring of authenticity about it Unsurprisingly, it s quite a dark and sombre novella, seeing as it provides a fascinating glimpse into the mindset of one of modern history s most controversial and divisive figures, yet there s a cert [...]

    18. Dhia Bousselmi ( ضياء بوسالمي ) says:

      Yasmina Khadra dans la peau de Kadhafi C est un roman qui raconte les v nements de la derni re nuit avant la capture et la mort du Mouammar Kadhafi L crivain nous plonge dans la t te et les r ves de ce dictateur et nous transmet son point de vue sur beaucoup de choses la vie, la mort, l amour, la fid lit , le pouvoir, la r volution

    19. Alessandro Argenti says:

      Apprezzo sempre in modo assoluto la scrittura di Yasmina Khadra e questo romanzo non mi ha deluso La storia raccontata bene anche se mi sarebbe piaciuto avere un immagine pi completa del Rais, ma d altronde il titolo fa riferimento soltanto all ultima notte di vita e non anche a tutto il resto Gradevole comunque.

    20. Anya says:

      Famed Algerian author Yasmina Khadra was recommended to me by a friend who incidentally has read all of Khadra s books except this one La Derni re nuit de Rais is a fictional retelling of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi s last days The entire book is narrated in the first person, i.e by Gaddafi himself He tells us about his childhood, his meteoric ascension to power, as well as his bitter fall from grace I appreciated that the book does not make any outright judgements for or against Gaddafi, bu [...]

    21. Salam Ch says:

      3 stars for the book overall 1 star to the Arabic translation

    22. Iara Silva says:

      Este foi um livro que, sinceramente, se fosse para o comprar n o o comprava, porque n o faz muito o meu g nero Ganhei o num passatempo e quando o recebi em casa pensei Bem de certeza que n o vou gostar , mas estava muito enganada, decidi dar lhe uma oportunidade e n o me arrependi nada muito pequenino, tem cerca de 170 p ginas e li o a correr.Este livro baseado na ltima noite da vida de Muammar Kadhafi No decorrer do mesmo, v o sendo demonstrados os tra os da sua personalidade e as ideias que v [...]

    23. Biblioteca Lardero says:

      Durante mucho tiempo cre encarnar a una naci n y que pon a de rodillas a los poderosos del mundo Era la leyenda hecha hombre Los dolos y los poetas com an en mi mano Hoy no me queda para dejar a mis herederos m s que este libro que relata las ltimas horas de mi fabulosa existencia Entre el tirano visionario y el beduino indomable, qu recordar la Historia Noche del 19 al 20 de octubre, en una miserable escuela del distrito 2 de Sirte se esconde con un pu ado de seguidores armados el hombre que lo [...]

    24. Maria João says:

      8 de 10 Antes de mais gostaria de salientar e reconhecer o pouco conhecimento que tenho relativamente pol tica internacional, principalmente no que diz respeito a outros continentes que n o o Europeu O que sabia de Khadafi antes de ler este livro era praticamente nada E s por isso, esta leitura j valeu a pena Mas n o foi s por isso Yasmina Khadra tem, de facto, o dom da escrita e, embora este livro seja bastante diferente dos outros que li do autor, tem claramente o seu cunho.Coment rio completo [...]

    25. Asmaperle says:

      Dans ce court roman, on suit les pens es et derni res heures de Kadhafi Si le personnage ne me passionnait pas de premier abord, je ne l ai pas plus appr ci travers ses pens es m galomanes Ce genre de tyran qui souffle le chaud et le froid pour faire peur ses subalternes a le don de m nerver.N anmoins, la seconde partie du roman bouge un peu plus et dans l ensemble, c tait malgr tout int ressant de se pencher sur cet homme, la Libye et cette p riode l.

    26. Marina Sofia says:

      Portrait of the archetype of a dictator, not just a specific dictator The author cleverly examines how it is possible to become so self absorbed, megalomaniac, removed from reality, prone to tantrums, paranoid when surrounded by sycophants, how power corrupts, and yet how dictators are often revered in their countries at least at first A nuanced look at the legacy of tyrants.

    27. Amy says:

      A stunning first person fictional account of Gaddafi s last night Triumphs and regrets are both explored as he waits his final destiny A creative imagining of what he might have been thinking as his end approached I really enjoyed this book.I received this book as part of a giveaway but the opinions expressed are solely my own.

    28. Malex says:

      C est difficile de parler de ce livre, c est un exercice de style compliqu de se plonger dans la t te d un tyran mais Yasmina Khadra s en sort magnifiquement Le personnage est d testable et d test mais c est assez fascinant lire, jusqu ses derniers instants il ne renonce jamais ses id es et son statut de Dieu autoproclam.

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