Michael M. Phillips
The Gift of Valor: A War Story
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The Gift of Valor: A War Story Michael M. Phillips Every day ordinary young Americans are fighting and dying in Iraq, with the same bravery, honor, and sense of duty that have distinguished American troops throughout history One of these is Jason Dunham, a twenty two year old Marine corporal from the one stoplight town of Scio, New York, whose stunning story reporter Michael M Phillips discovered while he was embedded wiEvery day ordinary young Americans are fighting and dying in Iraq, with the same bravery, honor, and sense of duty that have distinguished American troops throughout history One of these is Jason Dunham, a twenty two year old Marine corporal from the one stoplight town of Scio, New York, whose stunning story reporter Michael M Phillips discovered while he was embedded with a Marine infantry battalion in the Iraqi desert Corporal Dunham was on patrol near the Syrian borde, on April 14, 2004, when a black clad Iraqi leaped out of a car and grabbed him around his neck Fighting hand to hand in the dirt, Dunham saw his attacker drop a grenade and made the instantaneous decision to place his own helmet over the explosive in the hope of containing the blast and protecting his men When the smoke cleared, Dunham s helmet was in shreds, and the corporal lay face down in his own blood The Marines beside him were seriously wounded Dunham was subsequently nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor, the nation s highest award for military valor.Phillips s minute by minute chronicle of the chaotic fighting that raged throughout the area and culminated in Dunham s injury provides a grunt s eye view of war as it s being fought today fear, confusion, bravery, and suffering set against a brotherhood forged in combat His account of Dunham s eight day journey home and of his parents heartrending reunion with their son powerfully illustrates the cold brutality of war and the fragile humanity of those who fight it Dunham leaves an indelible mark upon all who know his story, from the doctors and nurses who treat him, to the readers of the original Wall Street Journal article that told of his singular act of valor.. The Gift of Valor A War Story Every day ordinary young Americans are fighting and dying in Iraq with the same bravery honor and sense of duty that have distinguished American troops throughout history One of these is Jason Dunh
  • Title: The Gift of Valor: A War Story
  • Author: Michael M. Phillips
  • ISBN: 9780767920377
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Gift of Valor: A War Story Michael M. Phillips

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    1 Blog on “The Gift of Valor: A War Story

    1. Mina says:

      On Thursday morning of this week 2 23 , I was overcome by the need to finish all of the books I started at various points last year Maybe it s because Howard is home from Iraq and coming to live with me in Rochester soon Maybe I want to truly, tangibly close the chapter of my life that was 2005 Maybe I want to feel like I actually accomplished something in my time alone This was the book for whatever my reason s I started reading in July, when the Webster store was just preparing to open I bough [...]

    2. Jim says:

      If you don t cry, you have no soul Just a typical all american kid who sacrificedfor us.

    3. Anna Crossan says:

      If you re looking for an honest account of what war life is like in Iraq, this is it Written by a reporter who was on site with the troops, this story gives you a down to earth glimpse of the fear, uncertainty and brotherhood these men experience on a regular basis It takes you out on the streets of Husaybah Iraq and has you diving behind Military vehicles to avoid an RPG that s flying over your head It s well written and gives you a lot to think about by the time you reach the end Highly recomm [...]

    4. Molly says:

      This was recommended by a colleague it s not my typical kind of book to read but it was a riveting story of an American soldier in Iraq.

    5. Alex says:

      We hear a lot about war on the news or on tv, but we don t see the whole story What we see on the news is the political side of the war, or the tallies of deaths This book tells you the whole story, and brings you into the war as a marine fighting for his country and his comrades.Michael Phillips, an author that himself has served four tours in Iraq, wrote this book about Jason Duhnum, and what he went though to receive the Medal of Honor He is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.Jason Duhnum [...]

    6. Janet says:

      The story itself of United States Marine Corporal Jason Dunham is heroic and tragic It seemed possible that after testing his theory to see if a helmet could blunt the damage of a grenade thrown by an Iraqi insurgent on April 14, 2004, that Dunham might survive the ordeal Instead he died and was awarded the highest military distinction, The Medal of Honor For the chance to know what this soldier did on behalf of our country, I am grateful The reason for the two stars is that the author, Michael [...]

    7. Jack says:

      This one was a very good book It gave me some insight on what our young men went through and are still going through fighting in the Middle East I take this one very personal I work with a Wounded Warrior, Jesse He was in Kilo Company at the same time as this story, but in a different platoon than Jason Dunham This book helps me understand what Jesse went through Jesse knew most of the Marines mentioned in this book and was in some of the firefights Phillips wrote about Jesse tells me that this [...]

    8. Mike Rogers says:

      The Gift of Valor tells the true story of US Marine Corporal Jason Dunham who was mortally wounded in Iraq after trying to muffle a grenade explosion with his helmet Author Michael Phillips has chosen to focus almost exclusively on Jason himself There are no political aspects to this story and Phillips never passes judgement on the validity of the war itself It s simply a very straightforward retelling of what happened to Dunham.The writing style is very much like a newspaper article because Phi [...]

    9. Wendy Clow says:

      The Gift of Valor is one of the best books I have ever read I reserve that phrase for very few books, and this one deserves it Thank God for Michael Phillips for recording stories like this in print The dedication to integrity evident in his writing results in attention to detail like most of us will never give Without it, stories like this one of a true hero would fade over time I believe most of us in America have no idea of the extent of our military brothers and sisters sacrifice while we re [...]

    10. Tasha says:

      Powerful, heart wrenching and a must read for anyone who doubts the courage and self sacrifice of our servicemen and women Corporal Dunham s courage and concern for his men is amazing and I appreciate the sacrifice he made in the split second for his men and I thank him for his courage to protect our country He received, and without a doubt, earned the Medal of Honor.The author, Michael M Phillips, does a phenomenal job in writing this story.

    11. Paul says:

      Emotional and heartbreaking story of an amazing U.S Marine and his ultimate sacrifice to save his brothers On the streets of Husaybah, Jason Dunham warned his squad and jumped on an enemy grenade, taking the blast and laying down his life for his friends This book tells you than this story the author tells you about Dunham s life, his actions, and much of his incredible story This story should be heard by every American.

    12. Jenna Owens says:

      Extraordinary book about an extraordinary man, U.S Marine Corporal Jason Dunham, and the sacrifice he made to save the lives of his fellow Marines As someone who has never read a book on this topic, it definitely gave me some insight on what our young men and women are going through fighting in the Middle East Would definitely recommend this for anybody who wants a realistic account of what life is like for our soldiers overseas This one will stay with me for a while.

    13. Wes says:

      Good journalism but this book went way too in depth from what I was hoping it would be when I heard about it I was expecting this to be a quick read with a small intro to his life, focus on the event, and a few small details of the aftermath I don t mean to give the book a bad name and definitely given the subject matter my meaningless words couldn t even begin to do that but it felt like it drug on to me because I wasn t into it 100% I wasn t wanting to get as much info as was given.

    14. Leticia says:

      What a book It s basically about the events in Iraq that led to the injury and eventual death of Marine Corp Jason Dunham, who sacrificed himself to save his fellow marines It shows the behind the scenes and cameras of what the military experiences throughout the Iraq War There is foul language, and graphic descriptions throughout the book You just leave feeling disbelief and sadness thinking how many other stories out there that reflect the total loss and suffering from the war.

    15. Burt says:

      Outstanding account of the action that led to the awarding of the Medal of Honor posthumously to USMC Corporal Jason Dunham for his actions in combat in Iraq This is a really gritty account, but no gratuitous blood and gore Very much from the ground view of the troops involved You will mist up at the end of the book Short and very easy to read.

    16. Staci says:

      This is the story of Jason Dunham Another must read for anyone with a loved one in the Military This is the first book that I have ever read, that I had to take time off, because of the sheer amount of sobbing that this Military Mom did It will take time, but it shows the immense sacrifice our kids are making in these wars.

    17. Brent says:

      This guy said it all I cried like a baby and I m proud of it.Jim rated it 4 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars12 11 08Read in January, 2008If you don t cry, you have no soul.Just a typical all american kid who sacrificedfor us.

    18. Cheryl says:

      Realistic and gritty portrayal of life on the front lines in Iraq Jason Dunham was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his selfless act of heroism in saving the lives of his comrades.

    19. Moominboy says:

      An excellent on the ground story about one soldier s tour in Iraq, and sadly his death If you want an account of daily lives of soldiers, as well as detailed description of ambushes and their aftermaths, this is the book for you.

    20. Amy says:

      The story of the truest American Marine Corps hero there is A man, yet only a boy, who gave his life so others lived.Who among us would dive on a granade to save the life of our friends What a question to have to answer, and yet Jason Dunham did it without thinking.

    21. Brendan O'Meara says:

      I m at a loss for how good this book was The reporting was so strong and the writing was terse and muscular Michael Phillips threaded together an intensely heroic and tragic story Give Philllips and standing ovation for his work on this book.

    22. Anthony Chauhan says:

      This is one of the best books ive read.

    23. Shaun says:

      An excellent true story of a Marine who sacrificed himself for his fellow troops He survived for a while and received the Medal of Honor.

    24. Shanna says:

      Corporal Dunham is a true American hero This book and A Soldier s Promise are my two favorite books.

    25. Jim says:

      A well done first book about the heroic struggle of an American Marine corporal in battle in Iraq and then the losing one for his life.

    26. Lori says:

      This book was pretty good It was a rather slow read It s one man s story of courage in a warzone He was younger than I am right now.

    27. Polly says:

      Interesting story of an American soldier who is heroic in Iraq and suffers great injuries and ultimately dies Good journalism by Michael Phillips

    28. Jim Holscher says:

      Excellent look at the reality of war The intertwined personalities shine This book manages to be deeply touching and yet not depressing.

    29. Zaneta Padilla says:

      This book is incredible It as a tear jerker, but I think everyone should read it, regardless of how you feel about the military It gives a point of view not many people can experience.

    30. Dawn Van Curan says:

      Excellent accounting of a Marine s duty in Iraq

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