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Game Changer: Seattle Steelheads Football
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Game Changer: Seattle Steelheads Football Jami Davenport When horse racing and football collide, Hunter McCoy, star tight end of the Seattle Steelheads and neophyte horse owner, finds himself in a battle of wills with a sexy horsewoman and a stubborn, opinionated race horse.Kate Vanderhof Carrigan s family has raised champion Thoroughbreds on their Kentucky bluegrass farm for over a century Lately the farm has fallen on hard tiWhen horse racing and football collide, Hunter McCoy, star tight end of the Seattle Steelheads and neophyte horse owner, finds himself in a battle of wills with a sexy horsewoman and a stubborn, opinionated race horse.Kate Vanderhof Carrigan s family has raised champion Thoroughbreds on their Kentucky bluegrass farm for over a century Lately the farm has fallen on hard times, but Kate is determined to return Oak Brook to its former glory First, she must satisfy an odd clause in her grandfather s will She s been given five years to produce a winner of horse racing s biggest prize of all, the Derby, or lose the farm to her siblings and their development plans Time has run out, and Hunter s talented horse stands between Kate and her last shot at the Derby Only Kate never counted on her heart entering the race.Hunter is juggling his responsibilities to his two dozen investors, his blind sister, his football career, and his commitment to his tribe The last thing he needs is an unwanted attraction to a spoiled rich girl who doesn t fit into his carefully crafted plans Not only are they rivals on the race track, but she doesn t understand or appreciate his dedication to his Native American heritage Yet despite the odds, all bets are off when Hunter and Kate find themselves in a relationship they can t resist.With the stakes much higher than the Derby purse, can these two longshots win the biggest race of their lifetime or will their hearts finish out of the money. Game Changer Seattle Steelheads Football When horse racing and football collide Hunter McCoy star tight end of the Seattle Steelheads and neophyte horse owner finds himself in a battle of wills with a sexy horsewoman and a stubborn opini
  • Title: Game Changer: Seattle Steelheads Football
  • Author: Jami Davenport
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  • Game Changer: Seattle Steelheads Football Jami Davenport

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    1. ItaPixie says:

      Game Changer was a very good read for me s full of surprises and unexpected under themes that blew me away.I love sports novels and even if I m not a big connoisseur of horse racing I felt the storyline is really credible and compelling.Hunter and Kate are two stubborn persons with different social bakgrounds and opinions on how to raise a horse racing winner but their chemistry and sexual attraction is over the top and undeniable from the first encounter.Their journey is not easy but I couldn t [...]

    2. Kate's Corner says:

      Game Changer is an American Football sports romance Let s discuss the first part of the book Two love stories in one My own personal hell while I was reading At least the author managed to get strong emotions out of me.Lilli Hunter are brother and sister Hunter meets Kate and is instantly attracted to her Kate is also instantly attracted to Hunter Surprise, surprise It is tough going at the beginning Kate is a spoilt rich brat Who has a lot to prove but goes about it the wrong way Her motto Ever [...]

    3. Isha Coleman says:

      ARC Review Game Changer Seattle Steel Heads Football Game On In Seattle by Jami DavenportShe s conquered the hockey arena Scored a home run with her baseball stars and tackled the competition with her touchdowns on and off the field So why not dream bigger and aim for the Derby The Kentucky Derby is the premier arena for the elite and Jami Davenport grabs the spotlight with an underdog horse breeder determined to live up to the former glory of her family business Kate is a woman with big dreams [...]

    4. Elizabeth Clinton says:

      What happens when you put a stubborn football player and a stubborn woman together you get the intensity that is off the charts Hunter McCoy a Tight End for the Seattle Steelheads and now part owner of probably a Kentucky Derby winner but also a man with great pride for his Native American Heritage But what Hunter doesn t know that he most likely has met his match in Kate Carrigan.Kate Carrigan has known nothing but privilege but what she does know that she will do whatever it takes to save her [...]

    5. Diane Lynch says:

      Jami Davenport is in the money with GAME CHANGER, the seventh book in the Game On Seattle Series In the previous books, Seattle Steelhead s tight end, Hunter McCoy, talked a group of his friends into investing in a race horse He finds himself intrigued with Kate Vanderhof, the owner of his horse s biggest competition Simultaneously, he is being an overprotective younger brother to his blind sister, Lilli This contemporary sports romance is suitable for adult audiences.I like Hunter He is proud o [...]

    6. Cassandra Taylor says:

      Reviewed on behalf of Amo and Sarah s Book Corner4 StarsI really enjoyed this book Took me a few chapters to get into it but once I did it was brilliant.Kate has horseracing in her blood, her family have raised and raced horses her entire life Now it is her time to shine, only one person stands in her way.Hunter is a star football player, his family comes first and he is always looking out for his sister who lost her sight in an accident His family heritage is also important to him and he tries [...]

    7. Heather says:

      Advanced copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Game Changer is the next installment in the Game On in Seattle series and what a great addition it is Hunter McCoy is not only a successful tight end for the Seattle Steelheads, but he s the majority owner of Sid a horse that the ownership group has very high aspirations for, including the potential to be Kentucky Derby winner Hunter also is very devoted to his tribe due to his Native American heritage and he also lives with a [...]

    8. Susan Trewick says:

      I loved this book, I was sucked in from the first page It s told from 4 points of view, I loved that, it wasn t confusing and we got 2 books for 1 It did take a bit of the shine away from Hunter and Kate Although Hunter is a football player, the story centres around 2 races horses and Kate s need to have a Derby winner Both are really stubborn and headstrong, mix in sexual chemistry that s off the charts and you have an explosive page turner.This is another 5 read in the game on series, can t wa [...]

    9. Susan says:

      Susan reviewed on behalf of Mytimeoutbookblog I give Game Changer 5 stars for reigning me in and keeping me entertained and enthralled right to the finish line I felt so much joy for these characters, I loved their interactions with the horses, and was rather hot and bothered by the steamy scenes in the bedroom.Jami Davenport has done it again, another great novel which blended two sports into one book and put many hearts on the line The characters were superb and the plot so so interesting.Hunt [...]

    10. CARLA says:

      AMAZING This book was amazing Hunter and Kate are electric but Cam and Lilli melted my heart Jami killed it with this book When I started reading and realized there were 2 love stories going on I wasn t sure how I felt about that I hate when stories bounce around Jami did a wonderful job making sure there was a smooth transition with each change This book will not disappoint You won t be able to put it down I loved Hunters character He annoyed me a bit though Hardheaded doesn t even begin to des [...]

    11. Melony Hobgood says:

      I loved seeing how Kate made Hunter completely rethinking everything he has ever thought he knew about the one She wasn t what he normally went after and she didn t really like him to begin with These two are so funny.

    12. Tpagirl says:

      Game Changer is the seventh book of the Seattle Steelheads Football series by Jami Davenport.I loved this series as well as Davenport s writing style True to form, Game Changer was well written and had an interesting storyline.With that said, this was my least favorite however, I think it was mindset at the time of the reading For some reason, I couldn t connect with the main characters, Hunter McCoy and Kate Vanderhof Carrigan We were introduced to Hunter previously and he s perceptive, insight [...]

    13. JoAnna G says:

      4 Derby StarsI have read this author many times She writes a good sports story as well as incorporating a good romance as well This book though there are two romances in it and it was great It also has football meet horse racing The pace, writing, and premise were great I have never read anything before about horse racing and this was a treat and I very much enjoyed it Kate s family owns Oak Brook Farms that has been raising championship racing Thoroughbreds for over a century She stands to lose [...]

    14. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

      Slick s review I absolutely loved the way author Jami Davenport mixed the rich history of Native American culture in the Seattle area with the rich history of thoroughbred horse racing in Kentucky, sprinkled in two stubborn characters and came out with one amazingly fresh and sexy romance.When Hunter McCoy found a horse that spoke to him like no other, he knew that horse was destined for greatness so he convinced several of his fellow pro football teammates and their friends to buy what they hop [...]

    15. Teresa Hoag says:

      I was impressed with this book Jami did a magnificent job of telling not only Hunter and Kate s story but that of Cam and Lili as well I appreciated the development that Hunter went through to release his past He also had to learn to give Lili independence to pursue a relationship with Cam Having site challenged family members I identified with how protective Hunter is with Lili But importantly how Cam did not test it as a disability.Thank you Jami for a job well done.

    16. Amy says:

      When we first meet up with Kate and Hunter, the tension between the two of them is intense From butting heads to witty banter, you just know things between the two of them will be explosive Even though Kate is a spoiled rich girl and not the type that Hunter would ever go for, the sparks between these two are undeniable Before they know it, things are no longer about race horses, but are about a connection that must be explored However, in this game of life, there is at stake than just their he [...]

    17. Le Ann Foster says:

      Reviewed for CherryOBlossoms Promotions I gave this book 4 stars I love a good love hate relationship books and this one hit all the right places I felt at times there were lulls in the story and then it would pick back up I am glad I read this book because I was curious if these two would just have friends with benefits or if they would finally see the attraction they both had to one another I love how Kate had a no holds bar attitude and was willing do whatever it takes to say her family s far [...]

    18. A Book Lover's Emporium Book Blog says:

      I had high hopes when reading the blub for Game Changer by Jami Davenport I enjoyed the previous book in the series, however this one fell short for me I did like the football scenes and the insights into horse racing and equestrian pursuits I also found the cultural aspect refreshing, in that there was an embracing of the outsider, rather than a rejection of differences from the Native American family.The lead characters Kate and Hunter were not overly likable in the beginning, and although I d [...]

    19. Misty (Red's Romance Review's) says:

      Hunter McCoy is a very busy man with a lot of irons in the fire, between caring for his blind sister, playing football, supporting his tribe and also trying to wrangle his investors he has very little time for much of anything else So, when a stubborn woman and her refined prize winning horse wander into his life it creates a kind of chaos he is no where near ready to handle, and before long the too of them are butting heads over their horses, and everything else in betweend the sparks start fly [...]

    20. Marybeth says:

      I loved this story I mean I always love Jami s books but I was just a little concerned about this one at first because it was told in multiple POVs and it seemed like it was mainly about two people who really didn t seem to like each other at all Well, I was wrong to ever have doubted her I absolutely loved the multiple POVs as they added so much depth to this story which was just wonderful I was also very pleasantly surprised that this book was about so much than just Hunter Kate s relationshi [...]

    21. Busy Bees says:

      Star Rating Quick, Easy and fun with a touch of angst to draw the reader in that is what I have come to expect when reading Jami Davenport and Game Changer is no different The 7th book in the Seattle steelheads football series I was already familiar with the lead character and wondered how his story would develop Hunter a Tight End for the Steelheads ticks than 1 box in the Romance genre hero checklist, This hot and hunky football player has a softer side too that s brought out by his sister an [...]

    22. Karen Boozer says:

      I am a huge fan of Jami s and have read every book in this series I love the fact that we were able to get 2 stories for the price of one I loved the fact that we saw relationships develop between Hunter and Kate as well as Cam and Lilli I love how Kate changes as she gets to know Hunter and realizes that everything is not about saving the farm I also love how we learn about Lilli and Cam as well as how she puts little brother in his place I loved this book and you won t regret taking a chance b [...]

    23. Stacy Barr-sooter says:

      As a fan of Jami Davenport s she didn t disappoint with this work of art I feel like I got two for one with this book It s the story of Cameron and Lilli and Hunter and Kate I love that she writes about different scenarios with different backgrounds and brings them together to mesh as one Cameron s from a rich African American background, Kate is a socialite family outcast , Hunter and Lilli are Native Americans I loved learning some of the cultural history that came from these characters Not on [...]

    24. Chasing Away Reality says:

      First off, I enjoyed the Native American cultural aspects of this story and how the author incorporated Hunter s and Lilli s beliefs throughout It was unique and made their stories that much special I was also drawn to Lilli s inability to see and how she lived her life to the fullest and found someone who complemented her I loved the dual story line of Hunter Kate and Lilli Cam It was great having the multiple perspectives of both relationships as well as the added bonus of their personal inte [...]

    25. Jill Eshenbaugh says:

      Ms Davenport is the master of mixing romance and sports in easy to read but absorbing novels Her characters have depth and layers and every story blends her love and knowledge of sports with the emotions only true love can foster This story was two for the price of one with two couples which added to the enjoyment of the book While you can read each book in the series as a stand alone, I recommend reading each and every one of them Hunter and Kate, Cam and Lilli, both are wonderful stories and n [...]

    26. Lucia says:

      4.5 2 interwoven romances for a brother sister, one as opposites attract, the other best friend falling for teammate s sisterGame Changer is a sports romance with two love stories that are interwoven as this brother and sister find love The two themes involved are an opposites attract between a native American guy and a woman from a rich family fighting to save her family s horse farm , and a best friend falling for his teammate s sister with an emotional twist This is a great read that, especia [...]

    27. Lynn Brooks says:

      4 1 2 STARS A new delve into horse racing from one of my favorite sports authors A really enjoyable read that takes you through the trials and tribulations of falling in love but being in denial about it, and when to let yourself trust that you ve truly found the one If you are coming to this book expecting your typical football engrossed novel, you will not find it There s a very moderate amount of football talk or action in this story but there is a large presence of horse racing in it I was s [...]

    28. Sheena says:

      This book was reviewed for Summer s Eve Readsis is an absorbing romantic sports storye two main characters, Hunter and Kate, come from very different backgrounds and are both stubborn, opinionated individuals with a common goal to train a thoroughbred horse to win the Kentucky Derbyeverything rides no pun intended on the outcome of the race the added bonus in this book is that there are two love stories things are hotting up between Hunter s sister and his team mate Cambut not everyone is happy [...]

    29. Mary at USAT's HEA says:

      Jami Davenport s Game Changer is another sexy football romance that includes two love stories told through four points of view Hunter McCoy is an American Indian, professional football player and successful businessman who is passionate about investing in racing horses He has a blind sister living with him who he is fiercely devoted to Hunter is a very interesting guy.Kate Vanderhof Carrigan is from a wealthy, blue blooded family, and she is an avid horsewoman Horses are her life and she is dete [...]

    30. Marea says:

      When four people, three very different backgrounds, two sports all collide in one book which is so intense that you can t help but become so involved that when you are finally done, you will be exhausted Hunter McCoy is a man that every woman dreams of meeting Professional football player, successful Business man, committed to his Native American tribe and customs and has his blind sister living with him just outside of Seattle Unfortunately his hard headedness and wanting to be in control, espe [...]

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