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Werelock Mina Carter He can t shift, she can t control hers Half breed lioness Renae Brogan is a cat on the run Leaving her asshole ex meant leaving her pride or losing her life Now she s hiding out in Deal s Gap, Tennessee, with a new name and a new look Pity she can t do anything about her inability to control her chaotic shifts But nobody s perfect Hale Roark is a warlock with a mHe can t shift, she can t control hers Half breed lioness Renae Brogan is a cat on the run Leaving her asshole ex meant leaving her pride or losing her life Now she s hiding out in Deal s Gap, Tennessee, with a new name and a new look Pity she can t do anything about her inability to control her chaotic shifts But nobody s perfect Hale Roark is a warlock with a muddy bloodline and a weather speciality Some shifter blood way back when means he can t bond with a familiar and unlock his true magic potential but no worries, he s plenty powerful without one Bounty hunting runaway weres is a damn good living, and the fact that he s as mean as sin is an added bonus Until he s hired to find one wayward lioness and tracks her down to Deal s gap It should be an easy job Track the female, deliver her back to her pride for them to deal with, no questions asked Until he finds her Then he skips straight to the answers One, She s beautiful Two, She s his familiar Three, He ll change the rules of magic itself to make her his.. Werelock He can t shift she can t control hers Half breed lioness Renae Brogan is a cat on the run Leaving her asshole ex meant leaving her pride or losing her life Now she s hiding out in Deal s Gap Tenness
  • Title: Werelock
  • Author: Mina Carter
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  • Page: 490
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Werelock Mina Carter

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    1 Blog on “Werelock

    1. Diana Rising says:

      This was great A wonderful romance, with neat action the bad guys are other shifters, a dragon, a gargoyle, some witches and some pixies Mina Carter created a special new kind of shifter magic worker a Werelock and also raised an issue of what can happen if a young shifter pre shifting age gets injured how their inner animal can help Totally cool I really enjoyed it.

    2. Erika says:

      3.5 starsThis novella made for some decent evening entertainment Liked the heroine a lot actually She was sweet but a tough little fighter a good character who I would love to see in a longer book too Hero was less developed and came off kind of flat to me.

    3. Amber says:

      Holy hotness Another amazing, fun, and oh so sexy read from Mina Carter This was full of action, suspense, and lots of fun paranormal creatures I loved Renae She was very feisty and so strong Surviving on the run from her abusive ex she never gave up and didn t surrender to him Hale OMG I love me a bad boy with swagger and he definitely had that in spades Attitude and snark he was very yummy They made for a great couple.A very interesting world this series takes place in I definitely plan on che [...]

    4. Hollie says:

      short but satisfying shifter read This was a fast paced paranormal read and I enjoyed the characters I ll definitely be checking out of this writer s work.

    5. Hamasat says:

      This is not 4.5 its straight 5 stars and I loved every part in it I wish there is of the couple though

    6. Claudia says:

      Book WerelockSeries Southern Shifters Author Mina CarterType Short shifter RomanceCliffhanger NoOverall Rating 2.5 out of 5 StarsRenae is hiding from her ex husband and his pack and afraid for her life She is a lioness shifter, half breed with a bad leg and limp from a past accident Her ex husband has been sending bounty hunters to catch her but his attempts were unsuccessful until Hale Hale is a powerful warlock who used his magic to track his prey He didn t have difficulties to find Renae howe [...]

    7. Tiblu says:

      Liked enough things for two stars but wanted to give it just one.I really wanted to like this ,I once saw myself a fan of Mina but now I m honestly not sure I ve absolutely LOVED some of her books in the past ,like the two books in the Reaper series do two books make a series And the one book in what was supposed to be a series about soldiers turned into Zombies was an awesomely good read soo LOVED it I was really disappointed their haven t been ,but the Most books seemed to become soo sex drive [...]

    8. Sue Riley says:

      Southern Shifters WerelockMina CarterReviewed by SFF DragonIt has everything you could want in a paranormal romance and left me with a smile on my face I loved it and want Werelock , written by Mina Carter, is part of Eliza Gayle s Southern Shifters Kindle Worlds series of stand alone books, novellas and short stories I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review and I absolutely loved it I really couldn t put it down and read it in one sitting Now, I want another one I love [...]

    9. Roxie's Reviews says:

      Wicked magic of love This book is an amazing addition to the southern shifters series The story line is spellbounding Plus you will love the characters This story is about a young lioness shifter who is in hiding from her abusive ex husband When she left her ex and his pride she found a way to make it on her own with Photography One day after coming home from taking photo s she senses someone in her house Hale Roark is a werelock and one of the best trackers in the bounty hunting business He has [...]

    10. Judith says:

      Hale Roark is a werelock and a bounty hunter Renae Brogan is a crippled lioness, a nature photographer and trying to hide from her ex in Deal s Gap, Tennessee Lance Brogan is Renae s ex and the violently abusive bully alpha of the Brogan Pride who has hired several bounty hunters,including Hale, to bring Renae back for punishment So we have a werelock who thinks that he is just a warlock with some bad blood in his ancestry and he can t find a familiar A lioness who is crippled in her shifted for [...]

    11. Catrina says:

      Wonderful storyMina Carter has a hit on her hands with this tale of Renae an abused werelion on the run from her violent ex husband and of Hale the werelock hired to bring her back home The chemistry between the two explodes right away as they find in each other the things they each thought they would never have, familiar and mate The two have quite a battle on their hands in order to survive the evil plans laid out by Renae s evil ex yet with a bond as strong as that of Renae and Hale, how can [...]

    12. Angie says:

      Love the Werelock Since I ve read way too many UF PNR books, I ve always wondered what would happen with a serious magic user that is a shifter, when it s not something that is already mixed in to that universe Mina Carter does a great job with her Werelock He fits perfectly in this mini world that she has created within Eliza Gayle s larger universe I d recommend this to any Carter fan, any fan of the Southern Shifters series and anyone wanting a taste of a slightly violent look into the PNR wo [...]

    13. Mistral Dawn says:

      Hale Roark is a warlock, at least that s what he thinks he is Renae Brogan is a lion shape shifter who is running from an abuse ex Hale has been hired to track her down and bring her back, but he doesn t know the whole story He s an expert bounty hunter, but he never thought he d be facing down dragons for this woman Werelock is a fun, sexy read with a lot of humor thrown in It is a short story, but there s a lot of information packed into those few pages, so hang on for a wide ride I really enj [...]

    14. Jane says:

      Loved this The characters had attitude and sass in spades It was A series story line, but the banter and attitude of the characters still made me smile and chuckle along the way A few typos, but the story was so fun I didn t care.I would absolutely recommend this

    15. Philleys Peters says:

      Wowlove itAnother awesome paranormal romance from an awesome author Renae is a lioness shifter on the run from her abusive shifter husband Hale is the warlockbounty hunter hired to retrieve her More than enough action and romance forme All right Mina

    16. Rosa Maria Garcia says:

      Must ReadYou must read this book, it was amazing and learning about a new shifter called werelock It was hard to put it down the farther I read The characters were awesome they had depth and easy to get caught up in their emotions Very well written and keep them coming.

    17. Doris Evans says:

      Locked howWow, another great book by Nina Carter Bounty hunters are dangerous, but what can you do if they are hot and after you Well this were will find out for you She did for me and it is great Thank you.

    18. Rochelle says:

      Wow this book was awesome I loved it all of it, from start to finish The storyline was interesting and had lits of action The characters were strong, stubborn and full of sass I just loved everything about this book I highly recommend this read

    19. Kattz says:

      Great ReadThis story is well written There is a lot of violence towards the end There is sexual content that is well written The characters are developed throughout the story It s another great story to add to her collection.

    20. Theresa Hurley says:

      Loved it Just couldn t put it down Great book

    21. Vee says:

      This was another great Mina Carter book Highly recommended

    22. Nekeisha Ryce says:

      Awesome hot novella that I enjoyed every Alpha minute of it

    23. Barbara Stewart says:

      This was a really short book She was running from her ex husband who was abusive he was a warlock or werelock and was a bounty Hunter and he had come after her because they had lied about why she was running He was werelock but he was also part lion and had just discovered that she is his mate and his familiar when he discovers this he knows that he cannot let her go and she figures out that he s her mate also But of course they have to go through a lot to get to the good end.

    24. Linda Levy says:

      I loved this story, it was a very enjoyable read.Poor Renae had suffered so much but had the strength to run from one horrible situation I loved how she came into her own at the end and made the ex husband pay, poetic justice to one nasty piece of work.Hale was one very yummy hot alpha male and I liked his behaviour towards Renae.

    25. Donna Maynard says:

      Totally awesomeI really loved this book Mina Carter always makes her characters real and their situations are always interesting I recommend all of her books to everyone who loves a great story.

    26. Pamelia Grady says:

      Finding One s StrengthRenae was tired of running from her ex husband Lance and tired of him sending bounty hunter s after her to bring her back to him Why In comes the newest hunter Hale but this one s different Can she still escape.

    27. Myla says:

      Cute shifter book Liked both the main characters Wished for of an epilogue Love the author.

    28. Victoria says:

      Pleased that Hale was giving her the power and confidence to stand on her own and destroy her ex.For a on Beth s story Hale s cousin , please read Bad Moon Rising

    29. Yuen says:

      Good bookI enjoyed Renae and Gale s book Werelock s are a different twist but made for a fascinating read Another good read that I enjoyed.

    30. Jennifer Erwin says:

      I always enjoy reading Mina Carter stories Her characters are always fun to read.

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