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The Christmas Secret
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The Christmas Secret Jeannie Watt Trapped in a cabin in a raging blizzard with the one man on earth who could turn her world upside down this Christmas holiday was not playing out at all the way Lil Reynolds had planned Not even close When Lil s former fianc chose to marry on Christmas Eve the day he and Lil had planned to marry one year ago she knew she had to get out of town for the holidays HeadingTrapped in a cabin in a raging blizzard with the one man on earth who could turn her world upside down this Christmas holiday was not playing out at all the way Lil Reynolds had planned Not even close When Lil s former fianc chose to marry on Christmas Eve the day he and Lil had planned to marry one year ago she knew she had to get out of town for the holidays Heading to the isolated family cabin seemed like the perfect solution, until the blizzard came and a man showed up at her door in the heart of the storm Casey Lanigan Her ex fianc s brother A man with whom she shared a secret summer romance many years ago A man who d betrayed her trust A man who, despite everything, still made her heart beat a little harder So much for a Lanigan free holiday.. The Christmas Secret Trapped in a cabin in a raging blizzard with the one man on earth who could turn her world upside down this Christmas holiday was not playing out at all the way Lil Reynolds had planned Not even close
  • Title: The Christmas Secret
  • Author: Jeannie Watt
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  • Page: 367
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Christmas Secret Jeannie Watt

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    1 Blog on “The Christmas Secret

    1. Elaine says:

      This is a delightful second chance romance set mainly in the mountains near Cherry Lake, Montana.Lil Reynolds has grown up in Cherry Lake and is well known there as a regular volunteer and supporter of community events Unfortunately the event happening on christmas eve this year is her ex fiance is getting married, on the same date they had planned Now she s the one that broke their engagement but the sympathetic comments and looks from others are starting to get to her so she s planned on escap [...]

    2. Char (1RadReader59) says:

      When you grow up in a household filled with uncertainty you tend to have trust issues At least that was the case for Lil Reynolds and Casey Lanigan Yet, for two totally different reasons.You see Lil grew up with a father who just didn t give a damn about anything or anybody, except a good stiff drink He was better known as Cherry Lake, Montana s number one drunk Which in turn taught her shame and how to not show fear by being an extravert which she totally was not She was a girl who was filled w [...]

    3. Michele Mattos says:

      This was short and sweet the perfect story to read during the Holidays Lil s ex fianc is getting married on Christmas the same date that she planned on marrying him last year, so she runs away to a cabin in order to scape the the pity looks people around town were giving her and she plans on celebrating the holidays all by herself.However, there s a turn of events An intruder knocks on her door rekindling all sorts of feelings and they are trapped in the cabin together because of the snow storm [...]

    4. Carrie says:

      When Lil Reynolds decides to get out of town and spend Christmas alone in her mountain cabin to avoid her ex fiance s getting married she didn t expect to have a blizzard hit the mountains Lil also didn t expect her other ex boyfriend Casey Lanigan to come knocking at the door when his truck gets stuck in the snow Casey also happens to be the brother of the man Lil was going to marry one year before that she had come to the cabin to escape from One of my favorite types of romance reads are the r [...]

    5. Melindam says:

      Not a very christmassy story Boring, uninteresting characters Yawn.

    6. Coco.V says:

      FREE on today 10 30 2017

    7. Nicola says:

      3.5 stars A couple holed up in a cabin whilst a blizzard blows outside is a bit like catnip to me And Jeannie Watt delivers this with a short romantic story of second chance love Casey Lanigan attracted trouble and Lil avoided trouble whenever possible I have to confess I was a little unsure over Lil going into this She dated Casey Lanigan whilst they were younger but his wild ways drove them apart and she ended up engaged to his brother, Curtis With a broken engagement and Curtis marrying someo [...]

    8. Myst says:

      Nice, easy story to get your feet wet if you are not into the full holiday spirit Wish there was a flash forward for what happens afterwards between the two This is a wonderful addition to the Secrets of Cherry Lake series as I have read The Secret Son Secrets of Cherry Lake Book 2 by Joan Kilby and Her Secret Protector Secrets of Cherry Lake Book 4 by Roxanne Snopek The downfall is felt the book needed length to it but that s just me.This is a voluntary review via netgalley my thoughts are my [...]

    9. Fiona Marsden says:

      This is a reunion romance for Lil and Casey Eight years ago they were getting to know each other when Casey, only 21 at the time, did something stupid and stirred up the anxieties Lil had because of her alcoholic father.Fast forward eight years and it s just a year since Lil called off her Christmas Eve wedding to Casey s brother Curtis I must say I wondered if she slept with him during the engagement because doing both brothers is kind of a downer in my opinion considering family gatherings and [...]

    10. Maria says:

      I chose this free book because I like this author and the lovers reunion trope This story was well done even if not remarkable The characters and the obstacles they faced were believable I appreciated how the author solved the antagonism between the hero and his father no easy solutions.

    11. Tima says:

      Lil is tired of the sympathy and looks she s been receiving She hates sympathy But everyone is feeling sorry for her since her former fiance is getting married on the very date that he was supposed to marry Lil Lil is over him, but the sympathy is getting to be a bit much So she heads for the family cabin in the mountains to get away The last person she wants to see on her door step is Casey, her ex fiance s brother And unfortunately the first brother that she dated Now they are stuck together i [...]

    12. Margaret Sholders says:

      Jeannie wrote a good snowed in for a few days story Usually these stories are strangers but this one is two people who know each other They were close 8years ago Spoiler Lil is alone in her cabin as her close friend Casey comes in covered in snow Spoiler She hides from Casey s brother Curtis, her ex fiancee, who is getting married on her wedding date Spoiler Casey is here because of the wedding and he came to help his father as he had a heart attack They don t do being close Spoiler They finally [...]

    13. Susan Haught says:

      Predictably fun I m late reading Christmas stories this year, but what s a bad time for a cute holiday read This was short and sweet, perfect for now Maybe because it was so short, I never felt really connected to the characters, but overall a good Christmas story though the secret wasn t much of a secret I did enjoy the premise of being caught in a snowstorm so many scenarios that could go wrong Or right Cute story.

    14. Bonnie Gonzales says:

      Whats a girl to do when her ex fiancee is getting married on Christmas Eve when that was the date that would have been their wedding day What Lil decides to do and how it turns out makes a wonderful read, it might even make you cheer at how it ends or it might make you want to pled Just give me the next two months.

    15. Tiffany Willams says:

      This was a very sweet book about a second chance on a first love I enjoyed it very much

    16. Timothy Hendricks says:

      I enjoyed this book very much Although I feel the synopsis for the book that caused me to pick this book is a little misleading It says that, Casey Lanigan shows up in the heart of the storm, her ex fianc s brother That makes you think that Casey s brother was Lil s first choice but actually Curtis, Casey s brother was really the second choice She didn t really love Casey and Casey didn t really love her although they had become engaged Casey was really Lil s one and only love I like the whole b [...]

    17. Michelle says:

      Lil goes up to her cabin to be alone for Christmas and to miss the wedding of Curtis her ex fianc and sympathy of friends and family since the wedding is being held on the same date that she had chosen Lil checked the weather forecast before going up to the cabin, no snow showing inForecast Lil plans on having a Merry Christmas she brought all the trimmings to deck the cabin with, she put a pot on the stove with cinnamon sticks and spices to heat up and make the cabin smell like Christmas She an [...]

    18. Andrea says:

      Yikes I knew I was getting into a different genre by reading this free book from my iBooks, but holy moly, I was not prepared.Just to be clear, this is not a horrible book It s bad, but not horrible I really don t lean towards romances or these type of pocket book so this was my first time experience.The romance was so out of the blue, plot wise There was no connection to the characters, so having Casey and his father make up I just didn t care about it.The plot is so weird Like, this one moment [...]

    19. Syd (deertales) says:

      this was such a sweet surprise i am a huge fan of christmas, AND a romantic at heart, so this second chance romance that is set in the snowy mountains of montana on christmas eve christmas was such an addicting and adorable reade writing was super strong and the dialogue seemed realistic and not forced like most of the fluffy romance books i ve picked up before my only complaint was that the sex scene seemed a little out of the blue, i thought i had missed a couple paragraphs of build up or some [...]

    20. Kathy says:

      Lil wanted to escape the wedding festivities of her formal fianc who was getting married on Christmas Eve one year to the day that they were to be married It wasn t that she was sorry that she wasn t marrying him It was just that people couldn t help feeling sorry for her So she decided to go to her cabin up in the mountains She had never been there in winter before but she brought everything she needed to celebrate Christmas on her own A freak blizzard brought her an unexpected visitor The brot [...]

    21. Brenda says:

      Sweet Second Chance RomanceLil escapes to her cabin in the mountains to hide out from unwanted sympathy when her ex fianc and his bride to be decide to get married on Christmas Eve, the same date she and the groom had planned the previous year Enter Casey, the groom s older brother, and Lil s first and secret love They end up stranded together in her cabin where they are reacquainted, share confidences and old secrets are revealed If you are a fan of second chance holiday romance with some famil [...]

    22. Smutty McBookwhore says:

      2.5 I m being nice stars.I really did not enjoy this book Not enough tension in the cabin and sure as hell not enough sex A page and a half on my kindle he entered, he moved, he got faster, it was over.hope that isn t considered a spoiler but seriouslyis book was pointless and pretty much a waste of my time I won t be reading this author again unless someone screams at me toobc I always give people second third and infinity chances.just I m not going to go running toward it unless someone else t [...]

    23. Patti Fischetti says:

      Christmas and Baking go TogetherMy two favorite things together in one story Christmas and baking Especially while in the middle of a crisis and falling in love Her dream of owning a bakery in Phoenix was sidelined and she was crushed So she packed up a few of her belongings and enough baking equipment to make gingerbread houses to raise money for her new bakery Her brother s boss, an investment banker is willing to help her because he wants her to stay in town Sparks fly between the two of them [...]

    24. Laura D says:

      Lil escapes to her family cabin to spend Christmas alone Her ex is getting married on Christmas Eve and she doesn t want people feeling sorry for her Her father caused enough pity to come her way when she was a child Casey is trying to get back to the city for his brother s wedding when the blizzard hits When he ends up stranded he is closer to Lil s cabin than his own They end up snowed in together and the scene is perfect for a second chance romance They first time they met they weren t ready [...]

    25. Will Decker says:

      This short story started off with so much potential only to dry up and fizzle into disappointment Character development is almost nonexistent I have no idea what Lil, the main character even looks like Oh, except for the color of her eyes Everything is glossed over with no real detail, including the love scene They talk about doing IT again and again, but I have no idea what the author even means by IT After reading the story, I felt as if I d skimmed the pages to reach the end when in fact I ha [...]

    26. Naomi says:

      When you head to your cabin to get away from the small town you live in, there s always a reasond does she have a reason end your engagement to your fiance for him a year later to be getting married on the day to was both to be married a bit messed up but when his bad boy brother comes knocking because he is stranded in the blizzard.s are going get hot really quickly.lovely Christmas story 5 Christmases stars

    27. Janis says:

      The book has the frequently used plot of 2 people trapped in a snow storm I ll think of that as tried True rather than tired because I didn t expect to like this book as much as I did There s depth to it than is usually present in books with this plot I haven t read the other books in this series, so I didn t know the characters I had no trouble following the plot at all, but felt like there was a layer to the story I was missing because of that.

    28. Diana says:

      Blizzard unawaresLil went to her cabin in the mountains to get away for a Christmas alone She couldn t stay in Cherry Lake and watch her ex fiance get married on the night they were supposed to be married.When an unexpected person shows up at her cabin and it is someone she doesn t want to see everything change.A good tale of love lost and found all over again.

    29. Janell Hartzell says:

      a great quick read if you are looking for something that gives you a look at a second chance romance lil goes to escape the wedding of her ex and Christmas and ends up getting a visitor she wasn t expecting.

    30. Michelle says:

      This needs to be taken for what it is, a romance novella with a Christmas theme I suspect that some of the ratings neglected to take that into account It s a pleasant story with a typical romance formula.

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