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Safe Limits
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Safe Limits Morticia Knight The men from Kiss of Leather gather together to rescue a terrified young sub But it s Master Derek who wants to keep him for good.Master Gavin and his boy, Kyle, are celebrating their newly established bond when Master Josh calls requesting their help Josh s sub, David, needs the men to help his best friend from childhood while they re away at a BDSM convention in San FrThe men from Kiss of Leather gather together to rescue a terrified young sub But it s Master Derek who wants to keep him for good.Master Gavin and his boy, Kyle, are celebrating their newly established bond when Master Josh calls requesting their help Josh s sub, David, needs the men to help his best friend from childhood while they re away at a BDSM convention in San Francisco.Corey ran away from his Master after a horrible scene, but he blames himself for everything that happened No Master would ever want him if they were to find out what he did Corey s not sure if he ll ever feel safe enough to give himself to a Master again anyway, even if all he s ever wanted was to belong to somebody.Master Derek agrees to watch over Corey until Josh and David return from the convention All he needs is another pretty twink messing with his head and his heart, so the older, growly bear of a man determines to keep his distance But when Corey wakes up screaming after a devastating nightmare, Derek is drawn than ever to the young sub the need to keep Corey safe from whatever or whoever has hurt him becoming his main priority.Kyle and Corey develop a friendship when Corey assists Kyle in the dungeon furniture workshop Kyle has his own fears the ones that make him feel he s broken because of the things he desires to do with Gavin Through helping Kyle and receiving his own help via Derek, Corey decides he s ready to let go of the demons from his past and move forward into a new life.Now if Corey can only get Derek to believe that he s ready and to finally do something about it.Reader Advisory This book contains a flashback scene of rape by multiple aggressors.Publisher s Note This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.. Safe Limits The men from Kiss of Leather gather together to rescue a terrified young sub But it s Master Derek who wants to keep him for good Master Gavin and his boy Kyle are celebrating their newly establishe
  • Title: Safe Limits
  • Author: Morticia Knight
  • ISBN: 9781784309015
  • Page: 331
  • Format: ebook
  • Safe Limits Morticia Knight

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    1. Catherine says:

      These books are okay, but there isn t anything terribly exciting or titillating about this series it s gooey sweet than anything else.

    2. The Novel Approach Reviews says:

      I ve been a fan of Morticia Knight since reading The Hampton Road Club series, which is BDSM historical fiction Love it And I loved the first Kiss of Leather book as well, so when I saw this book came out, I knew I had to read it to see what happened with the club and the men involved.Before I start the bulk of the review, I will say that this is a series you need to read in order While the meat of the story involved Derek and Corey, and doesn t require prior knowledge of the first book, the fir [...]

    3. Sarah_loves_books says:

      A little too sweet towards the end for my taste, but as a whole I still loved it Because I love rescue stories.Around the middle pretty heavy stuff, with Corey having been in an abusive relationship for years, and that being described in detail Trigger warning here a detailed rape scene Corey, however, found his right man in Derek Who I couldn t but love Writing Some things Derek said to Corey were badly worded, as well as one thing Corey said to Kyle I barely got the intended meaning, and what [...]

    4. Christy says:

      Considering how very much I enjoyed the first book in Morticia Knight s Kiss of Leather series, it should come as no surprise that I was really looking forward to the next installment Safe Limits not only introduced me to two new characters, Derek and Corey, but I got the opportunity to spend a little time with Gavin and Kyle, and see how Kyle was doing with his transition to a lifestyle sub.Corey tugged at my heartstrings right from the beginning I didn t adore him the way I had Kyle, but he b [...]

    5. Avid Reader says:

      Safe Limits Kiss of Leather 2 by Morticia Knight4 starsM M power control, romance, slight BDSMTrigger Flashback rape sceneI was given this book for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.This book follows the previous story, so I would recommend reading the first book before reading this While it s not entirely necessary, the characters are building on each other and it helps the reader track.Corey is slightly skittish when it comes to meeting new people, especially Doms However, because of a p [...]

    6. Riina Y.T. says:

      THIS WAS PERFECT JUST SO SO SO GOOD.I already loved Building Bonds, the first installment, but Safe Limits exceeded my expectations Bear types are not my biggest kink but I thoroughly enjoyed Derek s character he s such a big, grumpy sweetheart His voice was highly enjoyable so much fun And then there was Corey, sweet, sweet boy But so afraid after being abused by his previous and first dom I loved Corey so much He s such a fresh spirit but struggles with his fears until Derek eases away all his [...]

    7. Ruthie Taylor says:

      I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is the second in the series and would be better appreciated if read after book 1 It was an excellent read, so I would recommend you start there anyway As two of the Masters of Kiss of Leather now have submissives, Master Derek is the odd one out He however is not interested when he is asked to look after young Corey The reader is not convinced by his dismissing of the idea, and the author agrees giving us a delightful t [...]

    8. Kara says:

      This book was a good addition to this series With this book you get a little of Gavin and Kyle from the previous book along with Gavin s business partner Derek and a new character Corey who has run away from his master after a very horrible scene I want to say what this man Corey s previous master did to him was so horrible I felt so bad for him He is skittish when he is around Derek and Gavin because they both are DOM s so you can t really blame him after what happened to him before This book [...]

    9. Angie says:

      I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Inked Rainbow Reads Review Team 5 stars for this M M RomanceThis story picks right up where Building Bonds left off The blurb tells you the basics of the story but what it doesn t tell you is how wonderful to Corey Derek is Derek sees something right away in Corey and knows he has to be very careful in aspect, speech, touch, and reactions Just as with Kyle in the first book, Corey has innocence to him that you can t help but love Another [...]

    10. Shannon says:

      Abrupt ending but it looks like their story continues a little in the next book I wouldn t really classify this as BDSM, it s pretty candy coated but still a good story.

    11. Wendy Ann says:

      The author has taken an interesting approach to this series While each book does focus on a primary set of characters, their story continues and sometimes features strongly in at least one other book in the series That means that I got to spend some extra time with Kyle and his Master Gavin in this book such a hardship, but I suffered for the cause kidding, they are my favorites , but didn t get as much of Corey and Derek to satisfy my curiosity I really enjoy watching how two very different peo [...]

    12. Hannah L. Corrie says:

      I started this book right after finishing the first part of this series I like the change of pace and the different viewpoint, but all in all, it was a bit too focused on the personal emotions of the main characters This is definitely a subjective thing and should not stop anyone from giving it a try I m just not that much of a sappy person, so I kinda breezed through it and hoped for a little plot that never quite came The storyline and characters are just as well drawn as in book number one, [...]

    13. Tj says:

      I have been trying to thin out the TBR pile on my Kindle account This one was lingering there It was a bit of instant love but I like the fact Derek refused to move forward with a relationship until Corey sought help from a mental health professional and was stable emotionally.

    14. T.M. Smith says:

      The last thing Derek wants is another Sub, maybe ever, after the last one tore a hole in Derek s hard exterior when he walked out So naturally, Derek is less than pleased when Josh and David ask him to let one of David s oldest friends, Corey, stay with him for a few days Corey has recently fled a very bad situation where he was under the thumb of an abuser masquerading as a Dom He is young, slightly naive, skittish and his views on the BDSM world and lifestyle have now been warped by his abuser [...]

    15. Love Bytes Reviews says:

      4 Heart Review by KimberleyThis is the second book in the Kiss of Leather series Although this book is about Derek and Corey, the first chapter is about Gavin and Kyle from the first book in the series.I mistakenly thought this book could be read as a standalone, but they can t It s absolutely important to read these books in sequential order as the events in this book picks up immediately after what happened in the first I ended up having to go back and read the first book as I was confused as [...]

    16. Leda says:

      This is part of a series and is best not read as a standalone Safe Limits picks up where the first book in the series, Building Bonds, left off Gavin Kyle have confessed their love for one another and agreed to a permanent contract However, even with Gavin s praise and encouragement, new to BDSM sub, Kyle has trouble accepting his need for pain He knows there s nothing wrong with wanting it but the thought he enjoys it scares him Corey, a friend of David, Josh s sub, is staying with Derek while [...]

    17. Veronica of V's Reads says:

      This is the second book in a series, but fully enjoyable on its own Kiss of Leather M M BDSM series set in LA, contemporary I must say, I really enjoy these BDSM books mostly because they are written so considerately Each of the books features a new couple exploring their BDSM dynamic together with extreme care given to ensure that the sub in the D s relationship is completely cared for, and doted upon This particular story deals with a sub who had previously been violated raped by a Dom, and th [...]

    18. Cathy Brockman says:

      When Corey reaches out to David for help, David is at a convention with Josh and Gavin is taking Kyle on a surprise weekend getaway That leaves Derick to take care of Corey until Josh and David return in a few days.Derick isn t ready for another sub especially one that is apparently broken The moment he lays eyes on Corey he wants him The he finds out about Corey, the he develops real feelings Though Corey has had such a bad experience with BDSM and D s that Derick is sure Corey won t want ano [...]

    19. Caroline Brand says:

      REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.25 StarsYou may remember in Building Bonds, book 1 in the Kiss of Leather series, all the hassle Derek gave Gavin for falling too hard and too fast It looks like Derek will have to eat his words in Safe Limits but he will do it with a smile on his face.My favourite thing when reading a series is to see everyone that makes up the stories and not just the MC s Safe limits starts out with Gavin and Kyle giving us a glimpse into their ever growing relationship When [...]

    20. Christina Wade - BFD Book Blog says:

      i really liked this book as much as the first one i m not really a big fan of bdsm but the love stories in this series so far have been really good so i m able to get through some of the stuff i don t like i m glad this book started with a continuation of sorts with kyle and gavin as i felt their story was left hanging in book 1.i think of all the couples, i will like derek and corey best because they are relaxed with the lifestyle which is my speed i absolutely loved the care derek showed cor [...]

    21. Dixiecowgirl says:

      I loved getting to know Derek in this book His exterior is that of a gruff bear and he is not looking for one man in his life, none of the previous men have been able to appreciate his home nor his person We meet Corey as he is desperate for help and peace He has been badly abused and he has lost the ability to trust his own decisions As Derek gives Corey a temporary safe place, they both become aware of each other and an attraction develops I loved how the exterior of the man changes in Corey s [...]

    22. Tina says:

      Safe Limits by author Morticia Knight is the second book in the Kiss of Leather series This one we meet Corey and Derek Derek is a loner now He lost one boy because the boy wanted to be in the city and with the night life Derek is a homebody who likes the simple things in life, riding his motorcycle, dominating his boy, watching movies, those kinds of things He has given up on finding someone who likes those things too.Corey has been abused by a person claiming to be a Dom He is ashamed of how h [...]

    23. Veronica says:

      I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Derek and Corey meet when Derek agrees to let Corey stay at his house for a week while as a favour to his friend Corey was abused by his former Master and thinks he wants out of the BDSM life He is initially weerey of Derek but it doesn t take long for attraction to grow.While there are a couple of explicit scenes in Safe Limits, it is the relationship that take centre stage Derek takes great care to make sure Corey is looke [...]

    24. Diverse says:

      This is book 2 in Morticia Knight s Kiss of Leather series I want to say this is a standalone but I can t You do have to read these books in order Safe Limits opens with Gavin and Kyle MC s from book 1 Building Bonds However, they aren t the MC s in the book Those are Derek and Corey I quickly figured out what Morticia was doing here She s writing a series where every character, as she writes them, will be vitally important the overall building of this series Gavin and Kyle opened it up We met t [...]

    25. Carole-Ann says:

      Not as intense as the previous book it was lovely to see how Kyle was managing Gavin Corey is an abused sub, friend of David, who is looked after hesitantly by Derek, one of the three Doms Owners at the Kiss of Leather club Derek is a growly bear of a man who Corey almost immediately realises is a safe haven.OK, their relationship build is slightly quicker than I d like but then so was Gavin and Kyle s relationship , but Derek is ridiculously careful in trying not to trigger any of Corey s abuse [...]

    26. Katy Beth Mckee says:

      While the main characters of this story are Master Derek and the new guy Corey we also get to see of Gavin and Kyle Gavin and Kyle are able to get time work out their relationship with each other I love the fact that Derek feels a need to do what he can to help Corey even when he wasn t sure he wanted to be involved It is clear that they seem to fit each other It is great that Corey is willing to reach for what he needs and wants despite past abuse Can t wait to see what the next story will ho [...]

    27. Annamaria says:

      Four Great Stars Derek is suffering after his Sub walked out on him Corey is trying to heal after leaving an abusive relationship The two have an instant spark when they meet Derek keeps trying to deny the attraction because he does not want another Sub This book is a great introduction to the world of BDSM and shows how important trust and understanding is in the relationship This is the second book Kiss of Leather Series I received this book as an ARC for an honest review This book was read an [...]

    28. John-TorleifHarris says:

      Good story, but not sure how it fits in the larger storyWhile I enjoyed both Derek and Corey, this book had the feel of one long holding pattern in the larger story I didn t feel that much of anything got resolved here though potential questions and conflicts arose.Since I haven t read the rest of the series, I can t tell if this would be a good stand alone, or if it is a necessary step in the rest of the story.

    29. Elisa Rolle says:

      2016 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention Building Bonds Safe LimitsI absolutely loved these books If you get books 34 I d love to read them too The story flowed Smoothly and totally drew me into the men s lives The subs grew out of their tragic past and started to overcome the abuse delt to them and the Doms were really loving and patient.

    30. Chris says:

      3.5 stars for this lovely story This book focuses on Derek and Corey Both have been damaged or hurt by previous partners and are taking it slow as they learn about each other Derek s restraint as the Dom is genuine as he helps Corey overcome his past trauma I just wish of the book time was spent in their time as partners rather than the build to it An enjoyable series

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