Jennifer Griffith
Legally Wedded
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Legally Wedded Jennifer Griffith Morgan Clark is desperate With just her senior year to go at Clarendon College, and her scholarship up in smoke, she suddenly finds she can t qualify for financial aid And until Morgan finishes and can work full time, her sister can t even start school Josh Hyatt is desperate Without his degree from Clarendon he won t be able to join his girlfriend in their dream careeMorgan Clark is desperate With just her senior year to go at Clarendon College, and her scholarship up in smoke, she suddenly finds she can t qualify for financial aid And until Morgan finishes and can work full time, her sister can t even start school Josh Hyatt is desperate Without his degree from Clarendon he won t be able to join his girlfriend in their dream career which she s already begun, and he can t qualify for government grants thanks to his estranged father s interference Morgan, meet Josh Josh, meet Morgan Are they desperate enough to get legally wedded Legally Wedded is the third book in bestselling rom com author Jennifer Griffith s Legally in Love series, following Attractive Nuisance and Asked Answered.. Legally Wedded Morgan Clark is desperate With just her senior year to go at Clarendon College and her scholarship up in smoke she suddenly finds she can t qualify for financial aid And until Morgan finishes and ca
  • Title: Legally Wedded
  • Author: Jennifer Griffith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Legally Wedded Jennifer Griffith

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    1 Blog on “Legally Wedded

    1. Kathy * Bookworm Nation says:

      This has been nominated for a 2016 Swoony Award Share the love and vote for it here Cute Morgan is just starting her senior year of college when she looses her financial aide Needing to finish college so she can then help her sister go to college and being so close to the end, she is desperate to find a way to pay or her last year of school Meanwhile, Josh has been cut off from his wealthy family for dating a girl they don t approve of and also being denied financial aide he finds himself also d [...]

    2. Shash says:

      I was so excited to read this book I really wanted to read a feel good book that I knew, with certainty, I would enjoy When I m feeling that way, I know I can pick up one of Jennifer Griffith s books And this book was exactly what I needed I smiled, I laughed and, of course, I sighed A lot.Morgan Clark is ready to start her senior year of college She is so close to graduating, but her financial aid falls through and she is desperate for a way to pay tuition Josh Hyatt s father has cut him off, a [...]

    3. Katie W says:

      I don t know if I, personally, would enjoy a marriage of convenience, but I love it when that is a major plot point in books Morgan and Josh are both desperate to finish college, but can t afford it without financial help Morgan s family isn t well off, but the book of poetry that her mother wrote last year disqualifies her from the help she needs Josh s father disinherited him and won t help out, but legally, he s still a dependent and can t escape it While his girlfriend is in Europe for a yea [...]

    4. Kathy says:

      Content Clean

    5. Teya Peck says:

      This book is a love hate tug of war It felt long, yet almost every second was counted and needed for the story.I hated people, I loved people I thought the hero was a blasted idiot, but understood he had to figure out his heart I do wish it had been a little shorted, yet it was satisfying See a tug of war All in all it was a really cute read of finding ourselves, forgiveness and love, which is my personal favorite kind of book.

    6. Aimee (Getting Your Read On) says:

      This is the third book in the Legally Wedded series and seriously, my favorite so far This book had me smiling and swooning It was the perfect romantic escape.I love that the author states in the back of the book that she isn t trying to change the world with her book It s not meant to do anything other than create an escape for the reader and provide a bit of fluff entertainment Well, she sure nails it I really loved this one.The attraction is always there between Josh and Morgan Always It s sp [...]

    7. Susan K says:

      I received an advance review copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.Romance, cleanThis was a cute, but serious story Morgan and Josh need help paying for their college tuition and living expenses They are both secretly attracted to each other As they rush to get married to help get financial aide, they don t really look carefully at the long term consequences Christmas is a final test for them to see if they will stay together even during some misunderstandings.I am always a fan of a nove [...]

    8. Alisa says:

      First I d like to apologize to everyone who got ignored while I read this book I kinda couldn t put it down I love marriage of convenience stories, and Josh and Morgan were such great characters Josh has been cut off from his millionaire father and is seeking funding to finish his education Tongue tied Morgan who freezes up when it comes time to talk to guys has lost her scholarship and has been denied financial aid The only way they can both get what they want is to get married and apply for fi [...]

    9. Shelby says:

      Morgan and Josh are both caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to paying for tuition Although they are virtually strangers, they concoct a plan to get married in order to qualify for grants for school Will their marriage stay a business arrangement, or will it grow into something I so enjoyed reading this book it was hard to put down It was well written and entertaining, and even though I was pretty sure I knew how it was going to end, there were still a couple of curve balls tha [...]

    10. Sherral says:

      Take two gorgeous characters and mix in a scoop of beautiful setting Add a highly implausible yet thrilling situation Throw in a generous dollop of star crossed love Mix well and serve This is Legally Wedded in a nutshell 100% enchanting.If you love movies like Decoy Bride or Leap Year, you ll love this book.

    11. Donna says:

      DelightfulI loved the witty banter and flirtations in this story I appreciated the realistic struggle for each of them with recognizing their true feelings and the struggles they experienced in each stage of their guilt Very fun and believable

    12. Eve Nolon says:

      A little conservative for my tastes and it ran a tad too long, but overall what it says on the tin and it scratched the itch I had at the time.

    13. B. D. Mann says:

      Jennifer Griffith describes herself as a writer of escapist fiction This is my fourth escape with this author and it was by far the best I almost wish there were six stars available for award From the opening pages I got caught up and remained engrossed to the very last page Too often story lines are all too predictable Not so here Of course it is assumed from the outset that there will be a happily ever after conclusion, but the journey depicted here takes many unexpected twists and turns I was [...]

    14. Rebekah says:

      Cute, clean romanceContent Completely clean with some great chemistryLanguage CleanReligious No.Overall story I read this book in the series first This was a different story line for me marriage to qualify for student grants I didn t think I was going to like this one but I did It s completely unbelievable Definitely not real life, but what can I say I loved his mind candy.Happy reading

    15. Bibliophile says:

      Legally weddedTotally backward Not the way you should do things But really a good story and a pleasure to read It s easy to fall in love with these characters and wish the best for them.

    16. carlybanarly says:

      This book was cute, and a lovely clean romance, but what let it down for me was that is was sooooo long I don t mind the length of a book, as long it doesn t FEEL long This book definitely felt long and because of that I nearly gave up on it a few times It moved way too slowly for my taste.

    17. Santhiya Dobby a free elf says:

      3.5 stars I liked the story I had a few hang ups here and there but it is a nice, light read It is what I needed for my mood at the time Caution The characters are unrealistic Author also mentions this in her note.

    18. Sherri says:

      Cute story I really enjoyed the characters

    19. Mummy Cat Claire says:

      I wasn t quite sure what to expect from this book It was cutery long but cute.Morgan Clark, is trying to finish school at Clarendon College in Oregon She is struggling to pay for her education because she doesn t qualify for financial aid She feels a profound pressure to finish her education so that he younger sister can then attend Josh Hyatt, is from a well known family in the Portland area He has been disowned by this father and therefore, is penniless He too, needs to finish his college educ [...]

    20. books are love says:

      Received in exchange for a honest review.Loved this book It was entertaining and does show the struggles of students and financial aid well.Josh and Morgan are both sweet, kind and adorable Both wanting to do good for each other and believe in each other Morgan was in her bind with school because of her mom s book Josh because he stood up to his dad and was disowned Both were quirky And they both couldn t understand why the other would like the other Especially josh I think Brielle really did a [...]

    21. Torri Rhayne says:

      Oh, my gosh I can t even This story was something else I read the synopsis for this and instantly fell in love.How do I even express how much fun I had reading this novel I can t even write I m just so I can t This will be on my Read for freaking ever and always list I could read this book once a month and not tire of it The story is so intricate and perfect I am excited to start this author now I feel like going and buying all of her books and binge reading her This was beyond wonderful.I enjoy [...]

    22. Sally says:

      This is a difficult book to review I had a mental tug of war with whether I liked it or not But, as evidenced by my rating, I finally figured that out The number one thing you need to know when you read this book is that it is ESCAPIST FLUFF It is NOT meant to be realistic it takes 3 days after receiving a marriage license to get marriedd they would ve needed lots of paperwork , it is NOT meant to be taken seriously, it s meant to launch the reader into a fantasy world of a modern marriage of co [...]

    23. Anoush Emrazian says:

      Ms Griffith advertises her books as fluff and an escape, which so often is exactly what I m looking for As such, I read this book in bits, slowly working through the story line and enjoying it as it came.Morgan has got to find some funding to finish her last year of college and Josh is in a similar boat They both live in the cheapest part of town and barely meet as new neighbors when somehow they decide to join in a marriage of convenience marry simply for the financial aid benefits and then get [...]

    24. Dawn Pearson says:

      Note I was given a complimentary copy for an honest reviewThis book is a bit longer than my normal choice, but I m so glad I agreed to read it It s definitely pure fiction, and even the author s notes at the end stress that fact, but that doesn t mean the reader can t sit back with cup of coffee and enjoy a fun, lighthearted romance.It opens with Morgan Clark in distress She s at the financial aid office and has just been informed that she s not eligible for any money for the upcoming school yea [...]

    25. Tara says:

      I should begin by saying that I was given this ebook in exchange for an honest review on ebooksforreview I must say that I absolutely loved this book Please have no fear if you haven t read the first two They are stand alones I ve read some who claim to be but there are details you miss by not reading the others, but is not the case with this one Morgan Clark, a college student going into her senior year, has just been devastated to learn that due to her mom getting a poetry book published can n [...]

    26. Julie says:

      Today was the sort of day where I needed a fluffy romance and this fit the bill perfectly.Morgan Clark can t get any scholarships or financial aid for her senior year at Clarendon College Everything seems to be working against her when all she wants to do is finish her accounting degree so she can put her little sister through school With time running out, Morgan is getting desperate to find something, anything, that can help her situation.Enter that something in the form of Josh Hyatt Josh is [...]

    27. Tressa (Wishful Endings) says:

      4.5 StarsLEGALLY WEDDED was straight chick lit fun There was fabulous humor, awkward moments, endearingly imperfect characters, and great romance It was just plain fun and entertaining Definitely worth grabbing if you re in the mood for laughs and swoon worthy romance So let s talk about this situation or predicament these two characters end up in It was crazy Yep Two people trying to get grants for school deciding to marry each other on paper so that they can get their college degrees They meet [...]

    28. Kate says:

      I received my copy of this book in exchange for a fair review This was ADORABLE I love marriage of convenience trope stories, and this one didn t disappoint Morgan is a very genuine, very sweet girl who s been declined for funding to continue her education and sees an out in the suggestion of marrying the cute new guy in the complex who is in similar dire straits to her Josh I loved that nothing felt forced between them, even when they were forced to operate under the charade of a sham marriage [...]

    29. Cathy says:

      I really enjoy these romantic comedies by Jennifer Griffith s This one is super cute I loved Morgan I loved the way that she was doing pretty much everything she did so that she can finish school and put her younger sister, Tory, through school She s even working a terrible job that has made her lose her scholarship Now she s simply trying to get financial aid to finish her last year of school The only problem is that even though it was a fluke and her mom can t even claim her on her taxes, her [...]

    30. Mylissa"s Reviews and Book Thoughts says:

      This book is book 3 in this series, but only the second book I have read You might have read the post of book one previously on my blog.Once again this book was a great read, but I enjoyed this one a lot than the first one.Morgan is in a tight spot She is trying to finish of her education as soon as possible to pay for her sister to go to school She lost her scholarship working long hours and not finding the time to keep up her grades She has tried every possible way to get some financial aid, [...]

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