Rachel Renée Russell
Dork Diaries: Once Upon a Dork
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Dork Diaries: Once Upon a Dork Rachel Renée Russell Dork Diaries Once Upon a Dork. Dork Diaries Once Upon a Dork Dork Diaries Once Upon a Dork
  • Title: Dork Diaries: Once Upon a Dork
  • Author: Rachel Renée Russell
  • ISBN: 9781471143830
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dork Diaries: Once Upon a Dork Rachel Renée Russell

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      271 Rachel Renée Russell
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    1. Anna says:

      Nicci has to write a fairy tale retelling for her creative writing class I love those kind of classes in high school, such a pity I didn t attend any while at school nothing like that existed While she thinks that she can write nothing like that, a terrible mackenzie caused accidents happens during a basketball game Nicci had the ball landed on her head and she falls down When she opens her eyes she is transfered to the Wonder of Oz Land and she is dressed in a blue dress, being either Dorothy [...]

    2. lily:) says:

      This would ve been a great concept if it hadn t been done a thousand times before The characters would ve been interesting if they weren t so incredibly cliche Seriously, let s talk about that Nikki is not stuck up at all , an opinion I m sure is only shared by the fictional girl herself Her friends are just cutouts with no distinct personality, and their lives hover around Nikki Brandon is like Prince Phillip from Disney s Sleeping Beauty Yes, he has a name and does stuff, but he has no persona [...]

    3. bookgirl13 says:

      I just completed the book Dork Diaries 8 Tales from a Not So Happily Ever After by Rachel Ren e Russell It was a very quirky and hilarious story to read The story is taken place in a middle school and told by 8th grader Nikki Maxwell as she deals with everyday school drama Between dealing with the popular fashion diva, Mackenzie or putting up with her annoying sister, Brianna, Nikki is always on the edge of losing it with them Nikki enjoys talking out with her best friends Chloe and Zoey and han [...]

    4. Mya says:

      Funny and daring so you know, of course, that I m waiting on the next one.

    5. Jordan Lund says:

      Dork Diaries was a very good book, and surprisingly held my attention the entire time I was reading it Throughout the book, Nikki Maxwell is having an awful day Her new sweater gets ruined, she wakes up late, and gets knocked into a whole other world Her enemy, Mackenzie Hollister, slams a dodgeball in poor Nikki s face, causing her to go unconscious and visit a whole new world called Fantasy Land In Fantasy Land, everyone Nikki knows is made into a fairy tale creature For instance, Nikki s two [...]

    6. Charlotte says:

      i love the way that the author wrote it because she goes in order and makes the book , fun to read , and it makes sense I liked that Nikki has alot of feelings and she can open up her mind, and shes kinda like me E fairy godmother AKA her sister Brianna is really funny and even though she s annoying, she can be really sweet and helpful My favorite part of the book is when Nikki meets alot of characters from fairy tale books She meets GoldieLocks and Red riding hood, and prince charming WELL, I L [...]

    7. Elizabeth (Elzburg) says:

      Hooray this is my 200th book review It is actually pretty tragic that this book, out of any book I ve read, had to be my 200th review When did I even read the previous book in this series Like last year What impeccable timing.This eighth book in the Dork Diaries series is different in that rather than spanning a month or however long they usually span this book takes place during a single day This is because Nikki gets lambasted in the face by balls and ends up in a hallucinatory state and plays [...]

    8. Jenna says:

      Read for Parent Daughter Book Club I wonder what the kids love about this series Personally, I cannot stand the overuse of OMG, SQUEEE, and EEEE, let alone the and , as well capital letters that SHOUT at the readers It might be that as I started reading on book eight, I haven t had the chance to fall in love with the characters, but I have a feeling it wouldn t have made a difference Amusing plot idea, though I would have prefered an actual dimension hopping tale rather than a dodgeball inflicte [...]

    9. BookCupid says:

      How far can a hit on the head take you Nikki travels to fairy tale land after getting hit by a dodgeball Sadly, The only way to return home is to find the Wizard of Odd, a man who looks like her principal If only it were so simple Perhaps if she can get through Goldilocks, Alice in Wonderland, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and many other stories, Nikki will accomplish her goal unscathed Although, the book had its quirky moments, most of the warmhearted feelings the series tends to evoke in the rea [...]

    10. Jennifer Lara says:

      I like this book because it tells a story about a girl who tries to find someone to help her get back home Along the way she meets a few people in fairy tale land that looked familiar The people help her and in the end she was back home, where she belong This was a great book that I recommend this book to Ambar and Ashly because they like adventures and I think they might like it.

    11. Samantha Cornejo says:

      I really enjoyed this book and it was a lot different than I thought it would be, but it still was a good book, and I loved how when Nikki was in Fairy Tale Land she walked in as the same character into every single story every single time, and I love the idea of the fairy tale settings all being at the same place Overall, I enjoyed this book very much and it was different from the other books as well, so because of the difference between the other books I would probably read this book again.

    12. Julianna Germono says:

      The book, Tales from a Not So Happily Ever After, by Rachel Renee Russel, is about a girl name Nikki Maxwell who has the craziest dream after being knocked out from getting a ball to the head from Mackenzie Hollister during dodgeball To start off her dream, Nikki travels to a fairy tale world where she is mistaken as Alice from Wonderland The only way out of this fairy tale world is to find the Wizard of Odd who is being played by her school principal Throughout Nikki s journey, she finds her 2 [...]

    13. Sarah L says:

      8th book of the Dork Diaries written by Rachel Ren e Russell Nikki has once again started school and had just gone to a dance with her crush Brandon after a Mackenzie incident we re Mackenzie accidentally takes Brandon s phone Anyways Nikki has just been given a story book from her teacher called A Journey Through Fairy Tales Later that day in gym class Nikki, Chloe, and Zoe are playing the dreaded game Dodgeball During this time Mackenzie once again accidentally what is up with her threw a dodg [...]

    14. Elesie says:

      This book is about a girl that is called Nikki Maxwell and she is considered a dork She has a enemy that is called Mackenzie She is a popular student that always bully Nikki The story starts at school but then she goes on adventure to Fairy tale land In fairy tale land she meets all different types of fairy tales and the weirdest part is that she recognizes the characters of the fairy tales as her friends.I picked up this book because my cousin gave me the first book and I read it I liked it so [...]

    15. Kailee says:

      I just finished this book, and I know there are books in the series but I m getting older so this was my last book of this series if they made this book much older and mature, it would be really interesting

    16. Olivia says:

      One of the better diaries x liked the concept with this one

    17. Danah says:

      How do you even start to read it please respond or put a comment

    18. Avrielle says:

      Okay so Dork Diaries Geronimo Stilton Goosebumps were the books I ve red since I was 6 til I was 13 Well technically, til now They are my go to light read books except Goosebumps they aren t light haha Whenever I don t feel that much to read, they strangle me out of my slump HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA So you may say this book si clich and all but IDGAF It helps me relax and unwind so yeah Haha

    19. Alexandra says:

      This was funny for me because all the characters are personaje from famos storys.

    20. Jasmine Darcy says:

      A one of a kind hilarious fairy tale twist.Dork Diaries is a book series recommended for pre teen and early teen girls or perhaps boys ,following the story of a socially awkward and dorky girl named Nikki Maxwell and her daily school and family dramas Nikki s day to day life is filled with obstacles posed by her antagonist and nemesis,Mackenzie Hollister who goes out of her way to cause trouble for Nikki and her friends.Dork Diaries has since publication became a worldwide bestseller and the pro [...]

    21. Jazmyn says:

      This is mostly Nikkie in a dream of fairy tails and other things.The reason why is because MacKenzie slamed her in the face with a volleyball.

    22. Belma C says:

      It was interesting, and fun to experience her dreamland or fairytale, because it was detailed and wasn t bland or plain.

    23. Courtney Umlauf says:

      Nikki gets knocked out during dodgeball and wakes up to find herself in Fairy Tale Land, where all the characters look suspiciously like her friends from school.You d think something just a little bit interesting could be done with that premise Instead it s the exact same formulaic girl drama with the barest bit of fairy tale mashup.Series Review TpT Store Pinterest

    24. Monique says:

      Awwww how cute was this book On my mission to read what my scholars are reading I had to give in and try this Dork Diary series as it is asked for all the time and described as the female version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and, well since I read two of those I picked this one up and was thoroughly entertained for about two and a half hours this book reads fast like extremely so for adult readers as most of the text is double spaced diary entries and is sprinkled with the cutest drawings ever that b [...]

    25. Taylor says:

      I was first thinking that I was reading a diary were the real life characters created a drama and romantic gushing month for Nikki but I was totally wrong and I am so glad cause this is way better I am good at dodge ball and I know the rules and I m pretty sure that Mackenzie s throw or should I say kill Nikki ball was a total FOUL When she got out I was like oh no you didn t Mackenzie and her cold voice spoke in my head, oh yes I did, meet my little minions Ok the munchkins totally reminded me [...]

    26. Desiree says:

      Dork Diaries Tales from a Not So Happily Ever After was just book 8 from the series Dork Diaries This time Rachel Renee Russell didn t amuse me as much, I still enjoyed the book though As always, Nikki Maxwell is twisted up in some kind of drama wether it is with mean girls, crushes, or both This time her drama involved the mean girl, MacKenzie Hollister While in gym class, MacKenzie hits Nikki with a ball in the head on purpose Causing Nikki to faint She thinks that she some how magically fell [...]

    27. Karlee C says:

      Grade interest level Elementary MDReading level 660Genre Realistic fiction Main Characters Niki, Chloe, Brinna, Zoey, Brandon, Mackenzie, Setting Now a days, school, Wizard of OddPOV First Person Nikki, Chloe and Zoey were never good at dodgeball They finally were in the last 5 They finally stated throwing the dodge balls at other people getting them out Mackenzie got really mad that she was the first one out Whenever a ball came over by her she would try and throw it at Niki Mackenzie got back [...]

    28. Salve Duplayna says:

      The dance and the Mackenzie incident , where Mackenzie stole Brandon s phone, has just passed.When April Fool s Days arrives at school, Nikki is read a vey old book of fairy tales Later that day during p.e Nikki is hit with a dodge ball thrown by Mackenzie It was so strong that When it landed on her face, she was knocked out cold When she wakes up, Nikki is transported to the land of fairy tales To get back home, Nikki must find the Wizard of Odd However, it s not as simple as it sounds when a w [...]

    29. Anjali Joseph says:

      I think that this book is AMAZING It starts off when Nikki has a bad day because Nikki s sister made a sandwich which got on Nikki s sweater and when she got to school everyone made fun of her During PE Nikki got hit by a ball which took her to a strange world a fairy tale world The book was kind of confusing in some parts of the which made me want to stop reading later I got right back on track and understood the whole book The end was getting a really heart stopping because everyone wanted to [...]

    30. Bridget says:

      This Dork Diaries novel is definitely a fun book to read when you have a hour or so of spare time It s a short yet hilarious book that really transports the reader into the world of Nikki Maxwell The sketches and the plot line is so relatable because she is indeed a middle school student Ever since the first book of this series was published I instantly became a fan of this series, the girl version of the Diaries of a Wimpy Kid Whenever there is something that is bothering me or something that i [...]

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