Plague Year
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Plague Year JeffCarlson The nanotechnology was designed to fight cancer Instead, it evolved into the Machine Plague, killing nearly five billion people and changing life on Earth forever The nanotech has one weakness it self destructs at altitudes above ten thousand feet Those few who ve managed to escape the plague struggle to stay alive on the highest mountains, but time is running out theThe nanotechnology was designed to fight cancer Instead, it evolved into the Machine Plague, killing nearly five billion people and changing life on Earth forever The nanotech has one weakness it self destructs at altitudes above ten thousand feet Those few who ve managed to escape the plague struggle to stay alive on the highest mountains, but time is running out there is famine and war, and the environment is crashing worldwide Humanity s last hope lies with a top nanotech researcher aboard the International Space Station and with a small group of survivors in California who risk a daring journey below the death line. Plague Year The nanotechnology was designed to fight cancer Instead it evolved into the Machine Plague killing nearly five billion people and changing life on Earth forever The nanotech has one weakness it self
  • Title: Plague Year
  • Author: JeffCarlson
  • ISBN: 9780441015146
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • Plague Year JeffCarlson

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    1. Amy L. Campbell says:

      With a first sentence about cannibalism you would think this would be an interesting, fascinating read It has so much potential with a nanotech virus, a destroyed world, and a reduced population struggling to survive Instead this work focuses primarily on the egos involved in the story rather than the actual people These people are faulted to a fault It seems that anyone who does not have an extreme selfish streak are the ones who die regardless of their value in curing the disease or their surv [...]

    2. Alana says:

      The first time I got to a complicated action sequence and thought, Wait, who are all these people I said, Bad reader Back to the beginning and started over, paying attention this time The second time I got to a different complicated action sequence and realized that I had no idea who I was reading about AGAIN, I put the book away.

    3. Matt says:

      Bleh Could not get into this one at all I tried to stick with it in hopes that it would grab my interest but gave up at about page 200.

    4. Krista says:

      Not bad, but not great The book plummets into a story with many questions and takes a while to provide the backstory a brief introduction would have been nice I started to get attached to several of the main characters as the story unfolded, but some of the pre plague and post plague connections of the characters was quite a reach I was glad there was some resolve at the end of the book, but was not engaged enough to want to read other books in the series I was voluntarily provided this free rev [...]

    5. Wizzard says:

      The worst book i have ever read nice concept but the writing was horrific unclear, confusing Hard to tell what is happening to whom based on the indirect writing which attempted to be smart and clever I kinda like the beginning of the book but reading it became a chore.

    6. Bryan Alexander says:

      This is the first Jeff Carlson novel I ve read I have enjoyed some of his short stories, often in audio form.The first half of Plague Year grabbed my attention thoroughly The plight of scattered survivors, barely eking out an existence on mountaintops after a plague has wiped out 99% of human civilization, fascinated me Carlson described material and psychological conditions with great clarity It was also a very disturbing, sometimes horrific first half of a book The first line welcomes us to ca [...]

    7. Rose says:

      Interesting take on end of world genre using man made nano technology.Our story begins in the after math one year after the world as we know it has died off People, animals, etc leaving only insects and reptiles to populate the earth We learn about the world s end during our story in flashbacks to find that a man made nano technology had been accidentally released onto the world It was being created to cure cancer and was not yet perfected, obviously The only survivor s are the those who ran for [...]

    8. ReaderSP says:

      I got this book for free when it was on offer on , I liked the sound of the storyline so I popped it on my Kindle and I started reading it on a flight.We learn that there has been a technology plague outbreak which has resulted in most of the world s population being dead The released nanobots are capable of reproducing inside all hot blooded animals, consuming the host from within, inside of a few hours The nanobots are unable to function below 70% of atmospheric pressure so the only survivors [...]

    9. Andrew says:

      Where to start ok the first thing to say is this certainly was a different read the idea of a bio engineered plague to end all of life or at least human civilisation is not the first and i am sure not the last think white plague by Frank Herbert or Blood Music by Greg Bear but this was an interesting addition to the genre all the same One thing i would say though is that this is the first of a trilogy and it certainly felt it some characters took long descriptive paths to get to a certain point [...]

    10. Jennifer Wells says:

      Summary Cam and his small community of fellow survivors live on a small mountain peak just over 10,000 feet above sea level Below this altitude is an invisible ocean of fatal nanotechnology Cam s community struggles to survive until a stranger arrives to help them, setting off an unforeseen series of events.Nanotech specialist Ruth works in the International Space Station, far above the machine plague below But in order to craft a cure, she must go back to Earth and find the origin of the plague [...]

    11. Joshua says:

      This was a hit and miss post apocalyptic tale set in the near future A nano tech virus has swept the earth, killing anything below 10,000 feet To survive you have to move up in the mountains and have to do unspeakable things I liked the survival elements of the book but there are two stories one of the survivors and one of scientists trying to find the cure for the nano virus I didn t like the science element at all It was clunky and just eroded any tension and suspense from the survival part of [...]

    12. Jim says:

      I admit it I m fascinated by stories about plagues and people s reaction to them This one is from 2007 and is the first of a trilogy The situation is in the near future and nanotechnology has evolved into the machine plague, killing nearly 5 billion people Needless to say, civilization has crashed and there is famine and war But the nanotech has a weakness it self destructs at altitudes above 10,000 feet So the people who are trying to survive have to stay in the highest mountains Carlson s stor [...]

    13. Nick says:

      Nice first novel The narrative flow and prose in the first part of the novel was a bit clunky, otherwise this would be four star Carlson clearly researches his topics, and managed to transport the reader into a high altitude survival event I d encourage a realistic tramatic stress orientation on the part of the individuals Good nanotech overview.Hope he does well as I think he will be a rising author in the genre.

    14. Farhan says:

      Great premise, uneven execution A nanotech plague wipes out most of the world population A handful of survivors and nanotech scientists try to find out a cure to the plague Choppy storytelling and a narrative that tells of the plague post facto from the points of view of the survivors robs the novel of any immediacy Having said this, Carlson shows promise and most of the novel s weaknesses could be attributed to this being a debut effort Would keep an eye out for his next book.

    15. Scott Sigler says:

      Hooo, this is a tough book Carlson paints a post apocalyptic nightmare with vivid, crystal clear strokes Looking for comic relief Look elsewhere From the opening scene, he illustrates what it would be like to be part of humanity s final breath This book s horror comes from pure realism, from understanding what it would be like to watch all hope fade away.

    16. Ernie says:

      The premise was really good, but halfway through everything became convoluted and bogged down with technical specifics I genuinely lost interest in what happened and sort of drifted through the last few chapters I would like to see this idea done with some different characters and a different sequence of events.

    17. Jody Hampton says:

      Interesting idea Bloodless prose Cardboard characters Long slow haul to nowhere special.

    18. Simone says:

      Not bad The writing style nicely casts an arid atmosphere over a story of devastation humanity nearly destroyed by a nano plague Interestingly drawn characters Promising.

    19. Sable says:

      Read for the Apocalypse Now Reading Challenge 2016.Means of the world s destruction escaped nanotech virus originally intended to fight cancer that destroys warm blooded body tissue to replicate itself.I actually created the Apocalypse Now challenge in order to have an excuse to read this book I picked it up in the local library because I was intrigued by the cover Then I read up on it and learned it was shortlisted for the John W Campbell award but had to decline the nomination because of a rul [...]

    20. Billy Roper says:

      I d read the sequel, Plague Wars , by the same author, first, before I ran across this one It does a good job of setting up the crisis and the universe, as well as the characters I was particularly surprised that this was the author s first book, it reads like one from an experienced hand But then, a lot of people still say that my first book was my best, too, solol.

    21. Gary Carper says:

      Oi This was just painful to read and finish The last 30 pages were really good But not good enough to bring it out of a 1 star rating It was slow It was boring And one of the reviews saying it was part George Romero and part Michael Crichton was WAYYYYY the hell off.

    22. Frederick Gault says:

      A very bleak universe A great read, but wow, really dark.

    23. Ileah_s says:

      Started good, but then completely lost me half way through chapter 4 Can t finish it.

    24. MsBDiamondDiva1 says:

      I just couldn t finish it and plan to never pick this book up again

    25. Walter Scott says:

      Publisher s Weekly called it tiresome The objection was mainly due to the time and effort Jeff Carlson made to stay true to the characters he fully intended, and as of Book 2, has faithfully succeeded.In spite of the mind bending revelations of nanotechnology, and the widespread political and cultural implications of the plague, the Plague stories are character driven There are battles and periods of very stressful tension, but Jeff Carlson s brave and badly damaged new world uses his characters [...]

    26. Bernie Gale says:

      Good concept poorly executed Sadly also full of errors ok it s fiction but you can t suspend reason totally Would I read another book in the series No

    27. prk says:

      Note, this review cover both Plague Year itself, and then the Plague year trilogy as a whole yes, I m cheating to catch up on the stack of books I haven t reviewed Cam Najarro is one of a small group of humans who are barely surviving on their mountain peak, survivors from a nanotech plague which kills all mammals under 10,000 feet of altitude Their food is running out, winter is near, and they have no way to communicate with another group of survivors on a neighbouring peak When a messenger fro [...]

    28. Lilian says:

      Great premise, but unfortunately the writing is really disjointed and quite annoying I wouldn t think I ll read the rest of the series.

    29. Joshua Palmatier says:

      I finished this earlier today It s a cool new take on the post apocalyptic world scenerio, with humans destroying the world And in true SF form, it s the cool way that we do it that draws you to the book Essentially, in our attempt to cure cancer using nanotechnology, an accident releases a prototype of the nanotech which subsequently destroys living tissue, not just cancer Everyone would have died, except that the prototype had a built in failsafe, a circuit that self destructs when it reaches [...]

    30. Grampy says:

      The author provided me with a free copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review Plague Year is the first novel in the Plague trilogy It is a masterful depiction of a very feasible, if futuristic, possible end of the world as we know it The premise is based upon the very real research and development of nanotechnology gone awry No one knows how the plague began, until very nearly the end of this first episode When the circumstances are revealed, a chill will go up your spine, because you K [...]

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