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Marauder Cygnus
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Marauder Cygnus Aya Morningstar War rages between Earth and Mars, and an alien fleet from a distant star barrels toward our solar system I m laying low in the asteroid belt, as far from the war as I can get, but so is one of the aliens And I m the first to find him Second to find him Pirates A whole lot of them The alien kills every last one to protect me, and we barely escape before reinforcementsWar rages between Earth and Mars, and an alien fleet from a distant star barrels toward our solar system I m laying low in the asteroid belt, as far from the war as I can get, but so is one of the aliens And I m the first to find him Second to find him Pirates A whole lot of them The alien kills every last one to protect me, and we barely escape before reinforcements arrive Now my life is in the hands of this savage, purple skinned killer Not all of his skin is purple though, his teal And it s nearly as big as the rest of him His shoulders are as wide as Valles Marineris, and he s tall as Olympus Mons His ego is way too big for my tiny ship, but one look from him with that insufferable grin, and my cheeks burn hotter than Venus He s protected me fiercely and without question, but which side will he take when the rest of his race comes to destroy us all Marauder Cygnus is the first book in the Mating Wars series, but it can also be read as a standalone Each book in this rock hard science fiction series has a happily ever after and NO CLIFFHANGERS.. Marauder Cygnus War rages between Earth and Mars and an alien fleet from a distant star barrels toward our solar system I m laying low in the asteroid belt as far from the war as I can get but so is one of the ali
  • Title: Marauder Cygnus
  • Author: Aya Morningstar
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Marauder Cygnus Aya Morningstar

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    1 Blog on “Marauder Cygnus

    1. CC says:

      Not sure if this book is supposed to be hilarious but it was Especially the first half Aura and Cygnus are quite a pair Aura was tough, brave and smart Cygnus is awesome So very funny unintentionally Oh and he is a 7 foot tall purple bear shifting alien with a teal vibrating cock Yep right up my alley While they do not hit it off right away that is quickly rectified Cygnus learns to say Please in the funniest ways And Aura sees the true BENEFITS of having a mate with a built in vibrator The worl [...]

    2. namericanwordcat says:

      Too many typos and the kind of first person point of view that gives me a headache.I love me some Alien Science Fiction Romance but the jerky action and point of view made this one a no go for me.

    3. Susani says:

      3.5 stars

    4. Amy M. says:

      Rating 3.5

    5. Coyora Dokusho says:

      Would have given a 3 if the sex hadn t made me queasy, there was way too much fluids going on Add in a nonsensical penis Alright otherwise.

    6. Belinda says:

      I got this story in exchange for an honest review To be honest, I don t know what I was expecting of a purple bear shifter from a race of people born and bred to dominate I wasn t expecting to laugh nearly as much as I did Cygnus is himself is funny, a bit over the top, brave, but utterly sincere That s what keeps you from dismissing this character as a true pain in the butt as you read on His mate Aura is a bit headstrong, brave, and patient I love every time he went to say, Please An alien try [...]

    7. SheLove2Read says:

      DNF at 35%.

    8. Ava says:

      I really liked this book despite typos, confusions This one would have made a great read if i didn t encounter so many errors or minor details that made me confused Anyway, this one was a smut adventurous and not humorless read By the end of this one I would command and be polite by shouting Please you will understand after you read this one it was really fun that s one of the fact why I did enjoyed this one that much It would have been a bit better with some development of the end story.

    9. Mojo_Mama says:

      So, everyone should read at least one book about a sexy, buff, giant, purple skinned alien with a 10 inch, self lubricating, teal cock that vibrates I mean, seriously, alien wet dream, right there I ve read four so far.Cuzbrating dicks The books in this series are all fluffy bunny and totally safe They are great filler between dark and heavy reads There are rarely any obstacles on the way to the HEA Just lots of Alpha grunting and sassy babes amidst wars and rebellions.I can t believe I finally [...]

    10. Shasha says:

      Odd and full of typosThis odd romantica is fast paced and overflowing with action There are numerous punctuation errors and other typos The relationship is vague even though the ending is happy This is told in first person present tense from both main characters.This isn t my style despite the imaginative aliens.Mature contentRead in KU

    11. Treece says:

      Marauder Cygnus is fast paced, funny sci fi romance with a loads of action Aura, the heroine is plucky, independent and at times a bit stupid, yet likeable Cygnus is insane, hysterical and a complete shape shifting exhibitionist It was a good time reading this and the comedic flavor adds to the danger and spicier scenes.

    12. Julz says:

      It wasn t awful but not good either Just an easy sort of read with no real depth.

    13. Umaiya ⚡A Far Off Memory⚡ says:

      If this is what all Aya Morningstar novels are like, I m probably never going to read another.I mean, come on dude Even fluff has standards _

    14. Hardly says:

      This book is almost unbelievably bad As in, I literally am incapable of believing it is this bad I m convinced it s a parody, because of how strongly it reminds me of the on purpose awful Chuck Tingle books The sex scenes were uniformly terrible, with words like ooze used Honey, if your lady flower is oozing, you need a doctor, not an alien with a horrible sexist personality, bear ears LOL and a huge teal vibrating zucchini in his trousers.

    15. Angelena says:

      Honestly I don t understand the hype behind this book It wasn t bad, butI just wasn t really all that good earlier Although I can see how it might just be me I wasn t impressed with the writing at all, especially at the beginning, and it continued to bug me throughout the book Once again the writing wasn t horrible but something was just, off I also wish there was a lot explanation and world building, yah they threw in some terms here and there but that didn t EXPLAIN anything The fighting scen [...]

    16. Miranda Whore says:

      Great read I swear, I keep finding these crazy good sci fi romance novellas and it makes me one happy book whore Cygnus was a random find and well worth the meager 99c I paid for it Aura is a strong heroine with a stubborn streak a mile long Definitely the kind of chick you root for and have mad respect for Cygnus and his Marauder ways were equal parts frustrating and hilarious I couldn t help falling for the big brute.Of course, the book has crazy hot smut as he tries to breed his mate The chem [...]

    17. Lori Vandenburg says:

      This was a quirky alien romance I enjoyed reading the story Aura, the scrapper, the human female, very independent Cygnus, the alien warrior, a very overbearing alpha male Their accidental meeting and instant bond was off the charts crazy, but it worked The book was well written and the author did an excellent job with all of the descriptions.

    18. MyzanM says:

      This felt like an excuse to write about selflubricating dildolike appendixes and the joy of getting closely familiar with one There were not only plot holes, but big crater sized holes The telling was hurried in places and sometimes just skipped ahead.I would never recomend and to read the next installment I would need amnesia and or a brain bleach.

    19. C.J. says:

      This story was action packed It was a bit much in my opinion, it never really slowed down enough to let me get to grips with what was going on before it kicked in again Interesting story and very fast paced.

    20. Dawn says:

      Sorry, I just couldn t finish this.Calling Aura female and being a complete dick makes it hard for me to finish.I hope he redeemed himself in the end, but I couldn t possibly stick with this to find out.

    21. Amanda says:

      This writer certainly loves her some bodily fluids And by some, I mean a lot imagine Niagara falls Yup that s how much she loves them.

    22. Lyra says:

      3.5 stars

    23. Space Cowgirl says:

      There s No Shame Debt in LoveCygnus, a big purple alpha alien warrior , is the ultimate killing machine A marauder He can also shift into a bear like form with claws for causing truly devastating carnage to his enemies The marauders are traveling through vast years of space to reach the sol system , to breed with human women They are in search of the perfect form, the seraphim form If the marauders find the true seraphim form from their mating with human women , they will never have to travel or [...]

    24. Jackie says:

      3 1 2 starsFor whatever silly reason, I enjoyed this book, I read it when I was needing something to lighten my mood, after a bad day It did the trick This is a light silly read, that doesn t take itself too seriously Come on now, he s a 7 foot tall alien purple bear shifter exhibitionist with a teal vibrating self lubricating dick and in human form has bear ears on top of his head He s also got a cave man mentality I can t imagine anyone would take a purple bear seriously, let alone with the re [...]

    25. 2OCC Reviews says:

      This was different then I thought it was going to be Not really in a bad way, just in the way that so much was going on, that it was hard to keep up and remember everything I really liked how strong of a character Aura was She didn t shy away from the action and stood up for her self Cygnus was a different kind of alien but I found that I loved that about him He was alien and shifter so that added a dynamic to the story that I ve never read before The secondary characters were great, there weren [...]

    26. Thay says:

      Three and a half stars Except for a few TSTL moments at the end, our heroine Aurua is fine Our hero Cygnus aka Garett haha is unexpectedly funny and sweet but definitely alien in his thinking and actions While the writing was okay, I was really confused with the Marauders and whether the humans knew or not that they were enroute Also a little dissapointes we didn t get to meet Cygnus brother Aegus.

    27. Lynette says:

      Great first book of the series Aura is a space scavenger and Cygnus is a Marauder warrior Action and adventure ensue while trying to find Cygnus s missing brother on Mars Action and adventure are not the only thing Hot, steamy, vibrating good times

    28. Sofia says:

      I m so sad that I wasted my time on this story I had tried reading it multiple times, but I never succeeded and when I finally did succeed, I was met with complete disappointment.

    29. sharon e hochstetler says:

      OkI did not quite understand what was going on with Cygnus and his brother There will be a war when the Marauder fleet reaches Earth Why It was confusing.

    30. SusanBurgess-Ryan says:

      OMG I WANT A 7 FOOT TALL PURPLE BEAR SHIFTER This is only the second book I have read by Aya Morningstar and I have to say that this one is my favorite by far I really loved how Aya went out of the box in quest to write this book She not only has an alien, but he is a bear shifter as well I have to say of all the alien s I have read about they are either just aliens from another planet, or they are Dragon Shifters But Cygnus is a not only a bear shifter but his bear hibernates, but his is purple [...]

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